Top 10 Beaches on Brac Island

The Beaches on Brac Island are just breathtaking! On a coastline of about 175 kilometers there are a variety of charming coves and dream beaches to explore. Most people know the Zlatni Rat beach, the famous Golden Horn in Croatia, which adorns all holiday magazines. However, the island of Brac offers countless other great swimming spots and beach highlights! Some of the most beautiful bays are located in the south of the island, but also in the north and east there are real dream beaches to discover! But what are the top beaches on Brac? Where are the secret bays and the hidden sandy coves?

This Travel Guide is a comprehensive beach guide for the top 10 most beautiful beaches on Brac Island. In addition, we give exclusive insider tips, show you some secret beaches and where it’s best to spend an unforgettable vacation.


Zlatni Rat Beach

The Zlatni Rat Beach, also named the Golden Horn from Croatia, is certainly the most famous beach of Brac. It is located in the south of the island, about 2 kilometers from Bol. The extraordinary beauty and gigantic crescent shape, stretching far into the azure blue sea, have turned this beach into an ultimate landmark of Croatia. Visitors from all over the world flock to see this natural jewel and come to enjoy the unique natural scenery. The Zllatni Rat Beach is not only one of the most beautiful beaches of Brac, it is also one of the island’s most important nature attractions. If you are on vacation at Brac, you should not miss this dream beach.

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Beach Bijela Kuca (Bol)

Beach Bijela Kuca, which means something like “the white house”, is a beach as beautiful as out of a travel magazine. Here, the sea shimmers in stunning blue sea colors and the numerous green pines behind the beach provide cool shade on hot summer days. While swimming in the sea you always enjoy a picturesque view of the beautiful Dominican Monastery, which is a famous sight on the island. Although the beach is located near Bol, it is relatively uncrowded. So if you are looking for a pleasant place to swim, beach Bijela Kuca might be just right for you. This wonderful bay is a gently sloping pebble beach and is, therefore, well suited for families with children.

Tip: In the area around Bijela Kuca beach are numerous accommodations. Due to its proximity to the village of Bol, the location is perfect for a holiday. Here, we can recommend the Apartments Laguna which offer a fantastic view of the sea.

Acapulco Beach (Supetar)

Another very popular beach is the Acapulco beach in Supetar, located in the northern part of the island. This picturesque double bay is not far away from the old town near the ferry and it is one of the best bathing spots in the holiday region. Here you will swim in a clear sea and enjoy a wonderful view of the town while bathing. The pebble beach is very clean, but it offers hardly any natural shade. Really cozy is the local beach bar, where you can enjoy cool drinks with stunning views of the beach scenery. It is a really nice beach to chill out and bathe, perfect if you are on holiday in Supetar.

Tip: A truly unique hotel is the Hotel Osam – Adults Only in Supetar. Guests love the lovely rooms, the roof terrace and the pool area.

Beach Murvica

Another highlight around Bol and certainly one of the most beautiful beaches on Brac is the Murvica beach. This little hidden beach is a secret tip for those who want to escape the hectic hustle and bustle of the holiday island’s main beaches. It is located in the south of Brac, directly below the village Murvica, which is famous for its location just next to a cliff. A few parking spaces are available on site. From this point, the beach can be reached by a short walk downhill. The Murvica is a very fine pebble beach, nestled in the hilly countryside of the vineyards. This natural beach drops off quickly, perfect for those who like to swim in the sea. If you are looking for a real beach highlight, then the Murvica Beach should definitely be on your travel list.

Tip: The small resort of Murvica is located about 4 km from Bol and offers only a handful of accommodations.

Likva Beach (Sutivan)

The beautiful Likva Beach is located in the north of the island and is one of the top beaches about 1.5 kilometers from Sutivan. The long bay with its beautiful pebble beach shines in the most amazing blue sea colors. The atmosphere is tranquil and quiet and a beautiful pine forest provides pleasant shade. Behind the beach is a cozy beach bar where you can enjoy cool drinks and tasty snacks. Although Likva Beach is just outside of Sutivan, the bay can be reached on foot or by car. Parking is available on site.

Tip: For a very special stay on Brac you should take a look at the Hotel Lemongarden. Sutivan has also numerous apartments and budget accommodations.

Beach Martinica (Bol)

The picturesque Martinica beach with its Dominican monastery is one of the top bays to visit on Brac Island. Here, one bathes in marvelous clear water with a dream beach and a historical monastery building in the background. That’s probably why Martinica beach is the most beautiful beach on Brac for many! The pretty pebble beach is sloping gently and therefore perfect for families, but also for non-swimmers and elder people. Also, at the side edge of the beach there are good spots to snorkel and to observe the underwater world. As you can see in the picture, the Martinica offers almost no natural shade – we recommend taking an umbrella with you or renting it on site. Parking is available directly opposite the monastery.

Tip: The Apartments Villa Miranda offer lovely sleeping facilities in a prime location. From here you are at the Martinica beach as well as at the beautiful Bijela Kuca beach in no time.

Zora Beach (Sumartin)

The Zora beach in Sumartin is truly amazing and therefore on of our favorites among the best beaches in Brac. This picturesque bay is very quiet, especially in the off-season and sometimes you even have this natural beauty all to yourself. Here, the water is crystal clear and especially the blue sea colors are really impressive. Due to the location in the west of Brac, you will always enjoy a beautiful view to the mighty mountains of the Makarska Riviera. All in all, the Zora beach is a real gem and certainly the most beautiful bay on the island’s west coast!

Tip: For a holiday in Sumartin we can recommend the Apartments Barbara. These apartments delight with a wonderfully quiet location and a beautiful pool!

Bay Lovrecina (Postira)

The Lovrecina beach is one of the few sandy beaches on Brac. It is located in the north of the holiday island, more precisely, between the two towns Postira and Pucisca. Lovrecina is famous for its archaeological site right in the bay. The former basilica of St. Lawrence dates back to the 5th and 6th century and now characterizes the wonderful landscape of this dream beach. The tranquil beach café is also super cool. It offers good coffee and amazing beach views. The road to Lovrecina leads down a steep narrow road. Enough parking spaces are provided down the beach.

Beach Ticija Luka

The Ticija Luka is one of the hidden beaches and is a real insider tip on the island of Brac. This charming bay is located on the north-eastern tip near the small tranquil resort Povlja and delights with a beautiful beach scenery. The beach is especially suitable for those who seek peace and privacy away from the more touristy beaches. The sea and its underwater world are still intact, perfect for snorkelers. Just keep in mind that there are no umbrellas or beach chairs at Beach Ticija Luka.

Uvala Smrka Beach & Submarine Tunnel

Last but not least of our best beaches on Brac collection, we want to show you the Uvala Smrka beach. This secret beach is a real insider tip in the south-west of the Brac coast. Here, one usually bathes alone because the wonderful bay is very very secluded. From time to time excursion boats pass and marvel at the hidden submarine tunnel, a famous attraction just off the bay. The Uvala Smrka can be reached by car via a longer journey on a gravel road from Milna. It’s definitely faster and easier to go there by boat. Probably because of that, this beach is still one of the secret beaches of Brac Island.

Conclusion: When it comes to Brac beaches, many usually just think of the famous Zlatni Rat. There are a number of other great bathing opportunities though and real dream beaches to discover on the island. Therefore, the island Brac is the perfect place to spend an unforgettable holiday in Croatia.

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