Top 7 Beaches in Croatia

Croatia’s Adriatic Sea coast is just amazing – with more than a thousand islands, around 400 different beaches and 102 blue flag beaches this country makes the list of our top favorite holiday destinations in Europe. Offering clear blue waters for swimming and snorkeling, this perfect piece of earth is a real paradise for sun lovers and beach addicts. The Croatian coast is 2000 km long and spoils the visitors with some of the best beaches and bays in Europe. Although the coastline is wild and rocky and beaches are often pebbly, several beautiful sandy beaches can be found too.

But where are the best beaches in Croatia and how to find them? With a wide range of gorgeous places to choose it’s not always easy to find out what beaches to visit. In this travel blog post we are going to share with you our top 7 beaches in Croatia, a selection of wonderful pebbly as well as the best sandy beaches.

Here is our list of the top 7 most wonderful beaches in Croatia!


Beach Pinizule & Kamenjak Nature Park – Istria

The Kamenjak National Park is a real nature jewel in Istria. In the winter, it is the home of the Mediterranean monk seals and in summer, home of the beach lovers. You will find various beautiful beaches in this area, we recommend visiting the park for a few days, so you have enough time to explore all the fantastic places. Make sure to visit one of the best beaches in Croatia, the Beach Pinižule. This wild beach is hidden in the Kamenjak Nature Park and for sure one of the best inside the park. Visitors not only love to bath in the crystal clear sea but also enjoying a fresh drink at the lovely small beach bar nearby.  The scenic location is topped with a Mediterranean pine forest that spends shadows on hot summer days.

Sakarun Beach

The Sakarun Beach on Dugi Otok is a white sand beach with around 800 m and it’s definitely a must see, if you are in Zadar Region. This jewel is one of the most popular sandy beaches in Croatia and often published in media like magazines and commercials. The size of the bay is exceptional huge for Croatia and the turquoise colors remind more of a Caribbean scenery than a Croatian one. It’s also a great choice for families with kids who can play in the shallow water. Tips: Enjoy a coffee at the Amarcord Beach Bar, a tranquil place with a wonderful view to the sand beach.

The island Dugi Otok is a wonderful place for a tranquil and relaxing stay, you will find some great landscapes and beaches.

Punta Rata beach – Brela, Makarska Rivijera

Punta Rata, with its picturesque stone in the sea, is one of the most popular beaches in Croatia. None other than the American Forbes magazine included this beach amongst its world’s top 10 most beautiful beaches list. And they are right – this beach is definitely a postcard motive! Brela with its 6 km long pebble beach is a perfect place to spend a great holiday and besides, there are lots of really good restaurants overlooking the sea. The Punta Rata beach definitely belongs to the top beaches in Croatia.

Kornati Islands – Lojena beach, Otok Levrnaka

If you are visiting this National park you will understand how George Bernard Shaw was feeling, when he was writing about this wonderful piece of earth: A huge archipelago consisting of 140 islands covering an area of 300 square km.
Several amazing bays and beaches are waiting for you to be explored. Avoid booking Kornati big boat excursions – it’s better to take a private skipper from Murter so you can see all these great places by yourself. One of the best beaches in Crotia you will find on Otok Levrnaka in the Kornati National park, is named the Lojena Beach.

Podvrske beach – Otok Murter

With its laid-back vibes and its incredibly beautiful beaches it’s the perfect getaway in Croatia. On Murter island, there are a few awesome beaches, but our favorite beach is the Beach Podvrske. The turquoise blue colors of its water are unbelievable!
Additionally, it’s a great starting point if you fancy making some excursions to the Kornati National Park, to Sibenik, Trogir and Primosten.

Vali Zal Beach – Dugi Otok

The Veli Zal Beach is probably the best kept secret in Croatia! A hidden wild beach with stunning turquoise and deep blue colors like no other. Velia Zal is a mixture of pebble and sand beach, whereby the sandy part is inside the water. Also fantastic is that this beach is still untouristy and truly quiet. Therefor are no beach bars and no crowds. Best you take your drinks with you and also an umbrella for a shadow place.

Golden horn, Zlatni rat – Brac Island

The Golden Horn is a really picturesque place and probably one of the best-known photo motives in Croatia. We were there for a day from and we loved it. The golden pebble beach has a unique shape, like a half-moon and its water is crystal blue and clear. Because the beach is so popular you should visit it in the preseason.

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  1. Taylor Johnson Reply

    I really liked Punta Rate Beach. Glad I came across this because was planning a trip to Croatia for next summer! Thanks for the share!

  2. Wow,a really enticing post and knowledge sharing article.Love the clean beaches and the color of the waters

    • Hi Allyson – next summer Croatia – I am sure you want regret 😉

      Have a nice day
      Martina and Jürgen

  3. I loved the reference to George Bernard Shaw. Croatia is on my list of destination, and you’ve just given me another reason to get there sooner than later. Great blog!

    • Thank you so much for your lovely words 🙂 We are happy that we could give you some nice travel inspirations!
      Have a nice day

      Martina and Jürgen

  4. What a gorgeous group of beaches. The clear and colorful water is beyond amazing. The only problem now if which of these beaches to pick. I know. Don’t pick one. It’s time to plan to go see all of them.

    • Hi Lionel!
      You are so true – the water there is just perfect blue and clear.
      Have a nice day

      Martina and Jürgen

  5. Zlatni Rat was by far my favorite beach while I was in Croatia. The pebbles are so soft, and don’t get stuck in the suit like sand does. All of your picks look amazing though! Would love to do a tour of Croatian beaches some day.

    • Hi Grace,
      thanks for your comment! We are sure you would love the other Croatian beaches too 😉
      have a nice day

      Martina and Jürgen

  6. This has put Croatia firmly on my radar! Podvrske beach – Murter looks amazing with its blue water and how great to know about the laid back atmosphere. I would also love to visit the post card perfect Punta Rate beach – Brela, Makarska Rivijera. Great list, will save this for my next European adventure!

    • Hi Kreete,
      so happy to hear that 🙂 We are sure you wont regret 😉

      Have a nice day
      Martina and Jürgen

  7. This makes me realize how much I missed by only seeing Dubrovnik. Seems a trip back to Croatia needs to be in my plans!

    • Hi Jonathan
      Thats so true, Croatia has so much more to over 🙂
      We will go back next year for sure!

      Have a nice day,
      Martina and Jürgen

  8. All you have to do is say ‘beach’ and ‘Croatia’ and I’m sold. I could hardly pick a favourite from all these gorgeous beaches. However, I do love a rugged coastline with beautiful cliffs:)

  9. Ughh it’s super cold and wintery where I am so reading this and looking at the different beach pictures seriously just makes me wanna book a flight over to Croatia. Cape Kamenjak definitely reminds me a bit of Greece and I simply can’t get over how blue the waters are!!! Beautiful recommendations!

  10. Nice choice, but you have forgot my favourite: Vela Rina, Island Mali Drvenik

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