Top 15 Amazing Beaches in Milos

The many unique beaches of Milos make the Cycladic island an absolute highlight in Greece. Hardly anywhere else in this region you will find a higher density of exceptionally special bathing places, one more imposing and beautiful than the other. From wide fine sandy beaches, small hidden bays, to beaches with spectacular red and even snow-white cliffs, everything can be found on this fascinating vacation island. Some of the bays even fly the Blue Flag, an award for best sea and beach quality. Many of these dream beaches are nestled in beautiful nature and enchant with overwhelming scenery. But what are the absolute best beaches on Milos Island, what are the real insider tips and which bays are particularly suitable for a beach vacation.

In this travel guide we reveal the 15 absolutely most beautiful beaches on Milos in Greece. In addition, we show you amazing pictures, and give lots of tips and information that are guaranteed to help you with your travel planning.


Firopotamos Beach

The Paralia Firopotamos is often called the most beautiful beach on the island of Milos. And that’s not without reason, because when you visit it, you will find a wonderful bathing bay, as paradisiacal and breathtaking as if it were straight out of a glossy magazine. The sea shines in almost kitschy turquoise blue colors and the light soft sand invites to relax and sunbathe. The bay is surrounded by sparkling white rock formations, and the romantic fishing village with its pretty church adds an extra touch of flair to this dream beach.

Tip: The apartments Vilos Suites Fyropotamos Beach are a real insider tip for a quiet vacation on Milos. They are beautiful, modern and in a great location right by the sea!

Sarakiniko Beach

The white Sarakiniko Beach is one of the landmarks of Milos and an absolute must-see on the island. This imposing stretch of coastline is famous for its snow-white rock formations, which conjure up a breathtaking panorama as if from another world. The bright rocky outcrops of this surreal-looking lunar landscape invite you to sunbathe, and in the middle of the bay there is a small sandy beach that provides easy access to the turquoise sea. Daredevils also come here for cliff jumping, but most simply to take brilliant pictures of the white rocks and the magnificent beach.

Tip: Just a 5-minute walk from Sarakiniko Beach are the Sarakiniko Rooms. Guests love the fabulous proximity to the dream beach as well as the delicious breakfast.

Paleochori Beach

Paralia Paleochori is a popular beach in the very south. Many count this bathing bay among the most beautiful along the south coast. This long picturesque stretch of beach is divided by rocks into 3 bays and a particularly soft sandy beach invites you to enjoy. There are also some great accommodations, good taverns as well as beach bars provide food and drinks. However, the impressive rock formations are exceptionally beautiful at Paleochori Beach, where red rocks together with the sulfurous yellow rocks form a fascinating landscape. Characteristic are also the hot springs in the sea, which can even be released by digging sand.

Tip: The Artemis Deluxe Rooms are an insider tip on Milos. This amazing hotel in Milos not only scores with its prime location, but the infinity pool and chic design are also stunning.

Firiplaka Beach

Firiplaka Beach is definitely one of the most spectacular beaches of Milos! This imposing bathing bay is located a bit away from the tourist resorts on the south coast, and can only be reached by a gravel road. It is mainly the impressive cliffs that make this coastal strip something very special. The red and white stone formations, the fine light sand and the crystal clear turquoise sea conjure up a true dream beach scenery, which should not be missed on any trip to Milos. During the high season, a quaint beach bar opens and umbrellas and sunbeds are available for rent.

Tip: There is a gravel road leading to Firiplaka Beach, but you can easily get there by car. Public buses also take you to the beach.

Provatas Beach

Located in the south of the island of Milos there is Paralia Provatas, a beautiful sandy beach with paradisiacal sea colors that invites to dream and relax. Unique is especially the soft golden sand, which allows optimal entry into the turquoise blue, clear water. If you like, you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds, or spread your towel in the warm sand. Just behind Provatas Beach there are a few cozy taverns and also a great beach hotel and guesthouses have settled in the best location. A wonderful bay for a beach vacation on Milos.

Tip: The Golden Milos Beach is a popular hotel directly on Provatas Beach. Here score especially the quiet location on the dream beach and the pool!

Pollonia Beach

Pollonia Beach is located in the resort of the same name, Pollonia, in the northeast of the vacation island of Milos. The small, pretty fishing village enchants not only with lots of Greek charm, but also the quiet main beach is wonderful for swimming and relaxing. The sand is particularly fine and families with children also love this beach. In addition, there is a fantastic tourist offer, with many good accommodations, fabulous restaurants as well as beach bars that invite guests to linger with a view of the sea.

Tip: The B&B Floras Rooms are a great choice for a beach vacation in Pollonia. They are located directly on the main beach and inspire with good facilities.

Klima Beach

A beautiful bathing place is the Klima Beach in the famous fishing village Klima, one of the absolute highlights on Milos. The colorful little fishermen’s houses make this part of the coast truly magical, creating a picture-perfect backdrop. The sea shines in picturesque emerald colors and a small sandy beach invites you to sunbathe and enjoy. But a visit in the evening is also fantastic, because from this beach you can admire beautiful sunsets. Directly in the bay, there are also a few pretty vacation apartments, which are ideal for a romantic stay.

Tip: Especially recommended for couples is the Fisherman House, a former fisherman’s cottage, which delights guests with its direct location by the sea and great facilities.

Achivadolimni Beach

A dream beach on the island of Milos is definitely the particularly idyllic Achivadolimni Beach. This long, white sandy beach is located in a sheltered position directly in the large bay of Milos and also offers families perfect conditions for relaxing beach days. Thanks to its length, even in summer, everyone can find a nice spot under the Greek sun. Visitors love the soft, light sand and the crystal clear turquoise sea, which slopes very gently and makes you want having a swim. In season, a small beach bar opens and provides cool drinks with a picturesque view.

Tip: The Hotel Milos Sea Resort is a beautiful 3-star hotel with breathtaking views over Milos Bay. The rooms with private pool are also really ingenious!

Hockey Beach

A beach jewel on the north coast of Milos is the unique Hockey Beach, also known as Alogomantra beach. Absolutely extraordinary is definitely the semi-cave at the edge of the bay, which gives this dream beach a breathtaking scenery. Moreover, this enchanting bathing bay fascinates with fine golden sand and with really spectacular turquoise sea colors. Field hockey Beach is best visited when the wind does not come from the north, because then the beach shows itself completely without waves and from its absolutely most beautiful side!

Plathiena Beach

Plathiena Beach is located on the west coast of the vacation island and is an absolute jewel of the best beaches on Milos. The almost kitschy turquoise-blue sea colors are fantastically beautiful at Plathiena, which together with the light fine sand and the reddish rocks form a true picture book beach. Even in the high season, there is relatively little going on at this hidden bathing bay, and so you can enjoy quiet bathing pleasure at its best even in summer. A small beach bar opens during the season, and sun loungers and umbrellas are also available for rent. A real insider tip among the beautiful, quiet beaches of Milos Island!

Tsigrado Beach

Tsigrado Beach is certainly not only one of the most special, but also one of the most adventurous beaches on Milos. Especially the descent is spectacular and requires a certain amount of courage. Two ladders and a rope lead down to the beach via a small crevice. Once you reach the bottom, however, you will be rewarded for your efforts with a small dream bay in a particularly exciting setting. Turquoise sea, fine sand and small caves also give this bay a true castaway idyll. The crystal clear water is also unique, where you can explore an interesting underwater world while snorkeling.

Mytakas Beach

Absolutely picturesque is the Mytakas Beach in the north of Milos Island. Even in the high season, there is relatively little activity on this stretch of coast, which is especially appreciated by those seeking peace and quiet and also  couples. The entrance to the sea is particularly shallow and the water shines turquoise blue. Perfect also if you like snorkeling! In the summer months, comfortable sun loungers with umbrellas are provided at a reasonable price and a small snack bar serves food. A visit is especially recommended when the wind is blowing from the south and the bay is without waves.

Tip: The Peter’s Sea and Sαnd Residence is a cute little cottage in an unbeatable location right at the end of the bay. Guests love the picturesque view of the dream beach.

Papafragas Beach & Caves

A really worth seeing part of the coast is located in the north of Milos and is known as Papafragas. The beautiful landscape with the white cliffs and caves is breathtaking, and there are always nice little sandy bays hiding there. The highlight, however, is Papafragas Cave Beach, a tiny cave beach that can only be reached by a dangerous descent or most easily from the sea, by kayak. However, around the coast there are other beautiful bays, which are much easier to access.

Agia Kiriaki Beach

Agia Kiriaki Beach is a large sandy beach and at the same time one of the absolutely most beautiful beaches in Milos. The sea shines in the most spectacular turquoise colors and the landscape conjures up a truly extraordinary scenery. The bay is wide and long, so even in high season everyone can find a nice spot under the sun. On top of that, the gentle sea access is just amazing, which is especially appreciated by families with small children. Those who like snorkeling will discover many fish and shells in the northern section. In the season from June to September, two small taverns open, offering sun umbrellas with sunbeds for rent.

Tip: On a hill above the bay are the beautiful Agia Kyriaki Studios with stunning views. A great choice for lonely vacation days.

Thiorichio Beach

One of the most unusual beaches on Milos is definitely Paralia Thiorichio in the west of the island. The most unusual thing here is the location, because the beach is part of an abandoned sulfur mine! So you experience an absolute lost-places atmosphere while swimming and can also visit the abandoned buildings. The bay is quite difficult to access, which promises quiet bathing pleasure even in the high season. But not only the surroundings are impressive, also the fine pebble beach with the red and yellow stones is stunning and creates together with the rocks and the turquoise sea a breathtaking backdrop.

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