Postira, Croatia: All about a perfect visit!

Postira, the beautiful harbor town on Brac Island in Croatia is one of the most popular vacation spots on the famous holiday island. This former fishing village enchants with a charming old town, a romantic harbor and the many wonderful beaches. On a holiday you will enjoy a very unique and relaxed atmosphere, and especially those who are looking for peace, appreciate the special vibes and the unique atmosphere in this idyllic village. Finally, a fantastic range of restaurants, quaint taverns and good accommodations make your holiday on Brac perfect.

In this guide we have summarized all the important information about Postira on Brac Island. We also show you beautiful pictures, the most beautiful attractions and which beaches in Postira are particularly worth a visit.

Good to know!

In Postira are fabulous accommodations for a vacation. Really astounding is Villa Sanja with beautiful apartments and pool just a few meters by the sea!

Postira is a good starting point to explore the most beautiful attractions on Brac Island. The coastal town of Supetar, where the ferry docks, is also not far away.

The best travel time for visiting Postira is from May to the end of October. At this time of year, you can expect pleasant summer temperatures and lots of sun!

General information about Postira

The 1,500-inhabitant town Postira is located in the north of Brac Island, around 10 kilometers from the port city of Supetar, where the ferry from Split docks. Findings of Roman settlements were discovered in the area, so the history of Postira goes back a long way. The town was first mentioned in writing as “Postirna” in 1347. Also, famous people, such as the Dalmatian writer Vladimir Nazor, were born in Postira.

Nowadays, Postira is a popular holiday destination on the island of Brac. A variety of pebble and sandy beaches invite you to swim. In addition, the old town gives this vacation spot an extraordinarily beautiful ambience. Many travelers appreciate the relaxed flair and the cozy atmosphere that makes them come again and again.


Things to do in Postira

The heart and most important attraction of Postira is the charming harbor with the lovely old town. Especially beautiful are the historic stone houses of the former Bracer landowners, which shape the image of the harbor promenade. Also the Lazaric Castle, which is located directly at the harbor, is worth seeing. Another highlight is the beautiful church of St. John the Baptist, where the outer walls date back to the 16th century.

The many fantastic restaurants and traditional taverns, which are lined up along the pretty promenade, provide a culinary enjoyment. But also good coffee houses are situated in Portira and invite to linger comfortably with a fabulous sea view.


The best Beaches in Postira

Postira has some beautiful beaches and a huge variety from pebble to sandy beaches can be found here. Thus, perfect if you are planning a beach holiday in Croatia. Along the coast you will find many picturesque and usually very quiet places to swim and relax.

Rota Beach

The Rota Beach is a newly created beach section right in the center of Postira. This wonderful beach is a gently sloping, white pebble beach with crystal clear water. While swimming, you will enjoy a stunning view over to the mainland of Croatia. The many cafés, restaurants and supermarkets, which are in the immediate vicinity of the beach, provide food and drinks!

Lozna Mala Beach

Another gem among Postira’s most beautiful beaches is the picturesque Lozna Mala. This breathtaking beach is located about 1 kilometer outside the center and can be reached by walking along the waterfront. In particular, families with children enjoy this gently sloping beach. If you like, you can snorkel along the rocks and marvel at an impressive underwater world.

Balatura Beach

Another top beach of Postira is the beautiful Balatura beach. It is also in the center and captivates with a great backdrop. Picturesque old Croatian stone houses frame the white pebble beach and small pine trees provide cool shade. The sea on Balatura beach is beautifully clear and glows in dreamy shades of blue. This beach also has some good restaurants nearby.

Prja Beach

Prja Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Postira. Here you can expect a particularly quiet atmosphere, turquoise blue sea and wonderfully fragrant pine forests. This beach is a mix of concrete and pebble beach, but it turns into a fine sandy bottom in the sea.

Lovrecina Beach & Archaeological Site

The Lovrecina Beach is a real highlight on Postira. It is one of the best sandy beaches on the island of Brac and is therefore a popular beach for families with children. Also, this beach is famous for its archaeological site right in the picturesque bay. The former St. Laurentius basilica dates back to the 5th/ 6th century and now shapes the wonderful landscape of this dream beach.


Where to stay in Postira

In the center of Postira, but also in the area around and on the beautiful beaches there are some really comfortable accommodations. Most of these places to stay are holiday homes or apartments. Here are our tips for an unforgettable holiday in Postira…It’s worth a look!

  • Apartment near the Beach: The apartments Villa Sanja is only a few steps from the beach. From the balcony you can enjoy a stunning view and the furnishings are very new and cozy.
  • Apartment with Pool: The apartments Kate Postira convince with a beautiful pool, a quiet location and with free bike rental. Children love the small farm, with ponies, turtles, rabbits and hedgehogs.
  • Holiday Home: The Villa Petra Sea View Island Brac is the perfect holiday home for the whole family. It is located directly at the sea and the port of Postira is only 300 meters away.

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