The 10 Best Beaches in Koh Lanta

The 10 Best Beaches in Koh Lanta


Koh Lanta is located on Thailand’s West Coast and its long sandy beaches make this destination a true holiday paradise for beach lovers and peace seekers. On this quiet island you will find a high range of beautiful bays and breath-taking beaches which are wonderful for swimming, snorkelling or just relaxing. In the north of the island, you will find long white sand beaches which are fantastic for long beach walks. The magnificent beaches in the south are real eye-catchers and still relatively untouched and very quiet. It’s not without reason that backpackers as well as individual travellers are thrilled about this charming island. The hippie feeling, and quiet beaches are the reason why many of them come back. You are looking for the best beach to stay in Koh Lanta and you want to know where the best beaches are?

The beaches of Koh Lanta are lined up all along the west coast of the island and especially the bays at the end of the island are really awesome. Here is our guide of the top beaches of Koh Lanta, listed from the north to the south of the island:


Long Beach – Phra Ae

Long Beach, also named Phra Ae, is probably the most famous beach at Koh Lanta. This beach is  kilometres long and so the longest on the island. Here you will find a large number of different accommodations, from simple bungalows and beach huts to nice hotels, some beach bars and restaurants. Although this beach is really popular, it is never crowded, due to its length. On hot days you will find cool shades at the pine forests along the coast. Whether its low tide or high tide, the Long Beach is always a good choice for swimming.

Relax Beach

Relax Beach, or also called Relax Bay, is certainly one of the top beaches at Koh Lanta and still an insider tip. Here you can enjoy the real hippie flair and somehow the small bay makes you feel a bit secluded from the rest of the island. Here you will find really soft sand and beautiful crystal-clear water. During the day there is hardly anything going on and therefore the beach is a fantastic place to chill and relax. The Relax Beach is one of the best beaches to stay at Koh Lanta and also families with small kids will love this place. Here, you will find some simple bungalows and there is also a new great mid-range hotel, which we highly recommend.

Klong Khong Beach

The beautiful Klong Khong Beach is a 3 kilometer long soft sandy beach in the middle of Koh Lanta. The beach is located in the middle part of the island and is also a good starting point for scooter tours around the island. The only drawback is, that at low tide, the beach is rather stony which makes swimming difficult. At high tide, when the water almost reaches the small eateries this beach is really worth a visit. Also, this beach is a great choice to stay for backpackers. Here you will still find some cheap accommodations and basic huts.

Klong Nin Beach

The Klong Nin Beach is another long sand beach and is also known to be one of the best beaches of Koh Lanta. Especially in the late afternoon the flair is really charming. Then the small colourful beach bars are the best place to watch the sunset. By the way, Koh Lantas sunsets are amazingly beautiful and one of the island’s highlights. Also, here you will find great accommodations, mostly in the cheaper price range and some good restaurants and bars. In addition, the Klong Nin Beach is a great starting point for scooter tours to the beaches of the north as well as the south of Koh Lanta.

Nui Beach

The Nui Beach is a small, beautiful bay that is situated at the south of Koh Lanta. Although you will find crystal-clear and turquoise-blue water there are always just a handful of tourists at this beach. You have  an amazing view from the Diamond Cliff Beach Resort – that’s why some people call this beach “Diamond Beach“. The Nui Beach offers great photo opportunities and stands out completely from the long sandy beaches of the north. This makes it one of the most beautiful beaches on Koh Lanta.

Kantiang Bay

Kantiang Beach is absolutely amazing. Here you will find an incredibly beautiful beach scenery, and there’s a reason this gem is regularly mentioned among the best beaches in Thailand. The white sand beach stretches over a length of 2 kilometres and the colour of the sea is just unique. Also, here you won`t find the crowds, and so you often have this dream beach almost to yourself.

Our tip: The viewpoint from the restaurants on the coastal road to the south offers incredible view of Kantiang Beach.

The accommodations on Kantiang Beach are a little more expensive and also, the luxurious Pimalai Resort has settled down here.

Nui Bay

The Nui Bay, not to be mixed up with Nui Beach, is a small bay almost in the very south of Koh Lanta. Here you will find no accommodations and there is only a single small hippie bar that provides cosy hammocks and a little shade. This secret beach is still an insider tip in Koh Lanta and through its pristine landscape, this beach is a highlight of the island.

Klong Jark Beach

Klong Jark Beach surprised us a lot. One of the most beautiful beaches on the island and still nothing going on. Here you can really relax. Also, you can do some snorkelling and it is a great spot for swimming too. Not far from Klong Jark Beach you should also explore the Klong Jark Waterfall and a cave that can be reached by jungle hike. If you like it quiet, for sure the Klong Jark Beach is a great place to stay in Koh Lanta.

Bamboo Bay

The Bamboo Bay is the last beach before you come to the National Park. This jewel is still untouched and here you will find a beautiful white sand beach surrounded by the deep jungle. If you like spending your holiday lonelier and quieter, this is just the right place for you. Here, at the end of the island, you almost feel a bit secluded and above all peace seekers love this little paradise. Really nice is the Lalaanta Hideaway, a perfect place to relax.

Koh Lanta Lighthouse (Ta Naoad Beach)

At the southern tip of the island, next to the Koh Lanta Lighthouse, you will find the beautiful Ta Naoad Beach – the National Park Beach. The beach is part of the national park and so it’s very clean and very untouched. If you plan a trip inside the park, then you will inevitably pass this natural gem. Do not forget your swimwear!

That was our guide of the best and most beautiful beaches of Koh Lanta!

Best Acommodations in Koh Lanta:

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Krabi Elephant Sanctuary: A wonderful elephant experience

Krabi Elephant Sanctuary: A wonderful elephant experience


You want to spend an unforgetable day with elephants? In search of a peaceful and ethical Elephant Camp in Krabi which says no to elephant riding, we finally found the Krabi Elephant Sanctuary. It’s a place where former work elephants get the chance to live in a safe and animal-friendly environment, far away from abuse and violence. Here, visitors have the possibility to interact, feed and bathe with these beautiful animals and at the same time support this amazing project.

On our latest trip to Krabi we had visited the Krabi Elephant Sanctuary, the new home of the rescued elephants. In this blog post you are going to read more about what you can expect from a visit to this beautiful Elephant Camp in Krabi.

Tour to the Krabi Elephant Sanctuary

Really on time, we got a pick-up from our hotel and arrived after about 50 minutes at the Krabi Elephant Sanctuary. Straight away we felt very comfortable and the elephants seemed to be in a good condition. At the beginning we received lots of information about the plight of Thai working elephants and the terrible agony of elephant riding. At the end of the article you will find an interesting link to this topic.

After, fitted with bananas, cucumbers and homemade protein food, visitors are going to have their first contact with the pachyderms. To start with, we have to say that we had lots of time for each program point. All activities were really quiet and nice. Most important, you will have the opportunity to observe the behaviour of the elephants and to get know their character. The feeding time is a wonderful ceremony where the first exciting get-together takes place.

After that, we had a short walk with the elephants to a mud pit. Even when walking we noticed right away, the animals are forced to nothing. The elephants set the pace. As they feel like tramping, they trudge in the direction of mud bath, one faster, the other with several breaks. Bathing in mud is a kind of cosmetic treatment for these animals and a lot of fun too. They like to spray themselves (and visitors) with their proboscis, protecting their sensitive skin from heat and annoying parasites. These lovely elephants really enjoy their mud bath and also some of the visitors joined them.

Totally dirty and muddy, the elephants and the visitors wanted to cleanse. And believe us, there is nothing better than to take a bath with elephants – an unforgettable experience. Everybody had fun brushing and washing the elephants und also the elephants enjoyed the wash cycle. For sure, you never will get used to being that close to these impressive animals.



Getting that close to elephants, feeding, caressing and bathing them was a special and memorable experience of our Thailand trip. Especially, it was nice to see that the elephants of the Krabi Elephant Sanctuary are doing well and that they are treated so well. The proceeds benefit this great project and help these animals to live a species-appropriate life. Maybe the ticket price with 2,500 Baht is not that cheap, but besides the personal experience you also support a good thing and that should count too. Right at the beginning, the visitors are also told what an elephant rescue, admission, care and food costs and that the entrance must cover the immense expenses.

It would be desirable that Thailand’s elephants are no longer abused for elephant riding. They should be treated with love and respect and this can happen, if tourist say NO to elephant riding. Without a doubt, the Krabi Elephant Sanctuary is one of the best sanctuaries for Elephants in Thailand.

If you ask yourself what actually speaks against elephant riding, we would recommend the videos here. These are, in our opinion, self-explanatory.

Opening Hours

Visits to the Krabi Elephant Sanctuary are offered twice daily. There is a morning and an afternoon visit. The first one starts with a hotel pickup at 7:00 am and ends at 12:00 noon. At the second appointment you can experience the elephants from 13:00 – 18:00 clock.


The cost for visiting the Krabi Elephant Sanctuary is 2,500 baht per person. Included are, the transfer (from / to the hotel), water and fresh fruits, accident insurance, English speaking guide and food for the elephants.

Arrival and booking

The booking of the tour can be made directly on the homepage, but is also offered in some hotels or travel agencies in the Krabi region. In any case, you will be picked up directly from your hotel.

Contact details


Address: Krabi Elephant Sanctuary 83/13 Moo 4T. Ao Loek Tai A.Ao

Where to stay

A visit to the Krabi Elephant Sanctuary is best to be organized from Krabi Town, Ao Nang or Klong Muang Beach. We especially liked the quiet and beautiful Klong Muang Beach, more about this wonderful place you will find here.

Great accommodations around the Krabi Elephant Sanctuary you will find here:

More about Krabi and Thailand

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Hong Island – An unforgetable day tour from Krabi

Hong Island – An unforgetable day tour from Krabi


Hong Island, also known as Koh Hong, is located in the Krabi Province, in South of Thailand. The island is known for its impressive limestone formations and for that, it‘s certainly one of the most beautiful places in Thailand. But not only the limestone cliffs are impressive, also the fine white powdered sand beach of Hong Island is really awesome. Another highlight on the island is the Hong Lagoon, which can only be reached by boat entering a narrow rock-opening (Felsöffnung). In this blog post you get useful information about a unique tour to Hong Island and we will show you why a daytrip to Koh Hong is absolutely worthwhile.

Hong Island – Koh Hong

Located in Thanbok Kharanee National Park, the small island of Koh Hong is a popular destination for daytrips and tours from Krabi, Ao Nang and Phuket. This little paradise has a breath-taking scenery, turquoise sea colours and an ultra-soft sandy beach. A mighty rock divides the beach into 2 sections. One side is the jetty of longtail-boats and speedboats. Also, the National Park entrance fee of 400 Baht can be paid here. Just opposite you will find the soft white sandy beach, here it is super nice to swim and perfect for enjoying the unique natural scenery.

If you love snorkelling, this place is just right for you. Because of the crystal clear water you will see a wide range of colourful fish! The whole scenery is just perfect and for those who like to take pictures it’s the place to be in Thailand.

Hong Lagoon

The Hong Lagoon is another attraction of the Hong Island Tour and so it’s always a part of every excursion. With the longtail boat or speedboat you drive through a narrow rock opening and inside the lagoon the visitors get surprised with a unique landscape of turquoise water and mighty limestone cliffs. If you like you can do some snorkelling and swimming here too.

How to get to Hong Island

The best way you can get to Hong Island is by longtail boat or speedboat. If you are not staying in Phuket, we would definitely recommend the option with a private longtail boat. The best time to visit Hong Island is definitely the early morning, so make sure that the tour is starting around 7:00 am . Then you can escape the tourist crowds which are arriving from Phuket and Krabi / Ao Nang by speedboat. At that time of the day you have the beach in the morning almost to yourself.

If you want to go from Phuket to Hong Island you have to take the speedboat. The trip will take you the whole day and often includes a visit to the Phang Nga Bay.

Longtail boat trips to Hong Island are available from Krabi, Ao Nang, Railay and Klong Muang Beach. The price depends from where you would like to start (from about 2,000 baht for the private boat) and can also be negotiated. In addition, you have the advantage that you are very flexible with the time of departure and you can decide the duration of your stay at the island.

For the trip, you should plan half day trip and its also possible to combine with other islands, such as Lading Island and Pakbia Island (from about 2,500 baht for a private longtail boat).

Entrance fee

Because the Hong Island are part of a National Park (Thanbok Kharanee NP) you have to pay a National Park fee of 400 Baht per person extra. So make sure you take enough money with you.

Hotels and Accommodations on Hong Island

Koh Hong is definitely a place for beaching and staying longer, but the island is part of a national park and therefore uninhabited. There are no hotels or bungalows on this island and so you can only experience this paradise on a day trip. Under the following links you will find accommodations, which are really well suited as a starting point for a tour to Koh Hong.

 Best Accommodations in Krabi

More about Krabi and Thailand

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Klong Muang Beach – The most relaxing beach in Krabi

Klong Muang Beach – The most relaxing beach in Krabi


Klong Muang Beach is located in Krabi province in the southern part of Thailand and it is truly a place of rest and tranquility. Situated away from the bustling Ao Nang Beach, here you will find an approximately 1.5 km calm sand beach. Increasingly, this destination is becoming more popular for tourists. A few years ago there were hardly any hotels, today you will find everything you need from a perfect holiday. And yet, the Klong Muang Beach has not lost in charm and cosiness! In addition, thanks to its location, it is an excellent starting point for trips to Krabi’s spectacular limestone islands.

Hence, in this blog post we would like to share with you our great experiences that we had at Klong Muang Beach with you. In addition, you will receive all the important information about the beach, trips & tours and accommodations peppered with some great travel tips for your next vacation in Krabi, Thailand.

The Klong Muang Beach

Not far from Krabi Town and Ao Nang there is a beach where you can really relax. We are talking about the charming Klong Muang Beach. Here you can really unwind yourself, because this beach is one of the quietest beaches at the coast. Along the soft sandy beach, you will always have amazing views and small trees and palm trees offer you cool shade. Especially idyllic are the many small bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a fresh drink after a long beach walk. In general, the Klong Muang Beach consists of 2 beach sections, whereby the northern part is considered the most beautiful part.

Depending on the tide, the beach appears always appears very different. At low tide you can almost walk to the offshore island and the beach is than a bit rocky. Swimming at Klong Muang Beach is wonderful, especially at high tide, then the water reaches to the chairs of the beach bars.

Really awesome are the views of the offshore Hong Island, which are actually not far from the mainland and can be easily reached by a 25 minutes boat drive. If you fancy a trip, you simply climb into one of the longtail boats which will bring you to the nearby islands.

Our tip: If you like to get a massage at Klong Muang Beach you will find some good and cheap massage options.

At daytime, the beach is usually very quiet and lonely. Later, with the sunset, the cute beach bars fill up. From here you can enjoy some of Krabi’s most beautiful sunsets and evening moods.

Things to do at Klong Muang Beach – Excursions and Activities

The province of Krabi is one of the most famous and beautiful regions in Thailand. Around the Klong Muang Beach there are many exciting attractions to discover and its central location makes this small destination an ideal base for tours and day trips. Here are our top tips for the best things to do in Krabi:

  • Tiger Cave Temple
  • Hong Island
  • Chicken Island (4 Islands Tour)
  • Elephant Sanctuary Krabi
  • Railay Beach & Cave
  • Koh Phi Phi
  • Emerald pools

Excursions can be booked in the hotels and travel agencies around the Klong Muang Beach. If you want to explore Krabi’s islands, then a tour with a typical longtail boat is just the right choice. The easiest and cheapest option you are going to find directly by asking the boat men at the beach. (prices are negotiable).

The area around Klong Muang Beach can also be explored by scooter. The cost is around 250 Baht per day. It takes about 20 minutes to drive to Ao Nang (12 kilometers) and 50 minutes to Krabi Town.


Several restaurants and bars can be found along the main street of Klong Muang. But those who love to eat directly at the seafront, the Klong Muang Beach is the perfect place for that. On the northern section of the beach you will find a dozen colourful bars and restaurants where you can enjoy dinner including sunset.

Our tip: The food in the Bamboo Bar was really delicious and it’s known to be one of the best restaurants at Klong Muang Beach. Due to the great and varied cuisine (and cocktails) we quickly became regulars of this charming restaurant.

How to get to Klong Muang Beach

The journey to get to Klong Muang Beach is, as everywhere in Thailand, easy to organize. You can do your transfer bookings at hotels, tourist agencies or via online bookings.

  • The best way to get from Koh Lanta to Klong Muang is by minibus. The journey takes about 3:30 hours and the transfer will cost around 650, – Baht only.
  • From Krabi airport you should take a taxi to Klong Muang beach. The journey takes around 45 minutes, depending on traffic, and costs around 1,000 Baht.
  • The distance from Krabi Town to Klong Muang Beach is around 30 minutes (25 kilometers) and can be reached by taxi too.
  • From Phuket you either choose the ferry to Ao Nang or rent a minibus. The prices can be found here.


Klong Muang Beach vs Ao Nang Beach

Kong Muang Beach is not far away from the famous Ao Nang Beach (15 minutes). Many people are not sure where to go in Krabi. Klong Muang Beach or rather Ao Nang Beach. The question which place is the best is not so easy to answer and it definitely depends on what type of traveller you are. In general, Ao Nang Beach is a lot more busy. The place is bigger, which has its advantages but also disadvantages. At Klong Muang Beach it is really quiet, if you are looking for an exciting nightlife, you should book your holiday in Ao Nang. We personally enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere on Klong Muang beach to the fullest and also all the excursions in the area were very easy to organize.


Accommodation and Hotels at Klong Muang Beach

Most hotels and apartments can be found along the main street of Klong Muang Beach, but there are also lovely hotels with direct access to the beach. These ones are more likely to be found in a higher hotel category. Under this link you will find accommodations with great guest reviews.

For our holiday on Klong Muang Strand we chose the “Krabi Sands“. The hotel offers rooms in a middle price category. The bungalows are tastefully decorated and also the great pool invites you to splash. Just around the corner you will find a supermarket (7-Eleven) and the beach is right on the other side of the street.

Best Accommodations at Klong Muang Beach

More about Krabi and Thailand

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Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Sua) in Krabi

Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Sua) in Krabi


The famous Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi, in thai also called Wat Tham Sua, is probably one of the most adventurous tourist attraction in the region. Particularly, this sacred site is very well-known for its exceedingly steep and sweaty ascent (1237 steps), which is rewarded with an outstanding view over Krabi’s limestone rocks. But also the main “Tiger Cave” and the “wonderland” rainforest, are very interesting and worth seeing. A visit to this sacred place is a unique experience and one of the top highlights of Krabi.

In this blog post you will find all information about the Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi, we will give you some useful tips about the transport and share with you our experiences:

1237 steps to the Tiger Cave Temple

The Tiger Cave Temple is 278 meter high and in order to reach the summit, it is necessary to manage some steep stairs with no less than 1237 steps. Some of the steps are relatively small, but some of them are almost knee-high. The ascent is really sweaty and for visitors with vertigo the hike can be a real thrill.

Nevertheless, during the hike you always have fantastic views of the valley and at some resting places you can stop and enjoy. Once at the top, you will be rewarded with the most gorgeous views over Krabi’s limestone cliffs and the rain forest. A huge golden Buddha sits on the large terrace and also several other statues adorn this viewing platform. The meditative silence makes summiteers calm and some of them rest a long time up there. Many visitors even stay until sunset.

For the ascent to the Tiger Cave Temple we can give you the following tips:
  • Take enough drinking water with you! Even for athletes the ascent is really exhausting and also the descent from the temple is not that easy.
  • Take breaks often – the walk should be the goal.
  • Do not feed the monkeys – they are not as nice as they seem to be.
  • A t-shirt to change can certainly not hurt.
  • If you are planning a descent after sunset you should bring headlamps with you.
  • Taking your sport shoes make sense, but some visitors also do the hike with flip-flops.
The best time to visit

The Tiger Cave Temple is certainly the early morning and the late afternoon. At this time of the day the sun is not that strong. Avoid a climb at lunchtime, it will definitely to hot. Especially a visit at sunset is really beautiful. Then the sky above Krabi is coloured pink and a special silence takes place.

Walking time and duration

The terrace of the Tiger Cave Temple with the large golden Buddha is located at a height of 270 meters. Like mentioned above, there are 1237 steps to get there. But how long does it take to get to the summit? The walking time up to the temple is, depending on your fitness level, 40 minutes to 1 hour or even more. On the way you will find several places to take a break. Every now and then you will find benches to sit and breathe. In any case, because the climb is really sweaty, you should take enough drinking water with you.

All in all, the visit to the Tiger Cave Temple will take you around 3 hours or even more. With that amount of time you can enjoy the awesome views and also explore the whole temple complex.

Around the Tiger Cave Temple

Before or after the hike you can also visit the cave temple, the actual Tiger Cave in Krabi. The temple complex was built in 1975 and history says that a giant tiger used to stroll around in the jungle and inside the cave (Tiger Cave). A monk who was meditating there always heard him roaring. Today, at this place, visitors can find various beautiful Buddha and tiger statues and can watch the monks doing their rituals and prayers. Admission is free, but if you like to support this unique temple you can donate some money.

Also recommended is a visit to the adjoining mystical forest. Perhaps because of the strains of the ascension, many tourists refrain from visiting this beautiful place. What a pity, the “wonderland” forest with its huge sacred trees is another highlight of the temple.

What to wear?

The Tiger Cave Temple is a Buddhist monastery. The place is considered sacred and therefore proper clothing should be a matter of course. Women have to keep knees and shoulders covered. For Men, in our experience, it is not quite so accurate. If you need something to cover up, you can buy cheap towels at the entrance (20 Baht). Also, because of the sweat, you could bring with you some changing clothes.

Entrance fee and opening hours

  • There is no admission fee walking up to the Tiger Cave Temple. If you visit the actual Tiger Cave you will be asked for a voluntary donation of 40 Baht.
  • The temples are open all the time. Actually, we heard about visitors who stay overnight at the summit.

How to get to Tiger Cave Temple

Getting to Tiger Cave Temple can easily be organized from Krabi Old town, Ao Nang and Klong Muang Beach. You can choose from different transport options:

  • Klong Muang Beach: Going by private taxi you will pay about 1,500 Baht (2-ways) from Klong Muang Beach to Tiger Cave Temple. The driving time is around 45 minutes and the taxi driver will wait for you at the parking site.
  • Ao Nang: The private taxi should not cost more than 1,200 Baht (go and return). Like above, the driver waits until you’re done with the tour. Scooters: If you want to go by scooter, you can rent one in Ao Nang. The journey by scooter to the temple takes about 1 hour.
  • Krabi Town: The private taxi from Krabi to the Tiger Cave costs around 700 baht. It’s cheaper to take a shared taxis (100 baht per person) or to drive with your own scooter (about 20 minutes).

Furthermore, there is the possibility to join a guided tour. Mostly these tours are offered in combination Tiger Cave Temple – Hot Springs – Emerald Pools from Krabi, Ao Nang and Klong Muang.


Best starting points and accomodations

Many are wondering now, where to stay for a trip to the Tiger Cave Temple: Here are some great valued and good accommodations around the temple.

Krabi Town: If you do not have that much time to enjoy the beach life of Krabi and you just want to visit the temple we recommend booking an accommodation directly in Krabi Town. Krabi Town is the best starting point for visiting the temple complex and also the pretty night market is well worth a visit.

Ao Nang: A popular vacation spot and a good starting point for exploring the Krabi area. Here are some of the best accommodations.

Klong Muang Beach: Quiet and idyllic place which is a bit further away, but still a good starting point for the Tiger Cave Temple. Here you will find great accommodations in this area.

More about Krabi and Thailand

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Holidays Bang Niang Beach at La Vela Khao Lak

Bang Niang Beach – Holidays at La Vela Khao Lak


The beautiful Bang Niang Beach is located in the holiday destination of Khao Lak on the west coast of Thailand. It‘s surrounded by the Andaman Sea and the approximately 1.5 km long sandy beach is one of the most beautiful and well-maintained beaches in this holiday region. Above all, it impresses with a tranquil flair, its fine red-yellow sand and the sheer magical sunsets. On top, the Bang Niang Beach is ideal for swimming and for long beach walks. But not only beach lovers will love this great piece of earth: Awesome excursions and exciting activities around Khao Lak for sure won`t let you get bored.

We stayed at the Hotel La Vela Khao Lak, one of the top hotels at Khao Lak. In this blog article we will share with you our experiences about our stay at Bang Niang Beach and we’ll show you all the highlights awaiting you during your stay at La Vela Khao Lak.

La Vela Khao Lak

Located directly on the beautiful Bang Niang Beach you will find the Hotel La Vela Khao Lak – a stylish design hotel that just opened in 2017. This fabulous 4-star resort is one of the most awesome places in this holiday region. For that, a stay is a guarantee for a relaxing and unforgettable holiday in Thailand / Khao Lak.

Exceptional design, breathtaking pool landscapes and the great location on Bang Niang Beach – the hotel has lots to offer. The breakfast is just delicious and very healthy.  Also a Fitness and Spa area can be found in the hotel as well as a cozy cafe and a great infinity pool bar with breath-taking sea views.

Also, the location of the La Vela Khao Lak is really good. The Hotel is situated directly on the Bang Niang Beach, on the other hand you will quickly find yourself in the local life again. Along the access road you will find numerous good restaurants and bars, shops, excursion agencies, scooter rentals and also some currency exchange offices and ATM`s.

Rooms with pool access

The rooms at La Vela Khao Lak are modern and chic, nevertheless very cozy and tastefully decorated. The entire hotel complex has around 180 rooms with 8 different room types. For our stay at La Vela Khao Lak we had the deluxe room poolside with direct access to the huge pool area. We loved the private jacuzzi on the room terrace most, from where we had a wonderful view of the Bang Niang Beach. In addition, the rooms are equipped with a nice bathroom, low-priced mini bar and large TV.

Our tip: On you can check the excellent rating of this hotel!


For sure, the varied breakfast buffet at La Vela Khao Lak will leave no wish unfulfilled: Whether fresh waffles, pancakes, hot fresh bread, Thai fruits, delicious egg dishes or even sushi and hot thai dishes like Pad Thai – your personal breakfast dream will come true. Also, the fresh smoothies and juices are really delicious!

Bang Niang Beach

The beautiful Bang Niang Beach is one of the most famous beaches at Khao Lak. The slightly reddish soft sand gives a fantastic contrast to the blue sky and the palm trees. Both, at low tide and high tide swimming is possible and some trees provide cool shade at lunchtime. On our last visit in November, the Bang Niang Beach was pleasantly quiet and not overcrowded.

Retaurant at La Vela Khao Lak

Various fair priced culinary offers are sold during the happy-hour times: No matter whether coffee and cake, cocktails, burgers and Co. guest are spoiled with great promotions throughout the day. In any case, you should try the burger promotion which is more than delicious! For all who like to party: Every Saturday there is a pool party fire-eater and DJ at the Beach Bar of The La Vela Khao Lak.

Check in and check out

On the day of arrival the Check-in is starting from 14:00 , whereby the lovely receptionists always take care to make it possible to move into your room in advance. On the day of departure, the Check-out is scheduled until 12:00. Additionally, there are beautiful showers and changing rooms available, for guests who want to use the great pool area for a bit longer.

Service – holiday atmosphere – culinary all our experiences at La Vela Khao Lak were really positive and we can only recommend this dream hotel on Bang Niang Beach. La Vela Khao Lak on Bang Niang Beach is definitely one of the best hotels around Khao Lak. On you will find all reviews and information about the hotel.


Top places to go around 

Around Khao Lak are is a lot of interesting stuff to explore and that’s why the Bang Niang Beach is an ideal starting point for excursions. Especially recommended are the speedboat tours to the famous Similan Islands and the Surin Islands. Also a visit of the Khao Sok National Park with its deep jungle and the large Chiao Lan lake is an absolute TOP highlight. Moreover, you will find a large number of beautiful waterfalls in that area. We highly recommend a trip to the Lampi Waterfall (30 km from Bang Niang Beach). And all of you who love nature should definitely go and see the Lam-Ru National Park.

Along the coast you will find plenty of wonderful sand beaches. Here you are going to find the best beaches in Khao Lak.

Really touching is a visit to the Tsunami Memorial commemorating the victims of the 2004 tsunami. This place is located near Bang Niang Beach and can be reached by a short walk.

You see, in Khao Lak there are lots of things waiting for you to be discovered. You can find more about the most beautiful excursions and sights here…

Rent a scooter

The best way to explore the most beautiful beaches and waterfalls of Khao Lak is by riding a scooter. Scooter rentals can be found there like sand on the beach. We rent our scooter from the dear Ing (right near La Vela Khao Lak – phone: 084-6263942) just near the hotel and we were very happy with our choice. The roads in Khao Lak are well maintained and the locals are careful drivers.

Bang Niang Market

3 times a week the Bang Niang Market takes place in Khao Lak. This versatile market offers many cheap shopping and dining options. Here you will find numerous food stalls and you can try the typical thai cuisine. It is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from about 10:00 – 22:00 clock.

Restaurants, bars and nightlife at Bang Niang Beach

If you don`t want to eat in the hotel every day and you are not sure where to eat at Bang Niang Beach you should try one of the great restaurants at Bang Niang. Here you will find inexpensive local restaurants, as well as international cuisine such as pizza, burgers and Co. Most of the restaurants are located along the main road leading to the Bang Niang Beach. At the restaurant Na Suang you will find cheap and delicious Thai dishes. Also the fish is excellent and well priced. The best Pizza in town you are going to find at the Amici Italian Bistro -a great chance if you need a break from the Thai cuisine.

More about Khao Lak and Thailand:

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The 7 Best Beaches in Khao Lak

The 7 Best Beaches in Khao Lak


The long sandy beaches are definitely a top highlight of the holiday destination Khao Lak. Surrounded by the beautiful Andaman Sea, visitors love the kilometer-long beaches, the fine sand, coconut palms, turquoise blue waters and the beautiful natural scenery. The coast of Khao Lak ist about 30 kilometers long and numerous lonely and quiet beaches can be discovered. Surely, everyone will find their own paradise under the sun here.

But where are the most beautiful beaches of Khao Lak and which beach should you choose for your next holiday in Thailand? Here is our list of the best beaches in Khao Lak:


Nang Thong Beach

The 2.5 km long Nang Thong Beach impresses with its golden sandy beach and its dreamlike ambience. This beach is a true postcard motif and so it’s one of the most popular beaches in the region. Among others, this beach is also popular for surfers. Along the Nang Thong Beach you will find various hotels, restaurants and bars, which provide cool refreshments after a long walk on the beach. Due to the location close to the city centre, this beach is a little busier but still really worth a visit!

Bang Niang Beach

Bang Niang Beach is one of Khao Lak’s most popular beaches. Here you will find not only great hotels but also a wide range of good restaurants and bars. The beach is yellow-red and so an absolute eye-catcher. Additionally, at this wonderful place you have the possibility to enjoy beautiful sunsets. Also, the Bang Niang Beach provides nice places for a relaxing massage, some good restaurants and beach bars. Beautiful hotels are located directly at the seafront, such as the unique La Vela Khao Lak – which promises a pure holiday feeling.

Sunset Beach

This charming beach is located at the south of Khao Laks. As the name Sunset Beach implies, the sunsets here are really awesome. This great beach is very quiet and separated from the other parts of Khao Lak by 2 hills. This golden sand beach which is lined with palm trees, is especially popular for families with children. If you go further south, in the direction of the Lam-Ru National Park, you will find a viewpoint on this dream beach. Click here to find some amazing hotels to stay.

Coconut Beach (Pak Weep Beach)

The Coconut Beach is really unique on Khao Lak area. With its bright fine sand, large palm trees and beautiful crystal-clear waters, it is visually different from the other beaches. For many visitors, the Coconut Beach in Khao Lak is even the most beautiful beach of the holiday region. That amazing beach is still relatively quiet and offers a very idyllic atmosphere. If you have a sunny day, the sea will appear in beautiful turquoise colours. Like the white Sand Beach, the Coconut Beach is located in the northern part of Khao Lak and is part of the Pak Weep beach. At Coconut Beach you can find both,exclusive and lower priced accommodation!

White Sand Beach (Pak Weep Beach)

Khao Lak’s White Sand Beach is located in the northern part of the holiday destination and perhaps of its name this beach is one of the region’s best-known ones. This white powdered beach is located at Pak Weep and in walking distance to the Coconut Beach. Especially at lunchtime, the White Sand Beach shines really brightly. Just enjoy a cool drink in one of the cozy beach bars and be amazed by the dreamlike scenery. This beautiful beach is one of the best in Khao Lak and definitely worth a visit.

Khuk Khak Beach

The 3 kilometer long Khuk Khak Beach in Khao Lak is really quite and the perfect place for all who want to have a quite holiday. Actually, it consists of two large stretches of beach: The Khuk Khak 1 and the Khuk Khak 2. Both are absolutely gorgeous and are definitely among the most beautiful beaches in Khao Lak. On these endless beaches you can take long beach walks or just enjoy the breath-taking ambience during a massage on the beach. Here you will find a few hotels and a handful of restaurants. The Khuk Khak Beach is really idyllic and an absolute insider tip in Khao Lak.

Lak-Lam Ru National Park

At the Lam-ru National Park you will find one of the most beautiful beaches at Khao Lak and that’s why we highly recommend a visit. The Lak-Lam Ru beach is located in the southern part of the holiday region, very close to the village Khao Lak. A short 10-minute hike through the jungle brings you directly to this hidden nature gem. On a morning visit, if you’re lucky, you’ll have this beautiful jewel for yourself. The Lak-Lam Ru Beach is heavenly beautiful and therefore definitely one of the best beaches of Khao Lak.

Best Accommodations and Hotels:

More about Khao Lak and Thailand:

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Sakarun Beach: Caribbean flair in Croatia

Sakarun Beach: Caribbean flair in Croatia

The Sakarun, also named Saharun Beach, is a sandy beach on the “long island” Dugi Otok and this picturesque bay is one of the most beautiful in Croatia. On this unspoiled beach you will find Caribbean flair in the middle of Europe: crystal clear turquoise waters, fine white sand and a perfect blue sky makes your Sakarun Beach trip unforgettable.

Bathing at the Sakarun is one of the best things to do on the island of Dugi Otok. This beautiful sandy beach is also a popular destination for excursions from Zadar town. Daily visitors come from the Zadar region to experience one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. Nevertheless, until now, the beach was spared by mass tourism. Its visitors are individualists and peace seekers who appreciate the incredible atmosphere of the sandy beach. Yes, the Sakarun is a true paradise. The fine white sand and the turquoise blue colors are a real postcard motive and a visit is a highlight of every trip to Croatia.

The approximately 800 meters long Sakarun Bay offers enough space for sun-seeking holidaymakers. The marvelous bay is lined with fragrant Mediterranean pine trees, which gives especially in midsummer cool shades. Especially for families and children the Sakarun beach is a popular place for spending a wonderful day at the beach. Since the beach falls off very shallow, the little ones can splash around and build sandcastles on the long white sand beach. Despite the Sakarun being located by the open sea, it’s protected by the long bay and thus always provides pleasant bathing temperatures.

Also, sailors love this unique beach and drop their anchor there for a while. As the Sakarun is a hidden beach and there are no hotels yet, swimming in the beautiful bay is a truly beautiful experience and also a true insider tip under boaters.

Right on the beach there are no restauantes, but there are 2 nice little bars that offer coffee, cool drinks, ice cream and a few small dishes. Especially beautiful is the wooden terrace of the Amarcord Beach Bar, from where you have incredible views. In the preseason the mood on the beach is really relaxed and the atmosphere is unbeatable.

How to go to Sakarun: Ferry from Zadar to Brbinj

The most comfortable way to reach Sakarun is to go there by car. To get from Zadar to Sakarun it is best to take the ferry to Brbinj. The crossing with the car ferry takes about 1:45 hours. After arriving at the ferry port of Dugi Otok (Brbinj) it is again about 15 km to the sandy beach. The Sakarun is located on the northwest side of the holiday island Dugi Otok. Nearby are the small towns of Veli Rat, Soline and Božava, which are smaller holiday destinations.

From the main road on the left side, a narrow gravel path leads to Sakarun beach. At the end of the road you are going to find enough parking facilities. Currently, parking at Sakarun Beach costs 10 kuna per hour.

If you are not traveling by car, travelling to Sakarun can be a bit tricky: There is a regular bus service on the island of Dugi Otok, but it only runs every 4 hours. From Božava you can reach the Sakarun beach with a small tourist train. This runs in the main season about every 2 hours.


Accommodation – Sakarun Beach

Directly at the Sakarun beach there are (as yet) no hotels or apartment complexes. But on the Island Dugi Otok you will find a good selection of accommodation in the immediate vicinity of the beach. Popular places near the Sakarun are Bozava, Soline and Veli Rat. Since there are only a few places to stay on the island of Dugi Otok, it is advisable to book your accommodation in advance. If you want to stay longer on Dugi Otok, you can also consider staying in the beautiful port city of Sali which is located at the end of the island.

Camping Sakarun

Camping on Sakarun is officially not allowed. The island of Dugi Otok offers its guests two different campsites: Camp Kargita, near the lighthouse in Veli Rat and the Camp Mandarino in Soline.


Holidays on Dugi Otok and Sakarun Beach

The island of Dugi Otok is not only a popular destination for daytrips from the Zadar region, above all, the “long island” is a dreamy holiday destination in Croatia. In addition to the picturesque beaches and little villages visitor will have the chance to explore lots of interesting sights. Particularly noteworthy is the Telascica Nature Park and the Kornati islands National Park.

More about Dugi Otok you can find here: Dugi Otok and Sakarun beach

More about Croatia:

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3 days in Vienna Itinerary: Travel and Sightseeing guide

3 days in Vienna Itinerary: Travel and Sightseeing guide

Visiting Vienna for 3 days is a fantastic option to explore the exciting city and all the amazing sights. In that amount of time you can visit all the best parts of the city including the main sights and top attractions. For sure, you will love this old new city, the vibrant life and the delicious Austrian food. There is so much to see and to do and definitely, this 3-day itinerary will give you a great overview of the must-see sights and the travel highlights.

In this article we are going to share our 3 days itinerary for an unforgettable trip to Vienna and additionally at the end of this post we have a special hotel recommendation for you.

Here is our suggestion for a 3-day itinerary in Vienna:


Vienna itinerary, DAY 1

Start your Vienna trip with exploring the beautiful Belvedere Palace and the magnificent baroque gardens. At first walk from the Upper Belvedere down to the Lower Belvedere and enjoy the outstanding beautiful scenery. We really loved the flower gardens and the reflecting pool in front of the palace. Even though the Belvedere is one of Vienna’s most impressive palaces, at morning time you will have all the area nearly to yourself. In case you are a fan of art you definitely should consider a visit of the Belvedere museums too: A permanent exhibition at the Upper Belvedere displays among others the world-famous Klimt´s Kiss.

At early lunch time we recommend a visit to Vienna’s most popular market, the Naschmarkt which is just a short walk from Karlsplatz. Make a stop at the St. Charles Church, an eye-catching religious building with a magnificent blue cupula. Not just in summer, but also in winter the Karlsplatz is really worth a visit at this time a traditional Christmas market is taking place in front of the church.

Without a doubt the Naschmarkt is one of the coolest places to have lunch in Vienna and a popular meeting point for young and old. In generally, the market has around 120 market stands and restaurants, selling exotic products and delicacies from all over the world.

The Ringstrasse is a 5,3 km long road that circles Vienna’s city centre. On that street, you are going to pass some of the most remarkable and breath-taking buildings of the town. The most noteworthy sights are the Parliament (at the moment under construction), the City Hall, the Imperial Palace (Hofburg) and the Burgtheater.

If you have some time left we recommend a visit inside the glorious Burgtheater. You can visit this theatre without seeing a performance by taking a guided tour (daily 15:00). There you will learn a lot about the fascinating history of the Burgtheater and you will get a look behind the scenes. On top you are going to see the breath-taking beautiful grand staircase and the famous ceiling paintings by Gustav Klimt.

A lovely option is to tour the Ringstrasse on the tourist Ring Tram or you can also catch the public city tram (Nr.1 & Nr. 2)

For the evening we round of our first day of sight-seeing with a visit to Vienna’s amusement park the Prater. Why not dine out at the Schweizerhaus restaurant for tasting its famous Schweizerhaus Stelze or a traditional Wiener Schnitzel?!

For entering the Wiener Prater you won`t have to pay any entrance fee, you just have to pay for the attractions you would like to ride. Even if you are not that kind of adrenal junkie you will love exploring the nostalgic Prater with its unique atmosphere. Recommended is a ride with the Giant Ferries Wheel which is Vienna’s landmark.

Vienna itinerary, DAY 2

A trip to Vienna won’t be complete without visiting one of the numerous museums. Actually, we loved visiting the Museum of Natural History. The huge museum exhibits over 30 million objects and we had been fascinating by the dimension. Also, the Art History museum located at the opposite is well worth seeing.

Absolutely interesting is the MuseumsQuartier, spreading over 90,000m2 encompassing 60 cultural institutions.

If you are around also take the chance to look inside the Palace of Justice! Step inside and you will find yourself in one of the most impressive locations you will find in Vienna. The grand staircase dominates the huge hall and the imposing interior will take your breath away! Most of the people don`t know that the building is open for the public and the entrance is for free.

Furthermore from the roof-top Cafè you will have an amazing view.

After spending the morning inside a museum, you should hit off to see the world-famous Lipizzaner horses. Best you cross the picturesque square Michaelaplatz to buy tickets for the Spanish riding school. Just take a rest at the baroque square and watch the traditional Vienna Fiaker passing by.

Visiting the white Lipizzaner show was just lovely. It was so interesting to watch the horsemanship accompanied by classical music. Good to know: This noble horse and the traditional stallions can be seen for free, just peep in at Reitschulgasse 2.

Another must do in Vienna is a visiting an original Viennese coffee house. You are going to find plenty of them inside Vienna’s Old town. All along, the Viennese coffee house is a typical institution of Vienna that plays an important role in Viennese culture. Have a break, enjoy a delicious “Melange” coffee and soak in this elegant and very specific atmosphere.

Later, we recommend to have a look inside the Austrian National Library, the State Hall. The imposing baroque hall impressed us a lot! More than 200.000 tomes are exhibited and four picturesque Venetian baroque globes grace the ancient library.

Most surprising for us was the visit inside the Imperial Crypt also named the Capuchin Cryp.That place contains the bodies of the Habsburg rulers: 149 Habsburgs, including 12 emperors as well as 19 empresses and queens, have their final resting inside the crypt. Popular examples are Franz Joseph I., Empress Elisabeth and Crown Prince Rudolf and visitors can observe their magnificent free-standing tombs.

Don`t leave the town without window shopping at the Graben, Viennas most exclusive shopping street! Even if you don`t likes shopping, walking down the Graben street towards the St. Stephen´s Cathedral. With its beautiful architecture like the Peterskirche the short walk is really pleasureable.


Our tip: The cathedral is one of the main attractions of Vienna and the inside as well as the outside are worth a visit. But also recommendable is the view from the top of the St. Stephen´s Cathedral.

You are going to have the best view of Vienna at the northern tower (Pummerin).

As few of the main sights are located along the Ringstrasse, for example, the Opera house and the Burggarten. Take a break at the wonderful Palmenhouse at Burggarten and enjoy the picturesque scenery. As soon as the sun goes down head of to see the Opera house:  At night the Opera is stunningly lit and looks drop-dead gorgeous!

Vienna itinerary, DAY 3

After breakfast, set off to Schönbrunn Palace! Because it’s Austria’s most visited tourist attraction you should be there early. That’s why at morning time you will find a calm and peaceful location. Take a stroll along the magnificent Schönbrunn Gardens and inhale the grand imperial atmosphere. Also you shouldn’t miss to walk up to the Gloriette and get rewarded with one of Vienna’s most breathtaking views. Take some time to explore the Schönbrunn Palace. We had been surprised about all the picturesque smaller gardens, fountains and statues.

There’s even a Palmenhaus and the world’s oldest zoo, the Schönbrunn Zoo to explore. The entire area is part of the imperial summer residence and is even listed as an UNESCO world heritage site.

The palaces itself is enormous, with a total of 1,441 rooms. Certain parts of the castle and exhibitions can be visited.

If you are interested in outstanding architecture you should definitely go and see the popular Hundertwasserhouse. This architectural masterpiece was designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser and constructed between 1983 – 1985. You have to know that The Hundertwasserhouse can only be viewed from outside but the exterior façade draws attention to itself and gives a fantastic foto motif.

Our tip: Hundertwasser also transferred the incinerator at Spittelau in something extraordinary!


Hotel Altstadt Vienna – Hotel Recommondation

For our latest city trip to Vienna we had been guests at the hotel Altstadt Vienna. It’s located in Vienna’s hippest and fashionable district “Neubau” in Spittelberg also named as Boboville. In fact the hotel is a venerable traditional Viennese patrician house that offers around 60 hotel rooms. All of the rooms are held in a unique design, each of them is different and so inspiring. Different designers and architects created the interior of this unique boutique hotel and we really loved our stay in the beautiful Lilli Hollein Suite.

Everything felt so much like home and even better. There are so many nice touches like free afternoon tea and sweets-buffet, outstanding breakfast, free homemade ice-tea for hotel guests to the helpfulness of the staff and free newspapers and magazines galore.

Also unique was having the excellent breakfast inside the lovely salon area: An incredible delicious  buffet with different kind of  cheeses, hearty breads and rolls with all kinds of spreads, healthy cereal, smoked salmon, smoothies, Viennese coffee, high quality tea and even prosecco – in the background classical music – a great way to start the day!

For bookings or more informations ->  Click here 
For bookings or more informations ->  Click here 

On top the hotel is conveniently located just a short walk from the subway and tram. Museumsquartier, Natural History Museum & Art History Museum, Rathaus and Burgtheater are all in walking distance and great restaurants and bars are just around the hotels corner.

And that’s it for our guide to spending 3 days in Vienna – if you would like to read more about Vienna, check out -> 16 Top Things To Do In Vienna


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Therme Geinberg in Austria – Oriental timeout in Upper Austria

Therme Geinberg in Austria – Oriental timeout in Upper Austria


Sometimes you need just a timeout – a place to come down and forget your busy life. Last week we decided to stay a few days at the Vitalhotel Spa Resort Therme Geinberg in Austria, just near der German Border.  We have already seen some pics about that place on Instagram – and so we were very excited about visiting this wonderful hotel & the picturesque spa area.

The check in was just lovely! We were welcomed with a glass of sparkling wine and with the information of a free room-upgrade. Thanks to the reception team – you made our day! Immediately we felt comfortable and welcomed. After checking in, we went up to see our room: We really loved the walk-in closet and from the balcony we enjoyed a wonderful sunrise in the next morning. The rooms are furnished in a tasteful design and with some stylish details. In general all the personal was amazing, heart-warming friendly and always helpful.

What we liked the most

The Oriental World

The Oriental World with its Hamam was definitely one of our highlights while we stayed in Therme Geinberg in Austia. A breath-taking beautiful spa-area in oriental design. We felt like being taking back to Marrekesh, everything looks really chic with lots of details and warm colors.

Don´t miss to visit the beautiful Hamam with its warming navel stone and the steaming Serail-bath. With only 4 Euro you will get a peeling glove and a healthy soap to peel your body. Enclosing the Hamam you are invited to take a rest inside the beautiful oriental lounging area and have a lovely cup of apple tea. This sofa area is so relaxing, a perfect place to stay for a while and enjoy.

Also there is a picturesque open courtyard to cool yourself down, inhale some fresh air or make some nice instagram shots 🙂

The public sauna area was really busy when we were there, so we were more than happy that on the rooftop of the Oriental World a quite sauna was installed.

Visiting the Oriental Word is included for hotel guests and open from 9.00 am-8.00 pm.


Thermal pools area 

The pools area is really huge, we had the possibility to choose from 5 different pools including thermal, freshwater and saltwater pools, lavish indoor and outdoor thermal pools and a saltwater lagoon. This idyllic water world also host a cocktail bar where you can enjoy tasty cocktails inside the whirlpool 🙂 yummy.

Our favorite was the beautiful cascading thermal pools – a quiet area with a fantastic design and a great view.

An absolute advantage is that hotel guests can use the thermal pools area already from 7.00 am. At that time you will have all the pools by yourself. It was amazing swimming outside in the steaming hot water while the air temperature was -12 degrees.

Breakfast & Dinner at Therme Geinberg

Both of it are first rate! Honestly, we are not the biggest fan of dining inside of hotels. The restaurant of the Vitalhotel Therme Geinberg surprised us a lot: We had been spoiled with an extraordinary fresh, healthy and tasty buffet. We loved the huge desert-bar, included finest cakes and different kinds of creams – so delicious.

When we are traveling we are always early birds – luckily the breakfast always starts at 7.00 in the morning.  The buffet has a wide range of different foods to choose from – including fresh egg meals, fresh pancakes, delicious coffee, fruits, the finest hams, Prosecco…everything a breakfast lover`s heart desires.  And for all the late risers – it’s open until 12!

What to do around Therme Geinberg/Austia

There are a few spots near Therme Geinberg that can be visited if you need a break from the break 😉

  • Stift Reichersberg
  • Europareservat
  • Schärding
  • Obernberg

The Vitalhotel Spa Resort Therme Geinberg in Austria offers it all – beautiful light-flooded rooms, really friendly staff, excellent cuisine and a perfect spa area – thanks a lot Vitalhotel Therme Geinberg for the pleasant stay.