Krabi Town: Travel Guide & Best Attractions!

The provincial capital Krabi Town in Thailand is, with about 30,000 inhabitants, one of the larger cities in the tourism region of Krabi. Famous for its authentic flair, Krabi Town is a popular stop for backpackers and individual travelers who are looking to discover Thailand’s highlights on their own. Here you will stroll through traditional markets, explore caves, visit small temples and enjoy an incredibly idyllic setting right on the Krabi River. Accommodations in Krabi Town are good and cheap, another reason why many long-term travelers appreciate this city so much. In addition, the town is also a perfect starting point for awesome activities and excursions.

In this post is a travel guide about the most beautiful sights and things to do in Krabi Town. Moreover, there are useful tips and experiences around travel, day trips and hotels in Krabi city. And we will show you, why Krabi Town is absolutely worth a visit!

Good to know!

Krabi Town is not directly on the sea and so you won’t find any beaches here. However, the most beautiful beaches in Krabi are not far away and can be reached quickly and easily by bus, taxi, or boat.

The most beautiful holiday resorts close to Krabi Town are the famous Railay Beach, Ao Nang Beach and the quiet Klong Muang Beach.

Krabi Town is an optimal starting point to explore the region, and some of the best things to do in Krabi are just around the corner. Furthermore, this town is a fantastic kick-off for island hopping in Thailand.

If you are still looking for a wonderful accommodation in Krabi Town, we can recommend the beautiful Family Tree Hotel or the Pak-Up Hostel, which is just perfect for backpackers.

General information about Krabi Town

Foremost, Krabi Town is not a typical vacation spot. It is not located directly on the sea and has no private beach. Probably a reason why this place usually only serves as a stopover and thus was able to preserve much authenticity until today. Due to the proximity to the airport (13 kilometers), but also to the ferry, the town is a hub between the mainland and the beautiful island world of the Andaman Sea. However, hardly any people know that Krabi Town has some beautiful sights, and that the city is an ideal starting point for tours in the area.

In the city center you will find plenty of inexpensive restaurants, bars and cafés, authentic Thai markets, ATMs, excursion agencies and shopping possibilities. Especially individual travelers and backpackers appreciate the idyllic location and stay here longer. In addition, the accommodations are in Krabi Town also much cheaper than on the beaches.


Things to do in Krabi Town

A stay in Krabi Town is definitely worth it. In Town and around, there is a wide range of wonderful places and many fantastic things to do. We have summarized here the best attractions and activities in Krabi Town.

Krabi River

As already mentioned, Krabi Town is charmingly situated next to the “Krabi River”, a river that flows just a few kilometers below the city into the sea. The waterfront is one of the most beautiful things to visit in Krabi Town, and the crab statue has almost become the landmark of Krabi. Here, the river ambience is really picturesque and invites you to take a stroll and linger. Already from the promenade you can see two about 100 meters high rocks, called Khao Khanap Nam, towering out of the river landscape.

If you have time, you should absolutely rent a traditional long-tail boat there and drive through the mangrove forests to the Khao Khanab Nam Caves stalactite cave.

Wat Kaew Korawaram

Another beautiful attraction in Krabi Town is the Wat Kaew Korawaram, a Buddhist temple located on top of a small hill in the center. This white temple is one of the best temples in the city. Particularly striking here is the staircase with the many colorful snake sculptures. The entrance to this attraction is free and should not be missed on any walk through the old town of Krabi Town.

Khao Khanap Nam Cave

Khao Khanap Nam Cave is one of Krabi-Town’s hidden gems, located inside the striking rocks on the Krabi River, which are already beautifully visible from the pier. You can get there with one of the longtail boats for the harbor and the boat ride is really inexpensive. With a high chance, you will see a few naughty monkeys there, hopping around just before the cave entrance. But also the cave itself is worth seeing and really impressive. Surely, you will notice the huge and oversized skeletons. No worries, they are not real and only exhibition pieces of the Krabi Biennial.

Mangrove Walkway

The Krabi region is well-known for its intact nature and the many mangrove forests. But hardly any people know that even in Krabi Town there is a mangrove forest to discover. At the Mangrove Walkway you walk about 400 meters into the mangroves on a 2-meter-high pathway. No matter if it’s high tide or low tide, this trail offers amazing insights into untouched nature, which is home to a variety of frogs, birds, crabs and even monitor lizards. You will find the entrance to the mangrove walkway at the height of the Grand Mansion Hotel on the main street of Krabi, the Uttaradit Road.

Krabi Town Night Market & Walking Street

One of the best things to do in Krabi Town is a visit to one of the local traditional markets. Here you will enjoy an authentic Thai market life; you can do some shopping and taste the delicious regional food. There are several great markets and night markets in Krabi town:

  • Krabi Town Walking Street: The Walking Street is the weekend market of Krabi and takes place in the evenings from Friday to Sunday. This market is really popular and many tourists, especially from Ao Nang come to visit this place. In addition to the typical souvenirs, there are also clothes and handicrafts to buy. Also the street food is delicious!
  • Fresh Food Market: Another interesting market is the Talad Sod, which takes place daily from 16:00 to 21:00. It is a day market where there are mainly vegetables and fresh fruits to buy. But also some excellent food stalls can be found on site.
  • Chao Fah Night Market: A small night market which takes place daily from 18:00 to 24:00 on the waterfront. Here, locals and tourists meet for a cheap dinner.

Tip: The food at the Samosa stand on the edge of the Talad Sod Market is really delicious. The owners are really welcoming, and they love to chat about football.

Tiger Cave Temple

The Tiger Cave Temple, the so-called Wat Tham Sua, is probably the most famous attraction in Krabi Town. This temple highlight is located just a bit outside the center, and a visit to this spectacular area is highly recommended. Located on a limestone cliff in about 280 meters high, you have to master a sweaty ascent with 1237 steps. After, you will get rewarded with an excellent view of Krabi’s limestone rock landscape.

From Krabi Town to Railay Beach

If you’re already in Krabi Town, do not miss the world-famous Railay Beach and nearby Phra Nang Beach. These beaches are on the list of the most beautiful beaches of Krabi and delight with a gorgeous backdrop, with the spectacular limestone walls and clear turquoise blue sea. Many spend their holidays on Railay and so you will find on this peninsula many wonderful hotels and bungalows.

But also a day trip from Krabi town to the dream beach is worth doing. Local longtail boats take you directly from the waterfront in 20 minutes from Krabi Town to Railay Beach.

Best Tours from Krabi Town

Due to the optimal location of Krabi Town you can do really spectacular excursions in that area. For example, you can visit elephants in Krabi, or explore the fantastic islands of Krabi. Day trips are offered on site in various agencies and hotels, or you can book them online.

If you value good recommendations and reviews, then there are also online bookings on GetyourGuide. Here are our top tips for tours in the surrounding area of Krabi Town:

How do I get from Ao Nang to Krabi Town?

If you are staying in Ao Nang, then you should definitely visit Krabi Town for a day or half-day trip. Many visitors connect sightseeing with a visit to the famous night market. The cheapest way to get from Krabi Town to Ao Nang or from Ao Nang to Krabi Town is with the Songthaew, the red shared taxis. The ride on these local buses costs 50 baht per person and takes about 30 minutes. There are no fixed travel times because Songthaews leave as soon as they are full. If you prefer a normal air-conditioned taxi, you can expect to pay around 300 Baht fare. Certainly, you can rent a scooter and drive on your own from Ao Nang to Krabi Town.

Getting to Krabi Town

Krabi Airport is located approximately 13 kilometers northeast of Krabi Town. Cheap flights from Bangkok to Krabi can be found online, for example at 12go.Asia. From the airport to Krabi town, you will have to take either a taxi for 800 baht or the bus, which costs about 150 baht.

The nearest ferry terminal, Klong Jilad Pier, is about 4 kilometers south of Krabi Town. From here you can continue to Phuket and Koh Phi Phi. But also the ferry from Krabi to Koh Lanta or from Krabi to Koh Jum starts here.

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Accommodations & Hotel Tips

There is a really great selection of accommodation in Krabi Town. Here are some of the coolest and cheapest places to stay in Krabi. Most of them are chic hostels, small guesthouses or boutique hotels. We have put together our top hotel tips for Krabi Town…It’s worth a look!

  • Backpacker Hostel: The Pak-Up Hostel is one of the best backpacker hostels in Krabi Town. That place scores with a perfect location right in the center and with very clean rooms.
  • Lovely Guesthouse: The Hello House is a small, centrally located guesthouse near the night market. Here you can expect simple but clean rooms for a great price.
  • Boutique Hotel: The Family Tree Hotel is a super chic and stylish hotel in the middle of Krabi Town. Great choice for a few nice days in the city!
  • Chic 3-Star Hotel: The Brown Hotel is one of the best hotels in Krabi Town. This 3-star accommodation inspires with chic furnishings and lots of flair!


Conclusion: If you want to discover not only beaches and islands during your trip through southern Thailand, then it is definitely worth spending a few days in Krabi Town and immersing yourself in the unique atmosphere of the city.

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