Saturnia Hot Springs, Italy: Natural Baths of Tuscany!

Saturnia in Italy is especially famous for its hot springs, which are considered to be a true highlight of southern Tuscany. These thermal springs are ideal for a bath in sulfurous water, which has been bubbling out of the earth for 3,000 years and is known for its healing effects. The picturesque waterfall Cascate del Mulino with its turquoise blue pools of the steaming white sinter baths is unique here and forms a breathtaking backdrop in nature. Visitors from all over the world come to enjoy bathing in this fascinating scenery. Close to this natural spa is the large Saturnia Bath, a wonderful thermal bath with a beautiful hotel.

In this travel guide, we have summarized all info on the hot springs in Saturnia in Italy. In addition, we show you stunning pictures of the sulfur springs, where the best accommodations are and what you can do during your stay.

Good to know!

In addition to the luxurious Thermal Hotel, there are some agritourism accommodations around Saturnia. Truely recommendable is the Agriturismo D’ Epoca La Marianella!

The entrance to the Saturnia Hot Spring, the river and the famous waterfall is completely free of charge. Also the two large parking lots right next to it can be used free of charge.

The Saturnia Hot Springs are really worth a visit! And, you should definitely plan to stay a few days in this region and explore further highlights like Pitigliano, Sorano and Sovana!

You can visit Saturnia all year round. The best time to enjoy the thermal springs without the crowds is in the early morning, during the week and outside the vacations.

General information about the Saturnia Springs

The Saturnia Hot Springs are located in Maremma in the south of Tuscany, in the province of Grosseto and near the city of Pitigliano. From the small town of Saturnia with 600 inhabitants, it is still about 5 kilometers to the thermal baths. These hot springs are sulfur springs, which with 37.5 °C promise pleasant bathing pleasure. Every second, 800 liters of water with a high mineral content gush out of the earth from the slopes of Monte Amiata, about 30 kilometers away.

Saturnia with its turquoise blue steaming sinter pools has been one of the most famous attractions of Tuscany and its scenery has been posted a thousand times on Instagram. Locals and tourists alike appreciate the beneficial effects of the Saturnia Spring and are fascinated by the experience of splashing in warm water in the open air.


Bathing in Nature

Saturnia is especially famous for the Cascate del Mulino, the wild and romantic waterfall next to the restored mill. Here you will find the world-famous thermal terraces, whose blue pools invite you to take a bath in this picturesque natural thermal bath. But the thermal baths of Saturnia are no longer an insider tip, and they are no secret anymore! Since this natural beauty is really famous, you have to expect a relatively large number of visitors during the day. Nevertheless, you will always find a place to swim along the river. Bathing shoes are definitely an advantage here, as the pools of the thermal springs are slippery and the ground is quite rocky.

When bathing in Saturnia Hot Springs, you might notice small red worms. Don’t worry; these worms are, completely harmless mosquito larvae that share their natural habitat with you here in the cascades.

The Healing Effects

The thermal springs of Saturnia have been proven to have a healing effect due to the large quantities of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iodine, and bromine. Even the Italian poet and philosopher Dante raved about the Terme di Saturnia in ancient times. The water is good for the skin, but, above all, it is healthy for the joints. The cures offered at the nearby thermal center are mainly for diseases, such as rheumatism and arthrosis.

In addition, the thermal water is said to have an antioxidant and vitalizing effect, which contributes to a certain anti-aging effect and to skin smoothing. Of course, such a pleasant, relaxed warm bath also has a very positive effect on the general well-being.

Tip: In a sulfur bath, you should not stay in the water for more than 15 minutes and the bath should not be repeated more than 4 times a day.

Opening Hours & Admission

Bathing in the natural waterfall, the so-called Cascate del Mulino, is completely free of charge and accessible to everyone, at any time. Therefore, there are no opening hours!

You only pay admission if you want to visit the nearby Parco Thermale, the big bath with pools.

Best time to visit Saturnia

Thanks to the warm water temperature, you can visit this natural highlight all year round. Even in winter, when the thermal springs are really steaming, a trip there is worthwhile!

The best time to visit these sulfur springs of Saturnia is definitely, early in the morning at sunrise or towards evening. Some tourists even equip themselves with headlamps and enjoy their relaxing bath at night!


The Saturnia Spa & Thermal Hotel

About 2 kilometers from the waterfall is a thermal bath house and spa hotel called Terme di Saturnia – Parco Termale. This thermal bath can be visited by non-hotel guests for an entrance fee of about 27 Euros. There are 5 different thermal pools where the water is filtered but still rich in minerals. Various treatments and massages are also offered on site in the spa house.

Those who wish to stay at the 5-star Hotel Terme di Saturnia Natural Spa & Golf Resort will also enjoy an excellent breakfast, a private spa area, reserved sunbeds and the possibility of using the adjacent golf course at a reduced price.

Things to do around Saturnia

When you travel to Saturnia, you can go on some really recommendable excursions in the surroundings. Here are the best attractions and things to see of the region, summarized at a glance:

About 26 kilometers from Saturnia is the famous little town of Pitigliano. Beautifully situated on a rock, the old town also spreads a lot of historical charm.

A trip to Sovana is also recommended, which has a small historical center and many Etruscan archeological sites. Also Sorano near Sovana, enchants with a wild romantic old town.


Where to Stay in Saturnia

In Saturnia, but also around the hot springs, you will find a small but nice selection of beautiful accommodations. From the well-kept agritourism to the cozy B&B and 5-star thermal hotel, everything is represented here. Here are our tips for the best accommodations in Saturnia…It’s worth a look!

  • Thermal Hotel: The Terme di Saturnia Natural Spa & Golf Resort is the 5-star hotel of the Saturnia Spa. Here the ingenious location with the spa and the delicious breakfast inspire.
  • 3-Star Hotel: Highly recommend is also the Hotel Villa Clodia, a charming 3-star hotel located in a historical building with a beautiful garden and a great pool.
  • Agritourism: The Agriturismo D’ Epoca La Marianella is a cozy B&B with a panoramic view. They offer delightful rooms as well as great apartments at a reasonable price!
  • Vacation Home: The Villaflair is a spacious, pretty vacation home with 3 bedrooms. Perfect especially for larger families and small groups.

Find the best accommodation in Saturnia:

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