Top 7 Beaches in Primosten

The beautiful beaches in Primosten are pretty amazing, and with their unique sea colors and the top water quality, they are among the best beaches in Croatia. Around the picturesque old town and the beach promenade are numerous bays, which thrill the hearts of sun-hungry holiday makers and beach addicts. Here, the sea is crystal clear and turquoise blue, and with the historic old town of Primosten the perfect place for an unforgettable beach holiday in Croatia. But where are the ultimate best beaches in and around Primosten and where are the must-visit hidden beaches?

In this Travel Guide we made up a list of the Top 7 absolutely best bays and beautiful beaches of Primosten. Perfect for your next trip to Croatia!


Mala Raduca Beach

The beach Mala Raduca is the main beach and at the same time the most beautiful beach of Primosten. Here you will enjoy an ambience like out of a travel magazine: while swimming in the crystal blue sea you have a brilliant view of the beautiful old town. Although there are no proper sandy beaches in Primosten, here on the Mala Raduca the gravel is really fine and also the entrance into the water is wonderfully gently sloping.

In addition, this dream beach is located directly on the beach promenade of Primosten, which is lined with shops, ice cream parlors and restaurants. There are hardly any natural shady spots, but beach chairs with umbrellas can be rented cheaply on the beach.

Tip: The Apartment Primosten Adiomare offers beautiful sea views and amazing views of the old town.

Beach Velika Raduca

Another popular beach in Primosten is the Velika Raduca Beach. It is located on the eastern side of the Raduca peninsula, opposite the old town, and is especially recommended for families with children. Here the fragrant pine forests provide enough shade, you can swim wonderfully and also entertainment for kids is provided. This beautiful beach is the longest in Primosten and is easily accessible via a short walk from the city.

Tip: The wonderful Apartment Maxim is located in a great location to the beach and the old town, and inspires with a beautiful view from the balcony.

Beach Garbina

Garbina Beach, sometimes also called as Rosi Beach or Vukovic Beach, is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Primosten. This small dream beach is located directly on the peninsula of the old town and is also one of our favorite town beaches. Again there, the sea shines in the most beautiful blue tones and from the small rocky bay, you have a great view of the opposite main beach and the green Raduca peninsula.

Tip: Near the beach is the beautiful House LoLa. A popular accommodation in the heart of the old town of Primosten.

Dagna Beach & Bau Bar

Beautiful is also the quiet Dagna Beach, a hidden bay about a 15 minutes’ walk from the old town. This dream beach is one of the insider tips among the best beaches in Primosten. Here you can swim in an almost kitschy turquoise-blue sea and enjoy a drink in the legendary Bau Bar – a beach bar where you can marvel at the sea. The Dagna beach is a pebble beach, and the crystal-clear sea is perfect for snorkeling. All in all, this jewel is one of the most beautiful beaches near Primosten and a trip there should not be missed during any perfect beach holiday.

Tip: Just above the beach is the Apartman Jasa, a fantastic apartment with modern furnishings and a large sun terrace.

Beach June & Porat

The beach June is really idyllic and enchants its visitors with a particularly picturesque view of Primosten. It is a bit outside the old town, as you head east to Our Lady of Loretto Statue, next to the small Porat beach. This beach section consists of 2 adjacent bays and offers some quiet shade. You should take your own food and drinks, because on this hidden beach are no restaurants or beach bars. A pretty amazing beach away from the hustle and bustle.

Beach Dolac

Another beach jewel is the beach Dolac. Actually, there are several bays in the seaside resort of Ivan Dolac. The most beautiful beach you will find at the restaurant Boxer. From the terrace you can enjoy a wonderful view over the small dreamy pebble beach. This beach is located about 4 kilometers from the old town and is very recommended if you want to visit some beaches near Primosten.

Tip: In the small village Ivan Dolac there is a lovely choice of accommodation, such as the pretty Apartman Sissy with top facilities and not far from the beach!

Beach Bilo

The beach Bilo, which is often known as Lokvica Beach, is one of the most beautiful beaches around Primosten. It is located in the village of Bilo, about 7 kilometers from the old town of Primosten. This small 50-meter-long pebble beach is a real eye-catcher: The bay is just marvelous, and the watercolors shine here especially beautiful. But don´t forget your parasol, because there are hardly any shade spots on this dream beach.

If you do not want to spend the night in Primosten, you have the opportunity to spend your holidays in the popular seaside resort of Bilo. The apartments of Villa Malo Misto offer breathtaking views.

Conclusion: Primosten enchants its visitors not only with a charming old town, also the beaches in the area are gorgeous. Here you enjoy a great mix of culture, culinary, and the most charming bays.

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