Vrsar, Croatia: A Romantic Coastal Town in Istria!

Vrsar is a small, dreamy village in Croatia and a popular vacation destination on the coast of Istria during the summer months. Situated between the famous coastal towns of Rovinj and Porec, this holiday resort is a real insider tip! A true gem and the most important attraction of Vrsar is the absolutely picturesque harbor, which is certainly one of the most beautiful in the region. Also, Vrsar Old Town with its winding alleys, the romantic colorful houses and pretty cafés is a must-see. What’s more, the beautiful beaches, which are lined up along the coast, enchant with turquoise blue sea colors and wonderful idyll. Moreover, there are really wonderful things to do nearby, which makes Vrsar a beloved destination in Istria.

In this travel guide, we give you all the important information on Vrsar in Croatia. In addition, we show you the most beautiful things to do, tell you which excursions you should go on, reveal the best beaches to relax and where you can find fantastic places to stay.

Good to know!

There is a wide range of lovely accommodations in Vrsar. Really recommendable, for example, are the Apartments Belvedere, which enchant with the best beach location and pool.

Vrsar is a fantastic starting point to explore some of the most beautiful attractions in Istria. Another reason why this place is so popular in Croatia!

The many beautiful bays and bathing places make this coastal town a highlight in Istria. Here are the absolutely most beautiful beaches of Vrsar summarized at a glance.

On a visit to Vrsar you can go on beautiful boat trips, where you can even see dolphins with a little luck. Great excursions and tours can also be found online here!

General information about Vrsar

The picturesque small town of Vrsar in Croatia borders the famous Limski Canal and is located between the popular cities Porec in the north and Rovinj in the south. Away from the typical tourist hotspots, this place has been able to preserve its authentic character as a Mediterranean fishing village. Among the most prominent fans of Vrsar was the Italian adventurer, writer and master of seduction Giacomo Casanova. He “got lost” here in the middle of the 18th century and fell in love with this romantic little town.

The most beautiful attraction in Vrsar is the charming harbor with the historic old town, which is situated on a hill overlooking the sea. Off the coast, there is a group of 18 small, uninhabited islands, which create a particularly beautiful landscape. Interesting are also the numerous old quarries of Vrsar, where once Venetian palaces, bridges and churches were built from the stone “Pietre di Orsera” and which today serve as event locations.

The climate in Vrsar is Mediterranean mild. The rather long summers are pleasantly warm and in the mild winter months temperatures rarely fall below zero. Thanks to the beautiful weather and the countless great cycling and hiking trails, this place is just perfect for outdoor activities.


Things to Do in Vrsar

There are so many beautiful things to do in Vrsar. The most stunning attractions are in and around the old town, which you can easily explore on foot. However, also the surroundings of Vrsar are worth seeing and thus hold countless possibilities of exciting excursions and day trips. We have summarized the attractions in Vrsar at a glance:

The Harbor

One of the most unique attractions of Vrsar is the romantic harbor, which is located directly below the old town and whose marina is one of the best in Istria. The beautiful harbor basin exudes a unique atmosphere and the backdrop with the countless large yachts and the village with the church tower in the background looks like a picture in a travel magazine. Fantastic are also the good konobas, cafés and restaurants along the waterfront, which enchant with lovely views and an idyllic atmosphere. In the summer, there are also regular fishing festivals.

Tip: Amazing dolphin watching tours start directly from the harbor at sunset. A unique experience that you will certainly not forget!

Vrsar Old Town

Probably one of the most beautiful attractions of the resort is the picturesque old town of Vrsar. It is terraced from the harbor up to the top of the hill, where the parish church of Sveti Martin is located at an altitude of almost 60 meters. Already in the Middle Ages, Vrsar was the summer residence for the bishops of Porec and the surrounding area. Walking around the town, you will discover countless small, hidden squares with cozy cafés that exude an almost magical Croatian flair. The colorful town houses, which give the old town of Vrsar that certain something, are also really enchanting.

The Montraker Quarry

Vrsar is also known as a sculpture town in Croatia. Worth seeing is the former quarry Montraker, which is located not far from the center. During a walk you can still discover old limestone sculptures and also find some fantastic viewpoints of the old town and the deep blue sea. In the summer, some really amazing events take place here, such as the Montraker Music Festival and the Casanova Festival. In addition, workshops are offered in September for those interested in sculpture.

Dinopark Funtana

Dinopark Funtana is located just 2 kilometers from Vrsar and is a popular attraction, especially among families with children. On an area of 80,000 m², this great amusement park offers a variety of life-size and movable dinosaur statues, which are guaranteed to amaze young and old. In addition, visitors can expect several other attractions, such as a dinosaur cinema, playgrounds, several rides, a small museum and various dino shows. Great fun for the whole family!

Limski Canal

Another worth-seeing attraction is the Limski Canal, a natural beauty that borders right on Vrsar. This is a river valley about 11 kilometers long and located in the most enchanting landscape. Fish and also shellfish are farmed here, delicious delicacies that can be tasted in local restaurants. Boat trips into the Limski Fjord are offered from Vrsar. Or, if you prefer to travel by car, you can enjoy beautiful viewpoints over the channel along the coastal road.

Aeropark Vrsar

Really worth seeing and a little insider tip, especially for airplane fans, is the Aeropark Vrsar. This is an open-air museum, which amazes with a really cool lost-place atmosphere. On this airfield, ancient, discarded airplanes are exhibited, which are actually a fantastic photo motif. Some of these planes can also be seen from the inside, and many interesting things are explained during a guided tour.

Tip: Panoramic flights over the green landscape, the Limski Canal and along the coast are also offered at the Aeropark Vrsar.

Sculpture Park

Another interesting place to visit in Vrsar is the Dusan Dzamonja Sculpture Park, a true oasis of peace and relaxation. Here you can admire a beautiful green park in an area of about 10 hectares, where some works of the world-famous artist Dzamonja are exhibited. Especially for art fans, a must on any trip to Vrsar. And the entrance is free of charge!


The Best Beaches in Vrsar

The many amazing beaches in Vrsar make this vacation resort really popular because there are countless pretty bays and bathing places here, which are ideal for a vacation by the sea. Thanks to the many nudist beaches, nudists also get their money’s worth in Vrsar.

City Beach Orsera

Beneath the old town and near the harbor is the beautiful city beach Orsera. Fantastic are not only the dreamlike sea colors, the inviting green sunbathing lawn and the many shady trees, also the touristic offer is just amazing. In addition, there is also a playground for children and several localities provide guests with drinks and food.

Beach Resort Petalon

Another dream beach is the bay of the Resort Petalon, a lovely vacation resort south of the old town. Here you will find a bay as beautiful as in a travel magazine! Thanks to its sheltered location, the sea here is particularly calm and clear. The water glows in the most spectacular turquoise blue colors and truly invites you to swim. In addition, this beach slopes rather shallowly, which is especially appreciated by families with children and older people.

Koversada Nudist Beaches

Probably the best and also the most beautiful nudist beaches are located in the Naturist Park Koversada. This extensive nudist campsite delights its guests with especially beautiful, idyllic bathing bays and the many green berths. The small islet of Otocic Koversada, where more picturesque nudist beaches are located, is also dreamlike. This can be reached quite easily on foot over a bridge.

Valkanela Beach

Really fantastic is also the beach Valkanela, which is located in the same named campsite Valkanela in the north of the resort that borders Funtana. This picturesque pebble bay fascinates with fabulous beach scenery; the sea here is wonderfully clear and shines in the most amazing watercolors. In addition, well-kept pebble beaches and rocky plateaus are perfect to enjoy some sunbathing.

Places to visit near Vrsar

Not only Vrsar is worth seeing, there are also numerous possibilities for excursions and activities in the surrounding area. Here are the best attractions to visit near the coastal town.

The most important coastal towns that can be easily reached from Vrsar are the pretty old town of Porec in the north and the world-famous port town of Rovinj in the south.

Also interesting is the neighboring town of Fazana, a charming coastal town that is also the best starting point for a boat trip to the Brijuni Islands.

A day trip to Pula, which is about 50 kilometers away, is also highly recommended! Absolutely worth seeing is the famous Roman amphitheater.


Where to Stay in Vrsar

There is a fantastic range of accommodation options in Vrsar. From beautiful hotels, to private apartments and fantastic campsites with mobile homes, it’s all here. If you are still looking for a recommended place to stay in Vrsar, then we can give you these accommodation tips along the way…It’s worth a look!

  • Charming Apartment: The Romana Dream Apartments score with a perfect location close to the harbor and not far from the town beach!
  • Mobile Homes: Guests love the mobile homes on the Porto Sole campsite, which also have a brilliant location close to the most beautiful beaches.
  • Resort with pool: The Resort Petalon is a nice hotel for a beach vacation in Vrsar. Also the location is perfect, overlooking the sea and you have only got a few steps to the beach.
  • Nudist Campsite: On the nudist beach Koversada you will find well-equipped mobile homes in the best location!

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