Lumbarda, Korcula: All About a Perfect Holiday

Lumbarda is one of the most beautiful destinations on the popular holiday island Korcula. The enchanting seaside resort is known for its exceptionally picturesque location between blue sea and the gently hilly vineyards. Especially the Lumbardas beaches have a very unique flair and are the perfect spots for a relaxed holiday in Korcula. In addition, there are many attractions to discover and lots of unforgettable things to do. Of course, a trip to Korcula city, which is only 7 kilometers away from Lumbarda, should not be missed. Also a ride on the taxi boat to the surrounding islands is worth your while and for many it is even the highlight of their trip.

In this Travel Guide we provide you with all the important information about a holiday in Lumbarda on Korcula, Croatia. Among other things we share useful tips about getting there, what to do in Lumbarda, the best beaches and the most recommended accommodations.


Beaches in Lumbarda

In Lumbarda you can discover some really amazing beaches and coves. Especially popular are the many sandy beaches, which are kind of rare in Croatia. Here are the most beautiful places to swim and sunbathe, summarized at a glance:

Beach Vela Przina

The sandy beach Vela Przina is located on the south coast of Lumbarda and is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in Korcula. Above all, the idyllic location, surrounded by green vineyards, makes this picturesque bay a very special and unique place. This beach is sloping very gently and is therefore a popular bathing spot for families and elder people. During the season, a restaurant and a cocktail bar open just behind the beach and also massages including a sea view are offered.

The Vela Prizina is around 1.5 km from Lumbarda town center and can therefore be reached on foot or by bike. A large paid parking space is just close to the beach.

Beach Bilin Zal

Another really beautiful beach in Lumbarda is the Bilin Zal Beach. This sandy beach is located on the northern coast, opposite the Vela Przina beach. Here you will bathe in crystal clear waters and enjoy wonderful blue sea colors. On the beach there is also a small and quaint restaurant, where you can enjoy a really tranquil atmosphere. The Bilin Zal beach is located about 1 kilometer from Lumbarda`s center, a small parking lot is located in the immediate vicinity.

Beach Raznjic

The peninsula Raznjic is one of the real insider tips for a holiday in Lumbarda. Here you can enjoy a beautiful secluded atmosphere, surrounded by unspoilt nature and a sea with Caribbean blue colors. The coast is rocky, but there are always opportunities to jump into the turquoise blue sea. Because of the many rocks it’s the perfect place in Lumbarda to go snorkelling and to experience an intact underwater world. The entrance to the sea is partly rugged and therefore we recommend  you bring your bathing shoes with you.

Tip: The Raznjic beach is located about 3 kilometers from Lumbarda city and can be easily reached by car or bicycle.

Beach Prvi Zal

The beach Prvi Zal is located directly in Lumbarda, more precisely at the top of the yacht harbor. This pebble beach is a wonderful place for those who want to swim and relax, but also for water activities such as windsurfing, jet skiing and kayaking. At the small beach bar you will enjoy delicious cocktails in a very relaxed atmosphere, with a breathtaking view of the opposite coast of Pelješac.

Bay Uvala Račišće

Another beach highlight is the beautiful bay Uvala Racisce. The bay is unbelievably quiet and the atmosphere is absolutely laid back, not comparable to the tourist crowd on the main beaches. Along the bay there are always small bathing places, there is the wonderful fragrant of the pine trees and their natural shade. Many of the apartments have their own small beach or a dock for guests. The Bay Uvala Racisce is a really beautiful place where you can spend a relaxing beach holiday in Lumbarda.

Tip: The Apartments Villa Diha offer an incredible view of the idyllic bay from the large balcony! The small stone beach in front of the villa invites guest to swim!


Things to do in Lumbarda

When you’re on a holiday in Lumbarda there are some amazing attractions and activities that await you. In addition to the already mentioned dream beaches, it includes the picturesque wine region, the offshore islands and of course the old town Korcula. Here are the highlights of what to do in Lumbarda:

Korcula Old Town

Not far from Lumbarda, just a 10-minute drive away, is the historic old town Korcula. It is the main attraction of the island of the same name and a trip there should definitely be part of your program. Here you stroll through medieval streets, discover beautiful churches and picturesque squares. It is a perfect place to have a lovely afternoon and to take amazing photos.

Wine Tour and Tastings

The sandy vineyards in Lumbarda are known for their Grk wine. It was named after the Greeks, who settled in Lumbarda at the beginning of the 3rd century BC and planted the first vines there. Wine tastings and tours through the cellar are offered by many small family businesses including Lumbarda’s wineries, such as the Lovrić Winery, the Popić Winery and the Grk Winery. A wine tasting is a fantastic opportunity to get to know the delicious local wines and learn a lot about Korcula’s best wines.

Tip: A great way to discover the beautiful beaches and vineyards of Lumbarda is definitely to go around by bicycle. Bikes and e-bikes can be rented on site.

Explore the Islands Around

Just offshore of Lumbarda are some small pretty islands to visit. The most renowned are island Vrnik, island Badija, island Sutvara and island Stupe. They are popular destinations for a boat trip from Lumbarda or Korcula Town. The best way to reach these small natural gems is by taxi boat (the station is next to the Prvi Zal beach) or to rent a small boat right at the harbor. Another possibility is to book a kayak tour on site and paddle to the beautiful islands.

Particularly impressive is a trip to Vrnik Island. The rustic village of the same name houses the oldest and most famous quarry in Korcula. During a visit you will experience a very special ambience, beautiful views of the deep blue sea and an incredibly beautiful natural scenery. Probably, thus, art courses are offered here regularly. Nowadays only a few families live in the village and rent apartments to those who seek peace and quiet.

Really beautiful and at the same time the most famous island is Badija, which is popular for its magnificent Franciscan monastery. It is the largest of the 19 islets that lie in front of Korcula and a visit is a real highlight. The island is pristine and all overgrown with dense forests. An approximately 4-kilometer walk along the waterfront leads you across the island. With a little luck you can get in touch with the fallow deer that lives there right in front of the Franciscan monastery. They are always up for some food and so these little deer are not afraid to be fed by visitors.


How to get to Lumbarda

To get to Korcula/Lumbarda you can take the ferry from Split to Vela Luka (Korcula). Just keep in mind that Vela Luka is on the other side of the island. However, public busses are available. Another possibility is to take the ferry from Orebic, which is located on the peninsula Peljesac, to Domince (Korcula). Domince Ferry Port is located near Korcula Town and only 5 kilometers away from Lumbarda. Continue by car or public bus which leaves approx. 10 times a day directly from the port. The nearest airports are in Split or in Dubrovnik.


Best Places to Stay in Lumbarda

Lumbarda has a great selection of accommodations, perfect to spend an unforgettable time in Korcula! Here are our recommendations for the best apartments and hotels:

  • Apartment by the sea: The Apartments Lumbarda Beach are located in a prime location directly at the sea. The apartments offer space for the whole family and are well equipped.
  • Apartment in the vineyards: The Apartments Mate Cebalo are located right in the middle of the Lumbarda wine area and about 300 meters from the nearest beach. Here you will find a unique view and a certain charm.
  • ECO-Hotel: A really recommendable hotel is the ECO Aparthotel The Dreamers’s Club. Guests love the extremely quiet location and the unique furnishings of the apartments.


Conclusion: Lumbarda in Korcula is an excellent place for a relaxing holiday in Croatia. The town is just lovely, offers beautiful beaches and a brilliant range of excursions and attractions in the area.

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