Sutivan: Most idyllic Vacation spot on Brac

Sutivan in Croatia, the small harbor town, is one of the most beautiful holiday spots on the popular Brac island. Particularly worth seeing is the charming old town at the harbor, where the many beautiful Croatian stone houses and the small boats on the water create a picturesque ambience. But also the fantastic beaches of Sutivan, the large selection of leisure activities and the many attractions in the area make this place an extremely attractive holiday destination. Finally, the range of beautiful apartments and small hotels ensures that your holiday will be unforgettable!

In this guide we give you all the important information and tips for a holiday in Sutivan on the island of Brac. We also show you beautiful pictures, reveal the best beaches and which attractions should not be missed.

General information about Sutivan

The port town of Sutivan has around 800 inhabitants and is located on the north coast of Brac. The history of the former fishing village dates back to Roman times, and some buildings there were built in the era of the Emperor Diocletian. Only ruins remain of the former byzantine basilica from the 6th century. Next to it is the church of St. John the Baptist (Sveti Ivan) from the 16th century, which is one of the most important attractions of Sutivan.

On a holiday to Sutivan you experience a very special ambience. Until today, the beautiful beaches and the pretty harbor with the old town have been spared from tourist crowds. Sutivan also has one of the most beautiful and exclusive hotels on the island of Brac: the Lemongarden, a small 5-star hotel that makes all your wishes come true.


Things to do in Sutivan

The heart of Sutivan, and at the same time the most important attraction, is certainly the beautiful waterfront, which stretches from the old town to the beaches. On a walk, you will admire the many historic Dalmatian town houses and the many small boats swinging in the sea. The best way to enjoy this impressive ambience is in one of the good restaurants, taverns and cafés, which delight with excellent cuisine and wonderful sea views.

When walking through the city, you will repeatedly discover former Renaissance palaces and old summer residences, which give Sutivan lots of nostalgic charm. Also, there are many beautiful gardens in the center. One of them is the pretty park of the poet Kavanjin, from which a palm avenue leads down to the harbor.

Another beautiful attraction in Sutivan is the Sveti Ivan church (St. John the Baptist Church). It is the landmark of the town and due to its location on a small hill it can already be seen from a distance.


The beautiful beaches of Sutivan

Sutivan, with its many stunning beaches and idyllic bays, is ideal for a beach holiday in Croatia. Over a length of around 4 kilometers, you will find fantastic and usually very quiet places to swim and relax. Here are the best beaches in Sutivan at a glance:

  • Majakovac Beach
  • Likva Beach
  • Justitija Beach
  • Erot Beach (nudist)
  • Bunta Beach (Sutivan Beach)
  • Grgina Beach
  • Tatinja Beach

Bunta Beach (Sutivan Beach)

The beautiful Bunta beach is the city beach of Sutivan. This fine pebble beach is only a few steps away from the harbor and the old town and impresses with its unique flair and picturesque sea colors. A few trees provide natural shade, and loungers and umbrellas are also available for rent in the high season.

Likva Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Sutivan is Likva Beach, around 2 kilometers outside the center. You can reach this beach from the harbor by walking the idyllic waterfront. There you will find a sheltered bay with a fine pebble beach and wonderful pine forests. The sea glows in the most beautiful colors and the crystal-clear water invites you to snorkel. Behind it is a good restaurant that serves Croatian delicacies and cool drinks.

Majakovac Beach

Another popular beach in Sutivan is Majakovac Beach, around 800 meters from the port. This pretty bay is particularly popular with families with children. Cool drinks are provided by a small beach bar where you can enjoy breathtaking sea views.

Justitija Beach & Nudist Erot Beach

At the western end of Sutivan are the beautiful Justitija beach and the Nudist Beach Erot. The small quiet bays are situated in lush nature, in the midst of fragrant pine forests in an idyllic setting. While swimming in the crystal-clear sea you will enjoy a unique ambience and if you like snorkeling, you will get the chance to explore a beautiful underwater world.


Where to stay in Sutivan

On a holiday to Sutivan you can choose from an excellent selection of beautiful accommodations. There is a wide range of many recommended apartments and amazing holiday homes, but also one of the best hotels on the island has settled here in the village. Here are our tips for accommodations in Sutivan.

  • Apartment: The apartments Villa La Riva are located in a wonderful location between the old town (10 minutes by foot) and the many beautiful beaches of Supitar just nearby.
  • Holiday Home: The Holiday Home Lučica is the perfect house for the whole family. There is a beach right across the street. And the old town with a bakery, a supermarket and restaurants are just a few steps away.
  • Luxury Hotel: The Hotel Lemongarden – Adults Only is one of the best hotels on the island of Brac and is the perfect accommodation for a very special holiday. Some of its many highlights are: the excellent breakfast at the sea, the private beach and the beautiful pool area.

Find the best Accommodation in Sutivan:

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