Visiting Krka National Park & Krka Waterfalls

The Krka National Park in Croatia is truly beautiful and beside the Kornati Island National Park and the Plitvice Lakes one of the best National Parks to visit. Same as the Plitvice Lakes, the Krka National Park is home of lush lakes and stunningly beautiful waterfalls. Compared with the Plitvice Lakes you cannot only hike around, you also can also actually swim in the waterfalls. So if you visit Dalmatia in Croatia, do not miss this jewel – visiting the Krka National Park should be definitely on your bucket list!

What to see and to do while visiting the Krka National Park

It is best that you take a walk or a short hike inside the Krka NP! The Skradinski buk trail (appr.2km) is a network of beautiful trails and bridges.  Walking that trail will give you a great opportunity to see all the wonderful flora and fauna. Take your time for the walk and explore the wonderful surroundings. The water is amazingly clear – we spotted lots of fishes, different frogs and deep blue dragon flies. Additionally you will get rewarded with all-time beautiful views of the Krka falls.

Swimming at Krka Waterfalls

The most beautiful and popular waterfall inside the Krka NP is the Skradinski buk waterfall. And the best is, if you fancy a swim you can go for it here! The water is really refreshing so you better don`t forget your swimming stuff. We loved to swim in the lake just next to the waterfall and if you love nature you will love this place too.

Our tip:  Because some sharp rocks are hiding underneath the waters, it’s ideal to wear some beach shoes to protect your feet.

For all Winnetou and Karl May movie fans: This area used to be a popular filming spot including for the movie Winnetou I.

Numerous picturesque water mills are located along the Krka River, the most beautiful and best preserved watermills are situated in this area.

Note! For photographers and nature lovers: To avoid the crowds, you should visit the park in off season or early in the morning.

More to see at Krka National Park

Along the Krka River and the Krka Lakes there are a few ruins, water mills and monasteries. Nice to visit is the Island of Visovac, a Franciscan Monastery. Visits to Visovac Island are possible by boat from Skradinski buk, Stinica and Remetić.

Another beautiful spot is Skradin. The small village is located at the entrance of the Krka National Park and from there you can take a boat to visit the park. Skradin, with its charming narrow street, a stunning scenery and it’s small but luxury harbor it belongs to Croatia’s little gems. Even Bill Gates named it ‘’his ideal place for summer holidays’’.

How to go to the Krka National Park

There are five entrances to Krka National Park: Skradin, Lozovac, Roški Slap, Krka Monastery and Burnum– all of them are easily accessible by car. For visiting the main part of the park take the Skradin or Lozovac entrance. From Skradin you can take the ferry (for free) to enter park. The village is really cute and a perfect spot to stay a bit. From the parking area of Lozovac, you will be taken by bus to the park entrance. From Split to Krka National Park it takes around 1 1/2 hour by car.

Going to Krka national park by car:

  • Sibenik – Krka NP 25 minutes
  • Zadar – Krka NP 1 hour
  • Split – Krka NP 1 ½ hour
  • Island Murter  – Krka NP 40 minutes
  • Biograd  – Krka NP 40 minutes

Krka National Park entrance fee

Here are the entry prices for 2018: The entrance fee for the Krka NP is 200 kunas (28 Euro) during high season (July-August). During the middle season (April-June & September-October) you are going to pay 110 kunas entry fee and  only 30 kunas in the winter time (November-March).

Where to stay?

Sibenik, Zadar and Split are 3 wonderful cities we recommend to visit. For some relaxing days you should stay in Murter. The island offers some amazing beaches! Additionally from there you have to chance to visit the famous Kornati Islands.


Conclusion: The Krka Waterfalls and the Plitvice Lakes are the most beautiful National Parks in Croatia. Both of them are amazing and really worth a visit. Check out this amazing Plitvice Lakes Guide, if you want to read more about Plitvice Lakes!

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  1. Krka National Park is beautiful. Swimming in those waterfalls reminds me of visiting Havasu Falls in Arizona, without the long approach hike. It looks absolutely stunning.

  2. We visited Croatia during our cruise. We had the option to book an excursion to Krka National Park but we decided against it. I am glad we did because after reading your post we definitely need more than a day to explore! I can’t wait to visit here and take pictures of all the stunning waterfalls!

  3. Been to Krka at the start of a bike adventure touring the Croatian coastline, and the park and waterfalls are absolutely amazing.

  4. The reasons to get back to Croatia just keep stacking up! I haven’t heard of this park before but we love nature so I am so adding this to my list. I’ve heard so many fabulous things about the country and we would like to get there before it becomes overrun with tourists. I don’t think the secret can stay quiet much longer!

  5. Stunning photos and great tips! I visited Croatia in winter and was adviced to skip Krka as it was going to be icy and freezing, but this definitely makes me wish I’d seen it! The waterfalls are gorgeous and Skradin sounds like a perfect little village to hide out in for some R&R.

  6. Look at these waterfalls – they are so beautiful! When I think of Croatia, it’s always beaches and islands – and maybe Zagreb, but definitely not national parks with such gorgeous waterfalls.

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