Omisalj, Croatia: The Old Town & Beaches

Omisalj in Croatia is an enchanting coastal town and one of the most popular resorts on Krk Island, thanks to the many beaches in the area. The ultimate must-see is the wonderfully pretty car-free old town, perched on a cliff about 85 meters high above the coast. During a walk through the town, you will embark on a kind of time travel and discover the resort from one of its most beautiful sides. A highlight, and why Omisalj is so popular, are definitely the numerous beaches and bays, which are ideal for a summer vacation on the island of Krk. But also the surrounding area with its numerous excursion destinations and possibilities for activities, is really charming and invites to unforgetable day trips.

In this travel guide, you will find a lot of information and tips about Omisalj on the Island of Krk in Croatia. We also show you amazing pictures, the best things to do, the most beautiful beaches and where to find good accommodation.

Good to know!

Really popular for a vacation in Omisalj is the fabulously equipped campsite Omisalj, where you can find, among other things, beautiful mobile homes right by the sea.

The best time to visit Omisalj is from June to September. At this time, you can enjoy mostly good weather, lots of sun and little rain!

In the resort and its surroundings are some of the most beautiful beaches on Krk Island! Most of the bays are pebble or stone beaches, and as almost everywhere in Croatia, you should not forget your bathing shoes.

General Information about Omisalj

The village Omisalj has almost 3,000 inhabitants and is located in the north of the vacation island of Krk, only 6 kilometers north of the resort town of Njivice. Together with the Krk Town, this charming coastal town is one of the oldest on the island! Its history dates back to the 3rd century, when the Romans founded Fulfinium, and even today you can discover numerous Roman excavation sites and monuments in the region. The origins of tourism emerged as early as 1905, when the first hotels were built, and later, when Omisalj became the first island town to have electricity in 1925, tourism flourished.

Although Omisalj is industrially developed, this small town is a popular vacation resort, and especially regular guests appreciate its unique flair. This vacation destination is famous on the one hand for the romantic old town, on the other hand for the beautiful coast, where numerous great beaches and bays offer fabulous conditions for a bathing vacation. Another advantage is the proximity to the airport of Rijeka, and to the Krk Bridge, which connects the vacation island with the mainland and thus facilitates the journey.


Things to do in Omisalj

Numerous amazing things to do await you during a vacation in Omisalj. Among the most important attractions are the charming old town, the forest park Dubec, the Roman excavation sites and the many fantastic beaches. Here are the most beautiful highlights summarized at a glance!

The Historic Center

The car-free old town is certainly one of the most beautiful places to visit in Omisalj. It is located in an imposing position on a rock about 85 meters high and fascinates with a panoramic view over the sea. During a walk through the historic center, you will be amazed by the enchanting, partly colorfully decorated buildings and houses, which give the old town a very special ambience. Picturesque are the small alleys that lead like a labyrinth through the town. You will discover many historical attractions, such as the Chapel of St. Helena and the town loggia.

Also interesting are the old houses typical of Omisalj, with external staircases and semicircular entrances decorated with numerous flowers and plants. The flair is best enjoyed in one of the cozy cafés or in the excellent restaurants, which delight with fabulous Mediterranean cuisine. A real highlight is also the small but beautiful church square, which has become a popular photo motif.

Church of the Assumption

The parish church of the Assumption of Mary is one of the most interesting attractions in Omisalj. It dates back to the Middle Ages and was first mentioned in 1213. Not only interesting from the outside, you should also visit this church from the inside, where there is a beautifully decorated altar. Impressive is also the freestanding church tower on the market square, which stands somewhat apart from the 3-nave Romanesque basilica.

Park Dubec

Dubec Park is a picturesque forest park in Omisalj and a romantic place for long walks. This 18,000-square-meter natural jewel was created as early as 1925 and has been expanded somewhat over the years. Numerous stairs and hiking trails lead from the old town through the park and down to the sea, where there is also a beautiful beach. While hiking, you will experience some really great viewpoints overlooking the bay and the small marina, in addition to the picturesque vegetation!

Fulfinum Mirine

In the bay Sepen is located in the Archaeological Park Mirine-Fulfinum, where you can admire remains of the Roman settlement from the middle of the 1st century. Parts of this Roman city have sunk into the sea, but today you can still visit the imposing cruciform basilica from the 5th century and other excavation sites of the former settlement. Also beautiful is the hiking trail that leads through the area, and the beautiful coastal landscape, which even invites you to swim in the summer.


The best beaches in Omisalj

The many beaches in Omisalj make it a popular vacation destination on the island of Krk! Along the coast there are numerous beautiful bays, which are ideal for relaxing and swimming. Here is a summary of the best beaches in Omisalj:

Pesja Beach

The Pesja beach is located in a picturesque bay below the old town and is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Omisalj. The long bay inspires with a very fine, clean pebble beach, which slopes shallowly into the sea, and therefore offers optimal conditions for families with children. The idyllic ambience is especially beautiful! Imposing rock walls, cobalt blue sea and the many green forests form a true dream beach, which should not be missed on any vacation in Omisalj.

Dubec Beach

Dubec beach is located on the edge of the forest park and is connected to the old town on the hill by a small footpath. The bathing bay is a mix of concrete, pebble and sandy beach, where on top of it all the nostalgic looking shore promenade with a magnificent view of Omisalj will delight you. The sea shimmers in the most beautiful turquoise blue colors and the crystal clear water is ideal for snorkeling.

Tip: Not far from the beach is the beautiful Vila Kajče, which scores with a wonderful location and cozy ambience.

Beach Camping Omisalj

A real highlight for vacationers is the beach of the campsite Omisalj. It is located in the long bay Pusca north of the old town and is a popular place for swimming and relaxing, especially among campers. Thanks to its cleanliness and fabulous facilities, the beach was even awarded the Blue Flag. But not only the bathing bay is wonderfully beautiful, great is the entire campsite complex, where, among other things, a beautiful pool and cozy mobile homes directly by the sea inspire.

Tip: The campsite Omisalj offers really nice mobile homes not far from the sea, where you can choose between different categories and sizes.

Beach Voz

A real insider tip among the most beautiful beaches of Omisalj is the beach Voz about 5 kilometers from the center. The idyllic setting here is unique, and the fabulous view of the Krk Bridge is also phenomenal. The crystal clear sea shines in the most beautiful blue sea colors, and while snorkeling you can discover an interesting underwater world. Even in the high season, it is relatively quiet on this beach, and you can always find a secluded spot to swim.

Excursions from Omisalj

Around Omisalj there are many possibilities for unforgettable trips and tours to the best attractions of Krk Island. Here are the most beautiful highlights that you should not miss.

Worth a trip is the old town of Krk, which attracts with numerous sights. Particularly captivating there is the port, the medieval old town and the imposing fortress of Krk.

Also beautiful is the wine town of Vrbnik, which, like Omisalj, was built in a spectacular location on a rock.

Other fascinating places to see are the mountain village of Dobrinj and the Biserujka Cave, an exciting small stalactite cave that can be visited even in bad weather.

Just a few minutes drive away are the pretty resorts of Njivice and Malinska, which delight with a small pretty harbor and beautiful waterfront.


Where to Stay in Omisalj

For a vacation in Omisalj you can find a good range of accommodations. Most of the places to stay are privately run apartments, small guesthouses, but a fabulous campsite also delights campers. If you are looking for a very special accommodation in Omisalj, then we can give you these recommendations along the way…It’s worth a look!

  • Modern Apartment: The Apartments 4U are a great choice for a vacation in Omisalj. These are just a few steps away from the sea and inspire with modern furnishings to boot.
  • Beautiful Apartment with Pool: The Primavera offers 2 beautiful apartments with a pool and a great balcony in a great location!
  • Wonderful Mobile Homes: At the Campsite Omisalj you can find really cozy mobile homes, where you can choose between different standards.
  • Vacation Home in the Old Town: The Holiday Home NiKa is situated in a beautiful location directly in the romantic, car-free old town of Omisalj.

Find the best accommodation in Omisalj:

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