The 6 Best Beaches in Vela Luka

The many beautiful beaches of Vela Luka, the small coastal town on Korcula island in Croatia, are one of the many highlights on the holiday island. On the picturesque coast around the holiday resort there are countless fantastic and mostly quiet places that are ideal for swimming and relaxing. From the popular public city beaches to the secluded hidden bathing bays with turquoise sea and idyllic nudist beaches, anything can be found there. But where are the best beaches of Vela Luka and what are the most beautiful bays for a relaxing beach holiday in Croatia?

In this article we have summarized the most beautiful beaches of Vela Luka on Korcula island at a glance. There are also useful tips and information that will certainly help you plan your trip.


Posaidon Beach

The Posaidon beach is just opposite the center of Vela Luka and can be easily reached by taxi boat, car or bike. It was named after the hotel Posaidon, but also for non-hotel guests it is a popular spot to swim and bathe in the sun. The Posaidon Beach is a mix of gravel and concrete beach. On this stretch of coast, the sea is wonderfully clear and truly seduces you to jump into the cool water.

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Pičena Beach

The picturesque bay of Picena is a real insider tip among the most beautiful beaches of Vela Luka. It is located about 4 kilometers west of the coastal town and captivates with a lot of coziness. Although this beach is public, it is almost only used by the surrounding apartment guests and is therefore never crowded. Next to the beach is a lovely bar that also offers kayaks for rent during their opening hours.

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Martina Bok

A real highlight on our list of the best beaches in Vela Luka are the picturesque bays of Martina Bok. All nature lovers, but also naturists appreciate these tranquil bathing places. To get to the beach, you have to walk around 500 meters from the parking lot through a beautiful pine forest. Once there, turquoise blue sea colors await you, almost as beautiful as in the Caribbean. The water here is crystal clear and perfect for snorkeling.

Tip: There are no accommodations directly on Martina Bock. Nearby, around 500 meters away, there are several apartments, such as the Stone House San Pelegrin, a holiday home with great views and stylish furnishings.

Lučica Beach

Another beach jewel just a bit outside of Vela Luka is the picturesque Lucica Bay. By car, about 10 minutes from the city center, you can reach this dream beach by a gravel road. Even in high season, there is hardly anything going on at Lucica Beach. The sea is wonderfully clear here and shines in the most beautiful turquoise and emerald colors. This beach is also perfect for snorkeling and to explore a wonderful underwater world. The many fragrant pine trees provide cool shade and give this beach a very special backdrop.

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Proizd Island

Some of the most beautiful beaches of Vela Luka are certainly on the island of Proizd. These bays have been voted the most beautiful beaches in Croatia several times. The island is uninhabited and captivates with untouched nature. There are 4 dream beaches to explore, and there are also some nudist beaches on the island. The best way to get to Proizd is by taxi boat from Vela Luka. These run 3 times a day. With a little luck, you can spot dolphins on the way.

Meduza Beach

The Meduza beach is also a beautiful piece of earth. It is located near the Martina Bock, which has already been mentioned above, and can only be reached via a steep footpath. You will have this hidden cove mostly to yourself, and therefore it is still one of the island’s insider tips. Here, too, the sea is wonderfully clear and enchants with the most beautiful sea colors. This beach is a coarse pebble beach where pine trees provide cool shade.

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