Top 10 Most Amazing Islands in Krabi

The islands in Krabi are a true paradise and therefore among the most beautiful places to visit in Thailand. Shaped by breath-taking limestone formations and beautiful beaches, these island pearls are a popular destination for island hopping tours. Only in the region around Krabi are about 80 island and islets, which are just waiting to be discovered. With this huge selection of dream islands, it’s easy to lose track of your travel planning. Many are wondering which islands are the most beautiful locations in Krabi and when to visit them.

In this blog article we have summarized the 10 best islands in Krabi. We show amazing images and give useful recommendations about accommodation and resorts, best travel time and transfer!

Hong Island

Hight up on the list of Krabi‘s best Islands is the beautiful island of Koh Hong. It is known for the amazing limestone formations and a dream beach like out of a travel magazine. The Hong Lagoon, which can only be reached by passing a narrow opening by boat, is also well worth seeing. Since Koh Hong is part of the Thanbok Kharanee National Park, this natural jewel has no accommodations or hotels on the island. Nevertheless, you can explore this idyllic islet over a day or half day trip from Krabi mainland. Don`t miss this island highlight on any trip to Krabi!

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Railay Peninsula

Granted, Railay is not an island, but already when getting there by boat a real island feeling comes up. It is cut off from the mainland by a deep jungle and high limestone cliff, so one can only reach this peninsula over the sea. Although Railay is no longer an insider tip anymore, the landscape of this holiday destination is simply stunning and absolutely worth visiting. Here you can bathe on beautiful beaches, such as the Phra Nang Beach, you can do snorkelling and kayaking along the scenic coast. Also climbers appreciate this peninsula. Steep cliffs, amazing views and the unique panorama have made Railay to a famous climbing spot in Thailand. More about the most famous peninsula in Thailand can be found here: Railay Beach in Krabi: A Perfect Travel Guide

Tip: The Bhu Nga Thani Resort & Spa is a fantastic accommodation tip for Railay. The hotel is located very romantic right on the sea and the modern pool area is an absolute highlight.


Chicken Island

Chicken Island, with its chicken head as a landmark, is probably one of the most extraordinary spots in the Krabi region. It is famous for its unique rock formation, which is also the namesake of this island pearl. This island is a popular stop on the 4 Islands Tour and should not be missed on any Krabi holiday. Unique is here also the huge white sandbank, which connects at low tide Chicken Island with the small Tup Island. At that time, you can leisurely walk from one island to the other. There are no hotels or other accommodations, but a day trip from Krabi is well worth it.

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Koh Poda

The island of Koh Poda is one of the best islands in Krabi and so a popular destination for the 4 Islands Tour. It is close to the major resorts such as Ao Nang, Railay Beach and Klong Muang and therefore it can be reached easily by traditional longtail boats. Especially fascinating is here the magnificent scenery with the huge stone cliffs in the sea, the incredibly clear water and the reefs for snorkelling. As part of the Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park, the island is uninhabited and a true paradise for nature lovers.

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Phi Phi Island

The island Koh Phi Phi is one of the most famous islands in the area around Krabi, because parts of the legendary movie “The Beach” with Leonardo Di Caprio were taken here. Koh Phi Phi actually consists of 2 islands, Koh Phi Phi Leh and Koh Phi Phi Don. Only the second one is inhabited and thus the tourist center. Here you will swim in the turquoise-blue sea, you can snorkel wonderfully and enjoy fine white sand beaches. Although the island is known for its lively nightlife and cool beach parties, there are still quiet places to relax. Such as the beautiful Long Beach at the east part of the island. Here you can even snorkel with small sharks on the offshore reef.

Hotel Recommendation: The HIP Seaview Resort on Long Beach offers one of the best views on Koh Phi Phi Leh.

Pakbia Island

Another small highlight in Krabi region is the dream islet Pakbia. The sea shines here in beautiful emerald colors and in the water are many colorful fish. The islet is located in the Koh Hong archipelago and is easily accessible by longtail boat via a trip from Krabi. Its proximity to Koh Hong makes it a popular spot for island hopping tours from Krabi mainland, where mostly the islets Hong Island, Pakbia and Lading Island are on the program.

Lading Island

The dream beach of Lading Island is just stunning and so this islet is one of the most beautiful islands of the Krabi region. The paradise bay is surrounded by countless limestone walls, deep green jungle and soft fine sand beach. The sea is incredibly clear and invites for swimming and snorkelling. Also, this island is part of a national park and can only be visited on a trip. There are no accommodations.

Koh Lanta

The island Koh Lanta one of the quiet islands of the Krabi region. Especially popular for backpackers, but also with peace seekers and individual travellers, it is still a good travel tip for Krabi. Here you will find on a length of 30 kilometres countless quiet beaches, all famous for their picturesque sunsets and the many hippie bars. This island is a great place to relax and unwind, but also a fabulous holiday island for touring by scooter and excursions. In addition to hidden coves, there are deep jungles, caves, a waterfall and a national park to explore. Find out more about Krabi’s most popular holiday island: Koh Lanta Guide – The Ultimate Things to Do

Tip: We especially loved our stay at the new Lanta Casa Blanca, which delighted its guests with beautiful bungalows right on the beach and a wonderful pool. Great hotel for a great price!

Koh Jum

The lonely island Koh Jum in the Krabi region is a real insider tip for all Thailand travellers who want to find a getaway from the mainstream. Here it is still really cozy, and somehow everything is as you imagine a Thailand 20 years ago. A mix of nature, warm people and beautiful beaches will certainly captivate you and not let go that quickly. Maybe that’s why many travellers stay here a bit longer. So if you are looking for lonely beaches and a lot of relaxation, then Koh Jum is the right location for you.

Hotel tip: It is especially comfortable and cheap in the Resort Garden Home Kohjum. Near the beach we can highly recommend the beautiful Koh Jum Ocean Beach Resort.

Koh Ngai

The islet Koh Ngai is located at the southern end of the Krabi region and is one of the most beautiful islands in this holiday region. Here everything is really heavenly, the sea is turquoise blue and crystal clear, the beach is wonderfully bright and soft. An offshore reef is great for snorkelling and exploring the colorful underwater world. In addition, you have the opportunity to do excursions by longtail boat to the small neighboring islands Koh Kradan and Koh Mook with its famous Emerald Cave. Because there are no roads and no exciting nightlife the flair of the island is wonderfully quiet.  Only a few beautiful hotels and resort line the dream beach of Koh Ngai. A really beautiful island for a relaxing and calm holiday in Krabi region.

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Hotel Recommendation: The Thanya Beach Resort on Koh Ngai is really amazing. It has lovey bungalows, pool and excellent location on the most beautiful beach section of the island.

Other islands near Krabi

If you are planning island hopping in Thailand then there are other dream islands near the Krabi region that you can add to your travel itinerary. Especially recommended is the route to Koh Lipe, where many small dream islands are situated. We have summarized more beautiful and interesting islands around Krabi province here.

When to visit Krabi Islands

The best time to visit Krabis Islands is from November to mid-April. During this time, it hardly rains in the region. In the periods between the end of April and May or October and November you can expect wind and rainfall. From June to October is the rainy season, during that time you have to expect daily showers. The period from June to September is the most precipitous, here there are peaks to sometimes more than 1,000 mm of precipitation.

Getting there and transfer possibilities

After arriving in Bangkok, you can either travel by plane or by bus to the Krabi area. Cheap flights from Bangkok to Krabi can be found on online portals such as Skyscanner. Another option would be to travel by night bus from Bangkok to Krabi. To the islands you will have to take the ferry or speedboat. Timetables and tickets can be found on

A few of Krabi’s smaller islands, such as Koh Hong, Koh Poda, Chicken Island, Lading Island, Pakbia Island and more, can only be reached on a half-day or day trip. Beautiful boat tours are available online on GetyourGuide.


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Conclusion: The island world of Krabi is simply incredible. Hardly anywhere in Thailand such a high density of absolute dream islands can be found. If you plan Island Hopping in Thailand, then you are in the right place in this region.

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