Antiparos, Greece: A Perfect Island Travel Guide!

Antiparos in Greece is a true jewel of the Cyclades. This small island is located just opposite the famous sister island of Paros and is an insider’s tip for a romantic vacation away from the hustle and bustle. A real gem is the picturesque capital Antiparos, where snow-white houses in typical Cycladic style and charming alleys conjure up an ambience like popped out of a picture book. However, the numerous spectacular sandy beaches of the island are also simply breathtaking, offering the best conditions for an unforgettable beach vacation. In addition, there are surprisingly many things to do on Antiparos! Travelers love the mix of relaxed flair, great beaches and the range of activities as well as attractions that are guaranteed to have an unforgettable trip.

In this travel guide you will find all important information and tips about Antiparos in Greece. We show you the most stunning pictures, the best things to do in Antiparos, beaches and activities, and where to find fabulous accommodations.

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If you are still looking for a really charming accommodation on Antiparos, we can recommend the wonderful Kouros Village with pool and relaxed atmosphere.

Getting to Antiparos is only possible with ferry from Antiparos, from Pounta harbor or, in summer, also from Parikia. Tickets for the trip to Paros can be found on Ferryhopper.

Antiparos is a true sandy beach paradise, and so you will find many dream bays there. Here are the absolute best beaches on Antiparos summarized at a glance.

The most popular travel time for Antiparos is June, July, August and September. However, for sightseeing, the low season with April, May, as well as October, is also recommended.

General Information about Antiparos

Antiparos, sometimes spelled as Andiparos, is a Cycladic island in Greece and moreover an insider tip for all those who are looking for peace and quiet. It is located, like the islands of Naxos and Sifnos in the southern Aegean Sea and is also only 1 kilometer away from the more famous sister island Paros. With a size of only 35 km² and with barely 1,000 inhabitants, Antiparos is really small, quiet and incredibly idyllic. All the worth seeing places and attractions of the island can be easily explored on a round trip by scooter, quad or car. One of the most important attractions of Antiparos island is the imposing dripstone cave. In addition, there are interesting excavation sites and fabulous natural sites to discover.

The tourist center is located around the wonderful capital of Antiparos, the so-called Chora, in the north of the island, where the ferry also docks. In the charming center of the snow-white Chora, chic boutiques invite for shopping, and numerous cocktail bars, excellent taverns, as well as restaurants, provide culinary highlights. The range of accommodation in Antiparos is also phenomenal and ultimately makes a stay on this island pearl an unforgettable experience in Greece.


Best Things to Do in Antiparos

When vacationing in Antiparos, there are numerous beautiful places, natural sites and historical attractions to discover. Here we have summarized for you all the highlights and the best things to do on Antiparos Island in Greece at a glance:

The Chora of Antiparos

One of the best attractions in Antiparos is the Chora, the charming capital of the island. Its location is special, as it connects the harbor on the east coast with the beautiful Paralia Sifneiko beach on the west coast. Whitewashed houses in Cycladic style, beautiful blooming bougainvillea and cute taverns make for a Greek backdrop like something out of a picture book. A stroll through the old town takes you through a maze of small cobblestone streets, you browse in fabulous boutiques, and romantic squares with tavernas and bars invite to linger. A major attraction in the old town is the Kastro, the old Venetian fortress from the 14th century, which is still inhabited today.

However, the Chora of Antiparos is not only popular as an excursion destination from Paros! The island capital is also the most famous vacation destination of the island. Nearby you will find beautiful sandy beaches for swimming, and the numerous good accommodation facilities offer the best conditions for a vacation.

Tip: Just a short walk away is the wonderful Hotel Kouros Village, which scores with pool, beautiful rooms and relaxed atmosphere.

Harbor of Antiparos

The harbor of Antiparos is a true jewel of the island. Already when arriving by ferry, one is amazed by the beautiful ambience that this fishing port conjures up with its numerous boats, the turquoise sea colors and the promenade. It is also interesting to take a walk in the morning, when local fishermen mend their nets and sell their freshly caught fish for a reasonable price directly from the boat. In addition, several interesting attractions are located in this area. The old windmill of Antiparos is also worth seeing, as well as the beautiful statue by the sea and the picturesque Cycladic church of Agia Marina, which sits proudly on a small hill.

Cave of Antiparos

The Cave of Antiparos, the so-called Spileo Stalaktiton Antiparos, is one of the most stunning and at the same time most famous places to visit on Antiparos. Many come to the island just for this attraction! This impressive cave is located almost 200 meters above the sea and already the approach to it grants unique viewpoints of the island. From the entrance, there are 411 steps about 100 meters down into the cave. Visitor are amazed by the huge stalactite formations. Many of these stone formations are among the oldest in Europe, as some of the stalactites and stalagmites are over 45 million years old. Also worth seeing is the 18th century church of Agios Ioannis Spiliotis, which is located right at the entrance of the stalactite cave.

Tip: This natural wonder is about 9 kilometers from the capital. A bus runs several times a day between Antiparos and the stalactite cave.


The bay of Faneromeni is definitely one of the most scenic places of Antiparos. This fascinating peninsula is located in the southern part of the island and its peculiarity is the gray-white volcanic rock, called tafoni, which forms unique geological rock formations. From the parking lot, small paths lead through beautiful natural landscapes and to dreamlike bathing bays. A true celebrity is the Faneromeni Beach of the same name, a snow-white sandy beach with turquoise sea colors, which is one of the absolutely most spectacular bays on the island. But also the lonely beach Ubini Rocks amazes visitors. Worth seeing is the church of the Virgin Mary, which is embedded in this enchanting area and forms a true postcard motif.

The Venetian Castle of Antiparos

One of the best things to do in Antiparos is to visit the Venetian Castle, the so-called Kastro, on a stroll through the Chora. This former Venetian settlement probably dates back as early as the 13th-15th centuries. At that time, the castle served to protect the inhabitants. Today, you can still explore the remains of this historical attraction during a tour of the town. As in those days, the only entrance is the gate on the south wing, just near the beautiful Antiparos Square. In the center of the Venetian Castle there is still the base of the main tower, which is surrounded by the town houses, some of which have already been renovated. Also beautiful is the charming church, which gives the old town a particularly romantic flair.

Soros Beach

Soros Beach is a dream beach of the extra class and a true paradise for unforgettable bathing days on the east coast of Antiparos. On this long sandy beach you experience a fabulous vacation atmosphere, there is a chic beach bar for cocktails and snacks, and also umbrellas and sunbeds are available for rent. The sea shines in the most beautiful blue water colors and thanks to the length everyone is sure to find a wonderful spot under the Greek sun. Absolutely perfect are also the tamarisk trees on the beach, which provide cool shade on hot summer days. Directly behind the beach, there are enough parking spaces.

Tip: Only 70 meters from the beach is the Villa Peristeri, which rents beautiful studios and apartments. A great choice for a quiet vacation on Antiparos.

Despotiko Island

A visit to the island of Despotiko is a wonderful experience and definitely one of the best things to do in Antiparos. The uninhabited neighboring island is located in the south of Antiparos, and can be reached by a short boat ride from the settlement of Agios Georgios. Here you will find lovely sandy beaches and secluded landscapes. The most important attraction, however, is the excavation site Despotiko, the so-called Despotiko Ancient Sanctuary, which can currently only be visited via a guided boat tour. During a tour of the archaeological island, one is amazed by the huge snow-white temple and the ancient columns, which together with the blue sea form a fascinating backdrop.

Tip: Daily excursion boats depart from Agios Georgios to the island of Despotiko. In addition, tours to the sea caves of Antiparos are offered from there.

Fanari Beach

Fanari Beach is a highlight that should not be missed on any trip to Antiparos. It is one of the most beautiful bathing places on the island. Tall palm trees, shade-giving tamarisk trees, turquoise blue sea colors and the pretty straw umbrellas directly on the water, bring tropical feeling to the vacation island. Really cool and certainly, one of the best beach clubs on Antiparos is the Fanari Beach Club, where you can rent umbrellas and sun loungers, and toast to a wonderful vacation with a delicious cocktail.

Tip: The ThalaSEA – Village Antiparos is an enchanting accommodation, not far from the center at the port and the beautiful beaches of Antiparos.

Sea Caves of Antiparos

Among the most beautiful attractions of the island are the fascinating Sea Caves of Antiparos. These are located on the south coast and a boat trip there is definitely an insider’s tip. White volcanic rock formations, numerous caves and the azure sea make this area unique. However, two natural sites are particularly worth seeing. One worth visiting is the Grotto Marine Antiparos, with its spectacular rock formations and turquoise sea. Many come here specifically for cliff diving and snorkeling. Another recommendation is Epitafios Beach, a fascinating pebble beach next to imposing cliffs, which can only be reached by boat.

Antiparos Nudist Beach

The Antiparos nudist beach is a true legend on the island, as this sandy beach has always been a popular meeting place for locals and tourists alike. Everyone is welcome here, with or without swimwear! This absolutely idyllic bathing beach is not far from the main town of Antiparos, right next to the Antiparos campsite, and can also be reached from there via a walk. The sea is particularly shallow in this bay, and so you can even reach the opposite island of Dipla on foot through the shallow water.

Church of St. George

The church of St. George is a real insider tip on Antiparos and certainly not an attraction that everyone already knows. This beautiful church in Cycladic style is located in the quiet southwest of the island and is the perfect destination for an incredibly idyllic beach trip. This small place of worship is located right by the sea, fascinates with dreamlike architecture, and the velvety sandy beach with the grandiose water colors is absolutely enchanting. Only a few people know about this hidden place, so even in the summer months you can experience it absolutely quiet and tranquil.


Where to Stay in Antiparos

The island of Antiparos offers a terrific range of fantastic places to stay. From the wonderful boutique hotel, to beach hotel, cute pensions and top-equipped apartments, everything is represented here. Here are our recommendations for beautiful accommodations on Antiparos…It’s worth a look!

  • Small Hotel at the Harbor: The Artemis Hotel is a small, charming hotel in a very central and quiet location at the harbor. The hospitality is also wonderful.
  • Nice Hotel in the South: The Kameo Antiparos is a real insider tip for an absolutely quiet vacation on Antiparos. Beautiful is the location on the beach and the facilities.
  • Apartments with Style: The Kouros Village is a great choice for a vacation on Antiparos. Guests love the pool, the relaxed atmosphere and the fantastic location!
  • Vacation Home in the Center: The lovely Minas House Antiparos is located in the main town of Antiparos, just 2 minutes from the pedestrian zone.

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