Top 20 Amazing Things to Do in Milos, Greece

Milos in Greece is certainly one of the most impressive islands in the Cyclades. Especially individualists, nature lovers and peace seekers, who are looking for a very special travel experience, are attracted to this magical island pearl. Fascinating are especially the diverse natural sites, the wild-romantic beaches with the volcanic rock, but also the quiet flair, which make Milos a real gem in the Greek island world. Moreover, there are many interesting attractions and numerous unique things to do in Milos! Among the absolute highlights are the snow-white town of Plaka, the colorful fishing village of Klima, the breathtaking Kleftiko cliffs, and also the lunar landscape of Sarakiniko make this island a unique gem in the Aegean Sea.

In this travel guide, we give you all the important information and tips about Milos Island in Greece. We show you the best pictures, the most amazing beaches, the best things to do, and where to find the best accommodations.

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If you are still looking for a particularly stunning place to stay on Milos, then we can recommend the wonderful Santa Maria Village Resort & Spa near Adamas.

Milos Island is an absolute bathing paradise, and the bays are among the most beautiful in the Cyclades. Here are the best beaches of Milos summarized at a glance.

The most popular travel time to visit Milos is June, July and August. For sightseeing, the low season with April, May as well as September, October, is also a recommendation.

Getting to Milos is either possible by domestic flight, by ferry from Athens, or from other Cyclades islands. All travel times as well as ferry tickets can be found at Ferryhopper.

General Information about Milos

Milos, sometimes spelled Melos, is a Cycladic island in Greece and, moreover, one of the most interesting places in this region. Like the famous islands of Naxos, Mykonos and Paros, it is located in the southern Aegean Sea. With a size of 160.1 square kilometers and with almost 5,000 inhabitants, Milos is not too big and so many of the best attractions can be explored by rental car or even by quad. Among the most famous things to do in Milos are a visit to the colorful Klima, the old town of Plaka and the Kastro, the sulfur mines, the lunar landscape Sarakiniko and the white rocks of Kleftiko. One of the landmarks is also the 2-meter tall “Venus of Milo”, which was found on the island in 1820 and whose original is now exhibited in the Louvre in Paris.

The tourist center of Milos is located around the port town of Adamantas, the place where the ferry docks. Only 5 kilometers away, on the slopes of a hill, lies the snow-white Plaka, the beautiful capital of the island. Here, chic boutiques are inviting for shopping, and numerous cocktail bars, excellent taverns, as well as restaurants, provide for culinary well-being. However, the phenomenal accommodations and hotels on Milos are also fabulous, which ultimately make a vacation an unforgettable experience in Greece.


The Best Things to Do in Milos

On a visit to Milos, there are numerous worth-seeing places, natural sites and historical attractions to discover. Here we have summarized for you all the highlights and the best things to do in Milos Island in Greece at a glance:


A visit to the cove of Kleftiko is certainly one of the ultimate best things to do in Milos, and so this stunning attraction is high up on any bucket list. This natural wonder of tuff is located on the southwest coast of the island and is a popular destination for excursions by boat or for hiking. Absolutely spectacular are especially the white cliffs as well as the imposing rock formations that rise from the sea, which together with the turquoise blue water colors conjure up a breathtaking backdrop. In the past, this magical place is said to have been a pirate hideout in the past. Today, however, tourists come to Kleftiko, especially in the summer months, to admire, swim and snorkel in one of the most special places on the island of Milos.

Tip: The easiest way to reach the white coast of Kleftiko is by boat. Unforgettable boat tours to this natural beauty can also be found online at GetYourGuide.


The beautiful, colorful fishing village of Klima is one of the most photographed attractions of Milos and probably the reasons why this island has become so famous in Greece. The picture book scenery with the colorful fishing cottages of Klima, the so-called Syrmаtа, can be found on every postcard of the island. Already in the middle of the 19th century, these picturesque yellow-green-red-blue painted cottages were built there, when fishermen using these nested buildings as boathouses at that time. On the first floor there was a garage for the boat, while on the upper floor there was a small living room. Today, most of these colorful fisherman’s houses in Klima have been renovated and some are even offered as vacation homes.

Tip: The Fisherman House is a renovated fisherman’s cottage that delights guests with its direct location by the sea and great furnishings. A wonderful choice for a romantic vacation.


The port village of Adamantas, also known as Adamas, is the heart of Milos. It forms the cultural, economic and touristic center and is a popular choice for staying on the vacation island. The ferry also docks at the port in Adamas, connecting Milos with the rest of the Cyclades. Surrounded by a wonderful scenery, with its snow-white houses, turquoise sea and beautiful beaches, an enchanting backdrop awaits you as you approach. In the town there is a great tourist offer with numerous taverns, bars, boutiques, travel agencies, accommodation and several supermarkets. In addition, you can explore some worth-seeing attractions, such as the 600-year-old Church of the Holy Trinity, the Mining Museum and the Maritime Museum.

Tip: The Santa Maria Village Resort & Spa is a perfect 4-star hotel for a vacation. The pool is beautiful, the rooms are lovingly decorated, and the location is also fantastic.


Sarakiniko is a pretty famous attraction in Milos. This extremely charming coastal section is located in the north and enchants with an almost surreal lunar landscape. A special feature are the white volcanic rock formations, which together with the deep blue sea form a backdrop as if from another world. This fascinating white coast was formed by the strong north winds and the roaring waves, and the artistic stone formations are a popular subject for photographers. But not only that, the coastline also invites for cliff jumping, swimming and relaxing. There is also a tiny sandy beach right in a small cove that is said to have once been a pirate hideout, and which is the perfect place for cooling off.

Plaka & Venetian Castle of Milos

The snow-white Plaka is the charming capital of Milos island, and especially the romantic old town is absolutely worth seeing. It is located in the interior of the island, about 200 meters above the sea, and almost 3 kilometers from the popular harbor town of Adamantas. During a walk, you will be amazed by an enchanting labyrinth of white alleys, in which the traditional Cycladic houses, the old churches and the romantic squares conjure up a fascinating ambience. The main attraction is the famous Venetian fortress Kastro with the church of the Virgin Mary, from where you have the best view of Milos. In addition, in the center there are several museums to visit such as the Archeological Museum, the Folklore Museum and the Sand Museum.

Tip: One of the best things to do is come towards evening to admire the spectacular sunsets of Milos from the Kastro. An experience, that will certainly last forever.

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Milos belongs to the best museums of the Cyclades island. It is located in the capital Plaka, and is a wonderful recommendation, especially for history enthusiasts. During a visit, you will be amazed by the many excavation finds, which date from different periods, from the late Neolithic to the Byzantine period. Among them are Cycladic art, ancient ceramics, treasures, and sculptures. However, a highlight in the museum is definitely the world-famous statue of Aphrodite, the so-called “Venus de Milo”, which is exhibited here in the museum as a copy. The original is still in the Louvre in Paris.

Tsigrado Beach

The Tsigrado Beach is undoubtedly one of the most adventurous natural sites on Milos. This unique place is located in the south of the island and can be reached by car or even by public bus. However, the dangerous descent to the beach is connected with a portion of courage as well as some skill. The bathing bay can currently only be reached via a crevice, where two wooden ladders and a rope lead down to the sea. Once you reach the bottom, however, you will be rewarded for your efforts with a small dream bay in a particularly spectacular setting. The turquoise-blue sea colors are heavenly beautiful and, together with the reddish rocks, conjure up a stunning panorama.

Tip: Many also book a kayak tour to Tsigroda Beach. Thereby, you have the possibility to explore this beach as well as other beautiful spots of the south coast.


The picturesque Firopotamos is definitely a charming place to visit in Milos and a must-see on any island trip. This small coastal jewel is surrounded by spectacular cliffs, the sea shines in the most beautiful turquoise blue water colors, and the bright soft sand invites relaxing and sunbathe. Absolutely impressive are also the quaint colorful fishermen’s cottages, the so-called Syrmata, which are located directly on the sea and make this place really idyllic. Some houses are now even rented as vacation apartments. Lovely is also a visit to the church of Agios Nikolaos. It is located at the top of Firopotamos, where you can enjoy a fantastic view over the bay.

Tip: The apartments Vilos Suites Fyropotamos Beach are a real insider tip for a quiet vacation on Milos. They are cute, modern and are in a great location right by the sea!

Ancient Roman Theater & Catacombs

One of the best things to do is a visit to the Ancient Roman Theater and the Catacombs of Milos. Both are important historical attractions on the island and therefore very worth seeing. They are located on a hillside below the small village of Tripiti, not far from the capital Plaka. The Roman Theater dates back to the 1st-4th century AD, and at that time it could seat around 7,000 visitors. Today it’s still possible to see the marble seats, the stage, as well as the orchestra area. Not far away is the entrance to the Catacombs of Milos, whose burial chambers were cut into the soft volcanic rock. Part of these early Christian tombs can be visited during the summer months.

Papafragas Caves

An insider tip on Milos are the Papafragas Caves, which are said to have been a popular hiding place for pirates in the past. This impressive coastal stretch is located in the north of the island and fascinates visitors with a very unique landscape. Impressive in this area are the imposing rock cliffs and sea caves, in which pretty little sandy bays are hidden. The best places to see is the Papafragas Cave Beach, a tiny sandy beach, which can only be reached by a dangerous descent or, better and safer, from the sea by kayak.

Firiplaka Beach

The Firiplaka Beach is certainly one of the many beautiful natural treasures on Milos and definitely a place that should not be missed on any itinerary. This imposing dream beach is located on the rugged southern coast and can be reached via a gravel road by bus or rental car. A special feature are especially the mighty colorful cliffs, where the white and red rocks together with the light sand and the blue sea create a magnificent coastal panorama. During the high season, a quaint beach bar opens for cool drinks, and umbrellas and sunbeds are available for rent.


Simply to fall in love with is the small, charming fishing village of Mandrakia. This absolutely romantic coastal village is located in the north of the island and exploring this place is definitely one of the best things to do in Milos. Unique and absolutely worth seeing is especially the authentic ambience. In the harbor are the traditional fishermen’s cottages, also called “Syrmаtа“. These are typical for Milos, brightly painted boat garages, in which the fishermen shelter their boats. The small, pretty Cycladic church behind the harbor is also worth a visit. Vacationers are treated to culinary delights in the quaint tavern Medusa.

Old Sulfur Mines of Thiorichía

The old Sulfur Mines of Thiorichia are absolutely a unique attraction on Milos. This unique lost place is located on the lonely west coast of the island, and already the approach by car over a rather bumpy gravel road is an experience in itself. The last few hundred meters are best done on foot, where you can catch a glimpse of the imposing abandoned sulfur mine from afar! But not only the ruins of this stunning lost place are interesting, also the beautiful pebble beach with the red and yellow stones is charming and invites for swimming and relaxing.

Mining Museum

A real insider tip is the Mining Museum of Milos. This fascinating exhibition is located on the outskirts of the port town of Adamantas, and especially those who are interested in the variety of rocks of the island of Milos will enjoy this museum. Milos is well-known for its mineral wealth as well as for its long mining history, which dates back to ancient times. Some mines are still in operation, others are abandoned and can be visited until today. On the 3rd floor of the museum, you can learn a lot about the history and the many different mineral types of the island.

Paliochori Beach

The Paliochori Beach is a real jewel in the south of Milos. Many count this breathtaking bathing bay among the most beautiful along the south coast. Especially spectacular are the high rocks, which split this dream beach into 3 parts. The red and yellow rocks are unique and gives the coast a unique ambience. A special feature are also the hot springs in the sea, which you can even release by digging sand. Directly on the beach there are some cool beach bars and good taverns, from which you can enjoy local specialties while enjoying a magnificent view. Moreover, the good beachfront accommodations are a great choice for a vacation.

Tip: The Artemis Deluxe Rooms are an insider tip on Milos. Not only does this hotel score points for its prime location, but the infinity pool and chic design are stunning.


The fishing village of Apollonia, often spelled Pollonia, is a wonderful, absolutely romantic coastal pearl in the northeast of the island and an excellent choice for a quiet vacation on Milos. The snow-white houses in Cycladic style, the romantic harbor with colorful taverns and the enchanting sandy beach, which invites you to swim and relax, are just beautiful there. In the small village there are also several small churches, such as the charming Agios Nicholas and Agia Paraskevi, from which you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Aegean Sea. An excursion to the neighboring island of Kimolos, which can be reached in no time by ferry from Apollonia, is also worth it.

Tip: There is a top offer on accommodation in Apollonia. An insider tip are the charming apartments of Captain Zeppos, which score with ingenious furnishings and sea views.

Sikia Cave

The Sikia Cave is a breathtaking natural site and definitely not yet a sight on Milos, which everyone already knows. It is one of the largest and at the same time the most impressive caves on the island. Most people visit this sea cave via a boat tour. However, an insider tip is the approximately 1-hour hike to Sikia Cave. The starting point is opposite the monastery of St. Ioannis, which is located in the lonely southwest of Milos. The hiking trail is marked, but you should make sure you have sturdy shoes, sun protection and enough provisions. The journey by rental car is also not easy because it leads over a very long gravel road.

Tip: Boat trips to Sikia Cave are often combined with excursions to the famous Kleftiko cliffs. Great day tours can also be found on GetyourGuide.

Hockey Beach

The unique Hockey Beach, also known as Alogomantra Beach, is one of the most impressive bays in the north of Milos Island. Especially in the summer months, numerous tourists come here to spend wonderful vacations by the sea. Absolutely beautiful is the imposing semi-cave at the edge of the bay, which with the turquoise sea colors gives this dream beach a fairy-tale panorama. Hockey beach is best visited when the wind does not come from the north because then the beach shows itself completely without waves and from its charming side!


Where to Stay in Milos

Milos offers vacationers a wide range of fantastic accommodations in every price range. From ingenious beach hotels, gorgeous boutique hotels, cute guesthouses, top-equipped apartments and even camping, everything is represented here. Here are our recommendations for the most beautiful accommodations on the island of Milos…It’s worth a look!

  • Luxury Hotel: The White Coast Pool Suites, Adults Only is a beautiful, luxurious 5-star hotel and the perfect choice for an exceptional vacation in Milos.
  • Adults-Only Hotel: The Lithos Luxury Rooms is a beautiful Adults-Only hotel. Guests love the delicious breakfast, the pool, and the breathtaking views of the island.
  • Chic Apartments: The Captain Zeppos apartments are a real insider’s tip. They score with a incredible location, lovely furnishings, and great views of the sea.
  • Great 4-Star Hotel: The Santa Maria Village Resort & Spa is perfect for a vacation. The pool is beautiful, the rooms lovingly furnished, and the location is also top.

Find the best accommodation on Milos:

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