The 10 Best Beaches in Koh Lanta

The beaches in Koh Lanta are truly unique, making this beautiful island in Thailand an ultimate vacation paradise for beach lovers and those seeking tranquility. On this quiet island, you will find a high range of beautiful bays and breathtaking beaches which are wonderful for swimming, snorkeling or just relaxing. In the north of the island, there are many long white sand beaches which are fantastic for long beach walks. The magnificent beaches in the south are real eye-catchers and still relatively untouched and very quiet. It’s not without reason that backpackers, as well as individual travelers, are thrilled about this charming island. Especially the hippie feeling and the amazing beaches are the reason why many come back again and again. You are looking for the best beach to stay in Koh Lanta and you want to know where the best beaches are?

In this guide, we show you the most beautiful beaches in Koh Lanta, starting from the north of the island down to the south. In addition, we show beautiful pictures of the best swimming spots and give tips for where to stay in Koh Lanta.


Long Beach (Phra Ae Beach)

The Long Beach, also called Phra Ae Beach, is the most famous and with 5 kilometers also the longest beach of Koh Lanta. Here you will find numerous lovely accommodations, from simple, cheap bungalows to good hotels. In addition, there are several beach bars and restaurants along the beautiful coast. This dream beach is also ideal for swimming, no matter if it is low tide or high tide. Although the Long Beach is really popular, it is probably due to its length, never overcrowded or even full. On hot days, you can find pine forests along the coast, which provide cool shade.

Tip: The Sun Long Beach Resort inspires with pretty bungalows in a nice, quiet location on Long Beach. The balcony with hammock invites to relax and also the beach is not far away.

Relax Beach

The Relax Beach, often known as Relax Bay, is certainly one of the best beaches in Koh Lanta and still a real insider tip for a wonderful vacation. Here guests can still experience real hippie flair in the quaint beach bars, you can relax wonderfully and enjoy the romantic dream beach scenery with a cool drink. The small bay even seems somewhat secluded from the rest of the island, which conjures up a really romantic atmosphere. During the day it is very quiet here, and therefore this outstanding beach is also a great place to chill and relax.

Tip: There are a few really nice bungalows right on the beach. An insider tip is the Lanta Casa Blanca, a wonderful beach hotel with a beautiful pool and a fantastic location by the sea.

Klong Khong Beach

The beautiful Klong Khong Beach is a 3 kilometer long, particularly soft sandy beach in the middle of the coast of Koh Lanta. The beach is very central to many important attractions and is also a good starting point for island exploration tours. At low tide, the beach is rocky, which makes swimming rather difficult. However, this section is even more stunning at high tide, when the water reaches almost to the small quaint beach-bars. Also for backpackers this beach is well suited because here you can still find some cheap accommodations.

Tip: A real insider tip is The Lazy Lodge, a beautifully designed resort in a great location directly on the beach, with stylish bungalows and excellent breakfast.

Kantiang Bay

The Kantiang Beach is an absolute vacation dream and definitely high up on any list about Koh Lanta’s best beaches. Here you will find an insanely beautiful beach scenery, and not for nothing this jewel is regularly mentioned among the best beaches in Thailand. The white sandy beach stretches over a length of 2 kilometers and the color of the sea there is unique. Here, too, you won’t find any tourist masses, and so you also have this beach jewel often almost to yourself. Unique are also the restaurants on the coastal road to the south, from which you can enjoy an incredible view of Kantiang Beach while eating.

Tip: You can also find great accommodations on Kantiang Beach, such as the luxurious and fantastically beautiful Pimalai Resort, one of the best hotels on the island.

Klong Nin Beach

The Klong Nin Beach is another long, beautiful sandy beach of the vacation island and certainly, one of the most popular beaches on Koh Lanta. Especially wonderful is the unique flair here in the late afternoon, when the small, colorful beach bars and restaurants fill up and people are waiting for the amazing sunset. Thanks to its central location, Klong Nin Beach is also an excellent starting point to explore the highlights and other beaches of the island Koh Lanta. Here you will find great accommodations by the sea, mostly in the cheaper price range, and also some good restaurants to enjoy.

Tip: Highly recommended is at the Klong Nin Beach the Andalay Boutique Resort, a beautiful small hotel, with lovely bungalows and top beach location!

Klong Jark Beach

The Klong Jark Beach is a truly fantastic beach tip for Koh Lanta. The entire ambience as well as the mood here are very cozy, and therefore it is a popular beach for those seeking peace and quiet. Also snorkeling is at this beach in Koh Lanta quite recommended because the turquoise sea is wonderfully clear. If you plan your vacation on this dream beach, you will find some simple accommodations and beautiful bungalows near the sea. Also worth seeing is the Klong Jark Waterfall, which is located not far from the beach and can be reached via an exciting jungle hike.

Tip: Directly on the beach is the charming Anda Lanta Resort, with a nice pool and in a wonderful location. Perfect for a quiet beach vacation on the island of Koh Lanta.

Nui Beach

The Nui Beach is a small, charming bay in the southern section of Koh Lanta Island. At this dream beach, the sea is crystal clear and shimmers in the most beautiful turquoise blue colors. Surrounded by green vegetation, a tropical beach like directly out from a travel magazine awaits you. Nevertheless, visitors can still enjoy many quiet places to swim and relax. An insanely stunning view is offered from Diamond Cliff Beach Resort, from where a path also leads down to the beach. The Nui Beach is also a great photo motif and stands out completely from the long sandy beaches of the north. Thus, it is clearly one of the most beautiful beaches on Koh Lanta.

Nui Bay

The Nui Bay, not to be mixed up with the above-mentioned Nui Beach, is a small bay almost in the very south of Koh Lanta. Here you can expect a lonely bathing bay with dreamlike sea colors and incredibly quiet flair. Until now, you won’t find any accommodations there, and directly on the beach there is only one small hippie bar that provides cozy hammocks and a little shade. This beach is still considered an insider tip in Koh Lanta and its unspoiled landscape makes this dream bay a highlight of the island.

Bamboo Bay

The Bamboo Bay is located in the very south of the island, and it is the last beach of Koh Lanta before entering the national park. This bay is still really untouched and so visitors will experience there a very natural, beautiful white sand beach surrounded by deep jungle. If you prefer it lonely and quiet, you will certainly experience unforgettable vacation days at Bamboo Bay Beach. Here, at the end of the island, most people will feel a little secluded and so, especially peace seekers and individualists, love this little paradise.

Tip: Really charming is the Lalaanta Hideaway, a perfect accommodation to relax at Bamboo Bay. Guests love the secluded location and the wonderful pool.

Ta Naoad Beach (Koh Lanta Lighthouse)

At the southern tip of the island lies the picturesque Ta Naoad Beach, right next to the famous Koh Lanta Lighthouse. This beautiful beach is part of the Mu Ko Lanta National Park, and thus very clean and distinctly pristine. The sea shines in breathtaking turquoise blue sea colors and conjures together with the lighthouse a true picture book scenery. If you are planning a day trip to the national park, then you should definitely spend also some time here for swimming and relaxing. With a bit of luck, you may also spot a few monkeys that regularly visit this beach.

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