4 Days in Rome Itinerary: Travel & Sightseeing Guide

There is a reason why Rome is one of the most famous and traveled cities in Europe. Visitors love the mixture of old culture with the fantastic Italian cuisine: It feels like walking through an outdoor museum and with every step you take, you can follow a path of culture and history. Above all, you are going to get spoiled with fantastic photo motives, world famous sights and all this is topped with the delicious Italian cuisine. There are so many things to do in Rome and that’s why it can be a bit confusing how to plan a trip. This Rome itinerary is designed to give you some ideas for what to do in 4 days in Rome and about the best places to visit.

Honestly, no trip to Italy is complete without checking out Rome. So, let’s explore the Eternal City! Here is our perfect Rome in 4 days itinerary:

Good to know!

The perfect Rome itinerary belongs well planned! To avoid unnecessary long queues and to save money, you should definitely get yourself a Rome Pass in advance.

4 days in Rome is just the perfect amount of time to see the cities best attractions. If you are planning some day trips, then you could easily spend some more days in this amazing city.

Are you wondering what is the best area to stay for your city trip? Under “Where to stay in Rome” we show you the best hotels and areas, that are perfect for your next vacation.

Rome Itinerary: What to do in Rome in 4 days

Rome is probably one of the most interesting cities in Europe and a trip there is absolutely recommended. On a city break you can discover ancient Roman splendor buildings, explore the Vatican City, visit impressive museums, try the possibly best ice cream in the world and stroll through romantic Italian quarters. So that you don’t lose the overview, we put together the best attractions and things to do for spending 4 days in Rome.


Day 1 in Rome

Vatican City & Vatican Museum

Visiting the Vatican was really amazing and for us one of the most popular Roman attractions. Plan your visit very early in the morning to avoid queueing at St. Peter’s Basilica and best to start your sightseeing day in Vatican with the St. Peters Basilica! The Basilica opens at 7.00 am, be there at this time to enjoy the beautiful calm Basilica and save the time to queue for other great stuff to explore. From the top of the Basilica you will get rewarded with the most stunning view of Rome!

Take enough time for the Vatican City –you could spend hours there and still not have seen everything. Certainly, the ultimate must see are the St. Peters Basilica, the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museum.

I case you are planning on visiting the Vatican Museum and you want to avoid a super-long queue, we recommend you book the tickets in advance. There had been a lot of tourists inside – therefore it was not that impressive for us – I believe that we missed a lot due to the crowd. So be there in the morning and skip the line of the Vatican Museum with pre-booking the ticket online!

Castel Sant’Angelo

This castle was once the tallest building of Rome and its named after the famous river bridge statue of Michael the Archangel. However, as a short pitstop or also a visit inside the museum with audio guide inside – the Castel Sant Angelo is really worth a visit. It should be added that up from the terrace you will have a panoramic view of the whole city.

The Pantheon & Piazza Navona

The Pantheon is such a magnificent structure! This giant architecture will blow your mind, so don’t miss it! Interesting is that the building is a former Roman temple but was transformed into a church in the 7th century. It’s one of the best-preserved buildings in Rome and an absolute must-see.

Just around the corner you will find the Piazza Navona with the spectacular Sant’Agnese in Agone church. The square is amazingly beautiful with many lovely restaurants and cafes around.

Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi)

The Trevi Fountain is the largest baroque fountain of Rome and definitely one of the most famous fountains in the world. That’s why, the Trevi Fountain is, after the Colosseum, the most photographed monument in town and tourist flock to see that impressive attraction. No itinerary of Rome is complete without throwing some money inside the fountain. According to the legend, coins have to be thrown using the right hand over the left shoulder. Only then you will be guaranteed a return trip to Rome.

Tip: Visit the Fontana di Trevi very early in the morning, to avoid the crowds.


Day 2 in Rome

The Colosseum

As the Colosseum is the landmark of Rome, it’s the most visited place in this city and definitely one of the top things to do in Rome. Still today the roman Colosseum is an iconic symbol for not just Rome but even for Italy. If you plan a visit inside, you should book your tickets in advance, so you don’t have to wait in a queue and you can easily skip the line of the Colosseum.  Advisable is to buy a combi ticket that includes the world-famous Colosseum, the Forum Romanum and the Palatin.

Forum Romanum & The Palatin

The Forum Romanum is really impressive! Don`t miss seeing the beautiful remains of the ancient Rome. If you don`t have enough time or /and you want to save money, you can walk up to the Via Monte Tarpeo, where you will find a fantastic photo spot for the forum Romanum for free. The Palatin is just a few minutes’ walk from the grand arena and stands 40 meters above the Roman forum. Also, from the Palatin Hill, you will have a great viewpoint to the colosseum.

Tip: This archaeological site is included in the Colosseum Combi Ticket.

Piazza Venezia & Piazza del Campidoglio

The Piazza Venezia is a great starting point to explore the ancient Forums, the Museo Sacrario delle Bandiere and also the Colosseum is not far away. The unique architecture of the white grand building is a must-see and from the Terrazza delle Quadrighe you will get a wonderful view. Highly recommended!

Another highlight of Rome is the Piazza del Campidiglio, a Roman Square located between Forum Romanum and Piazza Venezia. Climb up the stairs and admire this geometric lined square designed no less than Michaelangelo.


Day 3 in Rome

Circus Maximus & Bocca della Verità

There is not much left of the Circus Maximus, the ancient Roman chariot-racing stadium. Never mind, it’s really nice to walk along and imagine the massive events and huge chariot races which have taken place in that area. The Mouth of Truth is just near the famous Circus Maximus. The legend has been that if you put your hand in the mouth and tell a lie, your hand will be chopped off.


Trastevere is a lovely neighborhood beyond the Tiber River and one of the most cutest districts to explore. There are beautiful streets for strolling around and nice coffee places to take some breaks. Also there a plenty of fantastic restaurants to try some traditional foods in Italy! Don`t miss to walk up the hill, from where you will have some of the best city views. All in all, a pleasant place to spend an afternoon in Rome.

Villa Borghese Park & Spanish Steps

When we go on city trips, we love to wander around a lot. Especially the Villa Borghese Park is a fantastic place to relax after long hours of sightseeing. Also, the Galleria Borghese is a wonderful attraction in Rome and different collections of paintings and sculptures are exhibited there.

Near the park there is the lovely Trinità dei Monti church which is located at the top, leading to the famous Spanish Steps. From the very top steps you definitely will marble at the picturesque Roman Scenery. Obviously, the 135 steps can be a bit challenging but as it is one of Rome’s top attraction it’s worth it.


Day 4 in Rome

Via Appia 

To escape the city stress, we highly suggest a visit to the ancient Via Appia. Via Appia is one of the earliest roads of the ancient Rome and was a connection to the smaller regions of greater Rome. Along that road, different sights, such as Mausoleums, Catacombs, temples and other remains of the Ancient Rome can be explored. To explore the 18 km of history, you have to take some time and so the entire fourth day in Rome is reserved for that excursion. It’s a real pleasure driving with a bike along this ancient path and inhaling the great historic atmosphere there. Regular bikes or even electrical bikes can be rented at many of the cafes and restaurant.

Tip: Because the Via Appia Antica is located at the southern End of Rome you have to take the public bus. The best option to go there is the bus Nr. 118 – From Colosseum to Via Appia. To explore the 18 km road, you should rent a bicycle.


Where to Stay in Rome?

There are so many different places for where to stay in Rome. From inexpensive hostels to apartments, boutique hotels or the absolute best luxury hotels, everything is available. Everyone can be sure to find the perfect place to stay. If you are still looking for a recommendable accommodation in Rome, we can give you these accommodation tips…it’s worth a look!

  • Budget Hostel: Backpacker love the RomeHello with the central location and the underground station right next to the hostel. It`s a fantastic possibility for planning a budget friendly stay!
  • B&B: The Relais 155 Guest House is a small and affordable guest house with lovely hosts, good breakfast and clean rooms.
  • 4-Star Hotel: The Hotel Degli Artisti is conveniently located to quickly reach many attractions in Rome. Breakfast is fantastic, and you can enjoy a great atmosphere on the roof terrace.
  • 5-Star Hotel: The Hotel Splendide Royal is a beautiful and elegant 5-star hotel, close to Villa Borghese and within walking distance of the Spanish Steps and many other highlights of the city.


More Infos about spending 4 days in Rome

Rome is an awesome city and as you can see there plenty of things to see and to do. All in all, 4 days in Rome is the perfect amount of time to explore the Eternal City and to make the most of your trip.

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