Supetar, Brac: Travel Guide & Best Beaches!

Supetar in Croatia is a beautiful coastal town on Brac Island and a popular destination for a summer vacation in Croatia. Already during the approach by ferry from Split one is amazed by the enchanting scenery with the dreamy harbor, the romantic Dalmatian stone houses and the imposing parish church in the background. However, not only is the old town fabulous, but also the beaches in Supetar are gorgeous and the perfect place for an unforgettable beach vacation. In addition, there is a wide range of activities and the many wonderful possibilities for day trips in the surrounding area guarantee an unforgettable vacation.

In this travel guide we give you all the important information on Supetar on Brac. We show you the most beautiful pictures, the best attractions, fantastic beaches and where you can find recommended accommodations in Supetar.

Good to know!

Supetar is home to some of the best accommodations and hotels on Brac Island. Especially recommended is the stunning Boutique Hotel Osam with pool in the best location!

Not only Supetar is worth seeing, but also the surrounding area invites for exciting activities. During an excursion, you can explore many of the most beautiful attractions of Brac Island!

The best time to visit Supetar is from May to the end of October. At this time of year you can count on pleasantly warm temperatures, lots of sun and relatively little rain!

If you are searching for wonderful mobile homes in Supetar, we can recommend the beautiful Boutique Camping Bunja situated a bit outside the town.

General Information about Supetar

Supetar is located on the north coast of Brac Island and, thanks to its optimal location and the adjacent port, can be reached directly by ferry from Split in just 1 hour. The town of about 4,000 inhabitants is the largest on the island and, together with Bol, Sutivan, Postira and Sumartin, it is one of the most popular coastal resorts for a vacation on Brac. Supetar is best known for its beautiful old town, which, together with the harbor and the long promenade, forms an extremely charming tourist center. Along the promenade are numerous good restaurants, authentic konobas and cozy cafés, which spoil with culinary delights and fabulous views of the sea.

A real highlight, however, are the enchanting beaches of Supetar, which invite to swim, sunbathe and relax. Most of the bathing bays are located a short distance east of the resort and can be easily reached on foot. Action is also provided, there are numerous possibilities for excursions, and guests can look forward to water sports as well as leisure activities for young and old. A fantastic range of great hotels and accommodation in Supetar ultimately makes a vacation on the island of Brac an all-round wonderful experience.


Best Things to Do in Supetar

On a vacation, there are some outstanding things to do in Supetar! We have compiled the most beautiful attractions, places to visit and beaches, which should not be missed, right here:

Supetar Old Town & Harbour

Probably the most beautiful part to visit in Supetar is the picturesque harbor with the romantic waterfront. It leads from the ferry to the charming old town and further to the beautiful beaches of the resort. Strolling along the palm-lined promenade, you will enjoy fantastic views of the coast, the harbor town and the boats bobbing in the sea of the Bay of St. Peter. Dalmatian architecture is also beautiful and gives the city a special charm. Along the way there are numerous cozy restaurants, ice cream parlors, cafés and konobas that invite to linger and enjoy the magical ambience.

Church of Sveti Petra

The church of Sveti Petra is the landmark of the coastal town and certainly, one of the most beautiful attractions in Supetar. It is located on a small hill in the historical center and dominates the townscape with its imposing steeple. The complex includes the parish church itself as well as the Leroj clock tower, the freestanding church tower and the church museum. The history of Crkva sv. Petra dates back to the 17th century and thanks to its historical significance, all these buildings are on the list of protected cultural attractions in Croatia. The church square with its picturesque stone staircase is also breathtaking, and together with the church it creates a stunning backdrop.

Petrinovic Mausoleum

The Petrinovic Mausoleum is an important, culturally interesting sight in Supetar. It is located just outside the old town at the Supetar cemetery and can be seen from the sea as you approach by ferry. During a tour of this quiet cemetery, you will not only see the impressive mausoleum, but also the many sculptures by the artists Tome Rosandic and Ivan Rendic. The neo-Byzantine mausoleum was built by Rosandic for the Petrinovic family in 1914 and today it’s one of the most important buildings in the coastal town.


Best Beaches in Supetar

Brac Island is famous for its beautiful bays, which means there are some really impressive beaches that you should discover in Supetar and its surroundings. Perfect for an unforgettable beach vacation in Croatia! Most of the beaches are pebble beaches, which score with great sea quality and cleanliness, although you can also find sandy beaches in Supetar. Here are the best beaches, summarized at a glance.

Acapulco Beach

The Acapulco Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Supetar. This fabulous pebble beach is located on the edge of the old town near the ferry and is one of the most popular swimming spots in the resort. Here you can swim in the clear, turquoise sea and enjoy a magnificent view of the town while bathing. Unique is also the beach bar there, where you can enjoy cool drinks with a view of the gorgeous Acapulca beach. The perfect bay to hang out and swim; it’s ideal for a vacation in Supetar.

Tip: Right next to the beach are the Apartments LOTA, a wonderful accommodation which inspire with beautiful apartments in the best location to the beach and the old town.

Beach Punta

The Punta Beach, also known as Banj Beach, is one of the main beaches of Supetar. During a visit you can expect a long bay surrounded by numerous shady trees. The sea slopes relatively shallowly and is therefore perfectly suitable for families with children. The beach is a mix of pebbles and concrete, with some sandy areas in the sea. Just behind Punta beach is the promenade, where restaurants and café-bars provide the necessary refreshments. There are also small market stalls and stores that offer souvenirs and swimwear.

In addition, there are numerous opportunities for water sports, such as surfing and SUP. A water playground for children and a boat rental can also be found here.

Beach Supetrus

One of the best beaches in Sutivan is the Plaza Supetrus. It is located not far from the main beach and enchants with a unique scenery. The sea is wonderfully clear, clean and people love to snorkel at this beach. The tall pine trees are beautiful and provide enough shade and thus a welcome cooling, especially in high summer. Fantastic is also the beach bar, which provides the necessary catering at the upper end of the beach with a wonderful view of the sea.

Tip: Not far from the beach is the wonderful Bluesun Hotel Amor, which spoils its guests with delicious breakfast, a beautiful garden and a lovely pool.

Mutnik Beach

Just outside the center of Supetar is the beautiful and quiet Mutnik Beach. You can reach it either on foot via a small forest path or by car. The relaxed atmosphere here is fantastic, and even in the high season it’s relatively quiet. Impressive are also the wonderful turquoise sea colors, which give the beach that certain something and not to forget the cozy beach bar, where you can enjoy the magnificent ambience.

Vela Luka Beach

The Plaza Vela Luka Beach is a real insider tip in Supetar. Here you will find a beautiful little bay with a unique ambience and a wonderful vacation atmosphere. Especially amazing is the fact that it is a small sandy beach, which slopes particularly shallowly into the sea. Picturesque is also the Mediterranean vegetation that surrounds this small bay, creating fantastic beach scenery.

Best Things to Do around Supetar

On a vacation in Supetar you can look forward to numerous excursions and activities. Actually, it’s a fantastic base to explore all the highlights on Brac Island. We have summarized the best day trips and things to do around Supetar at a glance:

Right near Supetar there are many other picturesque coastal towns, such as Sutivan, Splitska, Postira and Pucisca, which are definitely worth visiting.

A trip to the southern coast of the island is highly recommended. There you will find the picturesque town Bol with the world-famous Zlatni Rat Beach as the main attraction of the island.

An excursion from Supetar up to the top of Vidova Gora, which at 780 meters is the highest mountain in the entire Croatian archipelago, is also recommended.

Very interesting is also a tour to Skrip, the oldest town on the island with the museum of local history Muzej otoka Brača and the olive oil museum.


Where to Stay in Supetar

In Supetar you will find a wide range of recommended accommodations. Noble boutique hotels, campsites and private apartments; it’s your choice. We have put together our recommendations for fantastic places to stay in Supetar…It’s worth a look!

  • Adults-Only Hotel with Pool: The Hotel Osam is the perfect hotel for couples and those looking for relaxation, who place a lot of value on upscale cuisine and lovely rooms.
  • Aparthotel: The Villa Midea is a fantastic, small aparthotel with beautiful apartments, pool and delicious breakfast. The location to the beach and old town is also perfect.
  • Nice Apartments: The Apartments LOTA inspire with 3 beautiful vacation apartments, modernly furnished with great attention to detail and in an optimal location to the center.
  • Wonderful Mobile-Homes: The Boutique Camping Bunja is a real insider tip if you are looking for great mobile homes near Supetar.

Find the best accommodation in Supetar:

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