Dramalj, Croatia: Travel Guide & Best Beaches

Dramalj in Croatia is an enchanting resort next to Crikvenica and in summer a popular destination for a beach vacation in the Kvarner Bay region. It is primarily the many gorgeous beaches in Dramalj that make this coastal resort a true paradise. Families with children love the beautiful main beach Omorika, but there are many other bays along the romantic coast that guarantee relaxed bathing pleasure. But also the tourist offer with fabulous restaurants, cozy cafes and beach bars is perfect! On top of that, the beautiful surroundings are really ingenious, where you can go on great excursions to the attractions of the region.

In this travel guide, we give you all the important info and tips about Dramalj in Croatia. We show you great pictures, the best attractions and beaches, and where to find fabulous accommodations.

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Dramalj is connected to the famous neighboring town of Crikvenica by a beautiful coastal promenade. Along the way there are always great restaurants, and cozy cafes invite you to enjoy.

Dramalj is the ideal destination for a beach vacation. The many beautiful bays and beaches are known as the most beautiful beaches of Crikvenica Riviera.

The best time for a beach vacation is from the end of May to the end of September. At this time you can count on good weather, lots of sun and relatively little rain.

General information about Dramalj

The small village of Dramalj with about 1,450 inhabitants is part of the famous Crikvenica Riviera together with the villages of Crikvenica, Jadranovo and Selce. Formerly a simple tiny fishing village, Dramalj is now a popular tourist resort that delights with picture-perfect beaches, fabulous restaurants along the coast and a great range of accommodation. Some villas and guesthouses were built as early as the 19th century and still exude an unique nostalgic charm.

The resort has a coastline of about 3 kilometers. It stretches from the idyllic village of Kacjak with its green peninsula to the south to Crni Mol, a vacation settlement which already adjoins Crikvenica. Along the romantic coastal promenade line the many beautiful beaches of the seaside resort, which together with the Mediterranean vegetation and the blue sea conjure up a backdrop like something out of a travel magazine.

Among the most important attractions of Dramalj are the 18th century church of St. Jelena, the picturesque coastal promenade with numerous romantic bathing bays, the small fishing port Luka Brscanovica, the promenade Setaliste brace Domijan, where there is a wild romantic stone coast, and the peninsula Kacjak with the many naturist and natural beaches.


The Amazing Beaches in Dramalj

The amazing beaches in Dramalj make the resort a real paradise of the Crikvenica Riviera. Along the promenade, which is about 3 kilometers long, there are numerous wonderfully pretty bays that invite you to relax, splash around and snorkel. Most of them are fine pebble coves, stone and concrete beaches, and a great sandy beach invites to swim as well.

Kacjak Beach

The Beach Plaza Kacjak is definitely one of the absolute most beautiful beaches in Dramalj. This stunning dream bay is located somewhat secluded in the very north of the resort and can be reached either on foot or by car. The sea shines in almost surreal turquoise blue water colors, and the high rocks around the bay make for a true postcard panorama. Also great is the fine light pebble, which provides optimal entry into the clean sea. A bit off the beaten track you will also find some concrete and stone beaches that promise quiet bathing pleasure even in the high season.

The trees of the green Kacjak peninsula provide cool shade, and comfortable sun loungers and parasols are also available for rent directly on the pebble beach. A small, chic beach bar provides guests with cool drinks and delicious food with a view of the sea.

Tip: The nearest accommodation are a few hundred meters away. Really great are the Apartments Desiree & Daniel with a wonderful view of the sea.

Beach Omorika

The beautiful beach Omorika is one of the main beaches in Dramalj. Especially families with children, but also older people and non-swimmers love this pretty bathing bay, which slopes gently into the turquoise sea and is ideal for dreamy vacations by the sea. The mood is always exuberant, and several pretty cafes and beach bars entice with cool drinks, delicious ice cream and grandiose flair.

Directly on the beach you have the possibility to rent sun loungers and umbrellas at a reasonable price, but also the green trees provide cool shade. There is also a wide range of water sports and entertainment such as trampoline for children, banana boat, pedal boat, kayak and stand-up paddling.

Kacjak East Beach

Beach Kacjak East is a real insider tip in Dramalj. This paradisiacal stretch of coast is located directly on the Kacjak peninsula of the same name and impresses with its wonderful ambience in an idyllic setting! Especially couples and those seeking peace and quiet love the cozy sunbathing areas of this stone beach, where stairs and steps allow entry into the cool water. The turquoise sea is crystal clear, and snorkeling allows you to explore an interesting underwater world. A little further along the coastal path there are also some secluded bays for nudists, perfect for those who prefer textile-free bathing.

Tip: The modern Apartments Dubravko 110 are a great choice for a vacation. Here, the ingenious location close to the sea and the magnificent view from the balcony score points above all.

Pazdehova Beach

A real beach highlight is the pretty Plaza Pazdehova. The almost kitschy turquoise water colors are breathtaking, which together with the old stone cottages conjure up an extremely romantic backdrop. While swimming in the crystal-clear sea, you can also enjoy a magnificent view of Krk Island, which is located directly opposite. Along the promenade are several cozy beach bars that provide catering. In addition, sun umbrellas and sunbeds are available for rent during the high season. A beautiful beach for unforgettable vacation days in Dramalj.

Tip: Above the bay there is a large vacation settlement. Recommendable are for example the Apartments Ivana, a stylish accommodation with a large terrace in a quiet location.

Riviera Beach

The Riviera beach is located directly below the Riviera hotel along a coastal promenade and is a popular place for swimming and relaxing, and can also be visited by non-hotel guests. Guest in particular love this clean concrete beach, where ladders and steps allow entry into the deep blue sea. A small pebble beach has also been built right next to it, which is especially appreciated by families with children. This beach is never crowded, and even in summer you can find a nice spot under the Croatian sun.

Vali Beach

The Vali beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Dramalj. It is located under the hotel of the same name, Vali, and offers several beautiful bays and concrete plateaus in a picturesque setting. Especially couples and people looking for peace and quiet like to come here to spend their relaxing vacation days. The mix of different bathing spots is really great, where concrete sunbathing areas invite you to sunbathe and small pebble bay sections are particularly suitable for bathing. The stunning rock formations are also a highlight, which together with the Mediterranean vegetation conjure up an idyllic ambience.

Tip: The beautiful Abalone Hotel is the perfect address for a very special vacation. Val beach and many other great bays are also not far away!

Lanterna Beach

Plaza Lanterna is a very popular beach in Dramalj. Several crescent-shaped pebble bays invite you to dreamy days at the sea. The vacation flair is really ingenious here with the many cozy bars and cafes directly on the beach. If you like, you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds, or enjoy the exuberant atmosphere in one of the cool beach bars. In addition, various water sports and leisure activities are also offered, which provides the necessary variety during a beach vacation.

Tip: The pretty Apartment Tamara is a real insider tip. It is located in a prime location just a few steps away from the dream beach!

Excursions from Dramalj

On a vacation in Dramalj you can look forward to numerous excursions and activities. We have summarized the best attractions and day trips in the area at a glance:

Really interesting is a trip to the port city of Rijeka, only 35 kilometers away. Here, numerous historical sights, museums and a beautiful old town will delight you.

Also worth seeing and not far away is the coastal town of Novi Vinodolski with a really charming old town. Also a trip to Senj with the imposing fortress Nehaj from the 16th century is worthwhile!

You should not miss a drive through the hinterland of Dramalj. The magnificent viewpoints “Eyes of Vinodol” offer probably the most spectacular view of the Riviera.

Numerous excursions by boat are also offered from Dramalj. Most tours go to Krk Island and Rab Island, which are just nearby.


Where to stay in Dramalj

A fabulous range of accommodations awaits you in Dramalj. Most of them are privately run apartments, but there are also nice guesthouses, smaller hotels and campsites. If you are looking for tips on where to stay in Dramalj, we can give you these recommendations along the way…It’s worth a look!

  • 4-star Hotel: The Abalone Hotel Ex Grand Hotel Dramalj is a beautiful, small but fine hotel in a fabulous location. An insider tip for a very special vacation.
  • Apartment by the sea: The Apartment Tamara inspires with grandiose location directly on one of the most beautiful coastal sections of Dramalj. The view of the sea is also indescribable!
  • Apartments with pool: The Apartments VILLA GRANDE convince with beautiful, modern apartments, not far from the beach. The pool is also a small highlight!

Find the best accommodation in Dramalj:


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