Where to Stay in Rome: Top 7 Areas & Places

 Rome has 22 districts which contain different neighborhoods and areas with their own characteristics and price levels. Whatever you are searching for, each neighborhood in Rome has its own amenities and delights and pros and cons. That’s the reason why it’s not always easy to choose the perfect location. So, in this article we are going to share with you our recommendations about where to stay in Rome and which area you should choose. No matter how long you stay in Rome, for 3 or 4 days or only just for a weekend, this guide will help you to find the perfect place.

In this travel blog post we provide all important information about where to stay in Rome, the best districts and areas and which hotels are the best . We’ll also show you where you will find amazing food, which places are central and near the best attractions.


Tridente Area (Trevi Fountain & Spanish Steps)

If you are looking for top luxury accommodations and centrally located hotels, you have to stay in that area: The Tridente neighborhood gleams with luxury 4/5 stars hotels, designer boutiques and plenty of shopping possibilities. On top you are going to stay near Rome’s best attractions like the stunningly beautiful Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain. The area is known for being touristy but elegant and surely you can find exquisite restaurants and historic cafes. Even this neighborhood can be quite touristy and crowed, but they do have the advantage that the major sights are very close. If you love staying in luxury accommodation and hotels this neighborhood will definitely be a good choice.

Best Hotels & Apartments:

Monti District – Ancient Rome (Colosseum)

Ancient Rome is that part of the central town where Rome’s top attractions like the famous Colosseum and ancient forums are situated and so it is know as the best location for sightseeing. Best you stay in Monti, which is just a short hop away. For sure you are going to love Rome`s hip BOHO hang out and hipster scene. Monti is at these days the place to be: Stroll down the narrow streets and enjoy the wide range of Rome’s hippest boutiques, excellent restaurants, eateries, cool bars and eat some of the best gelato in Rome. If you want to stay most central and near the Colosseum, you should definately book your room in Monti area. Because of the short walking distance, also families love to stay in that area.

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Prati District (Vatican)

The Vatican & Prati area is in walking distance of Rome’s main sights and near the best tourist attractions. Easy reachable are, for example, the St Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums. Though the Vatican City is an entirely separate city-state from Rome it’s a great area if you want to explore both, Rome and the Vatican. Prati offers to its visitors some great shopping possibilities and several authentic Roman restaurants and trattorias. Additionally, it’s known as one of the safest areas in Rome and at night it is quiet and peaceful. You are also going to find a vast number of high quality hotels and apartments with reasonable prices in that area and near Vatican.

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Jewish Ghetto (Historic Center)

If you would like to stay right in the heart of the city center, the Jewish Ghetto is the right place in Rome for you to stay. You will find Rome’s tops sight close to you. For example the Pantheon and the Piazza Navona are nearly on your doorstep. If you want the history and atmosphere of Piazza Navona, but prefer to avoid the large crowds you should definitely stay inside the neighborhood Jewish Ghetto. In this part of town, you will meet tourists as well as locals. Explore the picturesque cobbled lanes, go sightseeing and dine out in one of the fabulous authentic restaurants and trattorias.  Fodies will love it there! The Historic Center offers a high range of hotels and Apartments and if you like to stay in one of the city’s most beautiful districts this neighborhood is just right for you.

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Located on the river Tiber’s right bank, Trastevere is a marvelous area with medieval streets, lovely churches and picturesque piazzas and squares. In this part of Rome, you will find numerous restaurants with good food and bars also some interesting sights. Even if you don`t stay in Trastevere you should put the area on your sightseeing list. Some of the people say that Trastevere is the calmer version of Rome. If you love views you definitely should visit the Gianicolo hill. Up there you are going to have one of Rome’s best viewpoints. Because of its unique charm, top restaurants and the immediate proximity Trastevere is for sure one of the best places to stay in Rome and additionally it has some decent accommodation offers.

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Testaccio is a bit off the tourist path and a fantastic place in Rome for visitors which love to get in touch with the local life. The former working-class neighborhood spoils foodies with traditional Roman restaurants, old-fashioned trattorias and authentic cafes. It’s also home to some popular clubs and bars! Staying at Testaccio is a great choice for visitors who want to get to know Roman daily life and who are not going to mind taking the public transport. This area is known for beeing cheap and thats why you will find plenty of backpacker accommodation.

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Termini Station & San Lorenzo

Around Termini Station you will find the priciest hotels of Rome. Sure, that part of Rome is probably not more attractive than others but also there you are going to find some lovely places. Why not stay in San Lorenzo, a vibrant student district full of cool restaurants, trendy bars and and a vibrant nightlife?! If you love getting in touch with locals and have a look behind the scenes of the Romans daily life, San Lorenzo is a great place to stay in Rome! Located near the Train Station, San Lorenzo is a fantastic district to stay in Rome and if you want to stay for a budget, you will find some cheap accommodation in this neighborhood!

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Although Rome is probably not Europe’s cheapest city, it’s always possible to find great hotel deals and cheap accommodations. Best you compare the prices online to get the most for your money. Make up your mind where you would like to stay in Rome and book your favorite accommodations early enough!

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