Wat Plai Laem: The Temple Jewel on Koh Samui!

The Wat Plai Laem on Koh Samui is a true jewel of the popular Thai holiday island. A visit is one of the best things to do in Koh Samui because this attraction is definitely a must-see. Located in the northeast of the island, this sacred site is a true masterpiece of Thai and Chinese temple architecture. Moreover, there are plenty of excellent photo opportunities, and the sight of the 18-armed statue of the goddess Guan Yin is especially awe-inspiring. But what are the best tips for Wat Plai Laem Temple, what can you expect when you visit, and what should you know before you go?

In this travel guide, you will find all the important tips and information about Wat Plai Laem Temple on Koh Samui in Thailand. We show you great pictures, the best attractions and activities, and where to book unforgettable day trips.

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Admission to Wat Plai Laem is free of charge, but a small donation for the conservation of the temple is appreciated. The temple is currently open around the clock.

It is recommended that visitors wear appropriate clothing that covers the shoulders and knees. Cloths are also provided for visitors to borrow free of charge.

A visit to Wat Plai Laem is also offered as part of a guided trip to the area. Tours there and to other attractions can also be found online on GetYourGuide.

General Information about Wat Plai Laem

Wat Plai Laem, sometimes called Nuan Na Ram, is located on a pond in the northeast of Koh Samui, about 1.5 kilometers from the Big Buddha Temple and only 5 kilometers from the Fisherman’s Village. A special feature of the temple complex is the impressive architecture, which is a mixture of Thai and Chinese style, making Wat Plai Laem one of the most beautiful temples in Koh Samui. Some elements of the temple grounds were even designed by Thai artist Jarit Phumdonming. On a tour of the complex, you will be enchanted by the many artistically designed buildings, colorful statues and decorated roofs of the temples. Photographers will also enjoy the many opportunities to take pictures that abound. The atmosphere is especially unique in the early hours of the morning or in the evening at the sunset.

A highlight of Wat Plai Laem is certainly its location directly on a romantic lake, which is surrounded by lush vegetation and gives the entire temple complex a fairytale atmosphere. Moreover, the pond is home to a wide variety of fish and turtles. If you like, you can buy special fish food for only 10 baht, which is seen by the believers as a form of giving and charity. Three beautifully designed bridges lead across the lake to individual platforms where there are imposing statues and an ordination hall. Also worth a visit is the cute little café overlooking the lake, where you can watch the hustle and bustle.

Things to Do at Wat Plai Laem

When visiting the Wat Plai Laem temple complex, there are several impressive attractions to see. The main sight is the statue of Guanyin, the goddess of mercy and compassion. This monument is approximately eleven meters high and has 18 arms, making it one of the largest and most impressive representations of Guanyin in all of Thailand. Nearby is the statue of the Chinese Laughing Buddha, one of the most popular photo opportunities in the entire temple complex. On another platform in the water, you can explore a beautiful ceremonial house with colorful paintings of Buddhist beliefs. Also visit the temple of Wat Laem Suwannaram which is not located on the water but on the land.

Guided Tours to Wat Plai Laem

The temple of Wat Plai Laem can easily be explored on your own. It is located in the northeast of Koh Samui, close to the airport and the popular Fisherman’s Village in Bophut. It is easy to get there by taxi, scooter or rental car, and many tour operators offer guided trips to the temple. Most day tours include a visit to other attractions such as waterfalls, jungle and other temples such as the Big Buddha.

Guided tours can be found on GetYourGuide. There is also the option to rent a vehicle with a private driver and explore Wat Plai Laem temple away from the bus groups.

Where to Stay near Wat Plai Laem

There are several good accommodations in the vicinity of Wat Plai Laem temple. Most of them are resorts or hotels, which are also suitable for a vacation on Koh Samui. If you are searching for a place to stay close to the temple complex, we can give you these recommendations… It’s worth a look!

  • Nice Boutique Hotel: The Tango Luxe Beach Villa wows guests with its gorgeous design, beautiful pool and magical views of the coastline!
  • Hotel with a View: The UniQue BoutiQue Resort is situated on a hill and offers a fantastic view of the Koh Samui coastline from the infinity pool.
  • Large Villa with Pool: The Celebrity Ocean View Villa Samui is a wonderful vacation home and on top ideal for families or small groups.

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