Krabi Tours: 10 best Day Trips & Excursions

Krabi is not only amazing due to its stunning beaches, but also the hinterland and the offshore islands are absolutely worth visiting. Therefore, Krabi province offers countless great excursions and unforgettable tours, where you have the chance to explore the area. Especially popular are boat tours to Krabi’s marvellous islands, but also trips to meet the elephants, in the jungle, sunset tours, adventure tours, kayaking, snorkelling tours and even tours from Krabi to Koh Phi Phi are offered. The range of day trips in the region is so huge, theoretically you could spend every single day of your holiday going on a tour.

In this blog post we will show you the ultimate attractions and best tours from Krabi. On top you will get some helpful tips about tour operators, tour packages, prices and how to book an excursion.

Good to know:

Most trips from Krabi start from the main tourist destinations such as Klong Muang, Krabi Town, Ao Nang, Tub Kaek Beach and Railay. In almost all the tour packages the pick up from the hotel is included .


Tour to Phi Phi Islands

Who does not know the famous Phi Phi Islands with the gigantic rock formations and the snow-white dream beaches. But only a few people know that the islands are located only 30 kilometers from Krabi and can easily be visited by a speedboat tour. A trip from Krabi to Phi Phi usually takes a whole day and includes food and drinks. With these tours you will have great opportunities for snorkelling, and to swim at the most beautiful beaches of the famous Thai dream island.

  • Tips: Since Koh Phi Phi is a very popular excursion destination, you could also join an early bird tour. Such tours start quite early in the morning and are best for avoiding the crowds.
  • Prices: Tours from Krabi to Phi Phi are available from 80, – Euro.

Bathing with elephants

If you want to spend an exciting day with elephants, then you should definitely visit the Krabi Elephant Sanctuary. A trip from Krabi also guarantees great fun for children. The greatest aspect is that this place renounces elephant riding. Instead the association has dedicated itself to the well-being of elephants, which had been tortured over multiple years. Your visit will enable a safer and more humane environment for the pachyderms. Visitors will have the opportunity to interact, feed and bathe with these lovely huge animals. The Elephant Sanctuary in Krabi is truly amazing and really worth a visit!

  • Tip: Do not forget bathing suits, because at the end of the tour you will get the chance to take a bath with the elephants!
  • Prices: The excursion costs about 60, – Euro per person.

4 Islands Tour

The 4 Islands Tour is one of the best boat trips from Krabi. With the longtail boat or speedboat you will explore Krabi’s unique island world. You will swim on the most beautiful beaches, have the opportunity to snorkel and to take amazing pictures. On this boat tour you visit the famous Phra Nang Beach, with its spectacular rock formations. Continue to the beaches of the dream islands Koh Poda, Tup Island and Chicken Island. These islands around Krabi are an absolute must see and so a 4 Islands Tour is really recommended.

  • Prices: A 4 Islands tour with the long-tail boat costs from 30, – Euro.

Hong Island Tour

A true paradise and a popular tour is also a boat trip to the island of Koh Hong. It delights its visitors with incredibly impressive limestone formations and a bay, that looks like it was taken straight out of a travel magazine. Here you will find crystal clear water, many colorful fish, velvety sandy beach and deep jungle in the hinterland. Another highlight of Koh Hong is the Hong Lagoon, which can only be passed on a boat by a narrow opening.

  • Prices: Boat Tours to Koh Hong are available from 30 Euro per person.

Tiger Cave Temple

Another top attraction in Krabi is the Tiger Cave Temple. This spectacular temple complex is also called Wat Tham Sua and it is located not far from Krabi Town. This temple is probably one of the most adventurous places to visit in the region. This highly sacred site is particularly well-known for its exceedingly steep and sweaty ascent (1237 steps). But after the hike visitors will get rewarded with an outstanding view of Krabi’s limestone rock landscape. With a bit of luck, you can also spot monkeys on your trip to the Tiger Cave Temple!

  • Tips: Best time to visit the Tiger Cave Temple is early in the morning or in the late afternoon, when it is a bit cooler.
  • Prices: A standard tour to the Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi costs only 20, – Euros. Private tours are a bit more expensive, but you can choose the departure time and duration yourself.

Explore Krabi Town

Also interesting is a trip to Krabi Town, the capital of Krabi province. Although this place has no beaches, it is beautifully situated on the idyllic Krabi River, where you can take lovely boat trips to the mangrove forests and stalactite caves. In the evening, there is a nice night market at Chao Fah Pier, where numerous food stalls offer their goods. During the day, the Fresh Food Market is really worth a visit. If you want to leave the typical tourist route, then we can recommend a trip to Krabi Town.

  • Prices: A taxi from Krabi Town to Ao Nang costs around 500 baht. Cheaper is the transport with the Songthaew. The open red shared taxi costs only 50 baht per person.

Excursion to the Emerald Pool

A small natural wonder is the Emerald Pool in Krabi. A trip to these crystal-clear waters, the emerald-colored “Emerald Pool” and the deep blue “Blue Pool” is a must see for all nature lovers. During a short jungle tour, you have the opportunity to marvel at the intact ecosystem and the impressive ambience of the rainforest. If you fancy a swim, take a bathing suit with you! Swimming in the Emerald Pool in Krabi is an amazing experience.

  • Tips: Especially on weekends and in the high season, it gets really crowded here. But if you come early in the morning, then you have this natural jewel almost to yourself.
  • Prices: Excursions to the Emerald Pool to Krabi are available from 40, – Euro.

Kayak tours

Also a fantastic experience are Kayak-Tours in Krabi. On this excursion, you will discover the beautiful natural landscapes of the region. You paddle along the breathtakingly beautiful coastline, crossing deep mangrove forests, discovering beautiful gorges, spectacular caves and lagoons. Kayaking is great fun and also a perfect tour for children.

  • Prices: Kayak-Trips are available from around 30, – Euro

Climbing on Railay

Climbers attention: Krabi is the perfect area for climbing. No matter if beginner or advanced, everyone will find their perfect climbing tour here. The rock formations of the region are spectacular, and you will find some of the most beautiful climbing spots directly on the sea around the peninsula Railay. Huge stalactites hang here partly free from the rocks and offer climbers the ultimate kick. With this unique scenery, a climbing-tour will be a unique experience for you too. A must for those who love adventures!

  • Prices: A beginner climbing tour costs around 60, – Euro.

Day Trip to James Bond Island

Really amazing is also a tour to Phang Nga Bay, where you can admire the famous James Bond Rock on a daytrip. But not only this rock formation is impressive. The nature in this region is more than spectacular. So Phang Nga Bay has been part of the Marine National Park since 1981 and offers beautiful mangrove forests along the coastline, which are actually also very nice to explore by kayak.


Conclusion: As you can see, Krabi offers great excursions and tours! More information and tips about the province Krabi can be found in our Travel Guide about the best things to do Krabi.

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