Korcula Island, Croatia: Ultimate Travel Guide!

The beautiful Korcula Island in Croatia is one of the absolute travel highlights of the country. Here, on the approximately 48 kilometers long “green island”, one can enjoy unbelievably beautiful dream beaches, a multiplicity of amazing things to do and the famous old town of Korcula. Unique are also the various Mediterranean landscapes, characterized by vineyards and hundred-year-old olive trees, the small mountain villages and the many lonely natural bays. The touristic offer with excellent restaurants, delicious wine and the many good accommodations ultimately makes a vacation on Korcula perfect.

Ready to explore Korcula Island? In this travel guide we have summarized the most beautiful places, attractions and things to do in Korcula at a glance. Additionally, you will get great travel tips and recommendations for accommodations.

Good to know!

The 3 biggest touristic towns on Korcula Island are Korcula city, Lumbarda on the eastern end near the old town and the port town of Vela Luka on the western part of the island. Other interesting places for a vacation are Kneza, Racisce, Zrnovska Banja, Medvinjak in the north of Korcula, Brna, Zavalatica and Prizba on the southern coast.

This island is famous for its countless picturesque bays and the many bathing spots. There are even sandy beaches to discover! Click here to check out the most beautiful beaches on Korcula Island.

You can get to Korcula by ferry from the mainland. From the ferry ports, such as Split or Drvenik a car ferry and a catamaran ferry will leave to Korcula. The current departure times can be found here.

General information about Korcula Island

The history of Korcula Island goes back to the 3rd millennium before Christ. This is testified by findings from the Vela Spilja caves in Vela Luka. Much later, in the 6th century B.C., Greek colonies settled the island and gave it the name Korkyra Melaina, which means Black Corfu. And, indeed, the forested island of Korcula has been one of the greenest islands in Croatia until today.

Among the most famous inhabitants of the island was the world traveler Marco Polo (1254 – 1324). According to records, he was born in the old town of Korcula. Today, you can visit the birthplace as a museum.

Korcula is internationally famous as a vacation island. Countless beautiful beaches, the medieval old town, the many islets, the excellent wines and the hospitality of the people attract visitors from all over the world every year.


Best things to do on Korcula Island

During your vacation, there are plenty things to do in Korcula Island. You can expect beautiful places, lots of activities and fantastic attractions. Here we have summarized all the highlights and the best sights of the island of Korcula at a glance.

Korcula Old Town

The old town of Korcula is probably the most beautiful and, at the same time, the most famous attraction on the island. Here you can expect a beautiful medieval old town with a unique flair, lovely attractions and many good restaurants. When you stroll through the city it might feel like you are traveling. The best way to start the tour is with the beautiful stairs at the old city gate and then we recommend wandering through the alleys of the historic city center.

During a sightseeing tour you will discover countless beautiful historical buildings and attractions, such as the small church Svetog Mihovila, the city museum, the Marco Polo House and not to forget the beautiful cathedral Sveti Marko, one of the most important places to visit inside the old town. Also impressive is the historical city wall with the four towers, which characterizes the appearance of the city and has given the old town the nickname “Little Dubrovnik”.

Tip: In the middle of the old town of Korcula there are some beautiful accommodations. The great 4-star Hotel Korcula at the port or the modern apartments Kanavelic Place are really recommendable.


A visit to Lumbarda is probably one of the best things to do in Korcula. This lovely place enchants in particular with its picturesque sand beaches, which are to be found rather rarely in Croatia. In addition, the landscape with the many vineyards is unique and absolutely worth seeing. Famous here is the Grk wine, a delicious white wine, which was named after the Greeks, who founded a settlement in Lumbarda at the beginning of the 3rd century BC. Recommended is to join a wine tasting in the many local wine cellars.

Tip: Really recommended is the ECO Aparthotel The Dreamers’s Club. Here, the extremely quiet location and the romantic and playful furnishing of the apartments are very inspiring.

Beach Pupnatska Luka

One of the most beautiful beaches of Korcula and meanwhile a real attraction is Pupnatska Luka. This idyllic dream beach is located on the south coast of the island and is about 15 kilometers from Korcula town. Picturesquely surrounded by dense forests, this bay delights with unique a blue sea colors and a very fine, clean pebble beach. A real beach jewel, which you should not miss during your vacation on Korcula.

Island Vrnik

The island of Vrnik is beautiful and a famous attraction of Korcula. It is a popular destination for a boat tour from Lumbarda and Korcula old town. The best way to reach this small natural jewel is by taxi boat. Vrnik is famous for the oldest stone quarry of Korcula, but also for its extraordinary ambience with the ancient stone houses, the beautiful views of the deep blue sea and the incredibly beautiful landscape. Regularly, this island serves as a backdrop for painting and art courses.

Island Badija

Another popular destination for an excursion from Korcula is the island of Badija with its magnificent Franciscan monastery. It is the largest of the 19 islands that lie in front of the old town of Korcula. For many, a visit is a real highlight, because with a little luck you can meet the fallow deer living in the park in front of the Franciscan monastery. Always in search of food, these small animals are not afraid to be fed by tourists.

Tip: You can get to this little island by taxi boat from Korcula town or Lumbarda, but kayak tours are also offered.

Cave Vela Spilja

The most important archaeological site on the island of Korcula is the Vela Spilja Cave. Some of the oldest finds date back to the late Stone Age, around 3,200 BC and are now exhibited in the cultural center of the port city. The cave is situated on a hill, 120 meters above the town of Vela Luka and can be reached by car or by a 1-hour walk. At the top you can enjoy a beautiful view of the port and the bay. A visit to the cave is possible for a small fee.

Vela Luka

The port town of Vela Luka is one of the largest cities on the island with a population of around 5,000. It is located at the western end of Korcula and enchants with a picturesque harbor and the many beautiful natural bays in the area. Unique here is for example the coastal part Martina Bock, which impresses with the Caribbean Sea colors.

Interesting is also the Cave Vela Spilja, which is located on the hill Pinska rat and is one of the most important archaeological attractions on the island of Korcula. Vela Luka is also a great starting point to explore the offshore island of Proizd.

Tip: Directly at the port are the boutique rooms Kastel Ismaeli, a lovely accommodation with really chic furnished rooms. Beautiful is also the Villa Goga II with pool and in a quiet beach location, just outside the city.

Beaches on Korcula island

On Korcula you will find a gigantic variety of beautiful bathing places. Starting with wonderful sandy beaches, up to beautiful pebble bays, clean natural beaches and nudist beaches, everything can be found here. Even really lonely beaches are on this island. Pupnatska Luka, as mentioned above, belongs to the absolute dream beaches, but also the sandy beach Vela Przina Beach and the beautiful Zitna Bay are highlights. More about that can be found here in this beach-guide “the most beautiful beaches in Korcula”.

Hum Mountain

Another beautiful place to visit on the island of Korcula is the viewpoint of the mountain Hum. You can reach it either by mountain bike, by hiking, or by car on a mountain road. At the top you will see the small 19th century Hum fortress wherefrom you will have a spectacular view of Vela Luka and the west coast of Korcula.

Proizd Island

Beautiful and absolutely worth seeing is the island Proizd, in the west of Korcula. Picturesque natural bays with turquoise blue water and an indescribably enchanting scenery await you here. These dream beaches were already voted the most beautiful in Croatia several times. Proizd is uninhabited, and so you can enjoy unspoiled nature and a unique seclusion with beautiful bays during a walk across the island.

Tip: The best way to get to the island is by taxi boat from Vela Luka. And, with a little luck, you will discover dolphins on the way there.

Village Smokvica

In the middle of the island of Korcula lies the small mountain village of Smokvica. This village is famous for the local Posip wine, which is grown in the protected valleys. This village also has a lot to offer in the gastronomic field, and so restaurants and typical konobas serve rustic Mediterranean dishes. They also serve homemade wines and typical liquors. Worth seeing is also the main square with the church of the Holy Virgin of Purity from the 20th century and the Venetian loggia.

Tip: This place is also popular as a destination for tours by bike or e-bike.

Excursions from Korcula

From the island of Korcula you can go on various exciting excursions. With the ferry or excursion boat you can easily explore the attractions of Dubrovnik, the island of Hvar and also the island of Mljet.

Very interesting is also a visit to the island of Pelješac, where, among other things, you can see the beautiful towns of Ston and Mali Ston with the famous 5 km long fortified wall.


Best Places to Stay on Korcula

Korcula offers its visitors a wide range of accommodations. From beach hotels and B&Bs to apartments or camping, everything is represented here. You can find our recommendations for the most beautiful accommodations on the island of Korcula here…It’s worth a look!

  • 4-star Hotel by the Sea: The Tara’s Lodge Hotel is directly located on the beach on the north coast and also inspires with a beautiful outdoor pool and great sun terrace.
  • Mobile-Homes: Really amazing are the Mobile Homes – Port 9  & Camping. Guests love the good location between the old town of Korcula and Lumbarda, the great infinity pool and the spacious park with many pine trees.
  • Apartments with Pool: The Apartments Villa Julija are located in the popular vacation resort Lumbarda and convince with a modern design, pool and the proximity to the beautiful beaches and good restaurants.

Find the best Accommodation in Korcula:


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