Lovran, Croatia: Travel Guide & Best Beaches!

The small town Lovran in Croatia is a true historical pearl in Kvarner Bay! Only a short distance from Opatija, this vacation resort delights with an indescribably beautiful nostalgic flair. Tourists have been coming here for more than 100 years to enjoy the wonderful weather, the clean sea with amazing beaches and the countless attractions in the area. Also pretty is the small, dreamlike old town, where romantic squares with good restaurants and cozy cafes invite to unwind. Another fantastic attraction is the charming waterfront, the so called Lungomare with the harbor, which gives the resort that certain something!

In this travel guide we will give you all the important information about Lovran in Croatia. In addition, we show you the best beaches, the best things to do in Lovran, recommended excursion destinations in the area and where to find the best accommodation in town!

Good to know!

During a visit to Lovran you have the possibility to see Opatija, which is only 7 kilometers away. By public bus, car or even on foot along the waterfront, this historical pearl can be easily reached.

A fantastic selection of accommodations directly by the sea and the great beaches make Lovran a popular seaside resort in Croatia. Really ingenious is for example the Hotel Villa Vera, a small hotel with a lot of charm in a terrific location!

The nearest campsite to Lovran is in Medveja, just 2 kilometers from the resort. Really popular are the Premium Mobile Homes Medveja, which excite with best location and fair prices!

General information about Lovran

Lovran is located about 7 km south of Opatija and 10 km north of the seaside resort of Moscenicka Draga. The name “Lovran” means laurel, a spice plant that can also be found in the town’s coat of arms and in the green forests in the surrounding area. This former shipbuilding town is famous above all for its authentic atmosphere, the unmistakable nostalgic style and the fantastic beaches that invite you to swim and relax along the extremely pretty coasts. Active people can let off some steam in the surroundings of Lovran with the nature park Ucka and its mountain Vojak. There are some fantastic hiking trails and mountain bike routes.

The history of Lovran as a tourist destination dates back to more than 100 years, when the Austro-Hungarian nobility discovered this coastal town as a health resort in the mid-19th century. At that time, the town was considered a recreational destination for the well-heeled, who usually spent the winter here. Today you can still see many of the ancient, partly well preserved K.u.K. villas, which give the beautiful promenade and the village a very charming noble touch.


What to expect in Lovran

There is a wide range of things to do in Lovran and plenty of attractions to visit! Among the most important sights of Lovran are the small old town, the romantic harbor, the 12-kilometer-long waterfront promenade and, of course, the countless beautiful beaches. Here are the best highlights of the resort summarized at a glance:

The Harbor

Probably one of the most romantic places in Lovran is the small fishing harbor, which is located right next to the historic town center. In the small harbor basin, countless fishing boats moor and create a unique panorama with the historic villas along the coast. Along the harbor, directly by the sea, there are some good restaurants that serve freshly caught fish. Gelateria Lucica, a small ice cream parlor that offers delicious cakes and desserts, is also terrific.

Lovran Old Town

The small, exceedingly charming old town of Lovran is also worth seeing. Small narrow stone alleys lead through the so-called Stari Grad, and the centuries-old monuments, churches and town houses in the picturesque town squares are impressive. Among the most important attractions of Lovran are the church of St. George in the center of the town, which was built as early as the 12th century and its distinctive yellow church tower, which was built later in the 17th century.

However, just few original parts of the former town wall can be visited. Only the town tower, which offers a fantastic view, and the Stubiza Gate, which leads into the old town, have been well preserved.


One of the most beautiful things to see in Lovran is the picturesque Lungomare, an approximately 12 km long seaside promenade. Built between the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, this coastal path leads from Lovran resort up to Opatija and inspires with countless magnificent viewpoints. A real highlight are the many historical buildings and the romantic bathing places, which invite to cool down. During a walk along this panoramic path you will get to know the most beautiful parts of the Opatija Riviera and enjoy an idyllic atmosphere that can hardly be surpassed.

Tip: For the complete route, i.e. on foot from Lovran to Opatija via the Lungomare, you should plan about 3 hours. The best way back is by cab or cheaper by bus no. 32.


The beaches in Lovran

The many beautiful beaches in Lovran make this resort a popular destination in Kvarner Bay. Along a coastline of about 3 kilometers, there are countless beautiful places to swim and relax. Most of the beaches are pebble bays, but you can also find countless small concrete rocky beaches that promise quiet and private beach fun.

Lovran Beach (Plaza Peharovo)

Lovran Beach, also known as Plaza Peharovo, is probably one of the most beautiful beaches in the resort. This pretty pebble beach is located just south of the town center and is especially popular with families with children. Holidaymakers are not only delighted by the great sea colors, but also the gentle entrance into the sea and the fine pebbles make this beach very attractive. Thanks to the top water quality, this bay was even awarded the Blue Flag, a seal for the best beach quality.

Tip: Only a few meters from the sea, there is the Plage Lovran Residence, which offers really nice apartments near the beach!

Kvarner Beach

One of the most popular beaches in Lovran is Plaza Kvarner, located about 900 meters north of the old town. This fabulous bathing spot also carries the blue flag award. Locals and also tourists appreciate this clean bay, where a mix of pebble beach and concrete beach invites you to sunbathe and relax. Thanks to its size, there are also countless sunbathing options and shaded areas are also available. Food and drinks are provided here by a cozy beach kiosk, where guests can enjoy snacks and cool drinks, including a great vacation feeling.

Tip: The Hotel Villa Vera is a terrific accommodation in a beautiful location, directly by the sea. In addition, several very good restaurants and also the beach Kvarner are reachable in a few minutes.

Medveja Beach

Medveja beach is a real dream beach on the coast, close to Lovran! It is located in the small village of Medveja and is only about 2 kilometers south of the city center. Vacationers love this snow-white pebble beach, which conjures up an almost kitschy ambience with breathtakingly beautiful turquoise blue colors. The sea is also extremely clear and is perfect for snorkeling, especially at the edge of the bay.

Tip: The campground behind the beach is also really amazing, where the Premium Mobile Homes Medveja, with fair prices and best location enchant you!

Cesarova Beach

A real insider tip among the most beautiful beaches of Lovran is the Plaza Cesarova. This picturesque bathing place is located in a hidden bay on the main road, 4 kilometers south of the resort. Only a small, rather inconspicuous staircase leads down to this dream beach. That’s why only a few tourists stray there. The most beautiful thing about it is the natural ambience with the many green forests and the clear sea, where you can discover an interesting underwater world while snorkeling. In the high season, even a small beach bar opens and serves refreshments.

Things to do around Lovran

There is also a lot worth seeing in the surroundings of Lovran. We have compiled the most beautiful excursions and activities for you here at a glance:

Only about 7 kilometers from Lovran is the famous town Opatija, probably one of the most beautiful places in Kvarner Bay. During a walk you will discover countless interesting attractions and marvel at the many historic hotel buildings!

Another highlight in the surroundings of Lovran is Ucka Nature Park, through which countless hiking trails lead. Especially beautiful is the view from the peak, Vodjak. You should not miss it on any hike!

Also interesting is the old town of Rijeka, which is located about 20 kilometers north of Lovran and invites you to stroll around to do some shopping.

Worth a trip is the small seaside resort of Moscenicka Draga. It is located about 10 kilometers south of Lovran and enchants with lovely beaches and lots of charm.


Tips for accommodations in Lovran

For a vacation in Lovran you can find a good offer of accommodations. These are mainly privately run apartments and small guesthouses. If you are looking for a lovely place to stay in Lovran, then we can give you these accommodation tips on the way…It’s worth a look!

  • Apartment: The apartment of Villa Belsito is a real insider tip for Lovran! Here you can expect a beautiful apartment in a prime location, directly on the sea with private beach.
  • Charming Hotel: Hotel Villa Vera is a cute hotel with a lot of charm. Guests love the delicious breakfast and the feel-good atmosphere that radiates this house. Moreover, the old town and the sea are not far away!
  • B&B: The Villa Nada is a wonderful, lovingly prepared B&B that offers very delicious breakfast. With its location on a hill and the beautiful pool, it is a true oasis of well-being!

Find the best accommodation in Lovran:


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