Where to Stay in Rome: Top 7 Areas & Hotels!

The range of fantastic places for where to stay in Rome is overwhelming. Whether it’s 5-star luxury hotels, romantic boutique hotels, pretty bed & breakfasts, chic vacation rentals or budget backpacker hostels, there’s definitely a great accommodation option for everyone for an unforgettable city trip. But where is the best place to stay in Rome? The imposing city of 3 million inhabitants consists of 22 districts, which moreover include different neighborhoods and districts. Each area is unique, has its own charm and advantages. It is best to look for a good accommodation in the center, not far from the best attractions and things to do in Rome. That’s why the choice is not always easy to find both the perfect Rome accommodation and at the same time the perfect location for a city trip.

This travel guide is all about where to stay in Rome, Italy. In addition, you will find many useful tips on hotel recommendations, and all the information about the most beautiful neighborhoods and areas that are best suited for a vacation.


Tridente (Trevi Fountain & Spanish Steps)

Tridente is one of the most stunning neighborhoods in the city, and so you can find some of the best accommodations in Rome here. In particular, if you’re looking for luxurious hotels and really fancy vacation rentals, this area is a perfect choice for where to stay in Rome. The Tridente district scores mainly with luxurious 4-star to 5-star hotels, designer boutiques and numerous shopping opportunities. Even if you’re traveling to Rome for the first time, staying here in the center of Rome is ideal. Your accommodation will be close to the best attractions, like the famous Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. Many interesting museums and archaeological sites can also be reached on foot.

The area is known for being very touristy, but also for being very elegant and exclusive. Another advantage is the fabulous restaurants and historic cafés that invite you to enjoy and linger. The neighborhood is very lively, great to go out, and has the bonus of being easy to explore downtown. If you like staying in luxurious accommodations and boutique hotels, this neighborhood is definitely a good choice.

Best Accommodations & Hotels:

  • TOP 5-Star Hotel: The Maalot Roma is the perfect place to stay in Rome for an exceptional vacation. Guests love the luxury, unique ambiance and 1A service.
  • Charming B&B: The B&B Casa Angelini is a lovely bed & breakfast in the heart of Rome. Guests love the breakfast, the location, and the great value for money.
  • Apartment with Style: The Oriana Homèl Roma offers really nice, well-equipped apartments, in a perfect location to explore Rome.

Monti Quarter & Ancient Rome (Colosseum)

The Ancient Rome is the part of the city center where many of Rome’s most important historical sites are located, such as the famous Colosseum and the Ancient Forum. Particularly, a cool place to stay in Rome for a city break is the hip Monti neighborhood, which is just a stone’s throw from the imposing historical sites and where you’ll find some of the best Rome accommodations. Once, it used to be an artisan and merchant district. Today, you’ll find a hip BOHO and hipster scene here, making this area a terrific choice for a chic city break. You stroll through narrow streets and enjoy a hip lifestyle, trendy boutiques, excellent restaurants and cool bars. There are also great vintage stores and many charming places to linger.

If you want to stay as central as possible and close to the Colosseum, you should definitely book a room in the hip Monti neighborhood. Because of the short distances and the central location, the area is also a great tip for families. Also young adults love this area! Even in the evening there is something going on here, you can mingle in one of the bars and experience Rome from its coolest side. The choice of accommodation is also really fantastic, making a trip to Rome perfect.

Best Accommodations & Hotels:

  • Boutique Hotel: The wonderfully pretty Dharma Boutique Hotel & SPA is a magnificent choice for a stay in Rome. The breakfast is also exceptional.
  • Stylish B&B: The Dimora ai Fori is a wonderfully pretty, very stylish guesthouse. The location in the neighborhood is also great, with the most beautiful sights within walking distance.
  • Stunning Apartment: The BBHOME Monti Via Cavour is a lovely 2-bedroom apartment. Guests love the terrific amenities, TOP location and ambiance.

Prati Quarter & Vatican

The Vatican and also the adjacent charming Prati neighborhood are a fabulous tip for where to stay in Rome. They are nearby of Rome’s main attractions, such as Castel Sant’Angelo, the Bridge of Angels and the Palace of Justice. Also within easy reach, of course, are the famous St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museum. Although the Vatican is a completely separate city state from Rome, the area is fantastic if you want to explore both Rome and the Vatican. The historic center is also easily accessible by public transportation from here.

The charming neighborhood of Prati, on the other hand, offers its visitors some great shopping opportunities and several authentic Roman restaurants and trattorias. Moreover, this quaint quarter is very quiet, it is clean, elegant and known as one of the safest areas of Rome. In Prati, as well as in the Vatican, you will also find numerous nice small hotels and charming guesthouses at good prices. Thanks to the metro, you’ll be right in the center in no time.

Best Accommodations & Hotels:

  • Bed&Breakfast: The Vatication B&B is a recommended guesthouse near the Vatican. Really fabulous is also the breakfast, which leaves nothing to be desired.
  • Small Hotel: The Domus Terenzio is a small hotel, not far from St. Peter’s Basilica. Charming is also the garden where you can enjoy your breakfast in the morning.
  • Sweet Guesthouse: The Capricci Romani is a small guesthouse with only a few rooms but plenty of privacy. Fabulous restaurants are nearby!

Historical Center & Old Jewish Ghetto

If you want an accommodation centrally located, then staying in the Historic Center and also the Old Jewish Ghetto is probably the best choice for you. Rome’s main attractions, such as the Pantheon and Piazza Navona, are close by and within walking distance. Both tourists and locals gather in this part of the city. Even more, the historic center of Rome offers a wide range of good hotels and apartments, so perfect if you want to stay in one of the most beautiful places in the city! A truly great area in Rome for a city break!

In the historic center you will also find the Jewish Quarter, a particularly pretty part of the city center. Here you have the opportunity to experience authentic Rome. Beautiful are the streets Via della Reginella, Via del Tempio, Via di Sant’Ambrogio, and the romantic squares Piazza delle Cinque Scole and Piazza dei Cenci. You can walk through charming cobblestone streets, do a sightseeing tour on your own, and enjoy the traditional restaurants and trattorias of this wonderful neighborhood.

Best Accommodations & Hotels:

  • Apartment with Terrace: The Casa Tommasina is a stunning apartment in an ideal location. The flat is pretty, bright, spacious and equipped with everything you need.
  • Chic 4-Star Hotel: The Chapter Roma is a beautiful 4-star hotel in a building from the 19th century. Really great is the design and also the location!
  • Guesthouse with Roof Terrace: The BB Il Re Alla Reginella is a nice guesthouse in a great location. There is also a rooftop terrace with a great view of Rome.


Trastevere is located across from the center, on the other bank of the Tiber River, and is a stunning neighborhood with medieval streets, beautiful churches and picturesque squares. Due to its location, you have a longer journey to the main attractions, but there you get to know Rome from its most romantic side. There is always something going on here, the alleyways are magical and the nightlife with bars and clubs is also fabulous. In this part of Rome you can find numerous restaurants with good food, the best gelato in Rome and charming street cafés to linger. You should visit attractions like the Piazzi di Santa Maria as well as the Basilica of Santa Maria. Even if you don’t stay in Trastevere, you should put this charming neighborhood on your Rome bucket list.

Some people say that Trastevere is the untouristy version of Rome. It’s less busy than the center, and you blend right in with the people. The unique charm, the many cute restaurants as well as the nice cafés, and the good accommodations certainly make Trastevere one of the best places for where to stay in Rome and also as a great choice for longer stays.

Best Accommodations & Hotels:

  • Little Hotel: The Residenza San Calisto is a delightful little hotel in an ideal location in Trastevere. The rooms are also clean and comfortable.
  • Charming Apartment: The Giuditta Suite 121 Trastevere Roma is a recommendable apartment for a vacation in Rome. The location near the nightlife is also great.
  • Stylish Hotel: The Hotel Santa Maria is a perfect place for a vacation in Rome. It is located in the middle of Travestere, is quiet, has delightful rooms and even a garden.


Testaccio is an area a bit off the typical tourist path and is a fantastic place for where to stay in Rome for visitors who like to experience “local-life” and are also looking for cheap accommodation. The former working-class neighborhood is located just a few subway stops south of the old city and has become a dynamic trendy neighborhood today. Foodies love the terrific selection of traditional Roman restaurants, chic trattorias and authentic cafés. There are also some popular clubs and bars here, if you are looking for nightlife!

A stay in Testaccio is a great choice for visitors who want to experience the everyday Roman life and don’t mind using public transportation to get to the center and attractions. The area is known for being cheaper than anywhere else, and therefore you’ll find many inexpensive restaurants here as well as lower-end accommodations.

Best Accommodations & Hotels:

  • Great Vacation Apartment: The Testaccio Experience is a great two-bedroom vacation apartment with fabulous amenities like a washing machine, dishwasher, and iron.
  • Chic Apartment: The Casa Ferrari Testaccio is a spacious, bright vacation apartment in Testaccio and also not far from the Trastevere neighborhood.
  • Stylish Apartment: The Testaccio Apartment is a fabulous accommodation tip for Rome. This stylish apartment delights with great furnishings and beautiful location.

Termini Station & San Lorenzo

There are many cheap accommodations in Rome around Termini Station. Certainly, this part of Rome is not the most beautiful, but there are some charming places there as well. However, a particularly recommended place for where to stay in Rome is the San Lorenzo neighborhood, a vibrant student district full of cool restaurants, trendy bars and lively nightlife. There are superb vacation apartments and also some inexpensive guesthouses as well as backpacker hostels. Plus, you’re far from the typical tourist trails here, which is perfect for Rome connoisseurs and individualists in particular.

If you like to socialize with locals and get a behind-the-scenes look at everyday life in Rome, the hip and alternative San Lorenzo is a great place to stay in Rome! In the neighborhood itself, there are numerous excellent and, to top it off, inexpensive restaurants, and plenty of authentic Rome to discover. If you want to save money, choose accommodation around Termini Central Station.

Best Accommodations & Hotels:

  • Charming Guesthouse: The Lele Rooms San Lorenzo is a chic bed and breakfast in San Lorenzo. Guests love the amenities as well as the optimal location in the neighborhood.
  • Cheap 3-Star Hotel: The B&B Hotel Roma San Lorenzo Termini is a pretty 3-star that scores with good breakfast and fabulous value.
  • Nice Apartments: The Borgo San Lorenzo Roma offers very tasteful vacation apartments in several sizes. Underground parking is also available for a fee.

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