Cape Kamenjak, Premantura: Beaches & Nature Spots

The Cape Kamenjak, near the lovely town of Premantura, is a nature park which is located in the southernmost part of Istria. The approximately 30 kilometers long rugged coast, uninhabited islets, spectacular cliffs, beautiful beaches and bays, as well as a cool Safari Bar, makes Kamenjak one of the top tourist attractions in Croatia. Due to its proximity to that nature park, the small former fishing village Premantura became a popular holiday destination. Here you can spend a wonderful and relaxing time while enjoying the unique nature of Cape Kamenjak.

This travel guide is all about Cape Kamejak in Croatia. Here, we will show you more about the best beaches, what to see and the things to do at Cape Kamenjak in Premantura. Additionally, you will get all the important information for making your visit to an unforgettable experience:

Cape Kamenjak in Premantura

Visitors are surprised by the unspoiled nature and picturesque landscapes of Cape Kamenjak National Park. Scenic pebble and rocky beaches along the rugged coast make the beautiful nature park the best destination in Istria. There are numerous activities like walking, hiking trails and biking, but also plenty of relaxing beaches for swimming and snorkeling. Impressive is also the wildlife and the unique flora and fauna of the park. More than 500 different plant species are growing on a relatively small area of ​​14 km2. Especially in winter, you can observe dolphins and if you are lucky, you will see the rare monk seals there. The underwater world around Cape Kamenjak is also outstanding, and so diving tours are offered in that area. You could easily stay there for a week and sunbathe on a different beach every day, go for a bike tour in the nature conservation area or explore the numerous hiking trails.

Best Beaches at Kamenjak

The picturesque beaches of Cape Kamenjak are among the best in Croatia. You can choose from 23 different beaches – each more beautiful than the other! With 2300 sunshine hours per year, the Kamenjak Beaches are perfect places to soak up the sun and enjoy the stunning views.

Beach Pinizule

This wonderful beach belongs to one of the most beautiful bays of Kamenjak. It’s a pebble beach surrounded by a Mediterranean-scented pine forest, which provides cool shade on hot summer days. A small tranquil beach bar serves good food, sangria and beer and invites visitors to linger. Along the rugged limestone coast are still fossils from earlier times to find. Fascinating is the dinosaurs trail, a short walk along the bay where you can find footprints of dinosaurs.

Tip: Please keep in mind to take your snorkel with you! Pinizule is, among other things, one of the best places for snorkeling.

Skoljic Beach

Another hidden beach is the Skoljic Beach, a shallow beach in the Kamenjak National Park, which is actually a great spot for windsurfing. Near the wind surf station, you will also find a possibility to rent a kayak. This beach is partly sandy and partly pebble, and the water has wonderful colors. All in all, the Skoljic Beach is an incredible place to unwind!

Cape Kamenjak and the Cliffs

The southern part at the Cape of Kamenjak is probably the most beautiful point of the area. Here, the cliffs offer a stunning viewpoint of the gorgeous and wonderfully clear sea. For the more active ones, this place is really popular for cliff jumping in Croatia too. The cap of Kamenjak has up to 15 meter high cliffs and in summer, you can watch numerous brave people jumping into the water from them. If you dare, you should definitely jump into the fresh water. Not far from this place there is a small cave where it’s possible to swim inside.

Safari Bar at Kamenjak

The Safari Bar in Kamenjak, a jungle bar, is certainly one of the coolest and extraordinary places at the end of the cap. Especially kids and the young at heart will enjoy this place. Honestly: This place is like a playground for adults. It had the outstanding idea to put up small bamboo huts for having a drink. It also offers big “toys” like swings and slides that the visitors can use. The Safari bar also offers stunning views of the deep blue sea.

How to get there

The best way to go to Cape Kamenjak National Park is by car, and from the city of Pula is only about 10 km away. Also can Kamenjak easily be reached from Medulin which is about 15 km away. If you are staying in Rovinj, a visit to Kamenjak can be organized for a day trip. The journey from Rovinj to Kamenjak is 55 kilometers, and you will approximately need one hour to go there.  All the park and the beautiful beaches can be easily explored by car and also parking in the park is free. Almost everywhere, mostly right next to the road, there are parking facilities where you can park your car.

If you are coming by bus you first have to go to Pula bus station and then take the public bus to Kamenjak – Permantura. (lines 26 or 28).


Entrance Fee

The prices for Kamenjak Nature Reserve are still moderate. Environmental protection is important here, and really amazing is that cyclists and pedestrians have free entry to the nature park. The day ticket costs 10 euros, 3-day ticket 35 euros and a 1-week ticket costs 80 euros.

Exploring Kamenjak

Kamenjak National Park is the perfect place for bike tours or to do some fantastic nature walks. Through the park, leading several hiking and biking trails. Directly at the park entrance, visitors get a free map, where all routes are shown. Also the hiking trails are well-marked, but you should beware that in summer it becomes very hot, especially at noon. Also, the main roads are used by cars and they can be quite dusty.

Bars and Restaurants

Although the Cape Kamenjak is a Nature Park, you can find small restaurants and beach bars on numerous beaches. Especially Beach Pinizule has a very lovely bar which also serves small but delicious dishes. Really original is the Safari Bar, which can be found at the end of the park. If you plan to spend your day on more lonely beaches, you should take enough food  & drinks for your trip.


Where to stay near Cape Kamenjak

Since Kamenjak is a Nature Park and because of its diverse flora and fauna, there are no hotels or apartments. Also camping at Cape Kamenjak is strictly forbidden. All the visitors must leave the area at 10 pm at the latest. It would be best if you stay somewhere in Premantura which is the nearest city just next to the national park. Another good possibility is looking for accommodation near Pula (15 minutes from Kamenjak) or Medulin (20 minutes from Kamenjak). Here are some of our top recommendations for where to stay around Kamenjak…it’s worth a look!

  • Wonderful Apartment: The Apartments Tanja is a beautiful apartment with a perfect location to Kamenjak. Here it is quiet and also the view of the sea is fantastic.
  • Apartments with Pool: The Guesthouse Villa Lena offers wonderful, clean apartments with a nice pool and a charming private atmosphere.
  • Chic Aparthotel: The Aparthotel Punta Blu is a new hotel with pool and large rooms, close by bike to the nature park Kamenjak and the great beaches.
  • Ingenious Beach Hotel: The Park Plaza Arena Pula is located near Pula, on a beautiful peninsula and inspires with a unique location directly on the sea.

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