Telascica Nature Park: A Nature Jewel on Dugi Otok

The Telascica Nature Park is a truly enchanting natural jewel located on the southern tip of the island Dugi Otok in Croatia. Only a short distance from Zadar, this place is a popular destination for boat trips, but also for hikers and individual travelers. The Telascica with its salt lake Mir is a well-known highlight in Croatia. So, it enchants with spectacular cliffs, the beautiful Telascica Bay, the adjacent Kornati National Park and idyllic beaches. A must visit for every holiday in Zadar region!

In this travel guide we give you all the important information about a tour to the Nature Park Telascica. In addition, we will share useful info & tips on travel, excursions and accommodations.


Things to do at Telascica

On a trip to the Telascica Nature Park on Dugi Otok a lot of beautiful sights and things to do await you. All the natural landscapes inside the national park are really worth seeing. Here you can hike along high cliffs, swim at the Salt Lake and enjoy fantastically beautiful viewpoints. Here, we have put together the best attractions in Telascica:

Fort Grpascak – Viewpoint

If you are looking for Dugi Otok’s most beautiful viewpoint then you should definitely visit Fort Grpascak. It was built in 1911 as a military base and is located at an altitude of about 150 meters. Nowadays this place is a popular spot for tourists who want to explore the National Park Telascica on their own. Up there, you have an incredible view over the island Dugi Otok, the beautiful nature park and also far over to the Kornati islands.

Salt Lake Mir

The Salt Lake Mir is located very close to the Telascica bay and its name means something like peace or quiet. And truly, the lake is an idyllic piece of earth. Surrounded by dense forests and lush Mediterranean vegetation, this saltwater lake is a beautiful place to swim too. In addition, the mud is known for its healing effect. Compared to the cooler Adriatic, this not really deep sea is always a few degrees warmer. Wearing bathing shoes is a great idea, the stones inside the lake are quite sharp.

Tip: From the last car park you can reach the Salt Lake Mir by an easy 30 minute hike.

The flora and fauna of the park are unique and so there are numerous rare plant species, including 8 different wild orchids, whose natural habitat is protected. Sure, you will also notice the many colorful butterflies, which are not uncommon in this park.

Tip: The Salt Lake Mir can be circled over a short walk or who likes, continues the hike to the beautiful sandy beach at the end of the national park.

The High Cliffs

The high cliffs of the Telascica Nature Park is one of the main attractions of the nature reserve. The mighty rocks of Dugi Otok are often called “Stene” and have a height up to 200 meters. You can imagine what a picturesque view you will get on a hike along the cliffs. It is recommended to choose the walk at the cliffs until you reach the salt lake. The trail can be found on the nature park map.

The cliffs are easy to find, arriving at the first restaurants just before the salt lake you take the turn right. Because the nature park is well signposted, this path can hardly be missed.

Beach Cuscica

There are also great beaches to discover at the Telascica Nature Park. Especially beautiful are the hidden bays on the other side of the nature park, more precisely at the 2nd entrance near the coastal town Sali. A highlight here is the beach Cuscica, hidden in a bay on the southeastern tip of the island. From here you have an absolute dream view of the insanely beautiful Kornati islands. This place is one of the absolute insiders’ tips for Dugi Otok and hardly a tourist gets lost in this hidden gem. Beach Cuscica is perfect for snorkeling and swimming, but also here wearing bathing shoes is recommended.

Tip: A variety of hiking trails lead through the National Park. If you are planning a hike in the Telascica Nature Park, then you can grab a map in the tourist office directly in Sali.

Villa Lustica

The Telascica Natural Park has been inhabited since ancient times, so there are also some Roman archaeological sites inside the park. One of the best known is the Villa Lustica, which is beautifully located on the sea. Especially the strait where the big sailing boats pass is really worth seeing and the surroundings are absolutely picturesque. Also, this place is barely touched by tourists.

Entrance Fee

The ticket to the Telascica Nature Park currently costs 40 kuna per person. The fee has to be paid directly at the entry to the National Park ticket office.

Getting there by ferry

Getting to Telascica can be arranged by ferry and by car. This ferry operates in the main season daily, 4 times from Zadar to Dugi Otok. The ferry ride takes around 1 hour 45 minutes and you should be at the ferry port about an hour before departure. From the port on Dugi Otok – Brbinj you will travel about 30 minutes to the Nature Park Telascica.


Boat trip from Zadar

A trip to Telascica can be wonderfully organized with a boat tour. Tours to the nature park are usually offered from Zadar, from Vodice and from Murter. In addition to the typical boat trips provide kayak tours or sailboat trips as extra amazing experiences.

Trips to the park can be booked on-site, or if you value good reviews, you also have the possibility to book your favourite day trip online here at getyourguide.


Accommodation & Apartments

The island of Dugi Otok is one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia and so we can definitely recommend a stay on “the Long Island”. Here are our top accommodation and hotel tips:

  • Apartments Ema: Nice and clean apartments overlooking the small harbor of Sali. Here, in the Apartments Ema, you will be within a few steps at the harbor and in a few minutes drive in the National Park.
  • Apartments Bedene: The Apartments Bedene offer a top location in Sali and a wonderful view of the sea. Again here, everything is clean and modern.
  • Stone House in the National Park: If you are looking for a truly exceptional accommodation in the Telascica Natural Park, then you will surely enjoy this idyllic stone house. A little paradise of peace surrounded by nature.


Conclusion: The Telascica Nature Park is a incredibly beautiful natural highlight in the Zadar region. If you’re around, make sure that you do not miss this pearl.

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