Medulin, Croatia: Travel Guide & Things to Do!

Medulin in Croatia is a very popular resort in the very south of Istria and certainly one of the most famous destinations for a beach vacation in the area around Pula. Whether camping, mobile homes, vacation apartments or lovely hotels, in Medulin really every vacationer gets his money’s worth. Once a small fishing village, the town is now a popular summer destination that attracts with a wide range of tourist attractions, sports activities and of course with numerous beautiful beaches. On top of that, the surroundings of Medulin are unique and really worth seeing, where dreamlike islands, grandiose attractions and excursion destinations will fascinate you a hundred percent!

In this travel guide we provide you with all the important information and tips on Medulin in Croatia. In addition, we show you the most beautiful things to do, the best beaches, cool options for excursions and reveal where to find the best accommodations.

Good to know!

Why many vacationers like to come back again and again are definitely the great beaches in Medulin, where you can even enjoy a fine sandy beach.

For those who love to go out, Medulin town is the right place for sure. In the evening, along the promenade, in the bars, restaurants and cool clubs, a really lively nightlife takes place.

Around Medulin are some of the greatest places to visit in Istria. The old town of Pula, only 9 kilometers away, and the nearby Cape Kamenjak Nature Park, with its beautiful cliffs and beaches, are really worth a visit.

If you are still looking for a fantastic accommodation in Medulin, we can recommend the beautiful, quiet Apartment Rosenberg and also the modern Mobile Homes of the campsite Arena Grand Kazela.

General information about Medulin

Medulin has 6,500 inhabitants and is located on the southern tip of the Istrian peninsula. This seaside resort is idyllically situated on a long coastal strip with several beautiful bays and even a long sandy beach. Offshore in the sea are small, tiny islands that give the resort an extra dose of charm. The tourist center is not the old town of Medulin, but the pretty promenade between the harbor and the lively sandy beach Bijeca. Here, many fantastic restaurants, cozy bars, cafes, some stores and boutiques make your stroll even more beautiful. In the evening some clubs are open to party until early in the morning.

Sportive ones also appreciate the region around Medulin. Whether water sports, hiking or cycling, the surrounding area offers countless opportunities to engage in sport activities. The peninsulas of Medulin are also really enchanting, especially the peninsula Vizula, where you can discover interesting excavation sites from the Roman times along the small romantic hiking trails.


Things to do in Medulin

During a vacation you can expect a variety of amazing things to do in Medulin. The most beautiful attractions directly in the village are the picturesque waterfront and the pretty coastline with fantastic beaches. Also the surroundings of this vacation resort are breathtakingly beautiful and offer exciting excursion destinations. We have summarized the most amazing attractions in Medulin at a glance here:

The Harbor Promenade

In Medulin the busiest place is the beautiful harbor promenade. With a magnificent sea view, you can stroll from the picturesque sports harbor down to the famous sandy beach Bijeca. You will enjoy a grandiose vacation flair in a beautiful and yet relaxed setting. At the end, near the main beach, there is even a fun park with plenty rides, which is especially popular with families with children. Along the way, there are some agencies that offer excursions, scooter rentals and even boat rides.

If you like, you can enjoy a glass of Croatian wine or a coffee in one of the pretty café-bars and take in the hustle and bustle. This lovely harbor promenade is especially lively in the evenings, when the tourists go out and the restaurants fill up.

Vizula Peninsula

One of the most interesting attractions of Medulin is the peninsula Vizula. It is a famous excavation site and a recreational park at the same time. Walking along the pine-covered natural landscape, you will enjoy an idyllic view of the blue sea and the town of Medulin. On the way, there are many archaeological remains of ancient buildings, which were built by the old Romans.


The Beaches of Medulin

The many beaches in Medulin and its surroundings make this coastal town one of the most popular beach destinations in Istria. Visitors can choose between sandy beaches, pebble beaches and rocky beaches, all of which are ideal for a vacation by the sea. Beautiful are also the dark blue sea colors, which have earned this stretch of coast the nickname the “Blue Riviera”.

Bijeca Sandy Beach

Plaza Bijeca is probably the most famous beach of Medulin. This sandy beach, about 1 kilometer long and with a very shallow slope, is located right in the center of the village and is especially popular with families with children. Directly on the beach and along the promenade there is a wide tourist offer with various restaurants, bars, souvenir stores and water sports activities.

Alba Chiara Beach

Beach Alba Chiara is a fantastic pebble beach and certainly one of the most beautiful beaches of Medulin. Not far from the center, this fantastic stretch of beach delights with turquoise sea colors and a perfect location along the seafront. Nice is also the small beach bar, which provides refreshments in summer.

Beach Camping Kazela

A really romantic beach awaits you at Camping Kazela. The idyllic scenery with the green lawn and the pine trees behind is just amazing. The long stretch of coast is still really natural, and you will find several beautiful bays, which are a bit quieter. However, vacationers are especially enthusiastic about the campsite’s new modern Mobile Homes, which are in a brilliant location right by the sea.

Beach Levan Island

A real dream beach can be found on Levan Island. This small island idyll is located a little south of Medulin and is easily accessible by taxi boat. Once you arrive, you will find a fine sandy beach, magnificent sea colors and some really cool beach bars that provide local foods and drinks.

Belvedere Beach

The Beach Belvedere is very popular, especially with sun seekers. It is located directly below Belvedere Hotel but can also be used by non-guests. Here you will enjoy a clean pebble beach about 500 meters long, where additional concreted areas also invite to sunbathe and relax. Also the sea is really clear and shines in the most beautiful blue colors.

Things to do around Medulin

Not only the seaside resort is beautiful, also the surroundings of Medulin offer numerous possibilities for excursions and activities. Here are the best things to do just near the coastal town.

One of the most interesting excursion destinations is definitely the harbor town Pula, 9 kilometers away, where you can visit the imposing amphitheater and a very charming historic old town.

Breathtakingly beautiful is also Cape Kamenjak, an imposing nature park that attracts with numerous dream beaches and impressive steep cliffs. Only 11 kilometers away from Medulin, you should not miss this natural jewel.

Also interesting is Fazana, 9 kilometers away, a charming coastal town that is also the best starting point for a boat trip to the Brijuni Islands.


Where to stay in Medulin

In Medulin you can find a wide range of fantastic accommodation options. From budget apartments to B&Bs and amazing hotels with pools, you’ll find it all. If you are looking for a recommendable place to stay, then we can give you these accommodation tips for Medulin on the way…It’s worth a look!

  • Apartment with Pool: The new Apartment Rosenberg is located a bit away from the hustle and bustle and enchants with modern furnishings and pool!
  • Modern Vacation Apartment: Villa Medulina Xenia is a great choice for a vacation! Guests love the terrific location, beautiful furnishings and hospitality.
  • Boutique Hotel: The Boutique Hotel Chevalier is a very quiet adults-only hotel with a delicious breakfast and lovely pool.
  • 4-Star Hotel: The Park Plaza Belvedere Medulin is one of the best hotels in Medulin. Guests love the perfect location by the sea, the beautiful pool area and the delicious buffet.
  • Mobile Homes: Really recommendable Hobile Homes are the luxurious Arena Grand Kazela Camping Homes in a top location, directly by the sea.

Find the best accommodation in Medulin:

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