Sveti Jakov Beach: Must-Visit Beach in Dubrovnik!

Dubrovnik is a true pearl in Croatia and fascinates with an exceptionally beautiful coastal landscape. Probably one of the most spectacular bays is Sveti Jakov Beach, which is located only a short distance from the old town and enchants with a breathtaking, almost kitschy picture book backdrop. It is among the absolute most beautiful beaches in Dubrovnik and a popular destination to enjoy some quiet beach days. Turquoise sea colors, light fine pebbles surrounded by an imposing rocky landscape – here, in the hidden bay of Plaža Sveti Jakov a real dream beach awaits you!

In this guide we give you all the important information on Sveti Jakov Beach in Dubrovnik. We also share useful tips on how to get there, parking and where to find great accommodations.

Good to know!

Only about 400 meters from Sveti Jakov Beach is the Boutique Hotel Villa Dubrovnik with a private beach and wonderful terrace, which is actually also one of the most beautiful hotels in Dubrovnik.

Just above the beach are some lovely vacation apartments, such as Jakov Beach Apartment or Helena Apartment, which are perfect for a quiet vacation in Dubrovnik.

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General info about Sveti Jakov Beach

The Plaza Sveti Jakov Beach is located in a hidden bay to the east of the Old Town of Dubrovnik and thanks to its beauty it has already been nominated as one of the best beaches in the world several times. It was named after the small church of St. Jacob, which is located just above the dream beach. A steep staircase with about 160 steps leads down to the bay, just behind the church. For the quite strenuous ascent and descent, however, one is rewarded with a magnificent panorama.

About 1.8 kilometers from the historic old town, you can reach the beach Sveti Jakov either on foot via a 20-minute walk, or by car, bus or even better by taxi boat. The parking lot is located directly in front of the church, but you have to know that parking at Sveti Jakov is quite expensive.

Tip: The most comfortable and easiest way to reach this beach and save the steps is definitely the taxi boat, which leaves several times a day directly from the Old Port of the city.

Once you reach the bottom, a very fine pebble beach awaits you; some would even call Sveti Jakov a sandy beach, where countless colorful umbrellas conjure up a magnificent contrast to the turquoise blue sea. The water here is wonderfully clean and even invites to snorkel. While swimming, you can also enjoy an excellent view of the old town of Dubrovnik and the island of Lokrum can also be admired from here.

A small, cozy beach bar and a nice restaurant provide the necessary catering. Here you can also rent sunbeds and umbrellas if necessary. In the high season there is also a kayak rental and jet skis are available for rent. Perfect if you want to experience the magnificent coastal scenery around Sveti Jakov Beach from the sea.


Best accommodations at Sveti Jakov Beach

Directly above the Plaza Sveti Jakov you will find a small but fine selection of fantastic accommodation options. Most of these places are privately run apartments or room rentals. If you are looking for a recommendable accommodation, then we can give you these lovely tips along the way…it’s worth a look!

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