Top 15 Amazing Beaches in Naxos

The beautiful beaches in Naxos are really something special and a guarantee for a perfect beach vacation in Greece. Hardly anywhere else in the Cyclades you will find a larger selection of dream beaches! Velvety white sand, breathtaking turquoise sea colors and an incredible idyll attract sun-hungry vacationers from all over the world. Many of the most famous beaches are located in the southwest of the island, around the popular resort of Agios Prokopios, not far from Naxos Town. However, there are also incredibly stunning beaches and often very secluded bays to discover in other parts of the island. But what are the absolute best beach highlights on Naxos, what are the real insider tips, and which bathing bay is particularly suitable for a vacation by the sea?

In this guide, you will find the 15 best beaches in Naxos in Greece. In addition, we show stunning pictures, and give you useful tips and insider information that will certainly help you to plan your trip.


Agios Prokopios Beach

The Agios Prokopios is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in Naxos and the perfect place for a beach vacation on the island. Over 2 kilometers long, a picture-perfect sandy beach enchants with crystal clear sea and the most spectacular blue water colors. Visitors love the paradisiacal setting, which almost reminds them of the Caribbean while swimming! Thanks to the terrific beach, sea quality and facilities, this dream beach was even awarded the Blue Flag. In the resort of Agios Prokopios you will also find a perfect tourist offer! Enough sunbeds with umbrellas are available for rent and numerous good taverns, cafés as well as some of the best places to stay in Naxos invite you to enjoy.

Tip: The Hotel Katerina is a perfect choice for a vacation on Naxos. Guests love the cute little complex, the wonderful hospitality and the proximity to the beach is also brilliant!

Agia Anna Beach

Definitely one of the most charming bays on Naxos is Agia Anna Beach. This heavenly sandy beach is just a few minutes’ walk south from the famous resort of Agios Prokopios and is a terrific choice for a vacation. Absolutely fabulous are the bright soft sand, the vibrant sea colors and the pretty straw umbrellas that reach close to the sea, giving this beach an insanely beautiful postcard setting. Just beyond are colorful taverns and beach bars that treat guests to culinary delights and sea views. At the upper end of the bay is also the small church of Saint Nicholas, from which you can enjoy a fantastic view of the coast.

Tip: The Naxian Althea is a great accommodation in an unbeatable location directly at the beach! Really great are also the free beach chairs, which are provided to guests.

Hawaii Beach

The beach Hawaii is located in the picturesque nature reserve Aliko, and is for many the most beautiful beach on Naxos. And really, surrounded by a highly idyllic landscape of cedars, the gentle sand dunes and the reddish cliffs, this fascinating bay is a true postcard motif. Thanks to its remote location and length, it’s never busy, even in peak season. Perfect if you want to enjoy nature and relax. Moreover, a real highlight is the bright, turquoise-blue sea colors, which probably gave Hawaii Beach its name. You won’t find any tourist facilities like restaurants or beach umbrella rentals yet, but you can enjoy pure beach pleasure away from the hustle and bustle.

Plaka Beach

The Plaka Beach is not only one of the most beautiful beaches on Naxos, it is often described as one of the best beaches in Greece. Over a length of more than 4 kilometers, a velvety, sparkling white sandy beach with incredible turquoise water colors, which exudes Caribbean flair at its best, delights. The sea slopes gently, which is also appreciated by families with children. Along the coast you will always find small bushes for shade, or you can rent a sun lounger with a parasol in one of the pretty taverns. Even in the busy summer months, this long dream beach is pleasantly quiet, and the further south you go, the lonelier it gets on this stunning stretch of coast.

Tip: At Plaka you will find many accommodations, which are well suited for a bathing vacation. Recommended are the Hotel Ammothines Cycladic Suites or the popular Acti Plaka Hotel.

Panermos Beach

At the southeastern tip of the island is Panermos Beach, one of the most fascinating beaches in Naxos. Although the journey from Naxos town is quite long, you will enjoy an incredibly beautiful road trip over fascinating mountain landscapes, past quaint fishing villages, and you will experience breathtaking views of the coast to the east. Far away from the lively main beaches, an absolutely gigantic idyll awaits you there, which you can hardly experience anywhere else. Especially characteristic are the green palm trees that line this bay and the crystal clear sea, which is ideal for snorkeling. The small beach bar just behind the palm beach, which provides guests with snacks, coffee, and cool drinks in the summer, is also really cool.

Tip: At the small harbor, there are daily 2-hour boat trips to other secluded beaches in the south of Naxos during the summer months.

Kavos Beach

The Paralia Kavos is a real insider tip on Naxos and definitely not a beach that everyone already knows! This breathtaking dream bay, with white sand and spectacular sea colors is somewhat hidden near the well-known Mikri Vigla Beach. Absolutely paradise is certainly the phenomenal scenery, where the round rock formations are reminiscent of a tropical beach. This tiny bathing bay is nestled in beautiful nature and is especially recommended for couples and those seeking peace and quiet. Great is also that the sea slopes very shallowly and there are hardly any waves thanks to the protected location on this section of the coast. A terrific hidden bay for quiet beach days on the island of Naxos.

Tip: The Ydreos Studios & Apartments offer wonderfull apartments and small cottages in the best location to the dream beach!

Agios Georgios Beach (Naxos Town)

Just south of the island’s capital Naxos Town is the stunning Agios Georgios Beach, a magnificent town beach with turquoise sea colors. Especially in the summer months, vacationers love to come to this shallow sandy beach to spend their well-deserved vacations. In this wonderful bathing bay there is always something going on, there are beach bars, good music and the mood is always exuberant. Moreover, while sunbathing, you have a picturesque view of the white houses of the old town, which is within walking distance. Perfect if you want to combine swimming in the sea with sightseeing and strolling. In addition, there is a wide range of accommodation just near the beach!

Tip: The Ilion Hotel is a charming little hotel just 1 minute from the beach and not far from the old town. Guests love the great location and warm hospitality.

Orkos Beach

The Orkos Beach is an absolute beach highlight of the island Naxos and on top of that a paradise of peace and relaxation! It is located between Plaka Beach and Mikri Viglia and can be easily reached via the coastal road. Uniquely beautiful is especially the soft, golden sand and the magnificent sea colors, which make this bay a perfect dream beach. While sunbathing, guests can enjoy a spectacular view of the slightly curved bay and the relaxed flair truly invites you to relax. But not only that, the water is also wonderfully clear and so you can enjoy an interesting underwater world while snorkeling. The tamarisk trees at the end of the beach, which provide natural shade, are also wonderful.

Tip: The Seanfinity Beachfront Suites are a great choice for a beach vacation. The oceanfront suites are especially nice, with either a whirlpool or pool.

Apollonas Beach

In the north of the island there is the amazing Apollonas beach, an idyllic dream beach located in the charming fishing village of the same name, Apollonas. Even the ride along the coastal roads is a breathtaking experience that should not be missed on any trip to Naxos. The beach of Apollonas is an astounding mix of fine pebbles and sand, and the emerald sea provides optimal cooling. But what is most stunning here is the authentic atmosphere with the fishing harbor, where there are some excellent tavernas with a magnificent view of the beach. A terrific bathing bay for an unforgettable trip to the wild-romantic north of Naxos!

Glyfada Beach

The Glyfada Beach is simply breathtakingly beautiful and on top of that an insider tip for all peace seekers. Vacationers love this spacious bay, which delights with white sand, the gentle dunes and the turquoise blue sea colors. Tourist offers like beach lounger rentals, water sports or beach bars are still not available here, but instead you can enjoy an extremely quiet dream beach and an absolutely chilled ambience. Often you have the entire beach almost all to yourself! Thanks to the natural environment, there are many fish and an interesting marine fauna to explore while snorkeling. Behind the bay are a few charming and quiet accommodations, perfect if you plan a completely relaxed vacation on Naxos.

Tip: The Phoenicia Naxos is a beautiful small hotel with a magnificent view of the sea. The pool is also fabulous and invites you to relax.

Lionas Beach

On the east coast of Naxos, in the dreamy fishing village of Lionas, is the beach of the same name, Lionas Beach. This beautiful natural bay fascinates with an absolutely spectacular postcard scenery. The bay is surrounded by a magnificent mountain landscape with high cliffs and lots of greenery, the sea is emerald blue and the small white fishermen’s houses conjure up a romantic idyll. Fascinating and unusual for Naxos is that the sand in the water is black and the round pebbles are very dark. Many visit this bathing bay as part of a day trip, and combine it to taste the local delicacies in the traditional fish taverns of the village. A fabulous beach for a few relaxing hours on Naxos Island!

Alyko Beach

The Paralia Alyko is part of the Alyko Nature Reserve of the same name and another highlight of the most beautiful beaches on Naxos. This enchanting bathing bay is located right next to the famous Lost Place Hotel Ruin Alyko and is a popular beach for couples, but also for the whole family. On this coastal strip you can expect magnificent sea colors, the soft golden sand typical for Naxos, but as a special feature also many cedar trees, which provide pleasant shade on hot summer days. On top of that, the small chapel of Agios Georgios at the edge of the bay is really enchanting, from where you can enjoy a magnificent view.

Limanaki Bay

The Limanaki Bay or often known as Mikri Viglia Beach is a dream beach in a class of its own. This bathing bay is located in the south of Naxos and is one of the absolute insider tips. Embedded in beautiful nature, with high dunes, Caribbean sea colors and the round rock formations, Limanaki Bay is a true picture book beach. The sandy beach slopes gently into the sea and is therefore also popular with families with children. There is also a section there where you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds for a small fee, and there is also a tavern in the area. A bit off you can also find a small hidden secret cove, but for that, you have to climb a little over the rocks.

Tip: Thanks to the good wind conditions, the beach Limanaki Bay has become a popular spot for kitesurfing.

Moutsouna Beach

The charming Moutsouna Beach is located in the fishing village of the same name, Moutsouna, on the rustic east coast of Naxos island. The atmosphere in the village is absolutely romantic, and a wonderful scenery awaits you also at the small bathing beach. Especially beautiful is the unique idyll with the traditional taverns by the sea and the wonderful view of the fishing boats in the harbor, gently rocking in the blue water. You won’t find any natural shade here, so you should take enough sun protection and if necessary also a small umbrella. There are also a few accommodations nearby, which are ideal for a very quiet vacation on the island’s lonely east coast.

Tip: The Ostria Inn is the perfect choice in the fishing village of Moutsouna. The small hotel enchants with a beautiful pool, delicious food and also the location by the sea is terrific.

Pyrgaki Beach

The Pyrgaki Beach is not only one of the quietest beaches on Naxos, it is definitely one of the absolute most beautiful sandy beaches on the island! Truly breathtaking is especially the upper part of this dream beach, which is hidden directly behind a large sand dune. Here the bay turns a bit and thus conjures up a magnificent coastal landscape, almost reminiscent of the Sahara. But the sea colors are also spectacular! In the high season there are a few umbrellas and sunbeds for rent and also a tavern behind it provides food and drinks.

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