The 10 Most Amazing Beaches in Sifnos

The many beautiful beaches in Sifnos make this island a fabulous choice for an unforgettable and, moreover, very relaxing beach vacation in the Cyclades. Unique to Sifnos is the variety of extremely idyllic, gorgeous sandy beaches, nestled in a spectacular landscape, with picturesque turquoise sea colors. Many of the most beautiful bays are located in the south, but there are also in other parts of the island true dream beaches of the extra class. In addition, almost all the best beaches are easily accessible by rental car or quad, and so you can theoretically spend every vacation day on another picturesque stretch of coast. But what are the absolute best beaches in Sifnos, what are the real insider tips, and which bathing bay is particularly recommended for a vacation by the sea?

In this guide, you will find the best beaches in Sifnos. In addition, we show you great pictures, and give numerous tips and information that are guaranteed to help you in your travel planning.


Kamares Beach

Kamares Beach is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in Sifnos and, moreover, an optimal place for a beach vacation on the island. This long sandy bay is located on the west coast, in the idyllic harbor village of Kamares, where the ferry also docks. Surrounded by imposing mountains and with the most stunning turquoise blue water colors, you can enjoy a beach ambience like out of a picture book. The sea slopes gently on this golden sandy beach, which is also appreciated by families with children and the elderly. In addition, in the summer, inexpensive umbrellas and sunbeds are available for rent. Unique, however, are also the quaint taverns directly on the picturesque harbor promenade, where you can enjoy local delicacies and soak up the magical flair.

Tip: Around Kamares Beach are some of the best places to stay in Sifnos. A real insider tip is Villa Frazeska with a pool and a fantastic view.

Platis Gialos Beach

The Paralia Platis Gialos is one of the largest beaches on Sifnos and a popular choice for a beach vacation on the island. With a length of almost 1 kilometer, a picture-perfect velvety sandy beach fascinates, moreover with crystal clear sea and the most spectacular blue water colors. Thanks to the terrific beach, sea quality and facilities, this beach was even awarded with the Blue Flag. Visitors love the exuberant vacation atmosphere as well as the perfect tourist offer! Sunbeds with umbrellas are available for rent, there are numerous good taverns as well as cafés and bars, offers for water sports and fabulous accommodations provide the best conditions for an unforgettable beach vacation on Sifnos.

Tip: At Platis Gialos you will find numerous good accommodations on the beach. Astounding is the cute Platys Gialos Hotel with pool, in the best location directly at the sea.

Apokofto Beach

The Apokofto Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Sifnos. It is located near the monastery of Chrisopigi in the south of the island and is also popular with day trippers. Most beautiful is the view of the snow-white Cycladic church of Chrisopigi, which is actually one of the most important attractions of the island. Nevertheless, even in the high season it is not too busy, and so you always get a pleasant place under the Greek sun. Along the coast, you will find small trees that provide cool shade in the hot summer and give the bay an absolutely romantic ambience. The taverns right by the sea are also really cozy, providing guests with snacks, coffee, and drinks.

Tip: On the hill overlooking the bay are the wonderful Selana Suites, a fabulous Adults-Only hotel with a pool and magnificent views of the picturesque coastline.

Vlicho Beach

Definitely one of the most enchanting bays on Sifnos is Vlicho beach. This heavenly, small sandy beach is located in the south of the island, in the resort of Faros, and is an insider tip for a relaxing beach vacation on Sifnos. Absolutely fabulous is the light soft sand, the beautiful green tamarisk trees and the emerald sea, which give this beach an absolute postcard scenery. Just around the corner is a tiny harbor with pretty taverns, where you can get to know Greece from its most authentic side. Also really nice is the hiking trail from the beach over to the famous monastery of Chrisopigi, where you can experience a breathtaking view of the coast and even more bays invite you to swim.

Tip: Just a short walk away are the Venereum Apartments, whose suite even comes with a private pool or Jacuzzi.

Vathi Beach

The Vathi Beach is for many the most beautiful beach on Sifnos. And indeed, this long sandy beach is definitely worth a visit. It is very secluded, on the west coast of the island, making it a great destination for relaxing days of swimming. Embedded in a picturesque landscape, with turquoise blue sea colors and with the whitewashed houses, you enjoy a picture book perfect beach at its best. The sandy beach slopes gently into the sea, making it a great choice for families with children. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available for rent at some sections, and several taverns also provide the necessary food and drinks. Particularly worth seeing is the northern section of the beach, where the wonderfully pretty Cycladic church Taxiárchēs is located.

Tip: A fabulous choice for a relaxing stay on Sifnos is Elies Resorts, a grand 5-star hotel with pool, in an unbeatable location right by the sea.

Faros Beach

The Paralia Faros is located in the heart of the fishing village of the same name, Faros, and is definitely one of the most idyllic beaches on Sifnos. The setting is absolutely magical, as this small bathing bay lined with tamarisk trees conjures up a truly authentic ambience with the quaint fishing village. Especially couples and people looking for peace and quiet will enjoy this romantic bathing place. Moreover, it is great that the sea slopes very shallow and there are hardly any waves thanks to the protected location on this stretch of coast. Just behind the bay are a few charming taverns and there are also nice accommodations, perfect if you are planning a very relaxing vacation on Sifnos.

Tip: The chic Sifanto Mare Apartments are a great choice for a vacation in Faros. They enchant with great facilities and also the beach is nearby.

Vroulidia Beach

A real insider tip of the island of Sifnos is the beach Paralia Vroulidia. Imposing rocks, round pebbles and the turquoise sea conjure up a landscape like out of a travel magazine. The water is crystal clear and thanks to the natural environment, visitors can discover many fish and interesting marine fauna while snorkeling. However, this stunning natural bay is situated very secluded on the north coast, and can only be reached by a very steep road. This is probably also the reason why the hidden dream beach is never overcrowded even in the high season, and you always enjoy an incredibly quiet atmosphere. Also highly recommended is the tavern overlooking the beach, which is well-known for its grilled fish.

Cheronissos Beach

In the north of Sifnos Island, Cheronissos beach is located in the charming fishing village of the same name, Cheronissos. Already the drive through the inland and over the hilly panoramic road is a wonderful experience that should not be missed on any trip to Sifnos. The Paralia Cheronissos is a stunning small sandy beach, where the emerald sea provides optimal cooling on hot summer days. But what is most beautiful here is the idyllic atmosphere with the colorful fishing boats and the small harbor, where there is also a traditional pottery. A magnificent bathing bay for an unforgettable excursion or a quiet vacation in the wild and romantic north of Sifnos!

Fassolou Beach

The Fassolou Beach is certainly one of the most idyllic beaches of Sifnos. Like many of the best bathing spots, this bay is located in the south of the island, just a few minutes’ walk from the fishing village of Faros. This beach is a real feast for the eyes thanks to its Caribbean sea colors, golden sand and the Cycladic church at the tip of the bay. In addition, while swimming, guests can enjoy a magnificent view of the monastery of Chrisopigi, which is located in the distance. Many people come here, especially for snorkeling because underwater you can discover numerous fish between the rocks and the sea plants.

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