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The beaches in Omis are the real highlight of the approximately 20-kilometer long Omis Riviera in Croatia. Here you can swim on long sandy beaches, on beautiful pebble beaches and partly even on lonely bays. Thus, this beautiful holiday region guarantees not only unique activities, nature and culture, but also first-class bathing pleasure. Here the sea is clean and crystal clear and shines in the most heavenly blue sea colors. The perfect place for swimming, sunbathing and snorkeling. The high mountains in the background give the whole coast of Omis an extra terrific touch. In addition to the long sandy beach of the old town, you will also find some wonderful idyllic bays in the surroundings of Omis. But what are the best beaches of Omis Riviera, where are the secluded coves and the most recommended places for having a great time at the beach?

In this travel guide we have summarized the best and most beautiful Omis beaches. In addition, there are useful tips for great accommodations by the sea, we will show you amazing pictures of Omis Riviera and tell which beach you should definitely not miss on any trip to Omis.


Velika Plaza Beach

The most famous and popular beach of Omis is the long sandy beach Velika Plaza, which translates as the large beach. This mega beautiful beach is located right in the center of Omis, just a few minutes’ walk from the picturesque old town. With a length of around 700 meters, this sandy beach offers enough space and is very popular, especially in high season. The Velika Plaza beach is very gently sloping, which especially small children, the elderly and non-swimmers appreciate. In addition, many activities such as volleyball, football, windsurfing and jet skiing await you. But also snorkeling is possible at the top end of the beach. All in all, the Velika Plaza is one of the top beaches in Omis and is a wonderful place for swimming and relaxing.

Tip: For staying in Omis we can highly recommend the Hotel Plaža. It is located directly on the large sandy beach and impresses with a breathtaking sea views and a huge breakfast buffet.

Duce Beach

Duce is a small seaside village on the Omis Riviera just a 5-minute drive from the historic center of Omis. On a length of about 6 kilometers are several stunning sandy beaches. The sea is mostly gently sloping and just perfect for swimming. On the beaches there are plenty of good restaurants, which serves delicious Croatian food and cool drinks. Great accommodations, apartments and even a boutique hotel on the sea round off an unforgettable beach holiday. Especially beautiful is the beach Duce at the Shooko Beach Bar. It is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful beaches around Omis and is ideal if you want to spend your holidays at the Omis Riviera!

Tip: The Apartments Rica offers beautiful and very clean apartments in a good location to the sea. The view to the Duce beach is amazing!

Brzet Beach

Another top beach, and certainly one of the most beautiful beaches in Omis, is the picturesque Brzet beach. This gem is located near the city center, about a 15-minute walk away. The approximately 400-meter-long stretch of coast offers beautiful bays with the most beautiful blue watercolors. The sea is crystal clear and therefore perfect for swimming and even great for snorkeling. Brzet beach is a pebble beach, where green, fragrant pine trees provide shade on hot summer days. As the beach is facing west, you can always enjoy while bathing in the sea a fantastic view of the high mountains near Omis. A panorama as beautiful as out of a travel magazine. Along the bay there are small restaurants and bars for refreshment; Parking is also available on site. A great beach at Omis, perfect for an unforgettable holiday on the Omis Riviera!

Tip: From the Apartments Neda you are in a few steps right on the dream beach. The flats are clean and also offer amazing sea views.

Galeb Beach

The Galeb Beach is located between the entrance of Omis and the village Duce and is another beach highlight on the Dalmatian coast. It belongs to the same named campsite Galeb, but of course it can be visited also by non-campers. This beautiful sandy beach enchants with a picturesque backdrop, bright sand and great sea colors. The small surrounding trees on the beach provide pleasant, cool shade in summer. In addition, the beach is gently sloping and therefore the perfect place for families with small children! In addition to various water sports activities, there is also a water park and a playground on site.

Tip: If you want to stay at the beachfront of beach Galeb, you should rent the first-row mobile homes of the campsite. From the terrace and the private jacuzzi, you can enjoy the marvelous beach ambience directly on the sea.

Mala Luka Beach

A real insider tip among the best beaches near Omis is the breathtakingly beautiful Mala Luka beach. This secret beach is located on the Omis Riviera, between the beaches of Nemira and Stanici. This particularly beautiful bay shines in the most beautiful sea colors, the water is wonderfully clear and the rock formations in the sea makes a fantastic atmosphere. The bay is divided into 2 parts, which are connected by a small footpath. The large main bay is perfect for swimming, in the small side bay you will find some quiet hidden places. Especially on the edge of this pebble beach are wonderful places for snorkeling. The beach Mala Luka is one of the most beautiful beaches of Omis and for many even the ultimate best one.

Tip: One of the best places to stay at the Omis Riviera is the Villa Charlotte. This accommodation is between the beach Mala Luka and the beach Stanici and delights with astounding rooms and a stunning pool.

Ruskamen Beach

Another top beach on the coast of Omis is the beautiful beach Ruskamen. This picturesque pebble beach is located in the area around Omis, more precisely, in the village of Lokva Rogoznica and consists of several small bays. One of them is a nude beach. Surrounded by beautiful nature and green pine trees, you can bathe here in the crystal-clear sea. The Ruskamen beach also offers some good snorkeling opportunities. Additionally, diving is also offered on site. On the beach there is a small restaurant serving cool drinks.

Vruja Beach

At the very southern end of the Omis Riviera, about 18 km from the city, is the most amazing beach Vruja. It is not only considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches of Omis, but also one of the most beautiful beaches of Croatia. Nestled in the steep cliffs of the Omis Riviera, this natural beach is situated in a spectacular location. The descent to the bay is relatively steep, but even the view from the statue of Mary is breathtaking! Those who want to avoid the hike to the beach Vruja it’s better to get there by boat!

Conclusion: The beaches in and near Omis are simply breathtakingly beautiful. Along the coast there are countless bays and beautiful beaches, and no matter whether sandy beach or pebble beach, here at the Omis Riviera, everyone will find their own personal holiday paradise!

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