Top 20 Amazing Things to Do in Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is a beautiful island in the Cyclades and certainly, one of the most famous destinations in all of Greece! Especially in summer, countless vacationers from all over the world come to spend their vacations on this now trendy island. Mykonos is especially popular for the exuberant party atmosphere, as a meeting place for high society, for the dream beaches with the exclusive beach clubs and, not to forget, for the enchanting white old town with Little Venice and the world-famous windmills. Moreover, you will find many outstanding things to do on Mykonos, which make an island vacation an unforgettable experience. But what are the most beautiful attractions on Mykonos, what are the ultimate places to see, and which attractions should not be missed?

In this travel guide, we will give you all the important information and tips about the best things to do in Mykonos in Greece. In addition, we show you the most stunning places and attractions on Mykonos, beautiful pictures, reveal insider tips and where to stay here best.

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Getting to Mykonos is either by plane, by ferry from Athens or from the surrounding islands. On Ferryhopper you will find all travel times as well as ferry tickets.

Mykonos is an absolute bathing paradise, and you will find countless dream bays. Here are the absolute best beaches in Mykonos summarized at a glance.

The most popular travel time for Mykonos is June, July, and August. For sightseeing, however, is primarily the low season, with April, May and September, October, recommended.

General information about Mykonos Island

Mykonos is located 160 kilometers southeast of Athens, the island is part of the Cyclades and also the famous neighboring islands Tinos, Paros and Naxos are not far away by ferry from here. Internationally popular as a scene and party island, every year countless tourists, stars and starlets travel to this island pearl to toast their vacation in the coolest beach clubs and chic restaurants. In addition, the beautiful old town of Mykonos is a popular destination for cruise tourists and the incredibly gorgeous beaches are among the best in the Aegean. So, it’s no wonder that Mykonos is extremely well visited, mainly in the summer months.

With a size of only 81 km², Mykonos is relatively easy to explore on your own by rental car or quad. One of the main attractions is the old town of Mykonos. The snow-white Chora with its numerous interesting sights is considered one of the most stunning old towns of the Cyclades. However, the neighboring island of Delos, two kilometers away, is also historically significant, having been an important cultural and religious center in ancient times. Today it is a popular destination for day trips from Mykonos!


The Best Things to Do in Mykonos

During a visit to Mykonos, you can expect numerous beautiful places, stunning beaches, plenty of exciting activities and fantastic attractions. Here we have summarized all the highlights and the best things to do in Mykonos at a glance.

Mykonos Town

One of the absolute best things to do in Mykonos is a visit to Mykonos Town. Also known as Chora, it is the capital of the island and one of the most worth visiting old towns of the Cyclades! During a stroll through the charming whitewashed center, many spectacular attractions await you, such as the famous windmills of Mykonos or the quarter “Little Venice“. Picturesque churches, beautiful houses with pink bougainvillea, a real jumble of alleys and a romantic fishing harbor conjure up an ambience straight out of a glossy magazine. Numerous boutiques, art galleries and souvenir stores invite you to store, and the town’s small museums provide interesting insights into the history of Mykonos.

Tip: The best time to visit Mykonos Town is early in the morning, before the cruise tourists arrive. At this time, you will experience the old town from its most beautiful side!

Windmills of Mykonos

The Windmills of Mykonos, the so-called Kato Mili, are the landmark of the popular vacation island and, thanks to their beauty, adorn the postcards of Greece. They are located on the edge of the historic old town, on a small promontory with a magnificent view of the sea. Just 6 of the 16 windmills have been preserved thanks to good renovation. Built in the 15th-16th centuries, these flour mills served for 400 years to process the wheat supplied. Nowadays, these iconic landmarks are a popular photo motif and the highlight par excellence of any trip to Mykonos.

Tip: One of the best things to do is a visit in the evening, thanks to its location on a small hill, you can see the most beautiful sunsets in Mykonos from there.

Little Venice

The beautiful Little Venice is one of the most famous places to visit in Mykonos. In fact, the district is one of the most photographed and also most painted places in Greece. Truly impressive are the neat, colorful townhouses, uniquely situated right by the blue sea. Little Venice was created between the 13th and 18th centuries when Mykonos was under Venetian rule. Today, thanks to tourism, Little Venice shines in new splendor. There are fantastic bars and restaurants in the colorful houses, in a wonderful location directly on the sea. A unique Venetian ambience, which can hardly be experienced anywhere else in Greece.

Tip: In the charming houses of Little Venice are also some accommodations, such as the gorgeous Bluetopia Suites in an unbeatable location overlooking the sea.

Shopping in Mykonos

Mykonos Island is a true paradise for shopping. Especially in the alleys of the capital, you will find countless chic boutiques, many of them from local designers, but also with international noble brands! The fashion on Mykonos is really unique, and there are actually many who fly to Mykonos especially for shopping. Of course, there are also the classic souvenirs and bric-a-brac, from olive oil soap, to Greek sandals and Mykonos shirts, everything is here. The most famous and also the most expensive as well as the most beautiful shopping street is Matogianni Street with numerous designer stores, restaurants, and galleries.

Panagia Paraportiani Church

The church Panagia Paraportiani is one of the most important places of worship on the island of Mykonos. It is located right in Mykonos Town, next to the Kastro, and a visit to this impressive historical sight is absolutely one of the best things to do. What makes it so special is the way it is built and its special shape because the snow-white church complex actually consists of 5 small, independent church buildings. The larger main church was built in the 15th century, and the oldest of the small chapels dates back to 1425. Unfortunately, it is not possible to see the church from the inside.

Paradise Beach

The Paradise Beach is a true legend on Mykonos Island! The best beach parties have been held on this dream beach since the 60s. Here are some of the coolest beach clubs on the island, tourists enjoy the regular happy hour offers and international DJs provide a good atmosphere. In the morning it is still pleasantly quiet on the beach, only from about 16:00 clock the Paradise Beach turns into a huge party location. Then you meet mainly young people who flock to Mykonos especially to party. A real hotspot of the island, especially if you love to party and dancing!

Tip: Behind the beach and close to the lively scene are the Paradise Beach Camping Bungalows. A great choice if you want to stay cheap directly at the party beach!

The Old Port

The Old Port of Mykonos is a real jewel of the enchanting vacation island. It is located on the northern edge of the old town and until 15 years ago, was the main port for ferries connecting Mykonos with the other Greek islands. Today it is still used by some fishermen, yachts, excursion boats but also the passenger ferry that takes visitors to the island of Delos. Really impressive is especially the long harbor promenade, where countless pretty restaurants are located, and the white Greek houses together with the turquoise blue sea conjure up a backdrop like on a postcard.

Tip: At the northern end of the Old Port you will find plenty of free parking. Perfect, because the old town from there, only more 10 minutes’ walk away.

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum is one of the most interesting attractions in Mykonos, especially for history buffs. It is located a bit outside of Mykonos Town, on an elevation just next to the Old Port, and can be easily reached on foot from the Old Town. Built in the early 20th century, it is one of the oldest museums in Greece. A comprehensive collection of archaeological finds, mainly Cycladic pottery, statues, tombstones and jewelry, is exhibited in 6 rooms. One of the absolute best things to see is the “Pithos of Mykonos” from the 7th century BC, a large clay vessel with reliefs of the fall of Troy.

The Aegean Maritime Museum

A real insider tip is the Aegean Maritime Museum on Mykonos. Located in the heart of downtown, this small but meticulously designed museum is dedicated to the maritime history of the Aegean. During a visit, one will be amazed by the detailed ship models, starting from the first rafts to the most famous sailing ships and steamers. There is also a rich collection of maps and pictures, and in the beautifully landscaped garden you can even visit a real lighthouse.

Psarou Beach

The Paralia Psarou Beach is an absolute paradise and, certainly, one of the most beautiful places to be seen on the island of Mykonos. This breathtaking dream bay with the almost kitschy Caribbean Sea colors and the snow-white sand is located in the south of the island and is also a guarantee for unforgettable bathing days. The motto here is, see and be seen! The clientele at Psarou beach is very upscale, there are several high-priced beach bars, and there are extravagant sun loungers, as well as umbrellas for rent. Also giant yachts often anchor at this beach!

Tip: Just a few minutes’ walk from the beach is Artemoula’s Studios, a super great little boutique hotel with 2 beautiful pools and at a great price.

Super Paradise Beach

The Super Paradise Beach is a real highlight of Mykonos! This scene beach is close to the famous Paradise Beach, but on this part of the coast the crowd is a bit older. In the morning, this place is still wonderfully quiet and invites you to relax and chill out. In the late afternoon, people party in the cool beach clubs and celebrate a very exclusive lifestyle with champagne, cocktails, and the like. This is also where the international jet set meets, and with a bit of luck you may spot the one star or the one starlet.

Tip: The Super Paradise Suites are a great choice for a vacation on Mykonos. Guests love the gorgeous accommodations with pool and spectacular views of the dream beach.

Delos Island

A boat ride to Delos Island is for sure one of the best things to do in Mykonos! Delos is on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list and, moreover, it is one of the most important attractions in all of Greece. It is located just near Mykonos and is a popular destination for excursions. In ancient times, Delos was the religious center of the Cyclades, and even today you can marvel at numerous interesting excavations during a visit. The House of the Naxians, the Temple of Artemis, the Pythion, the House of Dionysus, the ancient theater, the houses of the Delians, the Temple of Isis, as well as the lion statues, are only a few of the most significant attractions that can be marveled at during an excursion.

Tip: The island of Delos can be reached either by passenger ferry from Mykonos Town, or you can book a guided boat trip with a guide and fast track ticket.

Ano Mera

Ano Mera is a village in the hinterland of Mykonos, about 8 kilometers east of the capital, and the perfect spot if you want to get to know the island away from the hustle and bustle. The town is relatively small, there is a pretty main square and a couple of fabulous traditional taverns to enjoy. The main attraction, however, is Panagia Tourliani, a monastery dating back to 1542, which you can also visit from the inside. Worth seeing is the imposing bell tower, the marble fountain, the church with the iconostasis and on the 1st floor there is also a small museum.

Gyzi Castle

The Gyzi Castle is an insider tip on Mykonos. This wonderfully pretty historical attraction is located near the settlement of Ano Mera and can be easily reached by rental car or quad. Visitors love the tranquil atmosphere that surrounds this dreamlike place. The abandoned castle ruins date back to the 13th century and were built during the reign of the Gyzi family. Right next to it is a beautiful little white chapel, which together with the numerous cacti and the blue sea in the background, conjures up an absolute idyll.

Beach Clubs in Mykonos

The beach clubs in Mykonos are one of the reasons why this island is so popular! They are among the best in the world, and many tourists travel here specifically to experience unforgettable summer days in these noble beach bars. Here you will find pure luxury, but also extravagant parties, culinary highlights and, of course, an ambience that you can hardly experience anywhere else in the world. International DJs and artists perform regularly, creating a terrific atmosphere. Some of these clubs are so famous that in summer you even have to book weeks in advance.

Tip: Especially famous for their legendary parties on Mykonos are the SantAnna Beach Club, the Paradise Beach Club and the Tropicana.

Paralia Elia Beach

The Elia Beach is one of the most popular and also one of the largest sandy beaches on the island. This paradisiacal beach is located in the south of Mykonos Island and is also easily accessible by public bus from Mykonos Town. Vacationers love the fabulous tourist offer, there are relatively cheap beach chairs with umbrellas for rent and beach bars overlooking the turquoise sea. You can also find quiet stretches where you can spread your towel on the sand. At the southernmost tip, there is also a charming nudist beach, perfect for those who like to swim without clothing.

Tip: Not far from the beach is the Myconian Villa Collection, a stunning 5-star hotel in luxurious Cycladic style. A great choice for a vacation in Mykonos.

Platis Gialos

Absolutely spectacular on the island of Mykonos is the Paralia Platis Gialos Beach. This dream beach scores with the most paradisiacal turquoise-blue sea colors, which together with the light, fine sand and the whitewashed houses conjure up an absolute postcard backdrop. Along the coast there are numerous beach bars as well as very exclusive beach clubs, where in the high season there are often parties. Also numerous good accommodations have settled around the wonderful dream beach and offer the best conditions for an exceptional vacation on Mykonos.

Tip: Highly recommended and, moreover, a fabulous choice is the Branco Mykonos, a very famous 5-star hotel in a prime location on the dream beach.

Palekastro Monastery

The Palekastro Monastery is hidden in the interior of the island and is certainly not a place of interest on Mykonos that everyone already knows. Situated on a hill near Ano Mera and surrounded by mighty fortress walls from the 18th century, the Palekastro is one of the best kept secret tips of Mykonos. Only rarely does the nunnery open its doors to visitors, and if you are lucky, you can then see the beautiful courtyard. The green garden with countless blooming flowers is exceptionally beautiful here, which together with the monastery church conjures up a backdrop like something out of a fairy tale.

Armenistis Lighthouse

A wonderful landmark on Mykonos is also the Armenistis Lighthouse. This is located on the Armenistis peninsula of the same name, at the northeastern tip of the island. Today, the lighthouse is still in operation and therefore it is not possible to visit it from the inside. However, the landscape around the Armenistis Lighthouse is absolutely romantic and the view of the sea is spectacular. Many also come in the evening to admire the spectacular sunsets. It’s a stunning experience that you definitely won’t forget in a hurry.


Where to Stay in Mykonos

Mykonos offers its visitors a wide range of fantastic accommodations, many of them in the higher price segment. From brilliant beach hotels, gorgeous boutique hotels, cute guesthouses, top-equipped apartments and even camping, everything is represented here. Here are our recommendations for the most beautiful accommodations on the island of Mykonos…It’s worth a look!

  • Luxury B&B with Pool: The VILLA NAUTILIA is an insider tip for a quiet vacation. The complex is designed with great attention to detail, and the view is also incredibly beautiful.
  • Apartment in Mykonos Town: The wonderfully pretty Mykonos Town Suites are a terrific choice if you want to stay right in the charming old town!
  • 4-Star Hotel on the Party Beach: The Tropicana Hotel is a dreamlike 4-star hotel with pool and a magnificent view of the legendary Paradise Beach!
  • 5-Star Boutique Hotel: The Cavo Tagoo is the most famous Instagram hotel on the island. Guests love the luxury, with some rooms even featuring private pools.
  • Chic Studios with Pool: The chic Artemoula’s Studios will wow you with its beautiful grounds, 2 pools, and fair rates.

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