Kamenjak National Park in Premantura – Croatia

Premantura is a lovely small village located at the edge of the Istrian Peninsula in Croatia. Being surrounded by 30 kilometers of stunningly beautiful coastline, extremely picturesque bays and beaches, some uninhabited islands, and unique flora & fauna makes Premantura one of the must-sees in Croatia/Istria. The area belongs to the Kamenjak National Park and its sea is one of the cleanest and most beautiful ones in the Mediterranean.

Kamenjak National Park – Premantura

The Kamenjak National Park is definitely one of the top things to visit in Istria and we highly recommend a visit if you are in Croatia. The natural beauty is exceptional: Numerous bays and various beautiful beaches are waiting for you to explore. You could easily stay there for a week and sunbathe on a different beach every day, go hiking in the nature conservation area or explore the numerous cycling trails.

There is one park entrance before the town of Premantura. Another option is to enter the Kamenjak National Park through the village of Premantura. The Kamenjak prices are moderate, a one-time entry ticket (car) costs 80 kn, 3-days tickets 180 kn and 12-day tickets 720 kn. The entrance for cyclists and pedestrians is for free!

Kamenjak Beaches

The Kamenjak Beaches belong to the best beaches in Croatia. You can choose from 23 different beaches – each more beautiful than the other! With 2300 sunshine hours per year, the Kamenjak Beaches are perfect places to soak up the sun and enjoy the stunning views.

One of the most beautiful beaches is the Beach Pinižule. The beach features a cozy bar inside the pine forest that serves tasty food and sangrias. For the sportive ones: A small fitness park is inside the forest!

Another interesting feature is that the limestone rocks of Kamenjak hide numerous fossils and near that beach you will even see footprints of a dinosaur!

The Školjić Beach offers some fantastic windsurfing opportunities and also provides the opportunity to rent a kayak.

Beware that just a few of the beaches feature a small bar or a restaurant. So you should bring some food and enough to drink with you.


Cap Kamenjak

The Cap Kamenjak is the most southern part of Istria and probably the most beautiful part of the area. The cliffs offer a stunning viewpoint of the gorgeous and wonderfully clear sea.

For the more active amongst you, this places is really popular for cliff jumping in Croatia too. The cap has 21 meter high cliffs and in summer time you can watch lots of brave people jumping into the water from them.

Kamenjak is extremely rich in various plant and animals species. If you are lucky, especially in winter, you may have the chance to see dolphins and Mediterranean monk seals.

Safari Bar at Kamenjak 

The Safari Bar in Kamenjak is definitely one of the coolest and extraordinary places at the end of the cap. Especially kids and the young at heart will enjoy this place. Honestly: This place is like a playground for adults. It had the amazing idea to put up small bamboo huts for having a drink. It also offers big “toys” like swings and slides that the visitors can use. The Safari bar also offers amazing views to the deep blue sea.

Hotels and Apartments near Premantura

Since Kamenjak is a protected place and because of the diverse nature, there are no hotels or apartments and camping is strictly forbidden. All of the visitors must leave the area 10 PM at the latest. It would be best if you stayed somewhere in Premantura which is just next to the national park. Another possibility is staying near Pula, which is a good choice too. It only takes 10-15 minutes to get from Pula to Kamenjak by car.

Accommodations Premantura

  • Apartments Oliva
    Apartments Oliva is set in Premantura and located just 350 m away from a beach. Fantastic location just near the entrance of Kamenjak
  • Aparthotel Punta Blu
    Aparthotel Punta Blu also includes an outdoor pool and the flats are modern and clean.
  • Mata Apartments
    Nice and clean apartment with a big balcony directed towards the afternoon/ evening sun. Located well within walking distance to the Kamenjak National Park

Accommodations Pula

  • Park Plaza Arena Pula
    The Park Plaza Arena near Pula is surrounded by a fragrant pine forest just 50 m from the Adriatic coast. A health and wellness center includes 2 sea water swimming pools with sun deck offering sea views.
  • Apartment by Arena
    A spacious apartment with very nice view to Pula`s Arena.

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