Primosten, Croatia: All About a Perfect Visit

The picturesque town Primosten lies on the Dalmatian coast and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia. The former fishing village delights with its romantic old town, interesting attractions, lovely accommodations and unforgettable activities as well as great excursion possibilities in the area around ​​Primosten. Strolling along the picturesque waterfront, you can enjoy an incomparable ambiance and at the same time find delicious restaurants, bakeries and colorful shops. Also, the beaches of Primosten are a real highlight and guarantee the best holiday enjoyment.

In this travel guide, you will find useful information and insider tips for an unforgettable holiday. We also show the most beautiful beaches, the best things to do in Primosten and share with you our experiences and pictures.

Good to know!

If you are still looking for a perfect accommodation, we can recommend Apartmani Petra, with a magnificent view of Primosten and the sea.

Parking in Primosten is to be paid and there are hardly any free parking spaces. If you come on a visit by car, you will find a large parking lot right in the center, from which you can be in the old town in no time.

The best travel time for a visit to Primosten is from May to October. At this time, you can enjoy mostly good weather, lots of sun and little rain!

The stunning beaches in Primosten are perfect for a beach vacation. Many of the bays are pebble beaches, and as almost everywhere in Croatia, you should therefore not forget your bathing shoes.

General information about Primosten

The town of Primosten, with about 2,800 inhabitants, is located in the heart of Dalmatia, about 29 kilometers from Sibenik and 33 kilometers from the port city of Trogir. Primosten is famous mainly for its beautiful old town, situated on a peninsula, which together with the stunning beaches and the promenade forms the tourist center. The name Primosten dates back to 1564 and means “by the bridge” because in the Middle Ages the present peninsula was connected to the mainland only by a movable bridge. Later, a causeway was built, which still connects the old town with the mainland.

Once a small fishing village, Primosten is one of the insider tips for a romantic beach vacation on the Adriatic. The small town is known for its little rainfall and was often called “the dry cape” by sailors in history. Especially seaside vacationers appreciate the numerous sunny days and the mild climate of this region.


Things to do in Primosten

When staying in this beautiful holiday region, you can experience a variety of memorable activities. We have compiled here the most beautiful things to do in Primosten, which you should not miss on any visit.

Exploring the Old Town

In the alleys of the old town of Primosten, on almost every corner you will find something nice to discover. The best way to start the city tour through this very charming Dalmatian town is at the old city gate. The old town was once on an island and was then connected via a bridge, later via a dam, with the mainland. After that, the picturesque stone gate was built as the entrance to the old town.

Next, walk from the main square uphill through the Galerija, past pretty boutiques and delicious restaurants. Here you can admire the ancient stone houses and take beautiful pictures of the wonderful architecture. Even the weather is not that amazing, a walk through the old town is still a recommended activity for your holiday.

Church of St. George

At the top, at the most beautiful point of the old town, you reach the Church of St. George built in 1485. This romantic place is one of the most beautiful settings to visit in Primosten and should be on the top of every travel list. Especially recommended is a trip there in the evening, the mood and the views at sunset are unbeatable.

The small Harbor

On the left side of the old town, next to the beach Luka, there is a small harbor. Here you have a beautiful view of the boats swaying in the sea and the picturesque historic buildings around. Nearby, every morning there is a fish market and daily the fruit and vegetable market.

Old Town Walk

Incredibly idyllic and one of the best things to do in Primosten is to walk the approximately 30-minute loop around the old town. Here you can stroll along the coast, marvel at the deep blue sea and the steep cliffs. If you feel like swimming, take a stop at the beach Garbina, one of the most beautiful beaches in Primosten.

Our Lady Of Loretto Statue

One of the best things to do in Primosten is a visit to the Our Lady Of Loretto statue, also known as Gospa od Loreta. It was completed in 2017 and is one of the b of the best attractions in the region. You can reach this approximately 17-meter-high statue of the Virgin Mary either by car via a gravel road or by a short 60-minute hike from the old town. From the top you will enjoy the most spectacular views of Primosten, the picturesque landscape, the coast and the deep blue sea. An absolute must if you are looking for the best viewpoints in the region.

In addition, from the top you have a wonderful view of the Marina Kremik. This marina is beautifully situated in a picturesque bay surrounded by vineyards. Here is the place where the famous Babic wine grows.


Beaches in Primosten

Not only the old town and the many attractions delight the visitors, also the beautiful beaches in Primosten are just spectacular. While swimming in the crystal-clear sea you always enjoy an incredibly beautiful scenery with the historic town in the backdrop. Here are the best places for swimming and snorkeling in Primosten:

Mala Raduca

The main beach of Primosten is the Mala Raduca, which is picturesquely located directly in the old town. With its fine gravel, the incredibly beautiful blue watercolors and the view of the peninsula, it is one of the absolute best beaches in town. Behind the Mala Raduca is the beach promenade, where you can find plenty of restaurants, cafés, bars and shopping possibilities.

Tip: The Apartments Jerko is located in a prime location directly on the promenade and offers a magnificent sea view.

Velika Raduca

The Velika Raduca is located on the north side of the Raduca peninsula and is the longest beach in Primosten. This bay is ideal for families with children. Here you will find a wide range of entertainment such as beach bars, water trampolines, pedal boats and many more water activities.

Tip: The beautiful Apartment Maxim is located not far from the beach and the old town, and scores with a beautiful view from the balcony.

Dagna Beach

A really lovely hidden bay is the beach Dagna. It is located a bit from the old town and can be reached in about 15 minutes’ walk. The bay is marvelous and shines in the most beautiful colors of the sea. The legendary Bau Bar, a beach bar directly at the Dagna Bay is overlooking the sea and provides a truly cozy ambience.

Tip: Directly above the bay is the Apartman Jasa, a fantastic apartment with modern furnishings and a great sun terrace.

Porat Bay & Beach June

The two beaches Porat and June are located about 2 kilometers from the old town and offer a quiet beach ambience. Especially the views of Primosten are unbeatable. At these beach sections you should take your own food because there are no bars and restaurants yet.

Dolac Beach

The Dolac Beach is located a few kilometers outside Primosten and is a real insider tip for a quiet beach vacation. Beautiful is the mix of fine pebble and rocky beaches, which is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Also great is the restaurant Boxer directly on the beach, which serves really delicious Croatian specialties.

Tip: In the small village of Ivan Dolac there is a good selection of accommodation, such as the pretty Apartman Sissy with top facilities and not far from the beach!

Excursions around Primosten

Primosten is one of the best starting points to explore the Dalmatian coast. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to visit some of the most important Croatian sights and national parks during your holiday. Here are the most beautiful attractions and sights worthwhile for a half-day tour or full-day excursion:

  • Sibenik: The town Sibenik is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and located around 28 kilometers from Primosten. On an excursion, a visit to the old fortress and the Cathedral of Saint James is a must-do. Through the many magnificent old places, some of the film scenes of Game of Thrones had been filmed here.
  • Krka Waterfalls: A beautiful nature spectacle are the Krka waterfalls at the Krka National Park, which are only about 30 kilometers from Primosten away. Here you can hike through a unique ecosystem and even take a bath at the main waterfall.
  • Trogir: The UNESCO World Heritage Site Trogir is a popular tourist destination not far from Primosten. This historic city is about 30 kilometers away and offers some fascinating attractions in the old town. Perfect for a half-day trip.
  • Split: Beautiful and well worth seeing is the world-famous old town of Split. The Diocletian’s Palace and the medieval Split are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the highlights of this port city. From Primosten to Split it is about 60 kilometers drive.
  • Zadar: Although 110 kilometers away, the beautiful old town of Zadar is also worth a visit. Here is the place where the famous Sea Organ creates sounds by the waves of the ocean.


Where to stay in Primosten

Primosten offers a wide range of hotels, apartments and private accommodation. Some of these accommodations are located right in the historic old town, but also along the waterfront and around the center, there are many places to stay. Here we have summarized our recommendations for the best places to stay in Primosten…It’s worth a look!

  • Modern Apartments: The Apartments House Jurić is located in a quiet location just above the old town and enchants with beautiful, modern furnishings.
  • Charming B&B: The Mincheta is a charming guest house with lovely rooms front of the peninsula. Due to the wonderful location, you are quickly at every corner of the old town.
  • Lovely Apartments: The Apartments Jerko are in a top location on the beach, close to restaurants and right in front of the old town of Primosten.
  • Holiday Home: The Holiday Home Primabella is a beautifully furnished house is located in the middle of the beautiful old town and impresses with great attention to detail.

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