Baska, Krk: The Complete Travel Guide!

Baska on Krk Island is a beautiful coastal town and also one of the most popular vacation destinations in Croatia. Situated in the picturesque bay of the Baska Valley and surrounded by an imposing mountain backdrop, this vacation resort inspires with a true postcard panorama! Once a small fishing village, the town attracts with a fantastic tourist offer, paradisiacal beaches, beautiful attractions and numerous opportunities to go hiking and biking. Moreover, Baska is famous for Vela Plaza, the 2-kilometer-long pebble beach, which is ideal for a swimming vacation. Another highlight is the charming old town with its colorful town houses right by the sea, where great restaurants and cozy cafés conjure up a fabulous atmosphere.

In this travel guide, you will find a lot of information and tips about Baska on the island of Krk in Croatia. We show you amazing pictures, the best attractions and beaches as well as where you can find fabulous accommodations.

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If you’re still looking for a great place to stay, we can recommend Valamar Atrium Baška Residence and Apartments Toni, both just steps away from the main beach.

Baska has some of the most beautiful bays and beaches on Krk Island! Most of them are natural beaches, so like almost everywhere in Croatia, you should not forget your bathing shoes.

In Baska you can go on many fabulous hikes! Around the village there are more than 10 routes that lead through spectacular mountains, to magnificent viewpoints and past true dream beaches.

Really popular are zipline tours overlooking the spectacular landscape of Baska. On a length of more than 2 kilometers, you can expect a mix of nature, fun and adrenaline! Tickets can also be found on GetYourGuide.

General Info about Baska

The small town of Baska, with about 1,700 inhabitants, is located in the very south of the island of Krk, in the so-called Baska Valley, a beautiful green river valley that leads down to the sea. Known as a true vacation paradise, every year numerous tourists from all over the world come to spend their vacations here. The absolute highlights are certainly the spectacularly beautiful beaches in Baska, which invite you to spend unforgettable summer days by the sea. Also the wonderful mountains and the coastal landscapes are breathtaking. Vacationers really appreciate this vacation resort with its numerous possibilities of hikes, cycling tours and water sports activities.

The history of Baska goes back to the time of the Illyrians, and still today you can visit numerous historical attractions and monuments in the old town as well as in the surrounding area. For example, the famous “Baska Tablet” from the year 1,100 is the oldest Croatian Glagolitic cultural monument. The original is currently exhibited in Zagreb, while the replica can be seen in the church of St. Luzia-Jurandvor in Baska.


Things to do in Baska

The most important attractions in Baska include the beautiful old town, the romantic waterfront with charming buildings, the historically significant churches, the gorgeous beaches and, not to forget, the spectacular scenery. Here are the most beautiful highlights of the resort summarized at a glance:

Old Town & Seaside Promenade

The old town of Baska is one of the most beautiful attractions in the resort. Together with the romantic waterfront promenade, they form the tourist center. Walking through the cobblestone alleys, you will be amazed by the colorfulness of the town houses, which were built close together and conjure up a quaint and romantic setting. A walk through the old town center reveals interesting attractions such as the church of Sveti Trojice from 1722, the Baska Museum of Local History and the small aquarium.

A real must-visit, however, is the waterfront promenade of Baska. It leads from the small harbor, past the old town to the beautiful main beach of the resort. Along the way are numerous good restaurants and cozy cafés that lure you in to enjoy the romantic ambience.

Baska Viewpoint & Lighthouse

One of the best things to do is a walk to Baska Viewpoint. This spectacular viewpoint is located in the south of Baska and can be reached from the center via a short 20-minute hike. From the top, you will probably have the most beautiful view of the coast, where the deep blue sea and the imposing mountains conjure up a true picture-book setting.

If you feel like it, you can continue the hike to the red lighthouse, where you will also find the beautiful natural bay Skuljica. The view of the vulture island Prvic on the opposite side is breathtaking. Please remember your swimsuit because the natural beach Skuljica is perfect to cool off!

Church of St. John & Viewpoint

The Church of St. John the Baptist, also known as Crkva Sv. Ivan, was built as early as the 11th century, making it the oldest parish church in Baska. Renovated several times over the years, today it shines in bright yellow and its bell tower can be seen from the distance. It is located on a hill above the town and is therefore a popular destination for walkers and cyclists. Once you reach the top, you will be amazed by the peaceful ambience and the magnificent view of Baska.

Tip: From the church, a beautiful hiking trail continues to the famous Moon Plateau.

Vela Luka Bay

One of the most beautiful attractions in Baska is definitely the picturesque Vela Luka Bay. You can reach this stunning natural beach either by taxi boat from the harbor or via a beautiful hike of about 1.5 hours. Highly recommended is the hiking trail No. 9 across the mountains, or trail No. 8 along the coast and further through the Vrzenica Gorge. Spectacular and the highlight of the hike is the viewpoint Rebica, where you can enjoy the most beautiful panoramic view of the two bays Vela and Mala Luka.

Tip: You can get hiking maps for Baska at the tourist office!

Church of Hl- Lucia & the Baska Tablet

The Church of St. Lucia is the most important historical site in Baska. The church dates back to the Middle Ages and is still very well-preserved. Of the adjacent Benedictine monastery, however, only the remains of the walls can be seen. Beautiful from the outside, the building is also worth seeing from the inside. Here you will encounter a replica of the famous Baska tablet, one of the oldest and most important testimonies of the Glagolitic script in Croatia. It dates back to 1,100, was discovered in the church in 1851 and the original is currently on display in Zagreb.

The Glagolitic Way

The Glagolitic Way is a fascinating attraction in Baska. In the resort and also in the surrounding area, you will find various beautiful stone monuments in the 34 letters from A (Az) to Ω (Omega) of the historical Croatian script “Glagoliza”. It is the oldest script of the Slavic peoples and a peculiarity of this region. The path was created in 2006 to commemorate the important cultural heritage, the Baska tablet.


The most beautiful beaches in Baska

The stunning beaches in Baska make the resort a popular summer destination on the island of Krk. Around the town there are countless pretty bays, firstly the famous main beach Vela Plaza. Most of the beaches are natural beaches with fascinating scenery, spectacular sea colors and perfect cleanliness.

Main Beach Vela Plaza

The Vela Plaza is the beautiful main beach of Baska and for many even one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Krk! This approximately 2 kilometers long, white pebble bay is located right next to the old town and fascinates with turquoise sea colors and a breathtaking backdrop. Along the way, you’ll find fabulous restaurants and beach bars that create a great vacation atmosphere right behind the beach.

Tip: Most of the accommodations are located around the Vela Plaza. Very popular is the Valamar Atrium Baška Residence and the Apartments Toni, both just a few steps from the beach!

Nudist Beach Bunculuka

Plaza Bunculuka is a spectacularly beautiful nudist beach, about a 10-minute walk east of the center. This 300 meter long pebble bay has particularly fine pebbles and is even sandy in many places, allowing easy entry into the clear sea. Moreover, the impressive cliffs make Plaza Bunculuka a true dream beach!

Tip: This nudist beach belongs to the Bunculuka Valamar nudist campsite of the same name, but non-campers can also visit this beach for a fee.

Mali Raj Natural Bay

Mali Raj Beach is a picturesque natural bay and a real highlight in Baska. Translated, the name means something like “little heaven”, and indeed, this bay is truly heavenly. In the midst of a Mediterranean landscape, surrounded by high cliffs and with beautiful blue sea colors, you can experience a true postcard idyll here! However, this dream beach can only be reached by a 30-minute hike along the coast or by boat.

Jablanova Beach

The Beach Jablanova is another natural attraction in Baska! This stunning cove is somewhat hidden a few minutes by foot from the naturist campsite. Here you will feel as if you are stranded in paradise: the sea shines in the most beautiful colors and the small bay is surrounded by beautiful coastal scenery. The small beach bar in the forest is also great, spreading quaint hippie flair.

Beach Sveti Ivan

A bit away from the busy main beach, but still close to the center is the beautiful beach Sveti Ivan. This small bay inspires with its quiet location and is hardly overcrowded even in the summer months. The sea is crystal clear and ideal to go snorkeling. Just behind the beach is a small vacation settlement, which is ideal for a vacation in Baska.

Tip: Highly recommended is the Apartment Marwin, which scores with a fabulous location, pretty garden and breathtaking sea view.

Excursions from Baska

Not only is Baska worth visiting, also the surrounding area is absolutely wonderful. From the resort you have the opportunity to make fabulous day trips to the best attractions of Krk Island, and to explore the offshore island world.

About 20 minutes drive away is the beautiful City of Krk, where numerous attractions, but also a lively nightlife, is offered.

Charming is also the wine town of Vrbnik, which delights with spectacular location on a rock. Not far away are the mountain village of Dobrinj and the Biserujka cave.

A visit to Stara Baska is also highly recommended! Here you will find more dream beaches in a picturesque setting.

Boat trips to Rab Island and to Goli Otok are very popular. You can also find great excursions online on GetYourGuide.


Where to stay in Baska

For a vacation in Baska you can find a really great offer of accommodations. These are mainly privately run apartments, nice hotels, small guesthouses, but there is also a FFK campsite. If you are looking for a recommendable place to stay in Baska, then we can give you these accommodation tips along the way…It’s worth a look!

  • Heritage Hotel: The Heritage Forza Hotel is located in the old town of Baska, directly above the coastal promenade, and convinces with tasteful furnishings and its own beach section.
  • Apartment: The beautiful Apartments Toni inspires with a great location directly on the large main beach on the promenade and offers on top a free parking.
  • 4-star hotel: The Valamar Atrium Baška Residence is one of the most popular hotels in Baska. Guests love the fantastic beach location and the delicious breakfast!
  • Apartment by the sea: The Apartments Peric is another popular accommodation in Baska. Guests love the quiet location and the view of the sea from the terrace.

Find the best accommodation in Baska:

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