Jadranovo, Croatia: All About a Perfect Visit!

The idyllic village of Jadranovo is a real insider tip for a relaxing vacation in the Kvarner Bay. It is located in the north of the famous Crikvenica Riviera and is definitely one of the most beautiful resorts in this region. Guests love the quiet atmosphere and unique flair that surrounds this coastal town. Truly picturesque is the small harbor center with the promenade, where cozy cafés and restaurants invite to enjoy and linger. However, a real must-visit in Jadranovo are the numerous breathtakingly beautiful beaches as well as the secluded natural bays in a magnificent setting. Finally, the great range of entertainment options makes a vacation in Jadranovo a perfect experience!

In this travel guide we give you all the important information and tips about Jadranovo in Croatia. We show you amazing pictures, the best things to do and beaches, and where to find great accommodations.

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If you are still looking for a fantastic accommodation, we can recommend you the vacation house “Artistic Beach House” with a pool and a breathtaking sea view.

The beaches in Jadranovo are perfect for a relaxed beach vacation in Croatia. Many of them are pebble beaches, but there is even a really spectacular sandy beach in the resort.

From Jadranovo, a coastal path with magnificent viewpoints leads to the adjacent resort of Dramalj. On a walk or by bike, you can experience the Riviera from its most beautiful side.

Krk Island is not far from Jadranovo and can be reached by car in a short time via the bridge. Perfect if you would like to explore the island on a day trip.

General information about Jadranovo

The village of Jadranovo, with 1,200 inhabitants, is located about 26 kilometers from the port city of Rijeka. Together with Dramalj, Selce and Crikvenica, the resort is part of the famous Crikvenica Riviera, one of the most popular summer destinations in Croatia. Formerly a tiny fishing village, Jadranovo is now a romantic vacation destination that attracts mainly individualists and those seeking peace and quiet. A special feature is the relaxed ambience and authentic flair that this resort has managed to preserve until now. Especially the settlement in the south of the village is still really tranquil and a real insider tip for a relaxing vacation.

Beautiful and a real highlight are the numerous beaches of Jadranovo, which inspire with breathtakingly beautiful sea colors. Whether families with children, couples, those seeking peace and quiet or nudists, in this resort every visitor will certainly get their money’s worth. In addition, there are numerous attractions, excursion destinations and sports opportunities in the surrounding area, which are guaranteed not to let boredom arise during a visit to Jadranovo.

You can look forward to some really nice attractions on a vacation. Among the most important places to see in Jadranovo are the small fishing harbor in the center, the chill promenade where cozy cafés and good restaurants treat guests with local delicacies and the pretty Jadranovo sea swing.

Wonderful is the magnificent hiking trail to the healing mud bay Lokvisca, where you can visit a Roman excavation site from the 2nd century BC and where are many natural coves, nudist beaches, as well as a pretty lighthouse. Also interesting is the old tunera, a remnant of the former tuna fishing.


The Amazing Beaches of Jadranovo

The beautiful beaches in Jadranovo are the main attractions in the resort. Numerous pretty bathing spots stretch along the coast, inviting you to relax, splash around and snorkel. Most are fine pebble coves, but there are also stone and concrete beaches, and even sandy beaches invite to swim!

Grabrova Sandy Beach

The beautiful sandy beach Grabrova is located right in the center of Jadranovo and is definitely the most popular beach in the resort. Especially, families with children love this snow-white sandy beach, which delights with dreamlike turquoise sea colors. In the immediate vicinity you will also find a wide range of beach bars, ice cream parlors, restaurants and cafés that provide vacation guests with cool drinks and delicious food.

Tip: The Apartments Villa Antonia are located only a few minutes’ walk from the sandy beach Grabrova and score with a fabulous view of the sea!

Havisce Beach

Havisce beach is a real insider’s tip for a quiet vacation in Jadranovo! The bay is located under an idyllic vacation settlement and impresses with breathtaking scenery, snow-white shining pebbles and the enchanting turquoise blue sea colors. Especially, couples and tourists looking for peace and quiet, like to come here to enjoy relaxed beach-time away from the hustle and bustle of the typical main beaches.

Tip: The vacation home “Artistic Beach House with Pool” is a great choice in Jadranovo. Guests love the modern decor, pool and breathtaking views of the bay!

Lucica Beach

The Lucica Beach is one of the most popular bathing spots in Jadranovo. A real visitor magnet is the sea swing, which has almost become a landmark of the resort. The beautiful colors of the sea, together with the light sand and the island of Krk in the background, create a backdrop straight out of a travel magazine.

Tip: Nearby is Apartment Smokva, a beautiful apartment with free parking and a magnificent view of the bay!

Lokvisca Beach

The natural bay Plaza Lokvisca is located about 2 km from the center and can be reached via a beautiful hiking trail, passing Roman excavation sites and a healing mud bay. Around the lighthouse there are beautiful stone beaches, where you can experience quiet bathing in the most beautiful idyll. Parts of this coastline can even be used as a nudist beach.

Tepla Beach

The Tepla beach is a real insider’s tip in Jadranovo and is especially popular with those appreciating nature, peace and quiet. This natural bay is located in the south of the resort and only a hiking trail with numerous stairs leads to this secluded dream beach. The idyllic scenery is particularly impressive, where imposing rocks and the emerald sea conjure up a unique coastal panorama.

Tip: For those who love tranquility, the Apartment Perhata Ivice Ricica is a perfect choice. From this beautiful apartment you can reach 3 great beaches via a walk!

Excursions from Jadranovo

On a visit to Jadranovo you can expect numerous possibilities for excursions and activities. We have summarized the best attractions and things to do in the area at a glance:

Fascinating is a trip to Rijeka, only 26 kilometers away. Here, countless historical sights, many museums and a beautiful old town inspire.

If you like, you can also explore the opposite Krk Island by car. It is connected to the mainland by a bridge and can be reached from Jadranovo in a short time.

Numerous boat tours are also offered from Jadranovo. Most of the trips lead to Krk Island and Rab Island, which are just located nearby.

The hinterland of Jadranovo is also worth seeing. A real insider’s tip is the Kastel Drivenik and the ruins of the castle Hreljin, as well as the viewpoints of the “Eyes of Vinodol“, where you can spot free-roaming horses.


Where to stay in Jadranovo

For a vacation in Jadranovo you can find a small but fine offer of accommodation. Most of the places to stay are privately owned vacation rentals, but there are also nice guesthouses and great cottages for the whole family. If you are looking for tips for accommodation in Jadranovo, then we can give you these recommendations along the way…It’s worth a look!

  • Vacation home with Pool: The vacation home “Artistic Beach House with Pool” impresses with its modern interior, a pool and a breathtaking view of the sea!
  • Budget Apartment: The small and cheap apartment Perhata Ivice Ricica is a really lovely apartment, from which you can reach 3 great beaches by a walk!
  • Large Apartment: The huge Apartman Ahel Jadranovo is perfect for families or small groups. Also the location with sea view is unbeatable!

Find the best accommodation in Jadranovo:


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