Solta Island, Croatia: The Complete Travel Guide!

Solta Island in Croatia is a true dream island and a real travel highlight. It is located in Dalmatia, about 1 hour by ferry from Split, and is one of the absolute insider tips in this region. In particular, nautical enthusiasts, those seeking tranquility and couples will find their personal vacation paradise on this romantic island pearl. Solta fascinates with beautiful natural landscapes, but also with enchanting villages and attractions on the coast and in the island’s hinterland. A real highlight of Solta Island, however, are the beautiful beaches and the breathtaking natural bays, which promise unforgettable swimming pleasure on the Adriatic Sea.

In this travel guide, we give you all the important information and tips about Solta Island in Croatia. We show you the best pictures, the most beautiful beaches and things to do, and where to find great accommodations.

Good to know!

If you are still looking for a very special accommodation on Solta, we can recommend the breathtakingly beautiful Heritage Hotel Martinis Marchi.

Getting to Solta is possible several times a day by car-ferry or catamaran from Split. The ride from the ferry port Split to port Rogac on Solta Island takes about 1 hour.

Solta Island delights tourists with numerous romantic natural bays and is just perfect for a quiet beach vacation. Here are the most beautiful beaches of Solta.

On a visit, don’t miss trying the fabulous red wine Dobricic, the regional olive oil, but also the rosemary honey, which is even said to have a healing effect.

General information about Solta Island

Solta Island is located in Dalmatia, in the immediate vicinity of Split and Trogir, and can be reached by ferry from the mainland. With a size of only 58.2 km² and with only about 1,600 inhabitants, it is one of the smaller Croatian islands. A main road leads from the two larger resorts of Stomorska and Maslinica for about 17 kilometers once across the island and connects all important places with each other. The slightly hilly landscape is characterized by vineyards, olive groves and fig trees, which gives this island pearl a particularly beautiful Mediterranean flair. Thanks to the many possibilities of activities such as hiking, cycling and sailing, fun and action is guaranteed on this dream island.

Solta is especially known in the world of sailors and boaters, who usually choose the most beautiful spots in Croatia for their boat trips. But also a visit as an individual vacationer is definitely worthwhile because this island is still a real insider tip in Croatia and so much more than just a short stop worth! There are a total of 8 villages, whereby not only the coastal towns, but also the villages in the interior are very worth seeing. In addition, the island is a true oasis of tranquility, where spectacularly beautiful bays and beaches invite you to enjoy.


Things to do in Solta Island

On a vacation on Solta you can expect beautiful places, numerous exciting activities and fantastic attractions. Here we have summarized all the highlights and the best sights of Solta Island for you at a glance.


Stomorska is one of the main towns on the north coast of the island and a real must-see for a visit to Solta. The port is the oldest on the vacation island, and its history dates back to the 16th century. Beautiful and the main attraction is the picturesque waterfront, where Dalmatian stone houses, the fishing boats and yachts form an incredibly magical backdrop. In addition, visitors can expect a great offer of fabulous restaurants, there are many good cafés, small stores and a few very nice apartments directly on the sea.

The beautiful beaches in Stomorska, which are located around the pretty harbor, are also fantastic and invite spending wonderful, quiet days by the sea.

Tip: The Apartment Linda inspires with ingenious location in the beautiful coastal village. Moreover, the apartment is well-equipped and the view from the balcony is phenomenal!


The charming harbor town of Maslinica is located on the very west of Solta and is a really popular place for a vacation on the island. The absolute best attraction is the romantic harbor with the beautiful marina, where numerous boats and huge yachts lay their anchor. One of the most stunning places in the village is the castle of the noble family Marchi, built in 1708, which is now operated as a wonderful heritage hotel. Picturesque is also the romantic promenade that leads from the port to the town center and further to the beautiful beaches. In between you will find numerous great restaurants and nice bars, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Maslinica.

Tip: The Heritage Hotel Martinis Marchi is one of the absolute best hotels on Solta Island. Guests love the fabulous location in the castle by the sea, the delicious food and the romantic ambiance.

Beach Gornja Krusica

The Gronja Krusica bay is a true natural gem and, moreover, a real insider’s tip for quiet swimming days on Solta Island. This beautiful pebble beach is located in the middle of an incredible idyll and is often called one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Solta. Due to its secluded location, only a few visitors come to this dream beach, and so you can enjoy an extremely relaxed atmosphere even in the high season. Many also come to snorkel because in this bay the water is extremely clear, and you can discover numerous fish.

Tip: If you appreciate the seclusion, you will find a few accommodations around the bay. Recommended is the House Tonci with a pool and with a view over the bay.


Grohote is the largest village on the island with about 440 inhabitants. It is located directly in the center of Solta and impresses with a beautiful old town, an unmistakable Mediterranean charm, the historical sights and quaint alleys with romantic stone houses. Especially worth seeing is the church Crkva sv. Stjepan from 1913, which dominates the townscape with its imposing steeple. The small galleries, the picturesque park with the town tower and the traditional Tvrdic honey farm are also worth a visit.

Tip: A real highlight in Grohote are also the traditional restaurants and konobas, where tourists can taste the delicious rustic food of Solta Island.

Sandy beach Sipova

The sandy beach Sipova is a real insider’s tip on Solta Island. It is the only sandy beach on the island and therefore an absolute specialty that should not be missed! This breathtakingly beautiful natural cove is located near the resort of Maslinica and can be reached from there by car or on foot along a gravel road. Surrounded by Mediterranean nature and with the almost kitschy turquoise blue sea colors, guests feel like they are stranded in paradise. Most of the time it is also quite quiet here, and therefore you can truly enjoy the unique atmosphere.

Tip: You should bring your own food because there are no restaurants or bars yet. Sunshades are also a recommendation if you want to stay longer.

Donje Selo & Srednje Selo

Donje Selo, also known as “the lower village”, and Srednje Selo, the smallest village on the island, are two enchanting attractions of Solta Island. These medieval island villages are both located right next to each other, and their history dates back to ancient times. Strolling through the alleys of the villages, you will discover numerous hidden treasures and marvel at the rustic stone houses that give these villages that certain something. The village churches Crkva sv. Jelena, Crkva Martin and Crkva Marija are also worth seeing.

Tip: In Srednje Selo there is also Marinac Winery, a family winery where you can taste excellent wines.

Uvala Tatinja Bay

Beautiful is the enchanting Uvala Tatinja bay on the southern coast of Solta. Many people come to this hidden natural jewel by boat, but it is also possible to get there by car along a gravel road. The drive is worth it because a panorama like from a travel magazine awaits you here. The sea shines in the most beautiful turquoise sea colors and also the natural environment of the bay is a real highlight. Unique is also the restaurant directly on the sea, which conjures up delicious fish dishes.

Gornje Selo

A pretty place to visit on Solta Island is also the old town of Gornje Selo, a lovely little village near the mountain Vela Straza. Walking through the center, you will be amazed by the multitude of rustic stone houses and also find some fabulous restaurants to stop at. Gornje Selo is also famous for its olive oil, the production of which can be seen in the family business Olynthia, and for the wine Dobricic, which can be tasted in the small winery Kastelanac. A nice attraction is also the church sv. Ivan Krstitelj with its small church tower in the center of the village.


The tranquil village of Rogac is located in the north of the island and is one of the smaller coastal villages with only 110 inhabitants. Here is also the ferry port that connects the island of Solta with the port city of Split on the mainland. Especially beautiful is the quiet, idyllic ambience and the stunning beaches like the beach Banje and the natural bay Beach Kašjun, which are located around the coastal village. Also some accommodations are located on the coast of Rogac, optimal for very quiet vacations by the sea. In addition, there is a bakery, a small store and a few rustic cafés.

Tip: The Apartment Babic – ISO300 is located only a few steps from the beach and delights its guests with a cozy ambience in a great quiet location!

Donja Krusica

The pretty fishing village Donja Krusica is a hidden jewel of Solta Island. It is located in the north of the vacation island, about 2 kilometers from Gornje Selo. Here, a romantic setting enchants with a tiny hamlet located directly on a cute harbor. In the turquoise sea the fishing boats of the locals are rocking, and the peace and quiet is indescribable. There are still no restaurants and stores, but instead there is wonderful peace and absolute relaxation. Only a few steps away, there are also beautiful beaches where you can spend unforgettable days by the sea.

Tip: The vacation cottage Villa Talia inspires with a wonderful view, top equipment and a great pool in an absolutely quiet location!


Where to Stay on Solta Island

Solta Island offers a small but fine range of fantastic accommodations. From the noble boutique hotel, to the beach hotel, cozy guesthouses, top-equipped apartments and camping, everything is represented here. Here are our recommendations for the most beautiful accommodations on the island of Solta…It’s worth a look!

  • Luxury Hotel (Maslinica): The Heritage Hotel Martinis Marchi is a 5-star hotel on Solta. Guests love the romantic location in the castle by the sea and the delicious food.
  • Apartment (Stomorska): The Apartments Ksenija are a terrific choice for a vacation in Solta. It is just steps from the beach, and the amenities are top-notch, too!
  • Beach Hotel (Necujam): Recommendable is the small but fine Hotel Paradise Punta, a bit away from the tourist hustle and bustle but still central to the action!
  • Vacation Home (Donja Krusica): The Villa Talia is a beautiful vacation home with a wonderful view, top equipment and a great pool in a hushed location in the fishing village!

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