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Croatia is definitely one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Europe! The breathtaking coastline, the sheer countless islands and the hospitality of the Croatians have always attracted visitors from all over the world. Of course, the absolutely picturesque beaches of the Croatian Adriatic and the many enchanting historic coastal towns, many of which are also on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, deserve a special mention. But also the national parks with spectacular waterfalls and breathtaking natural landscapes are an absolute highlight of this popular travel destination.

To start your next Croatia vacation well-prepared, you will get the best information in this Croatia travel blog. Here you will learn more about the highlights, the best things to do, stunning beaches and the most beautiful places in the country. Ingenious insider tips and our many years of experience with traveling in Croatia, as well as great pictures, will definitely help you to plan your perfect trip to Croatia.

Destinations in Croatia


Istria is a fantastic tip for traveling to Croatia because here you can expect some of the most impressive attractions of the Adriatic. The peninsula is famous for its many historic coastal towns, beautiful beaches, green hilly landscapes with romantic mountain villages and the culinary highlights of Istrian cuisine.


Dalmatia is often referred to as the “Heart of the Adriatic”. This region begins north of Zadar and extends down to Montenegro. A special feature are the impressive coastal towns, which are often even on the list of UNESCO cultural heritage sites. Breathtakingly beautiful are in Dalmatia but also the beaches and the island world, which you can find so paradisaical only in this part of Croatia.

Kvarner Bay

Kvarner Bay is one of the most popular vacation regions in Croatia. For over 100 years, tourists from all over the world have been traveling here to spend their well-deserved vacations. Along the picturesque coastline there are countless seaside resorts, most of which date back to imperial times, and delight with beautiful beaches and unique vacation flair.

Islands in Croatia

The islands in Croatia are a real magnet for visitors. Croatia certainly lives up to the nickname “Land of a Thousand Islands” because more than 1,244 islands and islets stretch along the coast and offer great opportunities for an unforgettable vacation. No two islands are alike, so every visitor is sure to get their money’s worth!

Beaches in Croatia

The beaches in Croatia are truly beautiful and ideal for a beach vacation! With 1,778 kilometers of coastline and more than a thousand islands, this popular destination offers an almost endless selection of dream beaches. Among them are many of the typical Croatian pebble beaches, idyllic stone beaches, fine sandy beaches, and secluded nudist beaches.

Where to Stay in Croatia

There is a wide range of places to stay in Croatia, including hotels, apartments, villas, cheap hostels and guest houses, as well as campsites and mobile homes. Especially in the resorts along the Adriatic coast, the choice is particularly good. The most popular regions for a stay are Istria, the Kvarner Bay, Dalmatia and the beautiful Croatian islands.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the most beautiful place in Croatia?

Croatia is especially beautiful along the coast and on the picturesque islands. An absolute highlight of the country are the famous regions of Dalmatia, Istria and the Kvarner Bay. But also the hinterland of Croatia, with the beautiful national parks like the Plitvice Lakes and the Krka Waterfalls, is breathtaking.

What is special about Croatia?

What makes Croatia so special is its picturesque coastline with enchanting coastal towns, which are often on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the unique island world with more than 1,000 islands, and the delicious rustic Croatian cuisine. Of course, one should not forget the hospitality of the Croatians!

What are the nicest regions of Croatia to visit?

In Croatia, there are basically 3 regions that are very suitable for a vacation. These include the following tourist areas: The Istrian peninsula, the Kvarner Bay and the Dalmatia region, which is divided into North, Central and South Dalmatia.

Are there any sand beaches in Croatia?

Yes, in Croatia there are wonderful sandy beaches! Many of them are located in the middle of beautiful landscapes and most of them are really idyllic natural bays. However, there are also some that were created especially for vacationers. Especially many natural sandy beaches are located on Rab Island and Vir Island. But also on the mainland you can find really great sand beaches in Croatia.

What is the main food of Croatia?

Barbecue dishes are the most popular foods in Croatia. Ćevapčići (rolls of minced meat), pleskavica (minced meat burgers) and ražnjići (skewers) are on every menu. Of course, there are also many fish dishes with fresh fish, straight from the Adriatic Sea. A great choice are fish platters or meat platters, where you get a good selection of the most popular dishes served on a big plate.

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