Krabi 4 Island Tour: A Perfect Guide!

The Krabi 4 Island Tour is a popular boat trip to the most beautiful islands in Krabi. On this excursion, you will swim at the absolute dream beaches of the Krabi region and admire a colorful underwater world while snorkeling. In addition, you will discover spectacular rock formations such as the striking rocks of Chicken Island and Koh Poda. Especially famous is the so-called chicken head, another highlight of the tour. On a visit to Krabi this trip is almost a must-do. But also, from Phuket and even from Khao Lak one has the possibility to go on a tour to explore the incredible beautiful four islands of Krabi.

In this travel guide, you will get all the important information about the famous 4 Island Tour in Krabi. In addition, we share our experiences about the trip, the most beautiful attractions and give useful tips about prices, booking and the best offers.

Good to know!

The best starting points for the spectacular Krabi 4 Island Tour are definitely the popular tourist mecca Ao Nang Beach, the quiet beautiful Klong Muang Beach and the famous peninsula Railay Beach.

Highly recommended on any boat tour in Thailand is a good waterproof backpack to protect your cell phone, camera or other valuables. This waterproof backpack is also a useful companion for kayak and snorkel tours.

If you don’t know where to find fantastic accommodation in Krabi, then you should check out this complete guide about “where to stay in Krabi“.

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The Krabi 4 Islands Tour

On this excursion, visitors either go by speedboat or by the typical longtail boat to the 4 dream islands in Krabi. In fact, one of the stops is Phra Nang Beach located on the famous Railay Peninsula. Here is the program and the island names of a typical 4 Islands Tour in Krabi:

  • Phra Nang Beach (Railay Peninsula): This famous beach is actually located on a peninsula. Here you will admire the ultimate postcard beach of Krabi.
  • Koh Poda: Known for its sandy beaches, imposing rock formations and clear turquoise waters that make it a paradise for sunbathers and snorkeling.
  • Tup Island: Also known as Koh Tub or Koh Tap. Famous for its white sandbar, which you can walk across to Chicken Island at low tide.
  • Chicken Island: Chicken Island, or Koh Gai, is an island worth visiting, known for its distinctive rock formation in the shape of a chicken or chicken head.


Phra Nang Beach

The Phra Nang Beach, located on the Railay Peninsula, is actually not an island, but can only be reached because of deep jungles and high cliffs by sea. As an absolute eye-catcher, it is one of the most famous beaches in Krabi region. Here the sea is turquoise blue and crystal clear, in the back land you will find green jungle and daring climbers can hang from the spectacular rock wall.

But also, the Phra Nang Cave, a small cave with an interesting fertility shrine, fascinates visitors. The Phra Nang Beach is an absolute highlight in Krabi and therefore an integral part of every 4 Island Tour.

Tup Island

The mini-islet Koh Tup Island is really tiny, but breathtakingly beautiful and absolutely recommendable. Here the water is turquoise blue, the sand is extremely fine and really white. Also for snorkeling, this island is wonderful and so you can discover many colorful fish underwater. The best way to visit this island is at low tide because at that time you can cross the sea over the sandbank and walk to the neighboring chicken island. What an outstanding experience!

Chicken Island

The trip to Chicken Island, the neighboring island of Koh Tup, is also really lovely. This island has a quiet beach, which is perfect for relaxing. Also, the viewpoint is fantastic. From up here you have a stunning view of the famous sandbar, which connects Koh Poda and Chicken Island. For photographers, an absolute must-visit! Again here, you can do snorkeling and you will enjoy an incredible dreamlike atmosphere.

On the way back, as you circle the island, you will discover the famous Chicken Head, the landmark of Chicken Island.

Koh Poda

Another dream island and a stop on the 4 Islands Tour is the islet Koh Poda. On this island, a little paradise awaits you: soft fine sandy beach, an incredibly clear sea and intact reefs for snorkeling make this island so special. But also, the incredibly beautiful scenery with the huge stone rock in the middle of the sea is extremely spectacular. On Koh Poda the most tours take their lunch break, but you still have time to explore the beautiful islet and swim on the unique beaches.

National Park Fee

As the islands are part of the Had Noppharatthara – Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park, local visitors must pay a National Park entrance fee.

The entrance to the park costs 400 baht per person and is usually not included in the excursion price package.

Prices & How to do the booking

The Krabi 4 Island tours can be easily booked in the resort, at the local hotels, travel agencies or even on the beach. Depending on the provider, season and distance, prices can vary greatly. Of course, you should also compare which services are included in the excursion package. You can expect the following prices for a Krabi 4 Island tour:

  • Speedboat: 1.000,- to 1.700,- Baht per person
  • Longtail boat: 400,- to 1.200,- Baht per person
  • Longtail boat charter: 2.500,- to 3.000,- Baht per boat

The prices for a speedboat 4-Island tour are generally a bit more expensive than longtail boat excursions. If you prefer to organize a 4-Island tour on your own, you can of course charter a longtail boat plus driver for one day.

But if you value good reviews, there is also the possibility to book a tour online. The advantage is that most excursions can be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours before. Often the pickup directly from the hotel is included, which is really convenient. With many tours there is a free lunch during the excursion, with some drinks and now and then even the national park fees are included.

Tip: Really unique and a real experience is the snorkeling tour 4 Island Tour at sunset” where you can marvel at fluorescent plankton while snorkeling with a little luck.

Here are the best tours with pick up from the hotel:


Where to stay in Krabi

The best accommodation for a vacation in Krabi can be found in Klong Muang, Ao Nang and Railay Beach. From amazing beach hotels, cute guesthouses, bungalows by the sea and backpacker hostels, everything is here. If you are still searching for the perfect place to stay, we can recommend the following accommodations… It’s worth a look!

  • Bhu Nga Thani Resort & Spa (Railay): The Bhu Nga Thani Resort & Spa is a very recommendable hotel. It is located very romantic right on the sea from Railay Beach and the modern pool is a real eye-catcher.
  • Krabilife Resort (Klong Muang): The Krabilife Resort is a small family run hotel with only a few rooms. Very lovely accommodation with moderate room rates.
  • Holiday Inn (Ao Nang): The Holiday Inn Krabi Resort Ao Nang Beach – This chic hotel is located directly on the white sandy beach of Ao Nang.

Find the best Accommodation & Hotels

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