Top 7 Amazing Beaches of Solta Island

The idyllic beaches of Solta Island make this vacation island a true treasure for sun-seeking bathers, peace seekers and individualists. Unique is the true variety of absolute dream beaches, which enchants with the most spectacular sea colors and a magnificent surrounding. Here you can choose between one bay more beautiful than the other! Most of these bathing places are pebble beaches, but there are also beautiful stone beaches and even really fine natural sandy beaches on the island. But what are the absolutely best beaches on the island of Solta, where are the real insider tips and which bathing bay is particularly suitable for a vacation?

In this guide, you will find the most beautiful beaches on Solta Island in Croatia. We show you great pictures, and give numerous tips and information, which are guaranteed to help you in your vacation planning.


Veli Dolac Beach

The beach Veli Dolac is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Solta. This small dream beach is located in the resort of Stomorska and is an absolute highlight for a quiet vacation. Here you can enjoy a clean, fine pebble beach, which slopes quite shallowly into the sea and thus provides easy access to the crystal clear water. The sea shines in the most beautiful turquoise blue colors, and the Mediterranean ambience with the many pine trees and rocks conjures up a backdrop as if from a travel magazine. Here you experience a peaceful atmosphere, and the view of the coast also invites dreaming and unwind.

A highlight is aso the cool Beach Bar Africa, which with its relaxed atmosphere, pretty straw umbrellas and delicious cocktails creates a particularly chill vacation mood.

Tip: A real insider tip for a beach vacation on Solta are the Apartments Ksenija! Guests love the unique location, just a few steps from the beach, and the center of Stomorska is nearby.

Banje Beach

Truly enchanting is the Banje Beach. This absolutely idyllic swimming cove is located in Rogac, just 10 minutes from the ferry port, and is popular with families with children, couples and those seeking peace and quiet alike. This dreamlike stretch of coast is known for its fine light pebble beach, which together with the rustic surroundings, the Mediterranean landscape and the pretty stone cottage in the bay, conjures up a panorama as if from a picture book. The atmosphere is always very relaxed, and even in high season, this beach is never crowded!

Wonderful are also the numerous trees directly on the beach Banje, which provide pleasantly cool shade, especially on hot summer days. Along the coastal promenade there is also a cozy restaurant that provide food and drinks.

Tip: The Apartment Babic – ISO300 is located just a few steps from the beach and delights its guests with a cozy ambience in a wonderful, quiet location!

Beach Gornja Krusica

In the south of the island, in the bay Gronja Krusica, a natural beach of the extra class awaits you. Insiders often call it one of the most stunning beaches of Solta. Plaza Gornja Krusica is a breathtaking mix of pebble beach and rocky beach, where many quiet sunbathing areas invite to sunbathe and relax. Only a few small houses are located around the secluded bay, and so you can enjoy a really idyllic as well as quiet ambience during a vacation, even in the high season! Don’t forget your diving goggles and snorkel because thanks to the natural environment and the top quality of the sea, Gornja Krusica beach is an excellent place for snorkeling and experiencing the interesting underwater world.

Tip: The House Tonci is a small vacation cottage with a pool and is located in beautiful surroundings overlooking the bay. A great choice for a quiet vacation.

Sandy Beach Sipova

A real insider tip of the most beautiful beaches on Solta is definitely Sipova Beach. This fine natural sandy beach is absolutely a highlight of the vacation island, and a visit should not be missed. Located near Maslinica, this incredibly beautiful bay can only be reached by car via a gravel road or by boat. Here you feel like stranded in paradise! The scenery is especially beautiful with the light fine sand, the rocks around the bay and of course the turquoise blue water colors, which give this beach a touch of Caribbean feeling.

Tip: There are no accommodations, beach bars or restaurants at Sipova beach. Therefore, you should bring enough food and drinks for your beach day.

Maslinica Beach

Plaza Maslinica is a great beach for the whole family and is ideal for a beach vacation in Solta! This beautiful pebble beach is located in the coastal town of Maslinica, not far from the picturesque harbor, and has a fantastic atmosphere and the best facilities. Vacationers love the gentle entry into the sea, and while swimming, they can enjoy breathtaking sea colors. The view of the offshore islands is also spectacular and invites you to linger. Directly on the beach, a small, pretty bistro serves coffee, drinks and snacks. There are also plenty of parking and toilets at Plaza Maslinica.

Tip: On the coastal promenade between Maslinica beach and the town center is the Balkun apartment with modern furnishings and a magnificent view.

Stomorska Beach

The Stomorska beach is a small, picturesque pebble bay right in the romantic village center of Stomorska. During a vacation in this coastal town you will experience unique island feeling, and the beautiful bathing beach right in the village invites to spend relaxing days by the sea. The water is crystal clear, and even while swimming you can spot many fish. Natural shade is almost non-existent on the beach, so you should pack sunscreen. However, not far away are some fabulous restaurants and cozy cafés that provide refreshments and delicious food. Also great are the wonderful accommodation options right in the village, where you can spend wonderful vacations on the island of Solta.

Tip: The Apartments Sonja is a real insider tip for a vacation! It is located near the small dream beach, and also the center is only a few steps away.

Krusica Beach

The Krusica Beach is located in the north of Solta, in a tiny fishing village near Donje Selo. This hidden natural cove is a real highlight. Situated in a stunning Mediterranean setting, this beach truly invites you to relax and unwind. The turquoise sea is crystal clear and perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Thanks to its secluded location, very few vacationers come to this small secret beach, which guarantees a unique tranquility and the best relaxation.

Tip: The Villa Talia is a breathtakingly beautiful vacation home with a magnificent view, top equipment and a great pool in an absolutely quiet location!

Necujam Beach

Necujam beach is one of the busier beaches on the island of Solta and is a popular spot for a beach vacation, especially for families with children, but also for older people. The long pebble bay offers plenty of space for everyone, and the blue sea truly invites splashing around and having fun. The tourist offer is also right! There are numerous apartments, small hotels, shopping facilities, as well as some restaurants and bars overlooking the sea. Shade is provided by the palm trees on the beach, and sun loungers and umbrellas are also available for rent.

Tip: Recommendable is the small but fine Hotel Paradise Punta, a bit away from the tourist hustle and bustle and yet central to the action!

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