10 Amazing Day Trips from Zadar!

The Zadar region offers its visitors an incredibly wide range of unforgettable excursions and day trips. A boat tour to explore the islands of the Zadar archipelago, a day trip to the waterfalls, hiking in the mountains, visiting the Winnetou-film locations, tours to Dalmatian Croatia’s costal pearls such as Trogir or Split are just a few of the highlights that can be discovered on a perfect day trip from Zadar. Whether on your own, or with a guided tour, in the area around Zadar you can really experience some exciting activities and visit some of the best tourist attractions in all Croatia. But what are the best tours in Zadar, what are the unique experiences, and which excursions should not be missed on any trip in this region?

In this travel guide, we will show the 10 ultimate best tours and day trips from Zadar. In addition, we will share useful tips and information about the most beautiful things to see, about how to book a tour and the prices.


Krka National Park Waterfalls

The most popular destination for day trips from Zadar are the Krka Waterfalls, which are located approximately 75 kilometers from the coastal town. The beautiful waterfalls are part of the Krka National Park and can be explored on a short hike. At wooden footbridges, you walk past beautiful river landscapes and admire the intact ecosystem of the park. Do not forget your bathing suits! In the summer months you are allowed to swim in the Krka waterfalls, more precisely at the Skradinski Buk waterfall. The whole location is unique and so it is no wonder that the waterfall has become a popular destination for excursions over the last few years.

Tip: The entrance fees change depending on the season. Guided tours to the Krka waterfalls are also offered from Zadar starting from 55,- Euro.

Telascica Nature Park

Another nature highlight and a popular spot for a wonderful day trip from Zadar is the Telascica Nature Park located on the picturesque island of Dugi Otok. This impressive national park is one of the most beautiful sights in the area around Zadar. The marvelous reserve inspires visitors with spectacular cliffs, beautiful bays, the warm salt lake Mir and the amazingly beautiful hiking trails through the natural landscapes. The Telascica National Park can be explored through a guided tour from Zadar, or of course by car and ferry.

Tip: Excursions to Telascica are available from around 35,- Euro per person. On GetYourGuide amazing tours by sailboat from Zadar are offered!


Nin is a small, dreamy coastal town about 15 kilometers from Zadar and a trip there is highly recommended. Uniquely beautiful are the many long flat sandy beaches, which invite you to swim and relax. Another highlight that should not be missed in Nin is the historic old town, which is considered the “cradle of Croatia”. During a stroll through the city, you will discover countless interesting sights from different eras. First and foremost, Croatia’s largest Roman temple, historic churches and a 4-meter-high statue of Gregory of Nin, which is said to bring good luck. Enjoy the hustle and bustle over a coffee in the picturesque main square, which exudes an extraordinary charm.

Tip: You can easily visit this destination on your own, either by car or by public bus, which runs hourly between Zadar and Nin.

Dugi Otok & Sakarun Beach

But also the rest of the long islands of Dugi Otok and its beautiful sandy beach, the famous Sakarun Beach, is really worth seeing on a day trip from Zadar. If you go on holiday to Zadar region, then you should definitely take an island tour to this beautiful sandy beach. The Sakarun beach thrills with incredibly crystal clear turquoise blue seawater, fine white sand and a Caribbean flair. But also the rest of the island Dugi Otok is lovely and worth visiting. Here you will find the already mentioned Telascica National Park, many more scenic dream-beaches, a stalactite cave and even a Blue Grotto for kayaking!

Tip: There are 2 ways to get to the “Long Island”. Either self-organized with ferry and car from Zadar, or you can also book a guided excursion.

Old Town of Zadar

The old town of Zadar is a true pearl of the Adriatic Sea. On a walk through the pretty town, you will discover plenty of beautiful sights and attractions. An ultimate highlight of the coastal city is the famous Sea Organ of Zadar. Here the sonorous tones are created by the wave movement of the sea under the large stone slabs. Since the old town of Zadar is very compact, you can easily visit everything in a half day. On a guided tour of Zadar, you learn a lot about the history and interesting facts about the old town.

Tip: Guided tours of Zadar Old Town are available for as little as 15 euros per person. You can also find and book a wide range of unique tours online!

Kornati Islands

The Kornati Islands are with around 150 islands, the most beautiful island paradise around Zadar. The majority of the islands belong to the Kornati National Park, which has been protecting the natural beauty of these islets since 1980. On a boat tour from Zadar to the Kornati Islands, you will have the opportunity to explore the untouched nature and beautiful beaches of the archipelago. Most of the island tours include entry to the National Park, and often meals are also included in the price. A boat trip to the Kornati islands is a wonderful holiday experience, and for many, this island excursion is one of the best in Zadar region.

Tip: Standard tours to the Kornati Islands start at around 30 euros per person. For the special experience, however, sailing tours or excursions by kayak are also recommended.

Zrmanja Canyon & Rafting

The Zrmanja is a spectacular karst river, located about 40 minutes from Zadar. The absolute highlight here is the Zrmanja Canyon, an imposing gorge, which once served as a film location for the famous Winnetou movies. The Zrmanja is also really popular for kayaking and rafting tours. When travelling on the beautiful, emerald-colored river, you will experience untouched nature, breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls and a fantastically spectacular backdrop. A truly unforgettable experience!

Tip: The exciting and unforgettable rafting tours on the Zrmanja River are available from 40,- Euro per person.

Plitvice Lakes

The Plitvice Lakes are a place that definitely shouldn’t be missed during your holiday in Croatia. Although the National Park is a bit further away from Zadar, there is also the possibility to book tours to the Plitvice Lakes from Zadar. Due to its unique beauty, the park is one of the most beautiful national parks in Croatia. And not without reason: a total of 6 lakes, which are connected by a network of rivers and waterfalls form a natural jewel, which seeks its peers. An absolute must for all nature lovers!

Tip: Excursions from Zadar to the Plitvice Lakes cost from 55,- Euro. You can also find a wide range of guided tours online at GetYourGuide.

Velebit Mountains

Another highlight and popular destination for hikers and nature lovers is the mountain range Velebit, about 70 kilometers located from Zadar. It is one of the largest nature reserves in Croatia and covers a total of 2,200 square kilometers. On top of the summit, you can enjoy a magnificent view over the rocky mountain landscape of Croatia. Also on the Velebit are locations of some Karl May movies. An absolute must-visit for those who love hiking, mountains or just are searching for Winnetou locations!

Tip: Up to the famous rock of the Winnetou scene, you can even go by car!

Trogir & Split

Along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, there are some picturesque towns and coastal villages to explore. Really recommended is here to do from Zadar a day trip to Split old town and Trogir. The famous coastal city of Split is amazingly beautiful and so enchants, the 2nd largest city in Croatia with magnificent buildings and a picturesque waterfront. But also the UNESCO World Heritage Trogir and its old town shines with beautiful buildings from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. These beautiful places should not be missed on a trip through Croatia!

Tip: For a trip from Zadar to Trogir and Split you should plan a whole day. Guided tours to these coastal towns cost from 95,- euros per person.


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