Top 10 Unique Things to Do in Marrakech

The many things to do in Marrakech make the so-called Red City a real highlight in Morocco! Every year, countless visitors from all over the world come to visit this legendary royal city and experience the unique flair of the old town and the many amazing attractions in Marrakech. In terms of activities, this metropolis has so much to offer, and travelers are overwhelmed by all the fantastic impressions. With the Atlas Mountains in the background, the city seems like a dream of 1001 nights. Walking through the medina, the old town of Marrakech, and strolling through the famous marketplace Djemaa el Fna, with its snake charmers and jugglers, one experiences the Moroccan culture first hand.

In this guide, we show you the 10 best things to do in Marrakech. In addition, there are amazing pictures, tips for unforgettable excursions, information about entrance fees and lots of useful travel tips that are guaranteed to help you with your plannings.

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One day in Marrakech is just enough to see a few of the main attractions. However, if you want to get to know this city better, you should plan 2-4 days.

A great offer of tickets, street food tours and unforgettable excursions, like to Merzouga to the desert camp, Ait-Ben Haddou, Atlas Mountains, or to Essaouira can be found online at GetyourGuide!

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El Badi Palace

One of the best things to see in Marrakech is the El Badi Palace, located right in the medina. This once so magnificent palace was built between 1578 and 1593 and its name means something like “the incomparable”. When visiting this palace complex, one walks through a beautiful garden area, where lush orange trees grow in the former water basins nowadays. The magnificent residence had marble colonnades, gold ornaments, and 360 luxuriously furnished palace rooms. This palace existed for barely a hundred years, and with a little imagination, one can imagine how uniquely beautiful El Badi Palace must have been.

  • Entrance Fee: Admission to the El Badi Palace currently costs 70 DH.

Djemaa el Fna

A visit to the huge traditional marketplace Djemaa el Fna is one of the best things to do in Marrakech and therefore it’s high up on any Morocco trip bucket list. This place is actually as old as the city itself and offers some exciting things to see and to discover: snake charmers, the water vendors, drummers and dancers, storytellers and jugglers, a visit to the Djemaa el Fna is simply an unforgettable experience. In the evening, the food market also opens, where Moroccan specialties are cooked and served at countless stalls.

Tip: The best way to admire the hustle and bustle is from one of the rooftop cafes, from which you can enjoy a delicious mint tea and a dreamlike sunset.

Koutoubia Mosque

The imposing Koutoubia Mosque is one of the most beautiful landmarks of the Red City and therefore also one of the most famous attractions in Marrakech. Particularly impressive is the minaret, which towers about 77 meters high far above the city. Non-Muslims, unfortunately, have no access, but the exterior view of the beautiful red mosque is also impressive. Surrounded by palm trees and rose gardens, this sacred building is an absolute eye-catcher and the shady places in the garden invite you to linger.

Jardin Majorelle

The Jardin Majorelle, often known as the Majorelle Gardens, is an enchantingly beautiful botanical garden created in 1923 by Oriental artist Jacques Majorelle and a visit is one of the best things to do in Marrakech. In 1980, the famous designer Yves Saint-Laurent took on the already overgrown garden and, with great attention to detail, renewed it into a blooming oasis in the middle of the city. Nowadays, the Jardin Majorelle is one of the most popular attractions in Marrakech. A walk through this extremely pretty complex with its plants and colorful flowers from all over the world, the pretty water features, the cobalt blue facades, and bridges, is a real highlight on any Morocco trip.

Tip: The Jardin Majorelle is best visited in the morning, or shortly before closing. At these times, you can expect somewhat fewer visitors.

  • Entrance fee: The entrance fee to the Jardin Majorelle is currently 70 DH.

Medersa Ben Youssef

The former Koranic school Medersa Ben Youssef is located in the medina and was founded in 1340. For many centuries, until 1960, the building served as an educational institution. In the gorgeous courtyard, there is a large fountain pool and the walls are beautifully decorated with colorful mosaics. The whole architecture of the Koranic school is unique, especially the carved cedar pillars and the tile ornaments make visitors marvel. The entire ambiance of this school is very special, simply worth seeing, and is, therefore, one of the best sights in Marrakech.

  • Entrance fee: The entrance to the Medersa Ben Youssef currently costs 60 DH.

Souks of Marrakech

The medina is the heart of Marrakech and an exploration of this old town is one of the highlights of the Red City. Particularly worth seeing are the various markets, the souks, a veritable labyrinth of narrow streets, and stores that are closely lined up. There, people trade and haggle. The scent of spices fills the air and beautiful Moroccan handicrafts are offered here. The famous handmade Moroccan lamps are particularly impressive. A walk through the souks is beautiful and exciting at the same time, with something new to discover around every corner. For sure one of the best places for Shopping in Morocco!

In the medina, you will discover many other attractions, but also galleries and exhibitions, such as the Maison de la Photographie: A photography museum worth seeing in the heart of the old town. Exhibited are photographic treasures from days gone by.

Bahia Palace

The Bahia Palace is a real pearl in the city and a visit to this amazing attraction of Marrakech should not be missed. Translated, its name means “brilliance”, and really, the palace is breathtakingly beautiful. When walking through the magnificent palace complex, you should be aware to plan a little more time. On 8,000 m2 you visit impressive rooms and courtyards, decorated with colorful tiles of marble and beautiful mosaics. The Bahia Palace is one of the most beautiful palaces in Marrakech and its unique setting has been used as the location for several Hollywood movies.

  • Entrance fee: The entrance fee to the Bahia Palace is currently 70 DH.

Bab Agnaou

The old town, the medina of Marrakech is surrounded by an old city wall made of rammed clay, and several large gates give access to the city center. The Bab Agnaou, which is also called the “Gate of the Blacks”, is definitely one of the most worth seeing of the 19 gates. This beautiful attraction was built during the Almohad dynasty, between 1185 and 1190, under Yacoub el-Mansour and is nowadays still the border between Medina and the former government district.

  Tip: If you are around don`t miss a visit to the Saadian Tombs, the catacombs of the medina, another interesting attraction in Marrakech.

Place des Ferblantiers

If you are looking for traditional Moroccan lamps, you will definitely find what you are looking for in Place des Ferblantiers, the so-called place of lamp makers. This pretty square is surrounded by small workshops where the typical Moroccan lamps are made. But also some spice shops have settled here and cozy cafés all around invite you to linger.

Menara Garden

The Jardin Menara is a huge garden with countless olive trees, a large fish tank and a pretty pavilion. This wonderful place is located about 5 kilometers outside the medina and can best be reached by cab. During a walk through the large complex and around the large basin, you have a beautiful view of the Atlas Mountains. This is mostly an attraction where locals hang out, so it’s a bit quieter than downtown.

  • Entrance fee: The Menara Gardens are free of charge. Only for the visit of the pavilion one pays 70 DH entrance fee

Marrakech: Excursions, Tickets & More

Not only Marrakech is worth seeing, also numerous possibilities for excursions and things to do around are ingenious. Here are the best attractions and most popular tours in the area summarized at a glance.

Very popular are excursions to the fortified village Ait-Ben Haddou in the south of the country, tours to the beautiful Ozoud waterfalls or to Essaouira on the Atlantic coast.

If you would like to go on a desert safari with camel riding or quad tours, you can book a trip to Merzouga from Marrakech. However, these tours are usually 2 or 3-day trips.

On the online portal GetyourGuide you will find all the unforgettable excursions that you can book conveniently online. In addition, city tours and food tours, as well as cheap entrance tickets are offered.


Where to stay in Marrakech

In Marrakech, you’ll find a great range of fantastic places to stay. From cheap backpacker hostels to hotels with pools and romantic riads with roof terraces, everything is offered here. If you are looking for a recommended accommodation in Marrakech, then we can give you these tips along the way…It’s worth a look!

  • Riad with pool: The elegant Riad Kniza is in an excellent location within the medina. The furnishings and pool are beautiful here!
  • Riad with roof terrace: The Dar Andamaure is a beautiful, inexpensive accommodation directly in the old town of Marrakech. Guests love the delicious breakfast and the cozy rooftop terrace.
  • Backpacker Hostel: The Rooftop Hostel is the address for backpackers. Here the cozy atmosphere, the cleanliness and the reasonable price enchants!
  • Boutique Hotel with pool: The 2Ciels Boutique Hôtel is a really chic 4-star hotel with a great restaurant and a wonderful pool area.

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