Buje, Croatia: Travel Guide for a Perfect Visit!

The enchanting town Buje in Croatia is a popular destination in the hinterland of Istria. Surrounded by a breathtakingly beautiful hilly countryside, by vineyards and olive groves, and with a town center that is extremely worth seeing, this pretty town is a true pearl on the Istrian peninsula. Among the most important attractions of Buje are the medieval old town, once a fortress, and the historic churches in the center. Also cyclists and hikers appreciate this small town, which is the optimal starting point to explore the surrounding hilly landscape and at the same time enjoy the beautiful beaches on the coast.

In this travel guide we provide all the important info and tips about Buje in Croatia. In addition, we show you great pictures, the most beautiful sights and where it is best to stay.

Good to know!

Buje is only a 15 minutes’ drive from the sea, perfect if you want to combine activities like sightseeing, biking and hiking with beach-time. Thanks to its good location, the lovely beaches of Umag and Novigrad can be reached in no time.

Near Buje there are some really amazing accommodations. Really awesome is the breathtaking San Canzian Village & Hotel, an oasis of peace with a pool and fantastic architecture.

Wine lovers will also be delighted with this town, because you will pass by the most famous wine road in Croatia. No less than 23 winemakers have settled in the area around Buje and produce excellent wines!

If you want to see more of Istria’s hinterland, then you can explore other impressing hilltop villages starting from Buje, such as the nearby villages of Hum, Groznjan or Motovun.

General information about Buje in Croatia

Buje is a town of about 5.200 inhabitants in the hinterland of Istria and is located only 12 kilometers from the seaside resort of Umag and 14 kilometers from Novigrad. The town is located on a 220-meter-high hill and is surrounded by idyllic Mediterranean landscape. Narrow alleys and stairs lead up to the old town, where the impressive church of St. Servul can be discovered. The town is also famous for its culinary delights, good restaurants and many small stores selling regional specialties, such as olive oil and truffle products. Buje is also interesting for sport fans, because not far away there is the famous Parenzana bike trail as well as countless hiking routes.

The rich history of Buje goes back to the Stone Age when this region had already been inhabited. However, a first fortification was built in the Bronze Age with the Histrians. Later, the Romans built another fortress on the same spot and the town was christened Bullea. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Ostrogoths, the Byzantines, the Franks, the Republic of Venice and the French ruled Buje and it was also part of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy for a while. The impacts of the different eras can still be seen in many corners of the old town, giving Buje a quite extraordinary historical charm.


Best things to do in Buje

There are lots of things to do in Buje and you can expect some really fascinating attractions. Here you will find an overview of the most beautiful sights and places to see scattered across the small town:

Church of St. Servul

One of the most beautiful attractions of Buje and also the heart of the old town is the Church of St. Servul, known as Župna Crkva Sv. Servula. It dates back to the 15th century and is one of the most important architectural monuments of the late Baroque period in Istria. The interior of this church is also worth seeing. During a tour you will be amazed by 7 richly decorated altars and a historic organ from 1791.

Another must-see and popular attraction is the free-standing bell tower of the church of St. Servul. With 48 meters, it is the 2nd highest in Istria and it inspires with a fantastic 360° view. In good weather you can even see as far as Venice!

The Church Square

Another interesting place to visit in Buje is the picturesque church square. During a stroll, you will feel transported back in time. The ancient stone houses, the historical coats of arms of the former rulers, which can be found at every corner of the square and the pompous stone church create a very unique, mystical ambience. Situated here is also the former town hall, built in 1878 in neoclassical style; on its wall there is a St. Mark’s lion made of stone. Also worth seeing is the Venetian patrician palace, built as early as 1485.

Church of St. Mary of Mercy

The Church of St. Mary of Mercy is another beautiful attraction of Buje. This yellow pilgrimage church from the 15th century is located right on Freedom Square on the edge of the old town. Right next to it is the 17th century bell tower and the town’s Ethnographic Museum.

Inside the church you can also discover really valuable paintings and works of art. First of all, there is the sculpture of Mary the Merciful, which is one of the most beautiful wooden statues in Istria.

Tower of St. Martin

In the past, Buje was also called the “guardian town of Istria” and the tower of St. Martin is a relic of those times. This landmark had been built by the Venetians in the 15th century and at that time it was part of the defense system “Castrum Bulleis”. Only later in the 18th century this tower lost its original protective function and was transformed into a patrician house by a noble family. In 2015, the St. Martin Tower was renovated and nowadays it’s a lookout tower with a museum.

Church of St. Martin (Crkva Sv. Martina) & Cemetery

A real insider’s tip is to visit the small church of St. Martin with the adjacent old cemetery. The cemetery square is located just outside the historic city walls and fascinates with its extraordinary atmosphere. Of particular interest are the ancient tombstones of the disintegrated graves and the spectacular viewpoint over the hilly landscape of Istria.


Where to stay in Buje

There are some really good accommodations in the village as well as in the picturesque countryside nearby; perfect if you want to spend a few romantic days in the hinterland of Istria and near Buje. These are mainly privately run apartments and small guesthouses. However, you will also find very chic hotels. If you are looking for a recommendable accommodation, we can give you these hotel tips …It’s worth a look!

  • B&B in Buje: The Bella & Stella rooms is a charming B&B in Buje. Thanks to the optimal location, you can be in the old town in no time and free parking is also available. Also the breakfast is top!
  • Apartment: The Apartment Duerose is located about 5 kilometers from Buje. Here, a small stone cottage awaits you, where the owners enchant you with exceptional hospitality.
  • 4-star Hotel: The San Servolo Resort & Beer Spa spoils its guests with a super quiet location, beautiful spa facilities to relax, including a beer spa, and a unique breakfast buffet.
  • 5-star Hotel: The San Canzian Village & Hotel is a 5-star hotel about 4 kilometers from Buje. Here you can expect really amazing scenery, because it’s surrounded by olive trees and vineyards. A perfect hotel for a special stay in Istria!

Find the best Accommodation in Buje:

More about Istria:

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Koh Phangan – The Ultimate Travel Guide!

Koh Phangan in Thailand is certainly one of the most amazing islands in the country. Today, although no longer an insider tip, it is now a popular destination for backpackers, dropouts and yogis, but also individual travelers and luxury vacationers are increasingly drawn to this dream island. Above all, the offer of paradisiacal beaches is on this island unparalleled in Thailand and makes the heart of sun-hungry beach vacationers beat faster. In addition to the many beautiful picture book beaches, you will find and really impressive offer on unique things to do in Koh Phangan, including visiting tropical waterfalls, picturesque temples, deep jungle and breathtaking viewpoints. Enough attractions to spend several weeks on Koh Phangan.

In this travel guide we give you all the important information about Koh Phangan Island in Thailand. In addition, we show you the most beautiful attractions, activities and where to find the best accommodations.

Good to know!

For getting from Bangkok to Koh Phangan there are several options that can be organized relatively easily. Air, bus, train, but also combination tickets can be found most conveniently online at 12goasia.

Koh Phangan is especially known in Thailand for its impressive, tropical dream beaches. Here we show you the most beautiful beaches in Koh Phangan., which are perfect for a vacation.

The best travel time for Koh Phangan is in January, February and March. Also in the months of April to August there is usually nice weather. However, from September to December you have to expect more rain.

If you are still looking for where to stay on Koh Phangan, we can recommend the lovely Castaway Beach Bungalows. For a very special vacation you should have a look at the ingenious Buri Rasa Koh Phangan.

General information about Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan Island is located in the Gulf of Thailand, and is 65 kilometers from the mainland, between the two islands of Koh Samui to the south and Koh Tao to the north. It has a size of about 125 km² and is part of the Samui archipelago, a group of islands that includes another 60 islands and islets. The famous Ang Thong National Park, a popular destination for boat trips, is also located in this region. Koh Phangan is most famous for its countless paradise beaches and the unique dropout flair that can be felt almost everywhere on the island.

The island’s capital is Thong Sala, where the ferry also docks. In the city you will find countless bars, backpacker hostels and also the lovely Thong Sala Night Market , which is known for its good street food. Especially famous is the place Haad Rin on the southern tip, where once a month on the full moon the infamous Full Moon Party takes place. However, the other parts of the island are very quiet and perfect for a really idyllic vacation.


Things to do in Koh Phangan

Many people know Koh Phangan because of the infamous Full Moon parties. But this beautiful island has much more to offer! Here we have summarized the best things to do in Koh Phangan, the coolest activities and viewpoints at a glance:

Leela Beach

One of the most beautiful places on Koh Phangan is the gorgeous Leela Beach. It is located in the south of the island and impresses with its spectacular beach scenery. Here you can expect a real dream beach with the finest white sand and with almost kitschy turquoise sea colors. Behind it are large coconut palms, where attached sea swings form a really heavenly ambience. Thanks to the great choice of accommodations, it attracts families as well as couples! Especially in the northern part of the beach there are good hotels, which are ideal for a vacation.

Tip: A true vacation dream is the Cabin Beach Resort in a prime beach location and with a lovely pool.

Explore Koh Phangan by scooter

To roar with the scooter over the island to discover the most beautiful places and attractins of Koh Phangan on your own is probably one of the most popular activities during a visit. In doing so, you’ll explore the stunning jungle scenery of the island’s interior, mystical temples, hidden waterfalls, breathtaking viewpoints and paradisiacal dream beaches. Keep in mind, however, that riding a scooter on Koh Phangan is not without danger, especially because of the steep roads, so you should pay attention and drive slowly.

Haad Yuan Beach

Another highlight of Koh Phangan is the beautiful Haad Yuan Beach in the southwest of the island. Arriving by taxi boat from Haad Rin, one immediately feels as if stranded in paradise. Tall palm trees, turquoise sea and huge round rocks make this place unique on the island! Many visit this dream beach on a day trip, others however spend here in the small, simple bungalows directly at the sea also their vacation. Either way, Haad Yuan is definitely one of the best attractions on Koh Phangan that should not be missed on any visit!

Phaeng Noi Waterfall

Phaeng Noi Waterfall is the largest and for many visitors the most beautiful waterfall on Koh Phangan. It is part of Than Sadet National Park in the center of the island and a popular destination for nature excursions. From the parking lot, this picturesque waterfall can be easily explored and visited via a short, easy hike through the jungle. Thanks to the brilliant scenery, it is perfect for taking photos or just to refresh yourself in the waterfalls. A beautiful attraction on Koh Phangan that you can even visit without paying an entrance fee.

Koh Ma Viewpoint (Three Sixty Bar)

The Koh Ma Viewpoint is an absolute highlight. Because of the many mountains and hills, you will find a lot of amazing viewpoints on Koh Phangan. Some of them are really spectacular and so a visit to such a viewpoint is one of the best things to do in Koh Phangan. Really recommendable and already a real attraction is the Koh Ma Viewpoint at the Three Sixty Bar. After a rather steep ascent, you can enjoy a cool drink with chillout music, a breathtaking view of the sea and the offshore islet of Koh Ma. The perfect viewpoint to end a perfect beach day!

Haad Salad

The west of Koh Phangan also has some beautiful attractions and beaches to offer. Especially impressive is a visit to Haad Salad, a true dream beach of the island. Especially worth seeing is the picturesque palm tree that juts diagonally into the water, which has almost become a landmark of Koh Phangan. Also great are the many cozy beach bars, which place their chairs and lounges partly directly on the sea and thus form a unique vacation ambience.

Tip: Many love to spend their vacation at Haad Salad. We can recommend the accommodations Le Balcon and the Baan Kiao with pool.

Chinese Temple Goddess of Mercy

One of the most beautiful attractions is the Chinese Guan Yin Temple, which offers a wonderful view over the island landscape from its impressive pagodas and buildings. It is the largest Chinese temple on the island and was built in a spectacular location on a mountainside. On a tour you will discover a variety of interesting Chinese Buddha statues, as well as mystical images of Chinese warriors and dragons. A visit to this sacred place is highly recommended and is almost a must on any island tour.

Tip: Until today there are more than 20 temples on the island to discover. Here you can find the most beautiful temples on Koh Phangan.

Than Sadet Waterfall

A real natural attraction is the Than Sadet waterfall in the same named national park. It is one of the most interesting waterfalls that Koh Phangan has to offer and a popular stop on island tours. Even some kings of Thailand are said to have visited this picturesque waterfall. It impresses especially with its location in the dense jungle and with countless cascades in a paradisiacal setting. On a length of 3 kilometers you can find many small natural pools, which inviting for having a swim. Especially beautiful are the spots at Thong Nang, Sampon and Daeng waterfalls. An unforgettable experience that should not be missed on any trip to Koh Phangan.

Koh Raham

A real insider tip for a visit to Koh Phangan is the small peninsula Koh Raham in the west of the vacation island. It belongs to the Koh Raham restaurant, but is accessible to everyone and a visit is a very unique experience. The special thing here is above all the extraordinary scenery, which enchants with countless beautiful details, swings and hammocks directly over the water. In addition, there is access to the sea at the tip, where you can marvel at many colorful fish while snorkeling. If you like, you can spoil yourself with a delicious cocktail and stay until evening to enjoy the sunset there.

Tip: Right next door is the popular Secret Beach, which is ideal for swimming and relaxing.

Haad Rin Beach

In the south of the island there is the famous village of Haad Rin, where the world-famous Full Moon Party takes place. Once a month it gets really crowded and loud here, because party lovers from all over the world make a pilgrimage to this event. If you prefer it quiet, come outside this time and then enjoy, amazingly, one of the most beautiful and quiet beaches on the island! For a vacation in this area, we would still recommend Leela Beach, which is located nearby and already mentioned above.

Thong Nai Pan Yai Viewpoint

Another must visit on Koh Phangan is the beautiful Thong Nai Pan Yai Viewpoint. It is located in the northeast, on a small peninsula near the resort of the same name Thong Nai Pan, and thrills with a magnificent view of the palm-lined coastline. The drive or climb to the viewpoint is quite steep, but once at the top, one of the most beautiful viewpoints on Koh Phangan awaits you. From the terrace of the famous 2C bar, visitors experience an indescribably grandiose backdrop of dream beaches, jungle and mountains while enjoying cool drinks.

Tip: Beautiful and perfect for a vacation are also the two bays of Thong Nai Pan. Here you will also find a lot of wonderful accommodations, like the dreamlike Santhiya Koh Phangan Resort and Spa.

Bottle Beach

A real paradise in the north of Koh Phangan, and on top of that one of the insider tips of the island, is the Bottle Beach. This small, secluded beach paradise can only be reached by taxi boat from Chaloklum, by jeep or via an almost 2-hours hike. Arrived you will find a fine white dream beach with turquoise blue sea, high palm trees and deep jungle in the hinterland. From time to time even some monkeys can be spotted in the trees. Most visitors come for a day visit, but those who love the peace and quiet can also spend their vacation here! Along the beach there are small, very simple bungalow complexes and nice restaurants, which provide the necessary catering.

Tip: For a very special view of Koh Phangans don`t miss to climb the Bottle Beach Viewpoint.

Wat Paa Sang Tham

Wat Paa Sang Tham is located in the island’s interior, very close to the famous Chinese temple, and is another interesting attraction on Koh Phangan. Especially surprising are the countless small statues and the many lovingly designed details of this temple complex. You should not miss the large golden rock, which is a bit hidden in the jungle, and conjures a mystical and impressive atmosphere. Again, admission is free, but a small donation is always welcome.

Haad Sadet & Silver Cliff Resort Viewpoint

If you love it very quiet, it is best to visit Haad Sadet beach on the east coast of the island. Here you will experience the most pristine part of Koh Phangan, including jungle, tall palm trees and extremely quiet flair. The beach is a bit more coarse-grained and forms with the large granite rocks and the original appearance a real lost place scenery. Until today there are still no big hotels, but only small family bungalow complexes. In addition, it is still really untouristy here, you can wonderfully relax and switch off.

The view from the restaurant of the Silver Cliff Resort and also from Plaa`s Thansadet Resort , where you can enjoy a unique panorama with a cool drink, is unique.

Full Moon Party

The island actually became really famous because of the Full Moon Party, which takes place once a month at the time of the full moon. At this period, especially in the south of Koh Phangan everything is crowded and who prefers it quiet, should then avoid the entire area around the Haad Rin. Up to 30,000 visitors from all over the world make a pilgrimage to the island once a month for Full Moon Party to experience this legendary event. Other cool, smaller events are the Waterfall Party right in the jungle of Koh Phangan and the Eden Party at the dream beach Haad Yuan.

Tip: Also note that for the Full Moon Party the ferries are booked up early and you should get tickets in advance. Also, accommodations at Haad Rin are quickly sold out and must be reserved early enough.

Ang Tong Marine National Park

If you get bored despite the many cool activities and the countless attraction on Koh Phangan, you still have the option to go on a day trip. One of the excursion highlights is definitely a visit to the Ang Thong National Marine Park. Here there are 42 islands to discover and there are great coral reefs for snorkeling. If you like, you can climb the famous Ang Tong Viewpoint and enjoy the most beautiful view of the archipelago.

Snorkeling & Diving

Koh Phangan is surrounded by some amazing snorkeling and diving spots. The coral reefs around the island are simply breathtaking and so you have the opportunity to marvel at a magnificent underwater world. Nice spots for snorkeling can be found for example at Koh Ma, Haad Tien, Haad Yao, Haad Salad and Secret Beach. Recommended for diving is Sail Rock, also called “Hin Bai” where you can enjoy some of the most spectacular underwater scenery.

Therefore, also some diving schools have also settled on the island. Really popular and awarded several times is Chaloklum Diving, which offers SCUBA diving, snorkeling & PADI courses on Koh Phangan for now 25 years!

How to get to Koh Phangan

There are several ways to get to Koh Phangan:

By plane: Koh Phangan does not have its own airport. The nearest one is on the neighboring island Koh Samui, or then in the mainland at Surat Thani. After that you will have to take the ferry to the island.

By bus & ferry: In many vacation destinations of Thailand you can book combination tickets with bus & ferry. There are also numerous offers online at

By train & ferry: If you want to travel by train from Bangkok, it is best to take the night train to Surat Thani. From there, continue by bus or minibus to the ferry port.

Tip: Cheap tickets for flight, bus, train and ferry to Koh Phangan are best found online at 12goasia.

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Where to stay on Koh Phangan

There is a really wide range of accommodation on Koh Phangan. Whether you are a backpacker, a family with children or individual traveler, every vacationer is sure to find a perfect place to stay here. From backpacker hostels to bed and breakfasts, bungalows by the sea, yoga retreats and luxurious 5-star hotels, everything is available. If you are looking for a recommended accommodation on Koh Phangan, then we can give you these tips along the way…It’s worth a look!

  • 4-star hotel on the beach: The Buri Rasa Koh Phangan enchants with super nice bungalows by the sea, with delicious breakfast and a top price / performance ratio!
  • Wooden bungalows on the beach: In the Castaway Beach Bungalows real Thailand feeling comes up. Directly at the sea, you can experience dreamlike sunsets and a unique scenery – a real insider tip!
  • Backpacker Hostel: The See Sea Backpackers House is a nice, quiet hostel in the south of Koh Phangan. Here inspires family atmosphere and cozy vibes among like-minded people.
  • Resort in the jungle: The Kiri Tawan is located in the jungle inland and amazes with cool bungalows directly in nature next to deep jungle. The location with the huge round stone formations is an absolute dream!

Find the best Accommodation on Koh Phangan:

More about Koh Phangan:

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Top 10 Most Amazing Beaches in Krabi

The beaches of Krabi may not be a secret anymore, but they are still some of the best in Thailand. Whether on the surrounding islands or directly on the mainland, visitors are amazed by all the drop-dead gorgeous beaches to visit. Here, in Krabi area you will find Thailand’s first-class beaches: Breath-taking limestone cliffs, turquoise-blue sea and the fine sand beaches make Krabi’s beaches an ultimate paradise places to be, guaranteeing bathing pleasure at its best. With a seemingly endless selection of memorable beaches and islands, people often ask themselves what are the top beaches in Krabi?

For making sure your vacation becomes an unforgettable experience, in this travel guide we will show you where to find the most beautiful beaches in ​​Krabi and where are the best places to stay.

Consciously this beach guide will ignore the beaches of Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi, and we only share with you the best beaches near Krabi Town and around Ao Nang.


Railay Beach

Without a doubt, Railay Beach is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches in Krabi. Here you can expect an emerald green sea, huge limestones and an endless sandy beach. Although Railay Beach is no longer an insider tip, still it is one of the most fascinating beaches in the Krabi area. Our tip: From Railay Beach, various paths lead to other beautiful beaches on the peninsula, such as the above-mentioned beaches Ton Sai Beach and Phra Nang Beach. For beach lovers this place is a true paradise! The Railay Beach is the ideal holidays destination and from there trips to Krabis island world can easily be organized.

Tip: The Bhu Nga Thani Resort & Spa is one of our top recommendations for Railay. Located very romantic right on the sea and also the modern pool area is an absolute eye-catcher. A wonderful hotel for exploring some of the best beaches in Krabi!

Hong Island Beach

If you want to visit one of the most beautiful beaches of Krabis, you should definitely go for a tour to Hong Island! Here, on the beach of Koh Hong, which is also called the Pilae Beach, visitors will find an ultimate postcard idyll. This place is the perfect spot for taking some wonderful Krabi beach pictures: A white sand beach that is shared by a huge limestone cliff and crystal clear water, which is perfect for swimming. Also, if you are looking for a beach for snorkelling, you are at Koh Hong at the right place: Hundreds of colourful fish frolic in the turquoise blue sea. On the island you won`t find any accommodations, but a trip with the longtail boat to see this magical place is definitely worth it.

Ao Nang Beach

The Ao Nang Beach is a reallyfamous beach of Krabi and it is located on the mainland of the province. Here, at this beach, you will find a wide selection of accommodations, restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. In addition, the Ao Nang Beach is a perfect starting point for trips and tours to Krabi’s islands and often the start for island hopping down to the south of Thailand. Unfortunately, on the beach itself you will find lots of longtail boat traffic which can be quite noisy. Grab your bathing suit and walk up to the southern end of Ao Nang, at the point where the great rock rises. Here the ambience is really beautiful and additionally it will be more quiet at that part of the beach.

Tip: For affordable and beautiful rooms in an optimal location check out the Whalecome Aonang Resort. From there you will be in a few minutes at the beach!

Phra Nang Beach

The image of Phra Nang Beach is probably the most famous and most well know picture of Thailand. This beach, with its immense offshore limestone rock island is a real eye-catcher and there’s a reason why this paradise beach is printed in almost every Thailand travel magazine. Unfortunately and maybe just because of its fame, the Phra Nang beach is very busy and so a visit is only recommended in the morning or in the late afternoon, when the day-trippers have left the beach. For snorkelling you should walk a bit the beach to the north end, there it is much quieter, and the water is really clear.

Tip: Good accommodations can be found on nearby Railay Beach or if you like it more exclusive you could stay at the only hotel – a luxury hotel right on Phra Nang beach.

Tonsai Beach

The Tonsai Beach with its stunning rock formations, huge palm trees and its secluded beach is still an insider tip for Krabi. Even its very popular in the climbing scene, many tourists only visit the nearby Railey Beach and skip this hidden gem. What a pity, Tonsai beach is definitely one of Krabi’s most beautiful beaches. Although this picture-perfect beach is actually located on the mainland of Krabi, the Tonsai is only accessible by longtail boat from Ao Nang or Railey Beach. Maybe that’s why visitors quickly get a real island feeling. Tonsai beach is a real backpacker beach with some lovely hippy-bars for enjoying some drinks and resorts and accommodations for reasonable prices.

Koh Poda Beach

The island of Koh Poda is one of the most popular tour destinations in the Krabi region. Here on the island one of the best beaches of the area is situated. The offshore limestone island and the velvety soft sand are ideal for swimming, snorkelling and for shooting some wonderful beach pictures. So, do not forget your camera and snorkel gear! The tiny island of Koh Poda is accessible from Krabi by longtail boat or speedboat.

Tip: The excursion to Koh Poda is usually combined with a stop on Chicken Island.

Chicken Island & Tub Island

The beach of Chicken Island is an absolute highlight and it’s considered to be one of the best beaches in the area of ​​Krabi. If you love snow white sand and swimming in turquoise blue sea you are definitely at the right place. Especially at low tide you should pay a visit to this dream beach. Then the sea retreats so far that you can walk from Chicken Island to Tub Island! Since this beach is part of a national park, there are no accommodations on the island. Anyway, you can easily reach this beautiful beach by longtail boat as a day trip, the Krabi 4 Islands Tour,  from Krabi or Ao Nang.

Lading Island Beach

The beach of Lading Island is known for being one of the top beaches in Krabi and so it is a popular destination. Here you can expect a beach paradise like out of a postcard: soft, light sand, huge palm trees, imposing limestone cliffs and colourfully decorated longtail boats adorn this beautiful bay. Tip: Mostly the tour to Lading Island is combined with a visit from Hong Island. More about this excursion can be found here.

Klong Muang Beach

Krabi experts agree that Klong Muang Beach is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches located on the mainland of Krabi and so it is one of the most popular vacation spots in the area. Although there are a few great hotels, resorts and accommodations on Klong Muang, it is still really quiet on this secluded beach. If you love long beach walks and fantastic sunsets, this is just the right the place for you to spend an unforgettable holiday. In addition, Klong Muang Beach is ideal destination for exploring Krabi.

Tip: As a perfect hotel for an unforgettable holiday on Klong Muang Beach we can recommend the Nakamanda Resort & Spa. It convinces with a direct location on the beach, wonderful views, large pool and really lovely rooms!

Pakbia Island

Breathtaking limestone cliffs and crystal-clear sea water are forming an unbeatable landscape. Not for nothing, Pakbia Island with its fine sand and the unique beach location is always listed to one of Krabi’s top beaches. Here you can also do really good snorkelling and with a little luck to discover the various colourful fish. The best way to reach Pakbia Island is by boat from Klong Muang or Ao Nang, and is usually offered on the Hong Island Tour. There are no accommodations here.

Excursions to the most beautiful islands & beaches of Krabi

The islands around Krabi is fascinatingly beautiful. Some highlights such as the beaches of Koh Hong, Koh Poda and Lading island we have already presented in the blog above. If you also want to take a boat trip to the beautiful islands, check out the recommended boat-tours:

Find the best accommodations in Krabi:

Read More about Krabi:

More about the best Beaches in Thailand:

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Koh Bulon Lae Travel Guide: Thailand`s Island Paradise

Where are the last gems of Thailand? Are you looking for a quiet, idyllic and native Island ? A place far up from mass tourism, rave parties and 7Eleven? Visit Koh Bulon, a tiny island located in the Satun Province in the Andaman Sea and rated as one of the most amazing islands in Thailand. Without a doubt, this island is really unspoiled and far away from mass tourism. Generally it is the most perfect spot for couples, families and backpackers looking for an ultimate  dream-island experience!

Good to know!

Most travelers explore Koh Bulon as a stopover on a Thailand island hopping tour. Actually a great idea to discover all the dream islands in Southern Thailand, from Krabi down to Koh Lipe!

There are only a few accommodations on Koh Bulon, and they are booked out very quickly, especially in the high season. To date, you will not find any hotels on online platforms and rooms must therefore be requested directly.

You will not find any shopping facilities or ATMs on Koh Bulon. Remember to carry enough cash and buy everything you need for your vacation on the mainland.

Getting to Koh Bulon is possible by speedboat from Pak Bara Pier on the mainland or from the surrounding islands, such as Koh Mook, Koh Kradan and Koh Ngai. Departure times, prices and ticket sales can be found online at 12Go.Asia.


Koh Bulon – one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand


General information about Koh Bulon

Koh Bulon, also known as Ko Bulon Le, is an island in the south of Thailand and is located near Tarutao and Mu Ko Phetra National Parks. Pak Bara, the nearest major ferry port on the mainland is about 23 kilometers away. With a size of about 3 square kilometers, this islet is really tiny, and it takes just 20 minutes to walk from one end of the island to the other. Koh Bulon is partly covered by dense jungle, with beautiful white beaches on the east and south coasts and beautiful mangrove forests in the north-west. Cars and roads do not exist yet, only a footpath winds across the island, where along also small cozy accommodations, restaurants and a mini store are located.


Koh Bulon – A Paradise for Backpackers

Wow, what an island! Koh Bulone is an perfect postcard island! With its white sand, palm trees, turquoise blue water and one of the most beautiful beaches  in Thailand that island is an dream for backbacker – And the best is, that this island is still an insider tip! We had done lots of Island hopping in Thailand but Ko Bulon surprised us the most. If you are planning to see some of the best islands, you should definitely visit this beautiful place.

Beside the amazing beaches, also the water is perferct clear. Sometimes you can  see fish swarms with more than 100 fishes swimming around you and on  the land you can even see very huge lizard’s. With all this impressions, Ko Bulon became quickly our favorite of all islands in Thailand.

There is not realy much to do on this Island – probably that’s why it is also so special. Just hang around all day in a hammock and enjoy the idyll! It’s so nice just to strawl around the beaches, playing some games with friends and hanging out in one of the few beach bars. If you are looking for banana boat, goa parties or fancy cocktail bars you are definitely at the wrong place. There are just a handful of cute beach huts, small restaurants and quiet bars. nstead of air-conditioning you will find in the most bungalows ventilators and most of the showers are cold

There are no ATM’s on the island, so make sure you’ll have enough cash. Soon you are going to get a real Robinson Cruiso feeling. The ideal place to calm down and escape the hectic daily routine.

How to get to Koh Bulon?

The island of Koh Bulon is pretty small so it doesn’t have its own airport. Getting there can be arranged by speedboat transport from the main land or the neighboring islands. The nearest airport is in Trang or Hat Yai but you could also take a flight to Krabi. Speedboat are operating from Krabi, Phuket, Koh Lanta and Trang. For the timetables and to book your ticket you can check out 12Go.Asia . As soon as the ferry arrives at Ko Bulon, a long tail boat will come out to catch up the transfer passengers. (50 baht)

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Accommodations on Koh Bulon

There are just a few resorts and bungalows on Koh Bulon island. If you are traveling in the main season you should make a reservation to make sure you get a hotel room for the required period . We stayed at the Bulone Viewpoint Resort, which was a budget option and the only accommodation which offer online booking.

If you would like to stay in a middle class resort we recommend the Pansand Resort and the Bulon Resort. There are no luxury resorts until now 🙂


Conclusion: Koh Bulon is the true dream island in Thailand and if you are looking for peace, soft sandy beach and turquoise blue waters, then this islet is for sure the perfect place for you!

Find accommodation in South Thailand:

More about the islands around Koh Bulon:

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Porec, Croatia: An Expert Travel Guide!

The city Porec in Croatia is not only a beautiful coastal town, in summer it is also one of the most popular vacation destinations on the Istrian peninsula. A whole range of attractions awaits you during a visit! The most important places to see in Porec include the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Old Town, the harbor with the romantic waterfront and the countless idyllic beaches. Also the area around Porec is worth exploring, offering a wide range of unforgettable excursion destinations as well as a comprehensive offer of sports and leisure activities. In addition, the well-managed hotels, modern campsites and private apartments guarantee an unforgettable vacation in Porec!

In this travel guide we give you all the important information about Porec in Croatia. We will provide you with an overview of the most beautiful things to do and the most amazing beaches, show you the best pictures and tell you where to find recommended accommodation.

Good to know!

In Porec, countless picturesque bays await you, which are perfect for a beach vacation between May and October. Here you can find the most beautiful beaches in Porec, perfect for your next vacation.

Camping fans also love Porec, because some really great campsites have settled around the coastal town. A great highlight is Premium Camping Lanterna, a beautiful facility with pool area, lovely beaches and fantastic mobile homes.

From Porec you have the possibility to explore the most beautiful places and best attractions in Istria. Another reason why this resort is so popular!

A terrific selection of accommodations makes Porec a popular destination for a summer vacation in Istria. Really ingenious is Minella Residence, a delightful hotel-villa directly by the sea and with view of the old town!

General Information about Porec

The town of Porec, which has about 17,000 inhabitants, is one of the most important coastal towns in Istria, along with Rovinj and the port city Pula. Situated on a long, narrow peninsula and surrounded by an ancient city wall, the old town is a real jewel on the Adriatic. Also beautiful is the small offshore island of Sveti Nikola, which is located just a few hundred meters off the coast and dominates the townscape. Probably the most famous attraction of Porec is the beautiful Euphrasius Basilica, which has been added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The history of Porec as a tourist destination dates back to 1907 when the Austrian Riviera Company was founded in Istria. Today, the resort is a true paradise for sun-seeking beach vacationers. Here you will enjoy a unique mix of 2,000-year-old history, sightseeing, sports, entertainment and fantastic beaches, which are located along the coast lined with pine forests!


Things to do in Porec

In Porec there are quite a number of amazing things to do. Most of the attractions are located directly in the old town and can be easily explored by taking a city walk. But also the surrounding area of Porec is worth seeing and offers visitors many highlights! In order for you not to lose track, we have summarized the best things to do in Porec at a glance:

Waterfront and Harbor

A real gem in Porec is the long waterfront promenade. The so-called Lungomare Porec circles the entire old town and during a walk you can enjoy a fantastic ambience here. Especially the harbor scenery with the historic wall, the countless pastel colored town houses, the fabulous restaurants and cafes and the luxurious yachts is unique in Porec. In addition, this promenade connects the city center with the beautiful bays and beaches along the coast. The two beautiful green peninsulas Zelena Laguna and Plava Laguna are also connected to the old town of Porec via the sea promenade.

Main Square & Church Gospa od Andela

The main square, also known as Trg. Slobode is a popular place for cultural as well as other events, concerts and small festivals, especially in summer. It is located right at the beginning of the old town and important attractions are also in the immediate vicinity. Fantastic are also the cozy cafes on the square, where you can enjoy the unique and sometimes boisterous atmosphere.

The 18th century church Gospe od Andela is also located directly on the main square. It is the largest church in the city and thanks to its interesting paintings it is also worth seeing from the inside.

The main street Decumanus

Probably one of the most beautiful places to visit in Porec is Decumanus street, the promenade of the coastal town, which dates back to Roman times. Lined with countless stores and boutiques, this cobblestone street is a true shopper’s paradise. It begins in the east at the main square, Trg. Slobode, and leads visitors across the old town, past many historical attractions and buildings, such as the Pentagonal Tower and the Municipal Museum.

Basilica of Euphrasius

The most famous attraction of Porec is the Basilica of Euphrasius, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997 and is one of the most valuable cultural monuments of the port city. It is a bit hidden in a side street of the old town, just after the shopping street. The basilica was built in place of an oratory dating back to the 4th century and is now one of the most important sacred sites in Croatia. Many parts of the complex date back to the 6th century and are now open to the public as a museum. The highlights of this church include the ornate, very well-preserved mosaics and the column capitals, which can be viewed during a visit.

Tip: The view from the tower over the old town is also fantastic!

The Towers of Porec

The towers of Porec are another interesting attraction of the old town. There are still 3 towers left today from the fortifications which were built between the 12th and 16th centuries. The most famous tower is probably the Pentagonal Tower in the shopping street; on the top there is a lovely restaurant with a panoramic view. Also interesting is the Northern Tower from 1473 near the former city wall and the Round Tower near the harbor that scores with a terrace, including a really cool cocktail bar.

Matije Gupca Square

Matije Gupca, formerly called Piazza dei Signori, is one of the most beautiful squares in the old town and a popular meeting place for locals and tourists. Especially worth seeing here are the countless beautiful city palaces, such as the picturesque Venetian Zuccato Palace in Gothic and Baroque style. Unfortunately, the western facade of the square was destroyed in World War II, thus, today there is a small pretty park. You will also find a really cozy café there, where you can enjoy a cool drink and enjoy the picturesque old town scenery.

Park J. Dobrile

A jewel of the port city is the hidden park J. Dobrile. This small green area is located directly in the old town of Porec and enchants with an exceptionally romantic ambience. Interesting is also the Roman archway in the center of the square, which gives this place that certain something. Nearby is the bust of bishop Juraj Dobrila. Around the park there are some really good restaurants and also some cool boutiques.

Otok Sveti Nikola

The enchanting island of Sveti Nikola is located only 400 meters from Porec and can be reached by boat in just 5 minutes. During a walk on the island you can experience a real quiet island feeling, lush green pine forests, well-tended gardens and a variety of beaches. There is even a specially built sandy beach on Otok Sveti Nikola. The view of Porec that you can enjoy from the island is also phenomenal and a real highlight.

Sveti Nikola is part of the Isabella Valamar Collection Island Resort but can still be visited by non-hotel guests. A shuttle boat will take you to and from the island several times a day for a fee.

Romanesque House

One of the most interesting things to see in Porec is the Romanesque House in the old town. It dates back to the 13th century and is one of the oldest houses in the city. Located near the square Marafor, this popular photo motif can hardly be missed during a stroll through the city. Once there was a stable on the first floor and a large living room with a fireplace on the upper floor. Today, there is a small ethnographic exhibition on the 1st and 2nd floor.

Marafor Square

Somewhat hidden in the upper part of Porec is the small square Marafor. This was the forum in Roman times and on the edge of it were the two temples of Mars and Neptune, both built in the 1st century. Remains of the former temple complex have been preserved until today and can be visited free of charge.

The beaches in Porec

The beaches in Porec and its surroundings are also amazing and a real highlight. From white pebble beaches and clean rocky beaches to fine sandy beaches, everything is here. Many of these beaches even carry the Blue Flag, a seal for top cleanliness, water quality and facilities.

The most popular bathing resorts are located in the north of the city, on Lanterna and in the south on the peninsulas of Plava Laguna and Zelena Laguna. But also near the old town two beautiful beaches have been built along the promenade, perfect if you want to combine sightseeing with sunbathing and swimming.

Things to do around Porec

Not only Porec is worth seeing, also in the surroundings there are numerous possibilities for excursions and activities. Thanks to its good location, you can discover many of the most beautiful places of Istria from the resort. Here are the best attractions to visit near the coastal town.

Only 10 kilometers from Porec is Baredine Cave, the most beautiful stalactite cave in Istria with countless stalactites and stalagmites, where very interesting guided tours are offered.

Other coastal towns worth visiting near Porec are pretty Novigrad in the north, picturesque Vrsar in the south and not to forget the famous port town of Rovinj.

Other fun attractions are the aqua parks of Porec; Aquacolors Porec, which is only 4 kilometers away and Istralandia, which is 23 kilometers in the north.

The interior of Porec is also worth seeing as there are many beautiful mountain villages here. Particularly charming are Motovun, Grožnjan, Buje and Hum, which can be visited via a day trip.


Where to stay in Porec

In Porec Old Town, but also in the surrounding area and on the picturesque beaches, there is a great offer of accommodation. From fantastic hotels to private apartments and campsites, you can choose from a huge offer. If you’re looking for a recommended place to stay in Porec, we can share these accommodation tips with you…It’s worth a look!

  • Mobile Homes: The new Mobile Homes – Lanterna Premium Camping offer plenty of space, are very clean and are close to the sea. In general, the camping resort with its great facilities is highly recommended!
  • Apartment: The NEW RIVA LUXURY ONE – with sunny terrace & big garden is a nicely equipped apartment with a quiet terrace and in the best location. From here you can easily reach the beach and the center of Porec by foot.
  • Boutique Hotel Old Town: The Boutique Hotel Mauro is located in a historic building on the picturesque seafront and offers elegant rooms with a view of the Adriatic Sea.
  • 4-Star Hotel: The Hotel Parentium Plava Laguna is a modern 4-star hotel in a great location directly on the beach. The pool and garden area are also very beautiful and invite to relax. In addition, guests love the delicious breakfast.
  • 3-Star Hotel: The Minella Residence is a lovely 3-star hotel. Here you can enjoy the location directly by the sea, the view of the old town and the quiet setting. In addition, you can reach the city center in just a few minutes on foot.

Find the best Accommodation in Porec:

More about Istria:

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Krabi Town: Travel Guide & Best Attractions

The provincial capital Krabi Town in Thailand is with about 30,000 inhabitants one of the larger cities in the tourism region of Krabi. Famous for its authentic flair, Krabi Town is a popular stop for backpackers and individual travelers who are looking to discover Thailand’s highlights on their own. Here you will stroll through traditional markets, explore caves, visit small temples and enjoy an incredibly idyllic setting right on the Krabi River. Accommodations in Krabi Town are good and cheap, another reason why many long-term travelers appreciate this city so much. In addition, the town is also a perfect starting point for awesome activities and excursions.

In this post is a travel guide about the most beautiful sights and things to do in Krabi Town. In addition, there are useful tips and experiences around travel, day trips and hotels in Krabi city. And we will show you, why Krabi Town is absolutely worth a visit!

Good to know!

Krabi Town is not directly on the sea and so you won`t find any beaches here. However, the most beautiful beaches in Krabi are not far away and can be reached quickly and easily by bus, taxi or boat.

The most beautiful holiday resorts close to Krabi Town are the famous Railay Beach, Ao Nang Beach and the quiet Klong Muang Beach.

Krabi Town is an optimal starting point to explore the region and some of the best things to do in Krabi are just around the corner. Also this town is a fantastic kick-off for island hopping in Thailand.

General information about Krabi Town

First of all, Krabi Town is not a typical vacation spot. It is not located directly on the sea and has no private beach. Probably a reason why this place usually only serves as a stopover and thus was able to preserve much authenticity until today. Due to the proximity to the airport (13 kilometers), but also to the ferry, the town is a hub between the mainland and the beautiful island world of the Andaman Sea. However, very few people know that Krabi Town has some beautiful sights, and that the city is an ideal starting point for tours in the area.

In the city center you will find plenty of inexpensive restaurants, bars and cafes, authentic Thai markets, ATMs, excursion agencies and shopping possibilities. Especially individual travelers and backpackers appreciate the idyllic location and stay here longer.

The accommodations in the city are a great deal, much cheaper than at the famous beaches. In Krabi Town, for example, we can recommend the beautiful Boutique Hotel The Family Tree Hotel. As a cheap alternative but still awesome check out the Pak-Up Hostel.


Things to do in Krabi Town

A stay in Krabi Town is definitely worth it. In Town and around many amazing things are waiting to be done. We have summarized here the best attractions and activities in Krabi Town.

Krabi River

As already mentioned, Krabi Town is very beautifully situated next to the “Krabi River“, a river that flows just a few kilometers below the city into the sea. The waterfront is one of the most beautiful things to visit in Krabi Town and the crab statue has almost become the landmark of Krabi. Here the river ambience is really picturesque and invites you to take a stroll and linger. Already from the promenade you can see two about 100 meters high rocks, called Khao Khanap Nam, towering out of the river landscape.

If you have time, you should definitely rent a traditional long-tail boat there and drive through the mangrove forests to the Khao Khanab Nam Caves stalactite cave.

Wat Kaew Korawaram

Another beautiful attraction in Krabi Town is the Wat Kaew Korawaram, a Buddhist temple located on top of a small hill in the center. This white temple is one of the best temples in the city. Particularly striking here is the staircase with the many colorful snake sculptures. The entrance of this attraction is free and should not be missed on any walk through the old town of Krabi Town.

Khao Khanap Nam Cave

Khao Khanap Nam Cave is one of Krabi-Town’s hidden gems, located inside the striking rocks on the Krabi River, which are already beautifully visible from the pier. You can get there with one of the longtail boats for the harbour and the boat ride is really inexpensive. With a high chance you will see a few naughty monkeys there, hopping around just before the cave entrance. But also the cave itself is worth seeing and really impressive. Surely you will notice the huge and oversized skeletons. No worries, they are not real and only exhibition pieces of the Krabi Biennial.

Mangrove Walkway

The Krabi region is famous for its intact nature and the many mangrove forests. But very few people know that even in Krabi Town there is a mangrove forest to discover. At the Mangrove Walkway you walk about 400 meters into the mangroves on a 2-meter-high pathway. No matter if it’s high tide or low tide, this trail offers amazing insights into untouched nature, which is home to a variety of frogs, birds, crabs and even monitor lizards. You will find the entrance to the mangrove walkway at the height of the Grand Mansion Hotel on the main street of Krabi (Uttaradit Road).

Krabi Town Night Market & Walking Street

One of the best things to do in Krabi Town is a visit to one of the local traditional markets. Here you will enjoy an authentic Thai market life; you can do some shopping and taste the delicious regional food. There are several great markets and night markets in Krabi town:

  • Krabi Town Walking Street: The Walking Street is the weekend market of Krabi and takes place in the evenings from Friday to Sunday. This market is really popular and many tourists especially from Ao Nang come to visit this place. In addition to the typical souvenirs, there are also clothes and handicrafts to buy. Also the street food is delicious!
  • Fresh Food Market: Another interesting market is the Talad Sod, which takes place daily from 16:00 to 21:00. It is a day market where there are mainly vegetables and fresh fruits to buy. But also some very good food stalls can be found on site.
  • Chao Fah Night Market: A small night market which takes place daily from 18:00 to 24:00 on the waterfront. Here locals and tourists meet for a cheap dinner.

Tip: The food at the Samosa stand on the edge of the Talad Sod Market is really delicious. The owners are really welcoming and they love to chat about football.

Tiger Cave Temple

The Tiger Cave Temple is probably the most famous attraction of Krabi Town. This temple highlight is located just a bit outside the center and a visit to this spectacular area is highly recommended. Located on a limestone cliff in about 280 meters high, you have to master a sweaty ascent (1237 steps). After you will get rewarded with an excellent view over Krabi’s limestone rock landscape.

From Krabi Town to Railay Beach

If you’re already in Krabi Town, do not miss the world famous Railay Beach and nearby Phra Nang Beach. These beaches are on the list of the most beautiful beaches of Krabi and delight with a gorgeous backdrop, with the spectacular limestone walls and clear turquoise blue sea. Many spend their holidays on Railay and so you will find on this peninsula many wonderful hotels and bungalows.

But also a day trip from Krabi town to the dream beach is worth doing. Local longtail boats take you directly from the waterfront in 20 minutes from Krabi Town to Railay Beach.

Best Tours from Krabi Town

Due to the optimal location of Krabi Town you can do really awesome excursions in that area. For example, you can visit elephants in Krabi, or explore the fantastic islands of Krabi. Day trips are offered on site in various agencies and hotels.

If you value good recommendations and reviews then there are also online bookings on GetyourGuide. Here are our top tips for tours in the surrounding area of Krabi Town:

How do I get from Ao Nang to Krabi Town?

If you are staying in Ao Nang, then you should definitely visit Krabi Town for a day- or half day trip. Many visitors connect sightseeing with a visit to the famous night market. The cheapest way to get from Krabi Town to Ao Nang or from Ao Nang to Krabi Town is with the Songthaew, the red shared taxis. The ride on these local busses costs 50 baht per person and takes about 30 minutes. There are no fixed travel times, because Songthaews leave as soon as they are full. If you prefer a normal air-conditioned taxi, you can expect to pay around 300 Baht fare.

Of course, you can rent a scooter and drive on your own from Ao Nang to Krabi Town.

Getting to Krabi Town

Krabi Airport is located approximately 13 kilometers northeast of Krabi Town. Cheap flights from Bangkok to Krabi can be found online for example at Skyscanner. From the airport to Krabi town you will have to take either a taxi for 800 baht or the bus, which costs about 150 baht.

The nearest ferry terminal, Klong Jilad Pier, is about 4 kilometers south of Krabi Town. From here you can continue to Phuket and Koh Phi Phi. But also the ferry from Krabi to Koh Lanta or from Krabi to Koh Jum starts here.


Accommodations & Hotel Tips

In Krabi Town there is a really nice selection of cozy and cheap accommodations and hotels. We have put together our top hotel tips for where to stay in Krabi Town.

  • Hostel: The Pak-Up Hostel is one of the best backpacker hostels in Krabi Town. That  accommodation convinces with a perfect location right in the center and with very clean rooms.
  • Guest House: The Hello House is a small, centrally located property near the night market. Here you can expect simple but clean rooms for a great price.
  • Boutique Hotel: The Family Tree Hotel is a super chic and stylish hotel in the middle of Krabi Town. Great choice for a few nice days in the city!


Conclusion: If you want to discover not only beaches and islands during your trip through southern Thailand, then it is definitely worth spending a few days in Krabi Town and immersing yourself in the unique atmosphere of the city.

Find the best Accommodation in Krabi Town:

More about Krabi & Thailand:

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Top 10 Night Markets in Bangkok

Visiting a Night Market in Bangkok is an absolute must-do while staying at the capital of Thailand. They are not only a social gathering place for locals and an important part of Thai culture, but also many of these night markets in Bangkok have now become real landmarks. Typical Thai street food, hipster & vintage markets, stylish clothes and handmade souvenirs as well as antiques – all that and many more highlights can be found in the markets of Bangkok city. The selection is huge and certainly, because of a limited amount of time, not all of these can be visited. So now you might ask yourself “which night market in Bangkok should I visit?” and where are the must-go markets?

In this travel guide we will show you a list of the best night markets of Bangkok and which are currently the most popular ones! Additionally, you will get plenty of useful information about how to get there, opening hours, best places for shopping and good food.

Good to know!

When choosing a night market, you should plan before what you would like to experience. Besides the traditional street food markets, you will also find really cool vintage markets and modern night markets with fantastic restaurants and bars.

Simply incredible, but in Bangkok there are said to be over 40 night markets. A visit is one of the best things to do in Bangkok and absolutely worth it!

In general, the opening hours of these markets are from 5 pm to 1:00 am. Some night markets even close late in the early morning.

If you are still looking for where to stay in Bangkok, we can recommend the Amara Hotel with amazing infinity pool and for backpackers the lovely Fun Cafe and Hostel .


Asiatique the Riverfront

As a kind of shopping mall and night market mix, the Asiatique the Riverfront has nothing in common with a typical local Thai market. The location was artificially created only in 2012 and the pier and warehouses were modelled after ancient times. Nevertheless, it doesn`t mean that a visit is not less recommendable! The rather modern Bangkok night market is beautifully located right on the river and with a walk along the promenade you can enjoy a magnificent ambience. Inside the night market you will find plenty of street food and more than 40 restaurants from all over the world. Also, this night market is a fantastic place for shopping, finding great clothes and of course the popular Thailand souvenirs. The landmark of the market is the giant Ferris wheel, which offers a great view over Bangkok city.

Tip: Instead of taking a taxi, it is advisable to go there by boat. Experiencing Bangkok from the waterside is indescribably impressive and should not be missed. More info about the Asiatique can be found here: Asiatique the Riverfront in Bangkok

  • Opening times: The Asiatique opens its doors daily from 16:00 – 00:00 o’clock.
  • How to get there: Skytrain (Silam Route) to Saphan Taksin Station and continue with the free shuttle boat to Asiatique the Riverfront.

Chang Chui Plane Market

Those who love the extraordinary should definitely visit the Chang Chui night market. Here you can expect a lot of art, interesting galleries, retro design, vintage and hipster stuff but also some delicious street food places and very cool bars. A walk in the grounds will surprise you with huge sculptures and ingeniously creative stores made from recycled materials. The heart of the Chang Chui Plane Market and one of the best instagrammable places in Bangkok is an old aeroplane standing in the middle of the night market. It is a real eye-catcher and a great place for taking night markets pictures.

In the evening, the mainly young and stylish audience meets out in the Night zone, which serves delicious cocktails and various types of draft beer! Visitor don’t only come here for shopping – the unique location attracts the crowds and so you can spend a few pleasant hours just strolling around, eating good food and enjoying cool drinks.

Tip: Although this night market in Bangkok is also open on weekdays, we still recommend a visit at weekend from 18:00, since then all shops and bars are open.

  • Hours: From Monday to Sunday 11:00 – 23:00 o´clock – closed on Wednesday!
  • How to get there: The easiest way is to take a taxi to Chang Chui Plane Market. Another option is taking the bus 515 or bus 539.

 Train Night Market Ratchada (New Red Fai Market)

The Train Night Market Ratchada is just as you would imagine a night market and a must-go in Bangkok. Lots of bustle and hustle through the streets, incredibly choice of cheap Thai street food, loud music and a huge selection of stalls and shops. Here you will find really cool vintage clothing and retro things, but also hip fashion, accessories, bags and all kind of souvenirs. In addition to the eating mile there are countless delicious restaurants and the bar mile bait with great happy hour offers. The Ratchada Night Market is mainly popular for locals, but that does not mean that no tourists will mix with the audience. Don`t search for a train: The Train Market takes its name from the former train market, which has been closed for some time now.

More about this highly recommended night market and where to find the famous rooftop viewpoint, we’ll tell you here: Bangkok’s new Rod Fai Market

  • Opening Hours: The Train Night Market Ratchada is open daily (weekend and weekdays) from 17:00 to 01:00.
  • How to get there: Take the MRT to Thailand Cultural Center.

Khao San Road

Everyone knows the legendary Khao San Road: Backpackers settlement, nightlife district and night market all in one. The opinions about that place are quite different. It can be placed somewhere between “absolute tourist stupidity” and “a must see”. One thing is clear, this street is the most famous in town. After sunset, it gets really busy and and a tourist’s heart will find almost everything it desires. Fried insects, scorpionfish on spit, alcohol buckets, beer stalls, countless bars, restaurants, street food and somewhere in between foot massage parlours and souvenir stalls. The Khao San has a buzzing nightlife and backpackers, vacationers as well as locals mingling in the crowd every night. Loud music is played on every corner, and the later the night, the better the mood. There is always something going on at Khao San Road, you can see a lot, eat deliciously, shop or just have a drink and have a great evening out.

  • Opening Hours: Every day as soon as the evening starts.
  • Directions: If you do not live directly in the immediate vicinity of the Khao San Road, it is advisable to get there by taxi.

Chinatown Night Market (Yaowarat Road)

When visiting Yaowarat Road in Chinatown Bangkok after sunset, the road turns into a night market cooking street food like no other. Chefs cook in front of their customers and create amazing meals. Many of these exotic foods have never been seen before, and brave ones can taste their way through the food stalls. There are many yummy fruits, fresh juices, but also a variety of seafood and other, often unknown and rare Chinese delicacies. If you are up to try insects, sure you will might find this “delicacies” at this night market. The whole atmosphere is really unique and walking through this night market is an awesome experience. All the new scents, the hustle and bustle and the brightly lit billboards, which are already a real landmark of Chinatown, impress immensely.

All in all, the Chinatown is an absolutely must see in Bangkok.

  • Opening Hours: At night, the streets turn into a night market
  • How to get there: The nearest MRT station is Hua Lamphong. From there it takes about 15 minutes to walk to Yaowarat Road.

Neon Night Market (Talad Neon)

A real insider tip, and a quite popular night market in Bangkok, is the Neon Night Market, also known as Talad Neon or Downtown Night Market. It is located on Phetchaburi Road, near the Platinum Fashion Mall. Every evening, this trendy night market opens its doors and enchants visitors with colorful neon lighting, which provides a mega hip flair. The stores, which are lined up in shipping containers, are really cool and give this night market a very special look. Here you can shop until you trop, and find ingenious unique items, kitsch and curiosities. But there is also a huge selection of fashion, vintage clothing, shoes and homemade bags to admire. Fantastic and on top of that is the delicious street food and the cozy bars where you can enjoy the evening with a beer.

  • Opening hours: Neon Market is open daily from 17:00 to 01:00.
  • Directions: Take the BTS to Chit Lom Station or MRT to Phetchaburi Station.

Chatuchak Weekend Market (Friday Night Market)

Many already know the huge Chatuchak Weekend Market, which opens every Saturday and Sunday. However, did you know that every Friday there is a night market scheduled? Especially bargain hunters love the Chatuchak Friday Night market, as there are the products slightly cheaper than at the Chatuchak weekend market. This night market mainly sells clothing, vintage fashion, shoes, handbags and accessories. It opens quite late and starting from 22:00 clock it gets really crowded. Because the shops close at 3:00 in the morning, this Friday Night Market is the perfect place for late night shopping in Bangkok!

Tip: Nevertheless, we also recommend visiting the Weekend Market at Chatuchak!

  • Hours: Every Friday from 21:00 to 03:00
  • How to get there: BTS Mo Chit or MRT Chatuchak Park

Flower Market

Another great market experience is a visit to the Flower Market in Bangkok. It is not only a night market, it can be visited at any time of the day as well. This night market is located directly on the river and was in older times, probably because of its location, used as a fish market. Today, fresh flowers from all over the country are traded here. Countless colorful bouquets and temple gifts are braided inside the huge market halls. In addition, you will find numerous shops with exotic and fragrant flower bouquets in all variety of colors. In addition to the uncountable beautiful flowers, also the fruit and vegetable market is really worth a visit. Visiting this Bangkok Night Market is a fantastic opportunity to admire the colorful flowers and explore exotic fruits from Thailand.

  • Opening Hours: The Flower Market in Bangkok is open for 24 hours.
  • How to get there: Easy to reach by taxi or boat to Memorial Bridge or Yodpiman.

Patpong night market

Patpong night market is located near BTS Station Sala Daeng and is probably one of Bangkok’s best-known night markets. It is located near Silom Road and it is easily accessible by BTS or taxi. Bargain hunters beware: Here you will find everything that is fake! If you are looking for plagiarism, here is the place to go. Mainly they sell fake watches, T-shirts, sunglasses and handbags. All mixed with the usual tourist souvenir stuff. Although you can get some good deals here, haggling is a must do. Patpong is not only a night market, it is also a popular nightlife area. In addition to a handful of GoGo bars you will find some restaurants and pubs, from where you can watch what’s going on. Patpong is one of the best-known night markets in Bangkok and a short trip can be quite interesting.

  • Hours: The Patpong Night Market is open daily from Monday to Sunday from 17:00 to 0:00.
  • Directions: BTS Station Sala Daeng

Rod Fai Night Market (Srinakarin)

Srinakarin’s Rod Fai Night Market is actually the big brother of the Train Night Market Ratchada and is known for being one of the biggest night markets in Bangkok. The entire market area is much larger and also the shopping possibilities are a bit better than in the Ratchada market. The only drawback is that this night market is a bit away from the path and you need long for getting there. Here you will find a lot of rarities, vintage cars and cool retro clothes but also good food and some bars. We recommend planning a visit to this night market on the weekend. A great place for all, who are looking for really unusual things to buy.

  • Opening Hours: The Rod Fai Night Market is open Thursday through Sunday from 17:00 to 01:00.
  • How to get there: By taxi to Srinakarin Soi 51, just behind the Seacon Square shopping center.

Find the best Hotels & Accommodation in Bangkok:

More about Bangkok:

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Sukošan, Croatia: Travel Guide!

Sukošan is a charming town in Croatia and a really popular vacation destination in the Zadar region during the summer months. This coastal town attracts visitors with a picturesque old town, where historic buildings and churches are hidden and a romantic waterfront promenade has good restaurants and small cafes to offer. On top of that there are the numerous beautiful beaches that make a beach vacation perfect. Also the surroundings of Sukošan are very interesting and, thanks to the proximity to Zadar and 5 national parks, have a lot to offer. Superb for everyone who wants to go on unforgettable excursions during their vacation!

In this travel guide we give you all the important information on a visit to Sukošan in Croatia. In addition, we show you wonderful pictures, the most exciting things to do, give excursions tips and tell you where you can find the best places to stay in Sukosan.

Good to know!

During a vacation in Sukošan you have the opportunity to visit the old town of Zadar, which is only 12 kilometers away. By public bus or by car, the famous cultural city can be reached in a short time.

The terrific selection of accommodations directly near the beach makes Sukošan a popular beach-destination in Croatia. For example, the small and quiet Hotel Belvedere, beautifully located directly by the sea, is really ingenious.

Thanks to the optimal location, there are plenty of things to do in the area around Sukošan. Here you will find a comprehensive selection of the best day trips in Zadar region and its surroundings.

General information about Sukosan

Sukošan is located in the Dalmatian region, about 12 kilometers south of the city Zadar and 1 kilometer south of the resort Bibinje. This place is mainly known for its countless romantic beaches, which are lined up along the 4-kilometer-long coast. In addition, Sukosan has a really pretty old town center with fantastic restaurants, quaint taverns and cozy cafes, which invite to linger and to have a stroll. For those who like to get active, there’s the possibility to engage in many exciting activities such as diving, surfing, jogging, sailing, kayaking, cycling and even rafting tours nearby.

The 3,000 inhabitants of Sukošan mostly make a living of tourism. The beginning of tourism dates back to the 1920s. Today, more than 3,000 beds are offered here in comfortable apartments and small hotels. Campsites, such as Camp Punta and Camp Malenica have also settled in this region. Nevertheless, this resort has retained its rustic charm and huge hotel buildings and mass tourism can’t be found here.


Things to do in Sukosan

Sukosan has a wide range of leisure activities to offer. Whether sports, sightseeing or excursions, there is certainly something exciting for everyone. Among the most important attractions of Sukosan are the small old town, the imposing Marina Dalmacija and of course the countless beautiful beaches along the approximately 5 kilometers of coastline. Here is a summary of everything worth seeing and the most beautiful attractions at a glance:

The Old Town

The small dreamy old town of Sukosan is one of the best attractions of the harbor town. Walking through the old town center, you will discover small hidden alleys, romantic squares, typical Dalmatian stone houses and countless churches. Especially beautiful is the church of St. Kasijan, decorated with elements from the Romantic and Baroque periods. Also worth seeing is the small church of the Merciful Madonna from 1650, which was dedicated to St. Virgin Mary as a thanks that people have been spared by the plague.

Another interesting attraction is the town gate Gornja Vrata from 1470, which was part of a former fortification and today it is an important testimony of the long history of Sukosan.

Waterfront Promenade

The picturesque waterfront is one more reason why Sukosan is so beautiful and popular. Together with the old town, it forms the tourist center of the village and invites to go on long walks along the coast. In the high season, there are also some fondly decorated stalls selling homemade souvenirs and Croatian delicacies.

Fantastic are also the good restaurants and cozy cafes along the promenade, where you can taste Dalmatian specialties in a unique setting.

Archbishop’s Summer Residence Palac

An interesting place to see in Sukosan is the Archbishop’s Summer Residence Palac from the 15th century. It was built on an island in the middle of the bay. Today, only a ruin rises out of the turquoise sea, providing the historical attraction with a very special flair. You can visit this former residence by boat or kayak. Interesting is the coat of arms of Archbishop Zmajeviċ, which is considered an example of the outstanding heraldic art of Croatia.

Marina Dalmacija

The Marina Dalmacija is another attraction worth seeing in Sukosan. It is one of the largest marinas in whole Croatia. Located in the north of the resort, it connects the two towns of Sukošan and Bibinje. Even non-nautical people can visit Marina Dalmacija for a small entrance fee! Interesting here are the countless boats and the gorgeous luxury yachts; the beautifully landscaped pebble beach is perfect to go for a swim. Cozy beach clubs and classy stores also provide an exclusive ambience.


The beautiful beaches in Sukosan

The beautiful beaches in Sukosan make this resort a really popular bathing destination. On a coastline of about 5 kilometers, there are countless pretty bays, which are ideal for a vacation by the sea. Most of the beaches are fine pebble beaches, but some of them are even sandy beaches with beautiful sea colors and perfect cleanliness.

Djecji Raj Beach (The Children’s Paradise)

One of the most popular beaches in Sukosan is Djecji Raj, also named the “Children’s Paradise”. This long dream bay is popular for its fine pebble beach, which partly turns into a sandy beach in the sea. The waters shine in the most beautiful colors and it’s also quite shallow, which especially families with children appreciate.

Tip: Directly behind the beach in the best location are the Apartments Children’s Paradise, a real insider tip for a vacation in Sukosan!

Makarska Beach

Makarska Beach is a really beautiful beach. It probably got its name from the cozy beach bar, which is located right behind the beach and is a popular meeting place for locals as well as tourists. While swimming, you will enjoy a beautifully landscaped and very clean pebble beach, which also delights with wonderful sea colors.

Soline Beach

The Soline beach is a newly built beach section in the south of Sukosan. Here you will find a very quiet pebble beach, which convinces above all with a relaxed atmosphere and fantastic sea quality. Almost only apartment guests swim at this beach, giving the whole experience a private atmosphere.

Zlatna Luka Beach

One of the most famous beaches in Sukosan is Zlatna Luka beach, often known as the Gold Beach. This long pebble bay is located at the upper end of the town and is popular with vacationers and locals alike. The green sunbathing lawn and the countless trees directly on the beach, which provide cool shade on summer days, are also pretty.

Things to do near Sukosan

Not only Sukosan is fantastic, also in the surroundings there are a lot of interesting places to discover. We have summarized the most beautiful excursions for you at a glance:

Only about 12 kilometers from Sukosan is the famous old town of Zadar. During a visit to this approximately 3,000-year-old city, you can explore countless interesting attractions, such as the famous sea organ and the Roman forum.

Also worth seeing is Krka National Park with its gigantic waterfalls, located only 70 kilometers from Sukosan.

Excursions to the offshore islands of Sukosan are also very popular. A visit to the beautiful Kornati Islands and the picturesque Telascica Nature Park on the island of Dugi Otok is highly recommended.


Where to stay in Sukosan

In Sukosan you can find a fantastic offer of accommodations. Many of them are even located directly by the sea. These are mainly privately run apartments, small hotels and guesthouses. If you are looking for a great accommodation in Sukosan, we can give you these accommodation tips on the way… It’s worth a look!

  • Hotel: The Hotel Belvedere is a small, very charming accommodation right by the sea. Guests also appreciate the delicious breakfast and the uniquely good service!
  • Apartments with pool: The modern apartments of Villa Olive Garden are very quiet and yet you are on the beach in about 200 meters. The pool is also a highlight!
  • Apartments in a great location: The Feel Good Apartments amaze their guests with beautiful, clean apartments in a great location. Two lovely beaches are just around the corner and from the terrace you can enjoy a fantastic view of the sea.

Find the best Accommodation in Sukosan:

More about Zadar area:

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Sibenik in Croatia: Best Attractions & Beaches

Sibenik in Croatia is a true jewel on the Croatian Adriatic and one of the most interesting cities on the Dalmatian coast. During a holiday, there are so many things to do and you will enjoy the indescribably beautiful ambience of the medieval old town. You walk through winding stone streets and discover wonderful attractions, such as the UNESCO World Heritage Site – the Sibenik Cathedral of St. James. Above the 44,000-inhabitant city, there are old fortresses which offer visitors a wonderful view over the sheltered bay. But also having a nice swim is possible in Sibenik, and so you can find some beautiful beaches for swimming and relaxing around the city. Perfect for a memorable holiday or short city tour.

This post is a complete travel guide for Sibenik in Croatia. Here we show why you have to visit Sibenik, what are the best things to do and where are the best beaches. Additionally, we give plenty of information, recommendations and insider tips about how many days to stay, parking and the best accommodations.

Good to know!

The most beautiful beaches in Sibenik can be found around the vacation resort Amadria Park, located a bit south of the old town. Here you will also find amazing hotels like the fantastic Amadria Park Jure Hotel with pools, water park and beach club.

Parking in Sibenik, especially around the old town, is very limited. However, you can park cheaply at the parking lot “City Parking”. This one is even free in the off-season!

A visit to the cathedral and the 4 fortresses are the most beautiful things to do in Sibenik. If you would like to visit them inside, you should inform yourself about the cheap combined tickets!

Backpackers also get their money’s worth in Sibenik! Especially cool is the Hostel Sv. Lovre in the heart of the old town and with a great view from the terrace.

General information about Sibenik

The approximately 46,000-inhabitant city of Sibenik is located in the Sibenik-Knin County, and is located only about 30 kilometers from Primosten and 15 kilometers from Vodice. Not far from the city flows the Krka River, an impressive river that is most famous for its Krka National Park. In addition, Sibenik is considered one of the best starting points for boat trips to the amazing islands of the Kornati National Park.

Sibenik is especially known for its charming, car-free old town, which was built up a hill and with more than 2,800 steps is also known as the City of Stairs. Among the most important attractions of Sibenik are the Cathedral of St. Jacob and the 4 fortresses of the Venetian defense system, which have even been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sibenik has also become really popular as a vacation resort in summer. Thanks to the beautiful Amadria Park resort, the many fantastic hotels, apartments and campsites, more and more visitors are drawn to this wonderful region. Perfect for those who want to combine sightseeing and beach vacation.


Best Things to do in Sibenik

Sibenik offers, as the oldest city on the Adriatic, many amazing things to do and places to see. Many of them are located directly inside the picturesque old town, but there are also many places to visit in the surrounding area. So that you won`t lose track during your holidays, here the best attractions and activities of Sibenik at a glance:

Sibenik Cathedral (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Since 2000, the Sibenik Cathedral of St. James has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also the most famous attraction in Sibenik. This white masterpiece shines with hundreds of details and is beautiful both from the outside and inside. The entire cathedral was built over nearly one hundred years, from 1431 to 1535, and is completely made of stone, including limestone and marble from the island of Brac. Especially worth seeing are the numerous magnificent sculptures on the outer facade, and according to legend, architects have also immortalized themselves in some of the stone bourgeois heads.

The cathedral is the heart of the historic old town and a visit to this wonderful attraction is a must do of every trip to Sibenik.

Main Square Trg Republice & Town Loggia

Other highlights of the city and probably one of the most important sights of Sibenik are the Republic Square, the Trg Republice, and the City Loggia. These attractions are right next to the famous Sibenik Cathedral and for sure you will be amazed by its magnificent façade and many details. The builder of the cathedral, Mr. Juraj Damatinac, is immortalized in the form of the statue on Trg Republice.

The city loggia itself was built from 1533 to 1542 and was once the seat of the city government. Today you can sit in one of the cozy cafés and enjoy the delightful ambience of the old town.

Church Sveti Barbara

Just behind the cathedral hides the Church Sveti Barbara, another interesting place to visit in Sibenik. This Gothic church is currently no longer used as a church but now as a city museum. Particularly beautiful is the outer facade with the big clock and the Statue of St. Nicholas, which is back from the year 1430.

Explore the Old Town & the Narrow Streets

A walk through the narrow streets is one of the best things to do in Sibenik. No wonder that many of the famous Game of Thrones scenes where filmed there. Just get lost and explore the most beautiful corners and squares of the city on your own. The old town is not overly large, and so you can hardly get lost. If you like, you can shop in the many small boutiques and treat yourself to a delicious Croatian coffee in one of the many beautiful coffee houses. As a small highlight you will discover the beautiful St. Mary in Cave– a small cave under the Lawrence Church & Monastery on the way up to the fortress St. Michael. Furthermore, there are many interesting galleries and museums in the old town, and even a small aquarium hides in one of the many side streets.

Tip: If you want to stay right inside the old town, then we can recommend the Heritage Hotel King Kresimir, a wonderful boutique hotel in a unique location. For backpackers the Hostel Sv. Lovre is recommended for a cheap stay in the city center.

Monastery of St. Lawrence & Garden

Another must visit in Sibenik and a hidden gem is the beautiful garden of the Monastery of St. Lawrence. This Mediterranean oasis is tucked away in the middle of the old town, on the way to the St. Michael fortress. For almost 100 years, this magical place was forgotten and was just reopened in 2007. A walk through the medieval gardens reveals a magnificent flora, many medicinal plants and a beautiful fountain.

Tip: In the café next door you can enjoy this wonderful atmosphere with coffee and cake while listening to wonderful music.

St. Michael`s Fortress

The St. Michael`s Fortress is one of the highlights and major attractions of Sibenik’s Old Town. Built in the 11th century, it is the oldest fortress in the city. Due to the proximity to the city center, a visit can be optimally combined with a city walk. At the top of the castle is an outdoor stage, where a variety of cultural events take place during the season. Walking along the high walls is a must do, because from there are the best views of the old town.

Barone Fortress

Another important fortress in Sibenik is the Barone Fortress, the Tvrđava Barons. It is only a few minutes’ walk from the St. Johns`s Fort and is open for visits. From the top you have probably the best view of Sibenik, the deep blue sea and the fortress St. Michael. Also the St. John`s Fort (Tvrđava sv. Ivana) towers over the old town of Sibenik. It was built in the 16th century and is located about 110 meters above the city. A short walk leads from Barone Fortress to St. John Fortress. This fortress is currently being renovated and therefore it cannot be visited until further notice.

Sibenik Lookout Platform

Another highlight and a real insider tip for Sibenik is the viewing platform situated on the western coast. It is located at the promenade next to the Banj city beach, about 800 meters from the old town. From here you have almost magical views of the city. In addition, this spot is a popular meeting point to admire Sibenik at sunset and at night. Many make their best holiday pictures here.

Tip: Near the platform, just a short distance from Banj beach and the old town is the Apartment Ledunis. A really great place to stay with free parking, near to the beach and the old town.

Dalmatian Ethno Village

A bit outside of Sibenik, at the Amadria Park (Hotel Solaris) is the Dalmatian Ethno Village. As a kind of open-air museum with restaurants, it shows a local’s life from more than 100 years ago. You walk through a seemingly traditional Croatian village and get an insight into the regional cuisine. In each of the pretty stone houses various Croatian specialties are prepared. A lovely attraction, best to visit for lunch or for dinner.

Tip: The entrance to the Ethno village is free, but the food prices are in a higher segment.

St. Nicholas Fortress

The St. Nicholas Fortress (Tvrđava sv. Nikola) is one of the 4 famous fortresses in Sibenik. But this one is located directly in the sea. Built in the 16th century at the entrance to the St. Anthony’s Canal, it served to defend the city from the seaside. Since 2017, St. Nicholas Fortress has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Although it is connected by a small foot path to the mainland you won`t get inside the fort.

Tipp: To visit the fortress from the inside, you have to go by boat from Sibenik.

Canal Sveti Ante

The town of Sibenik is situated in a sheltered bay and connected to the open sea by the picturesque and narrowly winding Canal Sv. Ante. An absolute must do is a visit to the nature reserve and to hike the trail along the canal. During a walk you can enjoy a magnificent view of the old town of Sibenik, the deep blue sea and the high cliffs of the nature park. If you stay in Sibenik, you should not miss this lovely tour.

Pubs, Cafes & Nightlife

In Summer the nightlife in Sibenik takes place in the cafes and bars of the Old Town. Between the narrow streets and at the many squares there are plenty of cozy cafes and cool bars. Here locals and tourists alike cavort and enjoy the wonderful evenings. A really cool and very special bar for having a drink is the Azimut, located right on the harbor promenade. During the day you can sit outside on the promenade and enjoy the sun, in the evening you can party inside the iconic vaulted cellar.


Beaches in Sibenik

If you want to go for a swim, you will find some wonderful beaches in and around Sibenik. The most famous beaches are the City Beach Banj, a wonderful pebble beach with picturesque views of the old town, and the wonderful beaches of Amadria Park. Here are our tips for where to swim in Sibenik.

Beach Banj

The Beach Banj is the city beach and at the same time most famous beach of Sibenik. It is located about one kilometer from the old town and is popular for both locals and tourists. While bathing in the crystal-clear sea you can always enjoy a wonderful ambience with the city as a backdrop. There is also a nice café for having drinks and coffee.

Beaches of Amadria Park & ​​Solaris Hotel

The coves in the Amadria Park in Solaris are among the most beautiful beaches in Sibenik. On a length of about 4 kilometers one can expect several beautifully designed bathing places, partly as sandy beach, partly as a pebble beach. Although the beaches belong to the huge hotel complex, non-hotel guests can also come here for a swim.

In addition to the beautiful beaches, the Amadria Park near Sibenik offers a lot of entertainment options, such as the En Vogue Beach Club, the Galija Explorer pirate ship, the water park Dalmatia Aquapark, mini golf, cafes and restaurants.

Especially beautiful is the Solaris beach, also called White Beach, located at the beautiful Amadria Park Jure Hotel. It is the main beach of Amadria Park in Solaris. Here, the sand is really bright and fine and so the beach has been chosen several times as one of the most beautiful beaches in the region.

Another top beach is the Amadria Park Ivan beach, which is just a short distance from the main beach. Again, you can enjoy a wonderful beach atmosphere and crystal-clear sea water.


Excursions & Things to do around Sibenik

But also the area around has many attractions to offer and so is Sibenik the perfect spot for excursions. Due to the central location of the city you are within a short drive at some of the best highlights in Croatia. Not only the famous Krka waterfalls are nearby, but also the beautiful Kornati islands and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as Trogir and Split, are not far from Sibenik. Here is a list of the most beautiful things to do near Sibenik:

  • Trogir: The UNESCO World Heritage Site Trogir is a popular tourist destination in the area. This historic city is approximately 46 kilometers away and offers some really interesting sights in the old town.
  • Primosten: Also beautiful is a trip from Sibenik to Primosten. The pretty town is only about 28 kilometers away and impresses with a beautiful old town and amazing beaches.
  • Kornati Islands: A boat trip from Sibenik to the beautiful Kornati Islands, a national park of 89 islands and islets, is also highly recommended. On a boat tour you marvel at a beautiful island world and the intact ecosystem.
  • Krka Waterfalls: Only 18 kilometers away is the Krka National Park with its spectacular Krka waterfalls. Here you can hike through an unique ecosystem and even have a swim at the rushing waterfall.
  • Zadar: Another highlight in the area is the old town of Zadar. It is located about 90 kilometers away and impresses with the famous Sea Organ whose sounds are generated by the waves of the ocean.
  • Split: Also worth a visit is the world famous old town of Split. The Diocletian’s Palace and the medieval Split are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the highlights of this port city. From Sibenik to Split it is about 90 kilometers.


Best places to stay in Sibenik

For a holiday in Sibenik great accommodations are waiting for you. Whether hotel on the beach, boutique hotel in the old town or private apartments or hostel for backpackers – here everyone will find their perfect place to stay. Here are the top recommendations for our the best accommodations in Sibenik:

  • Heritage Hotel (Old Town): The Heritage Hotel King Kresimir – Adults only is the ultimate hotel for a very special stay in Sibenik. Here you sleep in a beautiful boutique hotel in the heart of the old town.
  • Family Hotel (Beach): The Amadria Park Jakov is the perfect choice for families. Perfect to combine beach holidays with sightseeing. The hotel is located just outside the city and offers beautiful beaches and great entertainment.
  • Apartment with parking (Beach&Old Town): Another top pic ist the beautiful Apartment Ledunis. The new apartments have free parking and the old town and Banj beach are reachable within walking distance.
  • Hostel for backpackers (Old Town): The Hostel Sv. Lovre is one of the best hostels in the city.


Conclusion: Sibenik fascinates with wonderful things to do, an extremely authentic and picturesque old town, the pretty squares and churches, and a beautiful harbor front. In addition, there are plenty of attractions in the area of ​​the city and so Sibenik is the perfect starting point to discover some of the most important highlights of Croatia. But also the beautiful beaches invite for a jump in the cool water.

Find the best Accommodations & Hotels in Sibenik:

More about Croatia:

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The 7 Best Beaches in Vrsar

The beautiful beaches in Vrsar make this resort a really popular vacation destination in Croatia. Situated on the picturesque west coast of Istria, beach vacationers can enjoy a whole variety of enchanting bays, which delight with dreamlike sea colors and a relaxed ambience. Most of these beaches even got the “Blue Flag”, an award for the best water quality, cleanliness and great facilities. But where are the best beaches in Vrsar, which bathing spots are particularly suitable for children and where are the best nudist beaches?

In this guide we present a fantastic selection of the best beaches in Vrsar. In addition, there are lots of useful tips and information that are guaranteed to help you plan your perfect beach vacation!


City Beach Orsera

One of the most popular beaches in Vrsar is the city beach Orsera. Situated in a beautiful natural park, it is a mix of pebble, concrete and rocky beach that convinces with cleanliness and the best facilities. Also inviting is the lovingly landscaped green lawn behind the beach, which guarantees enough space for everyone. Along the picturesque bay there are also large pine trees that provide cool shade on hot summer days. For children, Orsera beach offers a small playground and a slide.

Furthermore, in this beach section is the Triton Diving Center, a professionally managed diving center that offers courses and also diving excursions. The picturesque old town with shopping facilities, cafes, restaurants and accommodations is only about 500 meters away and can thus be easily reached via a walk.

Tip: The new Romana Dream Apartments are an excellent choice for a vacation in Vrsar. Beautifully situated at the harbor and not far from the beach, you’ll stay here in a perfect location.

Porto Sole Beach

Another highlight among the most beautiful beaches of Vrsar is Plaza Porto Sole. This beach is located in the campsite of the same name Porto Sole, but is also freely accessible to non-guests. On a length of almost one kilometer you can enjoy a beautiful bay with the most magnificent turquoise-blue sea colors, surrounded by fragrant pine forests. The water of this dream bay is crystal clear and is also ideal for snorkeling.

Porto Sole Beach is a mix of concrete and pebble beach. Even in the high season it is relatively quiet and just perfect to relax. Behind the bay is a really cozy beach bar, which invites to linger and soak in the beautiful sea views.

Beach Resort Petalon

Petalon Beach is part of the Petalon Resort and is located near Porto Sole campsite, south of the old town. This beautifully landscaped pebble beach also has concreted sunbathing areas and rocky beach sections at the edge of the bay. Thanks to its sheltered position, the water here is particularly calm and clear. The sea also slopes gently, which is appreciated especially by families with children and the elderly. In particular vacationers who love peace and quiet will enjoy this beach.

There is relatively little natural shade here, but sun loungers and umbrellas are available for rent. Resort guests can also enjoy the beautiful pool area.

Tip: The Resort Petalon is a terrific hotel for a beach vacation in Vrsar. The location of this resort is just perfect, where you can overlook the sea and it’s only a few steps to the beach.

Beach Naturist Park Koversada

Probably the most beautiful naturist beaches in Vrsar are located in the Naturist Park Koversada. This is a really idyllic nudist campsite, where guests will find countless small quiet coves and places for relaxed bathing. The beaches there are a mix of rock and pebble beaches, beautifully embedded in nature. Naturists especially appreciate the quiet scenery and the casual flair.

The turquoise colors of the sea and the crystal-clear water, which invite to snorkel and swim, are really dreamlike at Koversada beach. Also beautiful is the greenery and the countless trees in the area, which provide wonderful natural shade.

Tip: On the nudist beach Koversada we recommend the new, super-equipped mobile homes in the best location!

Belvedere Beach

A beautiful beach and, on top of that, fantastic for a vacation in Vrsar is Belvedere Beach in a quiet location, a little south of the old town. Unique here are the blue sea colors, which provide a fabulous contrast to the fine, light pebble beach. While swimming, you can also enjoy a fantastic view of the small offshore island, Otok Sveti Juraj, which can be easily reached by kayak or SUP. Also inviting are the green sunbathing lawn and the picturesque shore promenade, which guarantee relaxing hours by the sea.

Tip: Just behind Belvedere Beach is the same named Belvedere Resort, a sea-side hotel with wonderful apartments, which delights its guests with beautiful pool facilities and a fantastic beach location.

Nudist Beach on Koversada Island

On the small island Otocic Koversada there are some more picturesque nudist beaches. This island is located in the nudist vacation resort Koversada and is a real insider tip among naturists and nudist fans. Here you can enjoy really idyllic island flair, fantastic sea colors and dense pine forests. A small beach bar and a good fish restaurant provide for physical well-being and refreshments.

The small nudist island can be easily reached on foot thanks to a bridge. Accommodations are available not far from the island in the nudist resort Koversada. Especially the new mobile homes are recommended.

Valkanela Beach

The Beach Valkanela is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches of Vrsar. It is located in the campsite Valkanela in the north of the resort, on the border of Funtana. This long pebble bay fascinates above all with really idyllic scenery and inviting rocky plateaus with green and partly shady sunbathing areas. The entire complex is very well maintained, extremely clean and has everything you need for a successful beach vacation. Several restaurants and beach bars provide refreshments and food, and water sports such as jet skiing and a bouncy castle are also offered.

However, this beautiful long stretch of beach is not only a jewel for swimmers; you can also go jogging along the promenade, relax in the park or just go for a walk.

Tip: Lovely here are the deluxe mobile homes, which are equipped with whirlpool on the terrace.

Find the best Accommdation in Vrsar:

More about Istria:

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