Zlatni Rat Beach: The Golden Horn in Croatia

Zlatni Rat, which is also known as the Golden Horn, is one of the most famous beaches in croatia and currently one of the top holiday destinations in Dalmatia. The beach is located in the south of the island Brac, only 2 kilometers away from the popular tourist resort Bol. Although the Zlatni Rat beach is not a sandy beach, its immense beauty is unique in Croatia: This beautiful pebble beach stretches for about 500 meters into the turquoise-blue sea and therefore the beach shape looks like a huge golden horn. Due to its spectacular form and beauty, it has become a landmark of Croatia and it is also a magnet for tourists from all over the world. Whether it is a day trip to the Zlatni Rat or a holiday on Brac Island, visiting the Golden Horn is worth it.

In this travel guide we show you all you have to know about a visit to the Golden Horn in Croatia. We’ll tell you what to expect during a holiday at Zlatni Rat and Bol and certainly you will find plenty of tips on accommodations, activities, attractions and excursions to Zlatni Rat.


Zlatni Rat Beach on Brac Island

The beaches of Brac are a real highlight. The most famous, however, is the Zlatni Rat Beach near Bol, a gigantic promontory that stretches almost half a kilometer into the azure-blue sea. Several times it has been voted one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia, so it is not surprising that many visitors come to experience this amazing beach highlight.

Zlatni Rat: Sandy beach or Gravel?

With its golden and yellow colors, one could almost believe that the Zlatni Rat is a sandy beach.  Having a closer look though, you realize that the Golden Horn is not sandy but a fine pebble beach. Nevertheless, the bathing experience is still brilliant. Here, the sea is crystal clear and shines in the most beautiful blue and turquoise sea colors. With a wonderful fragrant, a more than a hundred years old pine forest offers an amazing contrast to the golden beach and the intense blue of the sea. And in the background the huge mountain Vidova Gora – all this creates a panorama like from out of a travel magazine.

The Zlatni Rat was not manmade, as many may believe. This fine pebble beach was created by the deposition of fine rocks of the Vidova Gora Mountain, the highest mountain on the island of Brac. For centuries, the rock had been finely ground and waves formed the typical sickle shape. The outer edge of the beach changes depending on currents and wind, and so the Golden Horn steadily shows a slightly different form. Sometimes the top of the beach turns a bit to the right and after some time it will go back to the left. At one side of the beach the sea is always calmer and offers perfect sea conditions then for families with children.

Beach Facilities

The Zlatni Rat Beach is very well developed when it comes to tourism and due to the huge size, everyone will find their perfect place for having a swim and to sunbathe. With its approximately 20,000 square meters, this beach offers space for about 10,000 people. Here there are possibilities to rent sunbeds and umbrellas, but also the many pine trees of the peninsula offer natural shade. Toilets, changing rooms and showers are also on site. Parking spaces where you have to pay can be found in the immediate vicinity of the beach, but there is also parking available in the nearby village of Bol.

Restaurants & Bars

There are numerous of cafés, food stalls, restaurants and shops on the western part of the beach offering cool drinks, light snacks and hot meals. Also along the 2 kilometer long promenade, between Bol and Zlatni Rat, there are a variety of dining options and some stalls. The most famous beach bar on the Zlatni Rat is the Auro, a really cool location, located directly on the world-famous beach. Especially in the busiest season, this cool beach bar is the must visit place for all who love to party.

Beach Activities & Things to do

A trip to Golden Horn in Bol guarantees a lot of action! Various water sports activities provide an extra dose of fun. For example, here you will find a cool huge water park, where young and old show off with their slide skills. Due to the good wind and wave conditions, the Zlatni Rat is a great spot for kite surfing and windsurfing. But also stand-up paddling and kayaking are popular activities at the Golden Horn beach. Surf schools and water sports rentals can be found on site.

The clear water is perfect for snorkeling, and also diving schools are located in the area. A really lovely activity is also to explore the south coast of Brac and the best beach near Zlatni Rat by bike. Bikes or e-bikes can be rented on site.

Zlatni Rat Nudist Beach

Even nudists will get their money’s worth here. Because in the western part, right next to the Zlatni Rat and 200 meters away, is a really recommendable nudist beach. This beach is like Zlatni Rat Beach a fine pebble beach and there you will enjoy a secluded ambience with a great view of the Golden Horn.

Best travel time

The best time to visit the Zlatni Rat is from May to the end of October. The beach is quietest in May, June, September and October. During this time of the year you can expect a lot of sunshine and not that many day trippers and holiday makers are on the beach. In the high season, e.g. July and August, it’s certainly much more crowded, and those who like it quiet can visit the neighboring beaches near the Golden Horn.

Things to do around Zlatni Rat 

As already mentioned, the Zlatni Rat can be reached by a 20 to 25 minutes’ walk from the holiday village Bol. This beautiful place is the center of the tourism region and offers a picturesque little harbor along with some nice little attractions. This includes the marvelous Dominican monastery with the gorgeous Samostan beach and the historic center of Bol.

Also, this town is an ideal starting point for island explorations and excursions. Starting at this point, you can go on boat trips, such as to the island of Hvar and the Blue Grotto near Vis.

Another amazing place to visit is the Vidova Gora Mountain. From up there you will enjoy an incredible view over the Golden Horn. Vidova Gora can be reached via a 2 hours hike from Bol, but also by car.

Day Trips to Zlatni Rat Beach

Certainly, there are possibilities to go on a Zlatni Rat day trip. Excursions to the Golden Horn are offered by many holiday destinations in Croatia.

These include, among others, the resorts of Trogir, Split, Omis and Makarska. But also from the neighboring island of Hvar boat trips to this amazing beach are offered.


Where to stay at Zlatni Rat

There are a number of good places to stay around Zlatni Rat. Whether it’s a wellness hotel, an all-inclusive hotel or private accommodations, such as holiday cottages and apartments – in the area there are a variety of different types of accommodations. There are hardly any accommodations right next to the beach. Most of the hotels and apartments are close to Bol. Here are our tips for the best accommodations at Zlatni Rat:

  • Wellness Hotel: The BRETANIDE Sport & Wellness Resort – All Inclusive is located directly on the pedestrian promenade and only 300 meters away from the Golden Horn Beach. They have a beautiful house beach and a great activities program for sports and wellness.
  • Hotel with Infinity Pool: The Lifestyle Hotel Vitar is located between Bol and Zlatni Rat. Especially cool here is the infinity pool with a fantastic view from the roof terrace.
  • Heritage Hotel: The Villa Giardino Heritage Boutique Hotel Bol is a beautiful boutique hotel just near the harbor. Their breakfast is brilliant!
  • Apartments with Pool: The Apartments Lolita has a nice pool area and lovely apartments with great sea views.
  • Apartments: The Apartment Podbarje has two pretty and affordable apartments. It is located idyllically, just outside the center, surrounded by olive trees and grape vines.


Conclusion: The Zlatni Rat Beach near Bol is a real highlight in Croatia. Although many think that the beach is now overcrowded, it does not change the fact that this gem is unrivaled for its uniqueness. In addition, there are numerous beautiful neighboring beaches, which you can go to alternatively. Bol is definitely the perfect holiday destination on the island of Brac and a visit to Zlatni Rat is definitely worth it!

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