Omis, Croatia: Best Attractions & Beaches!

Omis in Croatia is a breathtaking holiday region in the heart of Dalmatia. Situated between the famous port city Split and the popular holiday region Makarska, the beautiful Omis Riviera enchants its visitors with magnificent beaches, lots of nature and exceptionally beautiful attractions. Along the picturesque coast, you can experience a lot and explore many outstanding places. Besides the enchanting old town and the castle, the most important highlights of Omis are the Starigrad fortress on the mountain and the spectacular canyon with the Centina River. In addition, the Omis Riviera is the perfect starting point for excursions in the area around. But what are the best things to do, and what is a must-see?

This post is a complete Travel Guide about Omis in Croatia. Here we have summarized the coolest things to do in Omis. Furthermore, we share our experiences with you and provide useful information about the old town of Omis, the best beaches in Omis and where to find the most beautiful accommodation for perfect holidays.


Things to do in Omis, Croatia

A holiday in Omis is a guarantee of not getting bored. There are really many stunning attractions to discover. Many of the highlights are located in the old town, but also the area near Omis, along the Riviera, offers some really great things to do. We have put together the most beautiful sights, the coolest activities and the best excursions – perfect for your next vacation.

The Old Town of Omis

Omis in Croatia is a charming town of 15,000 inhabitants and the beautiful medieval old town of Omis is the heart of the approximately 20-kilometer Omis Riviera. It is located in a very picturesque setting right at the mouth of the river Cetina and on a tour of the center one can discover all kinds of beautiful locations. Old stone houses, the remains of the old city walls, pretty lanes, the city museum and some beautiful little churches are the highlights of the city center. Especially worth seeing is the church of St. Michael and the picturesque square in front of it. Also souvenir shops and supermarkets are located directly in the old town.

In the 12th and 14th centuries, the port of Omis was a pirate’s base. In three centuries, ships were looted and hijacked into the Centina River. Every year around the 18th of August, the big pirate battle of Omis will be staged at the Pirate Festival.

Tip: For staying in the historic center, we can recommend the Apartments Mirabella. This accommodation is in a quiet side street and delights with beautiful apartments and a roof terrace.

Mirabella Fortress (Tvrđava Mirabela)

The Mirabella Fortress, a 13th century castle, is certainly the most important place to visit in Omis. It is beautifully situated on a rock and towers over the historic old town. A path with many stairs leads up to the fortress Mirabella. A certain fitness level is an advantage because the steps are sometimes quite steep and exhausting. The last part of the tower even goes over a ladder. After a 15-minute walk to the castle, you will be rewarded with the best view of Omis Old Town and wonderful views to the Cetina Canyon. A highlight that should not be missed!

Climbing the Starigrad Fortress

Another unique place to visit in Omis is the 15th century Starigrad Fortress. However, this is only accessible by a short hike because it is located on the high peak of the mountain just above the old town. The walking time from Omis to the fortress is, depending on the fitness level, around 1 hour. You will have to challenge an altitude of 300 meters. But the effort is well worth it because the Starigrad Fortica offers an indescribable view of Omis and the turquoise blue sea.

Tip: If you would like to take a shortcut, then it is best to drive to the end of Put Baučića Street. From there to the summit you walk only 20 minutes.

Boat Trip on Cetina River

One of the absolute best things to do in Omis is a boat trip on the river Cetina. Either you join a guided boat trip (duration 3 hours), or you rent a small private boat on site. Boat rental is available just next to the bridge. From the old town of Omis to the end point at the restaurant, you drive around one hour. During the cruise you will enjoy a magnificent ambience, a beautiful natural scenery and the picturesque Cetina gorge. In addition, you can watch many of the local bird species on this tour.

Radmanove Mlinice

Along the Cetina River, about 6 kilometers from Omis, are the Radman Mills (Radmanove Mlinice). These historic mills are from the 17th and 18th centuries, and today they house a restaurant, a playground, Kaja rentals, canoes, mini-golf and much more. If doing a boat trip, or also if you go by car, then you should definitely plan a cozy break here.

Statue Ivan Meštrović & Viewpoint

Another amazing place to visit in Omis is a visit to the vantage point at the Ivan Meštrović statue. It is located about 5 kilometers from the center and can be easily reached on a serpentine road by car. From the top you have a spectacular view of the Omis Canyon, the mountains in the background and even to a waterfall. The entire panorama is indescribably beautiful, and so the view from the statue is an absolute highlight for any trip to Omis.


Beaches of the Omis Riviera

If you are on holidays at Omis Riviera, then you can look forward to really beautiful beaches. Whether sandy beach, pebble beach or hidden coves, in and around Omis are some really great places to swim. Here are the best beaches of the Omis Riviera:

Velika Plaza

The most famous beach in Omis is probably the Velika Plaza, the long sandy beach next to Omis city. It is the main beach of the Riviera and a popular spot for summer holidays in Croatia. The beach is gently sloping and therefore also the perfect place for families with children. The sea is crystal clear and invites for a nice swim. For a holiday in Omis we can highly recommend the Hotel Plaža. It is right on the large sandy beach and in the old town you are in a few minutes.

Beaches near Duce

Duce is located on the Omis Riviera and is immediately the neighbor town of Omis city. At a length of about 6 kilometers, you will find several wonderful bays with sandy beaches. Gorgeous is the beach Galeb from the same named Camp Galeb, but also the beach Duce at the cool Shooko Beach Bar is highly recommended. Who plans a beach holiday with sightseeing, will be just right in Duce.

Beach Brzet

Another beautiful beach just 15 minutes’ walk from Omis old town is the beach Brzet. Here you bathe on a pebble beach with a crystal clear sea. In addition, you can enjoy a view of the karst mountains. With this backdrop, the Brzet beach is, without a question, one of the absolute best beaches in Omis!

Mala Luka

A real insider tip among the beaches of the Omis Riviera is the Mala Luka beach. At this spectacularly beautiful bay everyone will find their perfect bathing paradise. Even those who like to snorkel are right here because around the rocks on the edge there are lots of fish!

Beach Vruja

Another beach highlight and one of the most spectacular things to see of Omis is the beach Vruja. The descent to the beach takes a little longer. But from the parking to the viewpoint of the statue of St. Mary Statue you are in a few minutes’ walk. The view of the coast and the beach are breathtaking. Many who want to bathe also visit this bay by boat.

Outdoor activities in Omis

On a holiday to Omis Riviera you have the opportunity to do a variety of outdoor activities. With this wide range of sports and leisure activities, no matter if cycling, hiking, fishing, swimming and climbing, you will never get bored. Definitely, here, everyone will find their suitable activity program.

  • One of the most popular activities is Rafting at Cetina River. These tours can be booked either on site or online. In addition, canoeing and kayaking in the beautiful river area are highly recommended.
  • For those looking for more thrills, try the Omis Zipline. On a total length of almost 2 kilometers, you will fly with a speed of up to 65 km / h through the Cetina canyon. A great experience for adrenaline junkies.
  • In addition, the mountains around Omis are a hot spot in the climbing scene. Many climbing routes lead through steep slopes and a beautiful via ferrata even leads up to the Starigrad Fortress. In the village there are numerous agencies that offer guided tours and climbing courses.
  • But also for hiking, Omis is the places to be. In the high mountains of the Riviera are countless great hiking trails. For example, you can hike up to Kula, the highest peak in the region, or in the mountains Dinara, Mosor and Babnjaca. Here you can enjoy a wonderful view down to the sea.

Best excursions from Omis

Due to its central location, you can start plenty of great excursions from Omis. Whether culture, nature or sports, the environment around the city offers unique activities. Among the highlights are the UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Split and Trogir, as well as the beautiful Makarska Riviera and the island of Brac can be visited. Here are the best tours from Omis summarized at a glance:

  • Split: The world-famous old town of Split is a popular destination for day-tours. The Diocletian’s Palace and the medieval Split are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the highlights of this port city. From Omis to Split it is only about 25 kilometers.
  • Trogir: The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Trogir is another popular attraction. This historic city is approximately 45 kilometers away and offers some fascinating historical highlights.
  • Makarska: Not far away is the beautiful Makarska Riviera. Again, there are a few really great highlights to discover, such as the Punta Rata beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia, the Biokovo Mountains and a beautiful old town.
  • Island Brac: Boat trips from Omis to Brac Island are also very popular. The island is best known for its famous Golden Horn – the Zlatni Rat beach.
  • Blue Cave: Beautiful and hot desires are also boat tours to the Blue Cave near Vis. It is probably the most famous grotto in Croatia and a must-see for every Croatia traveler.

Tip: Excursions from Omis can be booked on site or conveniently online. Super cool tours can be found, for example on GetYourGuide!

How to get to Omis

Omis is located in the heart of Dalmatia and is only 25 kilometers from Split. The port city of Split has an international airport (SPU) and cheap flights can be found online, such as at Skyscanner.

Then you can take the public bus, the taxi or the rental car. If you are traveling by car to Croatia and Omis, then it is best to take the A1 freeway and exit at Blato.

Parking in Omis

The biggest and best parking lot in Omis is the huge parking lot in front of the bridge. You can hardly miss this one. Parking is charged here and costs about 5 kuna per hour. From there it is around 400 meters to the city center. More parking options can be found directly at the Velika Plaza beach.

If you are looking for a free parking in Omis, then you will find another parking lot after the bridge just left behind the tunnel. Here is a small free parking. There is also the entrance to Starigrad hike and a popular climbing spot. From there, the city center can be reached in walking time.


Where to stay in Omis

Along the Omis Riviera there are many wonderful places to stay. Whether backpacker hostel, apartment by the sea, holiday house or hotel – here in Omis everyone will surely find their perfect accommodation. Here our top tips for staying at the Omis Riviera:

  • Top Backpacker Hostel: The Hostel Omiš is the perfect accommodation for backpackers. The rooms are clean and cheap, and a rooftop terrace provides views of the old town.
  • Apartments near the Beach: The Apartment Mimac delight with great location to the beach, cleanliness and top facilities. A brilliant apartment for a holiday in Omis.
  • Hotel in top location: Another very recommendable accommodation in Omis is the Hotel Villa Dvor. It is picturesquely situated on a rock in front of the river. From the hotel you have a brilliant view of the old town, the castle, the canyon and the high mountains.
  • Beach Hotel: The Hotel Plaža Duće is one of the best hotels on the Omis Riviera. The location on the beach Duce, the spa and the pool, but also the great breakfast!


Conclusion: Omis in Croatia is a wonderful place for a perfect holiday. It manages to unite the sea, mountains, and rivers. In addition, the old town of Omis is absolutely worth visiting and the beaches of Omis Riviara are inviting. All in all, one of the TOP holiday destinations in Croatia!

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