Top 7 Beaches in Koh Samui

The beaches of Koh Samui are actually really nice and each year they attract numerous visitors from all over the world. No wonder, this island probably offers some of the best bays in Thailand and thus it is a true paradise for sun-hungry beach lovers. Just imagine, around Koh Samui there are more than 20 different beaches to explore. There you will find amazing places for swimming, snorkeling and enjoying a perfect day under the sun. Among them are endless sandy beaches, small hidden coves and picturesque palm fringed beaches. In addition to the world famous Chaweng Beach there are also quiet and secluded places waiting to be discovered. So where are the top bays, where are the best places for swimming and which are the best beach destinations of Koh Samui?

Here is a selection of the best 7 and most beautiful beaches at Koh Samui.


Chaweng Beach

The approximately 6 km long Chaweng Beach is probably the most famous beach on Koh Samui. Here you will find some of the best hotels on the island and there is a great choice of restaurants and a legendary nightlife. Nevertheless, at this endlessly wide and clean beach you will still find quiet places to relax and sunbathe. In the evening, the northern part of Chaweng Beach (at the Ark Bar Beach Resort) has becoming a fantastic spot for beach parties, including amazing fire show and DJs. Because the beach is quite touristy, you can find everything a traveller ‘s heart desires. All in all, the Chaweng Beach is really nice and offers an amazing atmosphere. Moreover, it is the perfect starting point to explore the best sights of Koh Samui and for doing some beach hopping.

Coral Cove Beach

This beach is like out of a postcard! At Coral Cove Beach you will find beautiful palm trees and the rocks make this bay an incredibly picturesque place. The water here is crystal clear and invites to be explored by snorkelling. Already near the shore you have the possibility to discover lots colourful fish! Although the Coral Cove is located centrally just off the main road between Chaweng and Lamai, few tourists stop at this gem. That’s why the Coral Cove is still a real insider tip for those who looking for a beautiful and quiet beach on Koh Samui. The best views for taking awesome pictures of the Coral Cove Beach are directly from the Coral Cove Villas.

Lamai Beach

The Lamia Beach seems to be endless and it is definitely one of the best beaches in Koh Samui. The most beautiful places you are going to find in the southern part of the beach, where the large round rock formations protrude into the turquoise blue sea. This clean beach is very suitable for long beach walks and due to its length of about 4 kilometres you will find lots of quiet spots for sunbathing and swimming. In addition, the Lamai Beach offers a wide range of great accommodation, bungalows and beach huts in all price ranges. Really cool to visit are the nearby Grandfathers and Grandmothers Rock, one of Koh Samui’s top tourist attractions! If you are looking for a great place to stay, for sure the Lamai Beach is a wonderful option to spend some relaxed days at the beach.

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Silver Beach (Haad Thong Ta-Khian)

The beautiful Silver Beach, also known as Thong Takhian Beach, is often considered the most beautiful beach on Koh Samui. Huge round rock formations adorn this small paradise bay and fine, light-coloured sand invites to sunbathing. In addition, this flat-sloping sandy beach with its many cool shady areas and good options for swimming is a fantastic choice for families with little kids. The Silver Beach can be easily reached by scooter, but also if you like to stay there for a few nights a handful of accommodations and bungalows offer good accommodation right on the beach.

Maenam Beach

The idyllic Maenam Beach is one of the best beaches in the north of Koh Samui. This beach is perfect for swimming and the countless palm trees and the blue sea will make to feel like having arrived in paradise. Additionally, the beach is suitable for long beach walks and also plenty of shade can be found around that beach. If you are staying at the Maenam Beach, there are some interesting places nearby to visit like the Big Buddha and Wat Plai Laem. Along the beach are some beautiful hotels and bungalows and so the Maenam Beach is an ideal location for spending an unforgettable holiday.

Ban Tai Beach

You are looking for an absolute insider beach tip for Koh Samui? Then you should definitely visit the Ban Tai Beach. The beach counts to one of the most secluded and quiet beaches on Koh Samui. It is also located in the north of the island and is actually a small part of Bang Por Beach. Here numerous palm trees are lined on the beautiful beach and if you love taking pictures you are at the right place. In addition, in good weather, you have an excellent view over to Koh Phangen, the neighbouring island, which also has some great beaches to offer! Along this stretch of beach, you will find only a handful of small accommodations like the beautiful Jasmine & Tea House or the luxurious Belmond Napasai.

Bang Por Beach

Due to its reef, the Bang Por Beach is may less suitable for swimming, but if you don`t mind that it is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in Koh Samui. Instead of an exciting nightlife you will find here some typical beach huts and hotels directly by the sea. At the beach you can take long beach walks and enjoy the sunset at one of the delicious restaurants right on the sea. If you like to relax, make sure to come to Bang Por Beach!

Bobhut Beach

Bophut Beach is a fantastic beach for spending a holiday. The palm beach is a real visitor magnet and especialy the Fisherman´s Village with all the lovely restaurants is absolutely worth seeing. This beach is not so lonely, but still one of the most popular beaches of Koh Samui. It is great for swimming and sunbathing and also offers many kind water sports. The selection of accommodation is large and so you will find numerous good hotels and bungalows.

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