Rab Island: The Happy Island in Croatia!

Rab Island is a real pearl in the Kvarner Bay region! This vacation paradise is famous above all for its countless velvety sandy beaches, which are actually rarely found in Croatia. But also the breathtaking natural attractions such as the idyllic Geopark, the imposing mountain scenery with the viewpoint Kamenjak and the numerous secluded, partly fine sandy natural bays make Rab a real gem in the Croatian island world. One of the most beautiful places to visit on the island is Rab Town, which is considered by connoisseurs to be one of the most important historical old towns of Croatia! However, there are many more charming and interesting places to discover on Rab Island, and so a vacation is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.

In this travel guide we will give you all the important information and tips about Rab Island in Croatia. We show you great pictures, the most beautiful places, attractions and beaches, and where to find great accommodations.

Good to know!

On Rab you will find several wonderful resorts spread around the island. The biggest and most popular are Rab town and Banjol on the west coast, and Lopar in the north.

Getting to Rab Island is only possible by ferry, either from Stinica to Misnjak, or from Krk Island to Lopar. However, there are also passenger ferries from the resorts on the coast.

Be sure to try Rabska Torta, a traditional cake with almonds and Maraschino liqueur, whose original recipe dates back to the 12th century!

Rab Island is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches, but you can also find many lovely pebble bays in beautiful nature! Here is a summary of the best beaches on Rab Island.

General Information about Rab Island

The island of Rab in Croatia is located in the south of the Kvarner Bay and is unquestionably one of the most beautiful Croatian islands! For more than 125 years, tourists have been coming to Rab to spend their summer vacations on the so-called “Happy Island”. With more than 2,600 hours of sunshine a year and an almost endless selection of gorgeous beaches, this island is the perfect domicile for sun-seeking beach vacationers. But also active ones will experience their personal paradise thanks to the many hiking trails, cycling routes and water sports opportunities.

With a size of only 91 square kilometers, it is relatively easy to explore this island pearl by car or scooter. One of the main attractions is the capital Rab. Its historic old town with numerous interesting attractions is considered one of the most impressive in all of Croatia. However, the island is also known for its many sandy beaches, foremost, the paradise beach in Lopar, which is popular among families with children.

Thanks to the paradisiacal beaches, the countless possibilities of activities and the many things to do, fun is guaranteed on this dream island. In addition, you can enjoy a fantastic range of great accommodation and excellent restaurants that make a visit to the island of Rab an unforgettable experience.


Best Things to Do on Rab Island

During a visit to Rab in Croatia, you can expect some great places to visit in nature, unforgettable attractions and truly gorgeous beaches. Here we have summarized for you the best attractions and the most beautiful things to do at island of Rab at a glance.

Rab Town

Rab Town is definitely one of the most beautiful attractions on the island of Rab, and a visit to the charming old town is a must on any trip. Its more than 2,000-year-old history dates back to the Roman era, and even today a walk around the town reveals numerous historically significant attractions. Probably the most important sights of the old town are the 4 churches of St. Ivan, St. Justina, the cathedral church of Marija Velika and the Benedictine monastery of St. Andrije.

Impressive are also the many romantic town squares, where you can enjoy an authentic flair in the many restaurants and cafés. In addition, numerous events take place in the center during the summer, most notably the medieval summer festival “Rabska Fjera”.

Tip: The Arbiana Heritage Hotel is a lovely boutique hotel in the old town of Rab. Guests love the great location, the fine amenities and the beautiful pool!

Komrcar Park

The Komrcar Park is the oldest and at the same time the most beautiful park on the island of Rab. This wonderful oasis of peace is located right next to the old town, on the Frkanj peninsula, and is the perfect place for long walks in nature. Created in the middle of the 19th century, today you can admire numerous Mediterranean trees and plant species such as pines, cypresses but also junipers, agaves and even giant prickly pears. Many winding paths lead through the complex, and a picturesque coastal path offers a picture-perfect panorama.

Along the way, there are always cozy cafés overlooking the sea, where you can soak up the breathtaking ambience. A real insider tip to get to know Rab Island from one of its most idyllic sides.

Lopar & Paradise Beach

Lopar is located in the north of Rab and is one of the most popular resorts on the vacation island. Most famous here is the breathtakingly beautiful, 2 kilometers long paradise beach Rajska Plaza, which slopes very gently into the sea and offers the best conditions for families with small children, but also for non-swimmers. Not only the main beach is a highlight, the whole region around Lopar is worth seeing and a real sandy beach paradise! Most of these dream bays are located in the most beautiful nature and are absolutely idyllic. Interesting and the most special attraction is the Geopark, where you can go on scenic hikes along the coast.

Tip: The Luxury Suites Bellevue is a real insider tip for a vacation in Lopar. Here the beautiful sea view, the inviting pool and the really delicious food!

Geopark Rab

One of the most beautiful landscapes on the island is located in Geopark Rab. This geologically fascinating area is located in the north of the vacation island, not far from the resort of Lopar and impresses with numerous sand and stone formations and unique vegetation. Stunning is also the enchanting coastal landscape, which delights with many natural sandy beaches and dreamlike bays! During a hike, a bike ride or a walk through the Geopark, you will also explore over 50 marked geological points, including a variety of interesting fossils.


The settlement of Banjol is a truly beautiful and moreover a popular place for an unforgettable visit to Rab. Not far from the old town you can find unique, idyllic vacation flair and 3 beautiful sandy beaches, which invite you to swim and relax. Just behind the coast there is a vacation settlement, where good hotels, but also numerous fantastic apartments as well as a really nice camping site have settled. A real highlight is the romantic promenade that connects the beaches of Banjol with the historical center and the neighboring village of Barbat. Here you can take long walks or bike rides along the coast! A fabulous choice for a vacation on the island of Rab.

Tip: Really popular are the mobile homes from Camping Resort Padova, which convince with modern furnishings, cleanliness, proximity to the beach and a brilliant pool area.


The Kamenjak is with a height of 407 meters the highest point of Rab Island and, moreover, an impressive attraction of the island Rab. From the top you have probably the most spectacular view of the entire Kvarner Bay and marvel at the breathtaking mountain panorama and the rugged rocks of the mountain. Many undertake a hike from the coast up to the station. However, who likes can also go by car or quad almost to the top and walk the last few meters. Especially great and a real insider tip is the restaurant Kamenjak, where you can enjoy a delicious meal on the terrace with a fabulous view of the coast!

Monastery of St. Euphemia

The Monastery of St. Euphemia is located in a romantic bay in the village of Kampor and is one of the most important sights on the island of Rab. This historic building was erected as early as 1444, and parts of it can still be seen today during a tour. The inner courtyard of the monastery and the small church with its wonderful altars and ornate paintings of saints are also wonderfully beautiful. Also of interest are the valuable polyptych by the Venetian brothers Antonio and Bartolomeo Vivarini, the wooden ceiling and the monastery library with about 7,000 rare books.

Suha Punta

The peninsula of Suha Punta is located near the village of Kampor and is considered by connoisseurs to be one of the most beautiful places on the island of Rab. Particularly spectacular is the Suha Punta beach with its turquoise blue sea colors. The intact nature with dense forests and beautiful stone and pebble beaches is also impressive. A 15-kilometer-long hiking trail, Premuzic No. 2, runs through the Suha Punta area, leading from Kampor through the Dundo forest park and the Kalifront oak forest to the coast. Also several beautiful cycling and hiking trails will take you to hidden natural coves and secluded beaches.

Sahara Beach

A bit away from Lopar is the beautiful sandy beach Sahara, a real natural highlight and one of the most famous places of the vacation island of Rab. This beach cannot be reached directly by car, but only by a 30-minute hike or by boat. A walk is worthwhile because the coastal path leads through an absolutely spectacular landscape. Nudism is also possible on this beach, but not compulsory. Here you are really far from the hustle and bustle, and only occasionally tourists come who appreciate the peace and seclusion.

Rab Concentration Camp Memorial

An important place to visit is the Rab Concentration Camp Memorial, built remembering the victims of Italian fascism. The site of the former concentration camp includes a huge cemetery, and a metal plaque about 18 meters long lists the names of the 1433 victims who lost their lives in this labor camp under the worst conditions. It is a very touching place, which makes people think and for this very reason, should be given a place on a vacation trip!


The region of Barbat is an insider tip for a relaxing vacation on the island of Rab. This tranquil place is an absolute paradise for those seeking peace and quiet, who want to experience the exceptional island feeling. The village of Barbat also has a pretty vacation settlement, which is connected to the old town of Rab via a picturesque waterfront promenade. However, probably the most beautiful part of the resort is located in the very south, where beautiful stretches of coastline with gorgeous fine sandy natural bays are ideal for relaxing days by the sea.

Tip: Nice is the Villa Bianca which rents two great, large apartments in Barbat. The location is very quiet, and also great beaches are not far away!

Supetarska Draga

Supetarska Draga is one of the oldest places on the island of Rab and has a long seafaring tradition. Numerous boats, but especially sailboats, still drop anchor in the long bay. Another beautiful attraction is the Benedictine Abbey, the oldest monastery on the island, which fascinates tourists and believers alike. Also in Supetarska Draga, many great beaches await you, first and foremost Plaza Gonar with a magnificent view of the mini-island of Otočić Boljkovac.

Tip: The Apartment Nana is a great choice for families. Guests love this modern, large apartment, which is also not far away from the beach.


Where to Stay on Rab Island

Rab offers its visitors a wide range of fantastic accommodations. From brilliant beach hotels, cute guesthouses, top-equipped apartments and campsites with mobile homes, everything is represented here. Here are our recommendations for the most beautiful places to stay on the island of Rab…It’s worth a look!

  • Boutique Hotel (Rab Town): The Arbiana Heritage Hotel is a lovely boutique hotel in the old town of Rab. Guests are delighted with the location, fine amenities, and beautiful pool!
  • Mobile homes (Banjol): Really popular are the mobile homes of Camping Resort Padova, which score with modern furnishings, cleanliness and proximity to the beach.
  • B&B (Lopar): The Luxury Suites Bellevue is a real insider tip for a vacation in Lopar. Here the beautiful sea view, the inviting pool and the really delicious food are convincing!
  • Apartment (Supetarska Draga): The Apartment Nana is a lovely apartment, not far from a picturesque bathing bay, and yet you can quickly reach the best sights by car.

Find the best accommodation on Rab Island:


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