Top 15 Amazing Beaches in Santorini

The beaches in Santorini are among the absolute highlights of the Greek dream island. When talking of Santorini, most people first think of the famous white coastal towns like Oia or Fira, and so travelers are often surprised by the variety of spectacular bays around the island. And yes, Santorini’s beaches are really beautiful, and on top they are also perfect for swimming! There are long sandy beaches with cool beach bars, white, black, even red beaches, and also secluded wild romantic dream bays in stunning nature guarantee an unforgettable stay on this vacation island. Perfect if you want to combine sightseeing with sun, beach and sea. But what are the most beautiful beaches of Santorini, what are the real insider tips, and which places are best suited to stay for a beach vacation?

In this travel guide, you will find the 15 best beaches on Santorini in Greece. In addition, we show you great pictures and give you lots of information and tips that are guaranteed to help you plan your trip.


Kamari Beach

The Kamari Beach is a real dream beach and, moreover, the most popular beach on Santorini for where to stay for a beach vacation. No matter if you are a couple, a family with children or a solo traveler, at this place everybody is guaranteed to experience his or her personal vacation paradise! Simply fascinating is the imposing backdrop, where the mighty rocks of the mountain Mesa Vouno, the fine black pebbles and the turquoise sea conjure up a picture like on a postcard. On top of that, the tourist offer is especially outstanding, with numerous restaurants, beach bars and the beautiful hotels in every price range, as well as souvenir stores and the beautiful boutiques. Another highlight is the beach promenade of Kamari Beach, where you can stroll during the day and have a romantic dinner in the evening.

Tip: A real insider tip there is the Hotel Matina, a charming 3-star hotel with a beautiful pool, delicious breakfast and not far from the beach.

Red Beach

The Red Beach, also known as Kokkini Paralia, is not only one of the absolutely most beautiful beaches on Santorini, it is also one of the most spectacular natural sights on the island! This picturesque place owes its name to the red rocks, which together with the turquoise sea and black sand form a scene as if from other worlds. Visitors are amazed by the colorfulness of this fascinating bay, which can hardly be found anywhere else in Greece. Thanks to its unique scenery, many vacationers come here especially to take grandiose pictures of Red Beach. But also a bathing day at the red beach is absolutely worthwhile because the bay is wonderfully suitable for swimming and relaxing.

Tip: Catamaran tours along the south coast are especially popular. These stop at Red Beach and at other dream beaches nearby!

Caldera Beach

On the west side of Santorini is the unique Caldera Beach, a true dream bay in an absolutely spectacular landscape, which should not be missed on any trip. Really impressive is especially the enchanting view of the Caldera, the volcanic crater of Santorini, which you can enjoy while sunbathing and swimming. This small, charming bathing place is located a bit away from the typical tourist spots and even in the high season there is relatively little going on at this dreamlike calm bay. Nevertheless, you can find a small, quaint tavern and even a diving school has settled there. A great tip among the best beaches to visit in Santorini!

Vlychada Beach

Vlychada Beach is unquestionably one of the unique beaches on the island of Santorini. Also known as the Moon Beach of Santorini, it enchants with a whimsical landscape as if straight out of a fairy tale. The monumental, artfully shaped rocks of the beach shine in white-yellow colors, and the sea glows in the most beautiful blue tones. Thanks to the extraordinary surroundings, this sandy beach is even often used as a location for wedding photo shoots. At the upper end, there is a nice tavern that also offers umbrellas and sunbeds for rent. However, most of the long beach is mostly deserted and a guarantee for relaxing bathing days on Santorini.

Perissa Beach

A great recommendation for a vacation and a beautiful beach for swimming in Santorini is Perissa Beach. This elongated bay is located in the north of the resort of the same name Perissa, directly beneath the imposing mountain Mesa Vouno and inspires as one of the most beautiful black sand beaches of Santorini. Thanks to the fabulous facilities, the top sea as well as water quality, this dream beach was awarded the Blue Flag. Holidaymakers also love the beautiful promenade with its numerous restaurants, taverns and bars. Directly on the beach, you will also find colorful umbrellas and sun loungers, which are offered for rent or often can even be used for free against consumption.

Tip: Only 1 minute away from the beach are the beautiful apartments of Sunhaus, a fantastic accommodation for a perfect stay in Perissa.

Eros Beach

Incredibly beautiful is Eros Beach, another jewel of the best beaches on Santorini. This rather hidden, elongated bathing bay is a real insider tip on the south coast of the vacation island. Also the drive there through the impressive pumice gorge is beautiful, and an experience in itself. Even in the busy summer months, only a few tourists stray here, which gives this dream beach a very special ambience. Very impressive is also the cliff of the bay, which forms a spectacular landscape with the light rock and the black, rough volcanic sand. In the season, a small tavern opens, which also offers a few umbrellas with sunbeds for rent.

Black Beach

The Black Beach, also known as Mesa Pigadia Beach, is considered Santorini’s best kept secret beach. This hidden black dream beach is located on the southern coast of the vacation island, near the Akrotiri lighthouse, and is truly a magnificent place for a swimming. The Black Beach more than lives up to its name, as the black sand and dark rocks provide a unique panorama. The sea is also crystal clear and even invites you to snorkel. Interesting are also the small caves in the cliffs, known as “Varkadies”, which are used by fishermen as boat parking. In summer, many sailboats anchor at the Black Beach, but this bay can also be reached by a short gravel road.

Tip: Serenity Blue is a really special vacation rental in a former cave house. Guests love the quiet location right on the beach and the chic design.

Perivolos Beach

Perivolos Beach is located in the south of the popular resort of Perissa. It connects directly to Perissa Beach, but is a bit quieter than the actual main beach. This fine-grained volcanic sand beach stretches for more than 1 kilometer and thanks to its fabulous facilities, it is an optimal place for a beach vacation. Even in summer, the atmosphere is very relaxed at this elongated bathing bay, perfect if you prefer your beach stay quiet. In addition, there are some lovely beach bars that offer free sunbeds with umbrellas against consumption, and the beautiful promenade behind the beach that leads to the tourist center of Perissa.

Tip: The great Hotel Anastasia Princess Luxury Residence & Spa in Perissa is a great recommendation for a special beach vacation on Santorini!

White Beach

A real insider tip among the best beaches on Santorini is White Beach. This hidden dream beach is really secluded in the south of the island, and can only be reached by cab boat or a guided Santorini beach tour. Visitors marvel at the snow-white cliffs and rocks that give this bay its name. The so-called White Beach is ideal for swimming, and umbrellas and sun loungers are also available for rent. It is interesting to note that the sand here is not white as you might expect, but rather dark, as is the case almost everywhere on Santorini. Food and drinks are not offered at White Beach, so you should definitely take enough to drink and eat for your beach trip.

Tip: In the high season, a taxi boat will take you from Red Beach to White Beach for 10,- Euro. Or you can take a guided boat tour to see the White Beach.

Monolithos Beach

The Monolithos beach is located on the east coast of the vacation island of Santorini, a little away from the typical seaside resorts near the famous town of Fira. Connoisseurs call this long beach, one of the finest sandy beaches on Santorini. And really, the dark, warm sand truly invites you to relax. In the south of Monolithos you will find several taverns, and in summer season there are numerous sunbeds and umbrellas for rent. But the northern part of the bay is especially beautiful, with small trees providing cool shade and the cliffs creating an imposing ambience. It is also great that you can park there directly on the beach with the car or the quad.

Kanakari Beach

An insider tip of the most beautiful beaches of Santorini is the Paralia Kanakari, also known as Paralia Agios Nikolaos. Visitors especially love the unique atmosphere that surrounds this romantic bay. The sea is also crystal clear, slopes relatively shallow, and the warm water invites you to enjoy and swim. Beautiful are also the rocky cliffs, which form a breathtaking backdrop, and finally make the beach Kanakari a true dream beach on the island. Ingenious and really chill is on top of it the Yalos Beach Club, which makes a beach day an unforgettable experience with delicious food, cool drinks and chic design.

Koloumpo Beach

Koloumpo beach is loceted very secluded on the romantic east coast of Santorini and is the perfect seaside resort for those who appreciate peace and solitude. Only a few people know this hidden bathing bay and so there is hardly anything going on there even in the high season. The ultimate landmark of this black sand beach are the mighty black rocks in the south of the bay, which make Koloumpo beach a real natural beach treasure on Santorini. The sea is also wonderfully clear and shines in turquoise blue sea colors when the weather is nice.

Tip: Just a few minutes walk away is the Sun Anemos Resort with beautiful apartments, which is ideal for a vacation away from the tourist resorts.

Vourvoulos Beach

On the east coast of Santorini is the beach of Vourvoulos, a quiet bathing beach in an absolutely unique and idyllic landscape. Characteristic of this coastal strip is especially the black volcanic rock, the mix of dark pebbles and sand, as well as the crystal clear azure sea, which provides pleasant refreshment. Interesting on that beach, however, are also the caves that were once carved directly into the rock by fishermen. If you like, you can visit the small romantic beach restaurant, which serves freshly caught fish directly on the water. A really recommendable beach on Santorini, for a few relaxing hours by the sea.

Kampia Beach

Kampia Beach is located between White Beach and the famous Red Beach. The most beautiful thing is the wild and romantic atmosphere that surrounds this bay. When you visit it, you will experience a rather rocky part of the coast, but due to its nature, it is ideal for snorkeling and exploring an interesting underworld. Bathing shoes are not a bad choice for swimming at Kampia beach! Also many tours by kayak start at this dream beach. A small family tavern with a fantastic view of the sea sells food and cool drinks. In summer, sunbeds and umbrellas are also provided at a reasonable price.

Pori Beach

The Pori Beach is a small, secret beach jewel on Santorini. Connoisseurs love this bathing place, which is divided by red cliffs into several small bays. The romantic ambience there is truly beautiful, as the deep red rock formations, the black fine pebbles and the turquoise sea conjure up a true fairytale atmosphere. This picturesque stretch of coast is located on the quiet east coast, right next to a small fishing port, and a short swim stop during an island tour is truly recommended. However, there are no restaurants or bars on site, but instead you have the possibility to enjoy lonely beach fun and tranquility at its best.

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