Piran, Slovenia: The Complete Travel Guide!

Piran in Slovenia is a really pretty coastal town on the Adriatic Sea and certainly one of the most famous destinations of the Slovenian Riviera. Particularly impressive is the medieval old town, which is situated in a picturesque location on a peninsula and attracts visitors from all over the world with romantic squares, lively alleys and Mediterranean flair. The beautiful attractions of Piran can be explored during a stroll through the city, where afterwards fabulous restaurants invite you to enjoy. Along the coast, down to the neighboring town of Portoroz, there are also numerous small beaches and bathing spots, perfect if you want to combine sightseeing with sun, beach and sea!

In this travel guide we give you all the important information and tips about Piran in Slovenia. We show you the most amazing things to do, the best excursions and beaches in Piran, and where to find the great accommodation.

Good to know!

If you are still looking for a particularly fantastic accommodation in Piran, then we can recommend the stunning Hotel Zala directly in the old town.

Yes, you can swim in Piran! Directly in the center, stairs lead into the sea and concreted sunbathing areas invite you to sunbathe. Not far away there are many other beautiful beaches.

There are hardly any parking spaces available in the old town of Piran. It is best to leave the car in the parking garage a little outside the center and then take the shuttle bus.

Piran can be visited all year round. However, the best time to visit Piran are the months of June, July, August and September, because then you can combine a beach vacation with sightseeing.

General Information about Piran

Piran, also known as Pirano, is a town with about 17,000 inhabitants, and together with the adjacent district of Portoroz, is one of the most famous resorts on the Slovenian coast. The small town is located in the southwest of Slovenia, not far from the border with Croatia and has always been a popular destination for a seaside vacation, but also for short trips. Its history dates back to Roman times, and even today the historic town center is one of the best preserved along the entire Slovenian coast. In the old town you will be amazed by the incredibly beautiful Venetian flair, the winding alleys and the many cultural attractions.

You’re sure to get your money’s worth in culinary terms, too! Fabulous restaurants along the waterfront serve Slovenian specialties, with gorgeous views of the sea. In summer, the beaches of Piran provide welcome cooling. Many beautiful bathing places line the entire waterfront to Portoroz, where there is also a long sandy beach with cool beach bar. But also in the north there are some beautiful coastal resorts and bathing bays, first of all the famous natural beach Moon-Bay, which invite to unforgettable days at the sea.


Best Things to Do in Piran

On a visit to Piran you can expect a variety of beautiful places to see. Among the best attractions are the romantic old town with its many churches, stone alleys, the Roman ring wall and the picturesque long waterfront promenade with its many bathing places. But also the surrounding area is really worth seeing and has many exciting excursion destinations ready! We have summarized the best things to do in Piran at a glance:

Waterfront of Piran

The charming waterfront is one of the most amazing places to visit in Piran. Along the promenade there are many attractions, as well as great cafés, restaurants and some beaches to discover. Particularly beautiful are the harbor with the view of the church of St. George and the small lighthouse at the tip of Piran. Another picturesque attraction right on the coast is marvelous Tartini Square.

Church of St. George

The Church of St. George is the most famous attraction in Piran and cannot be missed on any trip. Its bell tower can be climbed and over incredible views of the old town and the deep blue sea. The church tower has a height of 47 meters and it can be visited by walking up a spiral staircase. Visiting the beautiful St. George Church and enjoy the views is definitely one of the ultimate best things to do in Piran.

Entrance fee: for the bell tower is 2 Euro | Opening hours: from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

Tartini Square

The Tartini Square is the center of Piran and at the same time a perfect starting point for exploring the old town. On the beautiful main square is the Tartini monument, which is also a landmark of the city. Every fourth Saturday of the month, there is a great little flea market right on the square! Also here are some nice cafés and small boutiques for shopping. But the ultimate best view of the square is definitely from the St. George Church.

Old City Walls

Another top thing to do of Piran is a visit to the old city walls and the 7 city gates. The wall is located on the hillside of the city and can be reached from the center by a 10-minute walk. From the top you have a great view of Piran and, weather permitting, you can see all the way over to the Italian Riviera. One of the best places in town!

Admission: The fee is at the moment 2 Euro | Opening hours: from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

Experience Piran at Sunset

The sunsets of Piran are truly unique and a real highlight of every visit. The best mood is right on the picturesque waterfront. There are numerous places to experience the natural spectacle. Either you sit comfortably on the stone slabs by the sea or enjoy the sunset with a cool drink in one of the many cafés along the promenade. Many take some of their most beautiful Piran photos and some even go for a swim in the dreamlike sunset mood.

Best Beaches in Piran 

In Piran and around the town are many wonderful places for swimming and sunbathing. The small beaches in the city are mostly flagstone beaches where ladders lead into the sea. The more beautiful bathing possibilities and beaches can be found in the surroundings. We have put together a small selection of the best Beaches in Piran:

  • Beach Fornače Piran
  • Sandy beach of Portoroz
  • Beach Strunjan (Moon Bay)
  • St. Bernardin beach
  • Beach at Cape Seča
  • Beach Fiesa


Best Attractions around Piran

Just a short distance from Piran there are some beautiful coastal towns, beaches and attractions to discover. Very popular is the unique Strunjan beach with its nature reserve, as well as the port city Koper and the beautiful coastal town Izola. The holiday destination Portoroz, with its prestigious hotels, is also recommended for a visit!

Strunjan Beach & Nature Reserve (Moon Bay)

Hiking through the beautiful Strunjan Nature Reserve was one of our coolest experiences in Slovenia! The Strunjan Beach, also called as Moon Bay, is one of the best beaches around Piran. The ultimate perfect spot for swiming and sunbathing! Also the coastal views from the cliffs are just amazing, the nature here is still intact and you can even see fish swarms in the clear sea. Furthermore, the most beautiful view you will have on the top of the Moon Bay, which gives you the best nature photo spots.


Koper is 20 km away from Piran and has a really picturesque old town. It’s so nice to spend an afternoon there, enjoying the Slovenian coffee in one of the seaside cafés, doing some shopping in and visiting the beautiful attractions of Koper. The best places to visit are the Praetorian Palace and Loggia, the Carmine Rotunda Church and the Cathedral of St. Nazarius.


Another pearl on the Slovenian coast is the town of Izola, which is only a few minutes away by car from Piran. Visitors love the beautiful old town, the large harbor and the Mediterranean flair. From the coastal road you have a fantastic view of the charming town.

Piran vs Portoroz? – Our Recommendation

The town of Piran and Portoroz are only 3 kilometers apart and are both popular resorts in Slovenia. Tourists often wonder which is more beautiful, Piran or Portoroz. One thing in advance, both have their charm despite their differences. For sightseeing we recommend Piran, for swimming the beach of Portoroz is very popular.

Portoroz is the beach vacation mecca of Slovenia. Here you will find a huge number of great hotels and accommodations. Among them are many wellness hotels, such as the Mind Hotel Slovenija and the stunning Hotel Kempinski Palace. The beach of Portoroz is the optimal place for sun-seeking beach vacationers. Moreover, there is always something going on in the city. In the season you can expect a lively nightlife, many events and happenings. Portoroz vacationers visit Piran via an excursion.

Piran, however, convinces with its beautiful old town and the many great attractions. If you like to take beautiful pictures and experience the unique flair of this Slovenian coastal town first hand, then you should choose Piran. In addition, there are really great restaurants and cafes here, which make the vacation perfect.


Best Day Trips from Piran

Also around Piran you can experience a lot of exciting things to do. Very interesting and probably the most famous destinations are for example Lake Bled, the spectacular Postojna Cave and the beautiful city of Ljubljana. If you are not traveling with your own car, then we have picked out a few worthwhile tours that you can book on GetyourGuide:


Where to Stay in Piran

In Piran you will find only a few good hotels. Here it is more common to stay in apartments or B&Bs. From the old town all the way down to Portoroz you will find a huge number of accommodations. Here are our recommendations about the best places to stay in Piran…It’s worth a look!

  • Romantic Hotel: The Hotel Piran is one of the most beautiful hotels in the old town of Piran. Located on the seafront, this hotel boasts stunning views, delicious breakfasts and beautiful rooms.
  • B&B with Rooftop Terrace: The MEMENTO B&B is a really lovely B&B in the heart of Piran. You immediately feel right at home and the roof terrace with a view over Piran is also sensational.
  • Lovely Apartment: The Apartments Lara is located amidst the old streets of the old town. Particularly noteworthy are the clean rooms and the beautiful terrace.
  • Apartments by the Sea: The Apartments & Rooms Riva is located in a magnificent position directly on the romantic promenade and with access to the sea.

Find the best accommodation in Piran:


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  1. I swear other parts of the world are so much more interesting because of their architecture in their creativity. They find it important to keep history and not destroy anything. I would love to check out this place. It looks beautiful.

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    This place is quite similar to Venetto in Italy. Also charming and beautiful and makes you wonder why people still opt to leave this place and live in other crowded and complicated cities. Hope the locals realized how blessed they are.

    • Because of the money.I moved to Sweden, it is horrible and I am suffering every day.After I make some money I will come back.Not because Slovenia is my home, but because it is peaceful, has good food, good weather and open and nice people.Which I cant say for the land that I am living right now.Life in Slovenia is so free and easy, that is if you have money.No people, no crowds.

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