Vela Luka: Wonderful Coastal Town on Korcula

The small town Vela Luka is a charming resort on Korcula Island and is located in a sheltered bay at the upper end of the popular holiday island. Although the ferry from Split docks here and many tourists come to the island, until today this holiday resort has remained relatively calm and authentic. Visitors appreciate the cozy atmosphere, the lovely old town with the beautiful harbor, the wide range of activities and the many wonderful quiet beaches that are located around Vela Luka. If you are looking for a relaxed holiday flair in Croatia, you will definitely find your personal holiday pleasure here.

In this travel guide, you will find all the information you need about Vela Luka in Croatia. We show you the most beautiful things to do, the best beaches, amazing pictures and also give tips for recommended accommodation.

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If you are still looking for a very special place to stay in Vela Luka, then we can recommend the Boutique Rooms Kastel Ismaeli in a fantastic location directly at the harbor.

Around the coastal town you will find numerous romantic bays, which are just ideal for a vacation. Fore more, take a look at our summary of the most beautiful beaches in Vela Luka.

An insider tip is a trip by taxi boat to the uninhabited Proizd Island. Its Caribbean beaches are an absolute highlight and during the trip, with a bit of luck, you can even spot dolphins!

The best time to visit Vela Luka is from May to early October. At this time, you can enjoy mostly good weather, lots of sun and little rain!

General information about Vela Luka

The holiday resort of Vela Luka, with about 5,000 inhabitants, is one of the largest towns of Korcula, and together with Lumbarda and Korcula Town, one of the most famous vacation destinations on the island. Due to its location at the western end of the island, this coastal town is around 42 kilometers from Korcula town, the island’s capital. The harbor town is situated in a long, narrow bay, where the two mountains Spilinski rat and Humic protect the harbor town from cold winds and harsh climates. The weather here is usually pleasantly mild, also in the off-season.

Because the ferry from Split docks here, Vela Luka is the point of the island where the most travelers start their holiday on Korcula from. However, since most visitors are drawn to the east of the island, the beautiful beaches in Vela Luka and the pretty old town have been spared of tourist crowds. Many appreciate the relaxed flair and come back again and again.


Things to Do in Vela Luka

Actually, there are many interesting things to do in Vela Luka. You will find beautiful beaches, a wide range of leisure activities, amazing possibilities for excursions and interesting attractions. Here are the highlights that will await you during a visit:

Port & Old town of Vela Luka

The picturesque harbor and the small old town forms the tourist hotspot of Vela Luka. Located in a picturesque bay, countless boats swing in the sun, which gives the coastal town a particularly beautiful atmosphere. Along the harbor and at the waterfront are many restaurants and cafés that invite you to linger. A beautiful attraction of Vela Luka is the Church of St. Joseph in the city center, which was built in 1848. The church can be visited from the inside, and a climb to the church tower is also worthwhile. Also fascinating is the nearby Art & Culture Center. It’s located in a beautifully renovated baroque building where important archaeological finds from the island of Korcula are exhibited.

Tip: The Boutique Rooms Kastel Ismaeli is a fabulous choice staying in Vela Luka. It is one of the best hotels in Korcula, and it has a great location on the romantic harbor.

Proizd Island

An absolute highlight of Vela Luka is the picturesque Proizd Island. Several times, the dream beaches of the island have been voted by magazines as the most beautiful in Croatia. Proizd is uninhabited, so you can enjoy wonderful nature and seclusion while strolling across the island and to the beaches. These islets can be reached from Vela Luka by taxi boat numerous times a day and with a little luck, you can spot dolphins on the way.

Vela Spilja Cave

A really impressive attraction of Vela Luka is the Vela Spilja Cave. It is located above the town on the Pinska rat hill and is one of the most important archaeological sites on the island of Korcula. The oldest finds date back to the late Stone Age, around 3,200 BC. and can be admired today in the cultural center of Vela Luka. If you want to get active, leave the car in town and hike up to the Vela Spilja Cave. On the way, you will always enjoy a fantastic view of the old town and down to the long bay.

Martina Bok

The coastal section of Cape Martina Bok, which is about 7 kilometers from Vela Luka, is beautiful for swimming and enjoying nature walks. After a 10-minute walk through pine forests and a stunning landscape, you will experience picturesque bays with an almost kitschy turquoise-blue sea. The beach is a stone beach with crystal clear water, which is ideal for snorkeling. Some nudist spots can also be found here.

Hum Mountain

Another highlight of Vela Luka is the viewpoint of the Hum Mountain. It can be reached by car on a partly unpaved road, but also by bike or on foot along the hiking trails. Once at the top, you will reach the small Hum fortress from the 19th century, from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of Vela Luka and the eastern part of Korcula.

Osjak Island

The small island of Osjak is located directly in the bay of Vela Luka and can be easily reached from the coastal town by taxi boat. There are a number of small hiking trails on the island that lead through pine forests from one end to the other. On the way are beautiful bays that invite to jump into the cool water.


The Best Beaches in Vela Luka

The many beautiful beaches around Vela Luka make the harbor town a popular vacation spot on Korcula Island! Along the gorgeous coastline are numerous pretty bathing spots, one bay more idyllic and beautiful than the other. Here is a summary of the best beaches at a glance:

Posaidon Beach

The Plaza Posaidon is the city beach of Vela Luka and can also be easily reached by taxi boat from the opposite side of the bay. This popular bathing place enchants with a mix of pebble and concrete beach, where the clear blue sea invites you to jump into the cool water.

Tip: Near the beach are some lovely apartments such as the Apartment Ka3, a very modern accommodation with a beautiful view of Vela Luka!

Lucica Beach

Plaza Lucica is a real dream beach! This idyllic bay is located a few kilometers south of the center, and only a gravel road leads to this lonely bathing place. The emerald colors of the sea and the natural surroundings are particularly impressive, where you can marvel at a wonderful underwater world while snorkeling.

Tip: Not far from the beach Lucica are the Villas Stone House Poplat, a wonderful place to stay for a very special and quiet vacation in Vela Luka.

Picena Beach

The picturesque bay of Picena is beautiful. It is located about 4 kilometers from the town of Vela Luka and enchants with a unique atmosphere, beautiful water colors and the light pebble that allows gentle entry into the sea. Fabulous is also the pretty bar right next to the beach, which also offers kayaks for rent.

Tip: Picena beach is the perfect place for a relaxing vacation. Really amazing there is the Holiday Home Sunny Side in a breathtaking location.

Meduza Beach

Meduza beach is located in the north of the resort Vela Luka, not far from the coastal section Martina Bock and is a real insider tip among the quiet beaches in the area. Here, too, the sea is wonderfully clear and enchants with the most beautiful sea colors. This beach is a coarse pebble beach, where pine trees provide cool shade.

Excursions from Vela Luka

Vela Luka is a fabulous starting point for excursions and tours for exploring the best things to do on Korcula Island. Here are the most beautiful attractions that can be easily explored from the resort.

Absolutely worth seeing is Korcula town, where a charming old town with many sights will delight you. It is located in the southeastern part of the island and can also be reached by public bus from Vela Luka.

A very popular destination, also for bicycle tours, is the village of Smokvica, a picturesque wine village in the mountains of Korcula.

The town of Blato, only a short distance from Vela Luka, is also worth a visit with its ethnographic museum and the lovely old town.


Where to Stay in Vela Luka

In the center of the coastal town of Vela Luka, but also in the vicinity of the small bays, there are some really lovely accommodations. Most of the places to stay are apartments or holiday homes. Here are our tips for an unforgettable holiday in Vela Luka…it’s worth a look!

  • Apartment: The apartments Dea Caeli are very modern and the view from the terrace of the port of Vela Luka is just breathtaking!
  • B&B: The B&B Boutique rooms Kastel Ismaeli is just lovely and designed down to the smallest detail. Also the location directly on the waterfront is unbeatable.
  • Holiday House: The Villa Goga II is a beautiful holiday house with a pool in a quiet beach location, just outside the city. The perfect place for a very special stay on Korcula.

Find the best accommodation in Vela Luka:

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